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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  October 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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kcci 8 news at noon is nex >> the most watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: the sheriff's deputy seen on video violently removing a student from her desk in south carolina has been fired. good afternoon everyone and 80 for joining us today.
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the sheriff says another video shows the student hitting the officer before he put his hands on the girl. but he did not say that it justified then that -- ben fields'actions. reporter: this is the video he is referring to. you see the student strikeouts are at least once after deputy field puts her into a havelock and graphs are like. >> even as she refused to abide by the directions of the teacher, the school administrator, and the verbal commands of our deputy, i'm looking at what are debbie did. reporter: his actions have outraged many in the community, including parents. about a dozen voice opinions at a school district board meeting. classmate say the confrontation began when a teacher and student -- school of ministry or after to put away herself wondering class,. . one student says other kids in the class tried to defuse the
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>> she was told by the students to get up and leave when the administrator came in. >> my thought was oh my god, that's the same guy. reporter: 20 johnson says her autistic son was in a scuffle with fields when he was a freshman. she took these photos after the altered asian -- publication -- altercation. >> i've got to worry if they are being hurt by those people. mollie: the sheriff says the girl was uninjured and aside from a rubber. the deputy has been fired. tonight at 5:00 and 6:00, kim st. onge looked at metro school resource officers and how they are trained to do a similar situations. superheroes took over a wing of blank children's hospital this morning in des moines. it's "batman begins" literally. take a look at this guy. this is leviathan. he dressed up, cape and all as batman. the mask takes some getting used to.
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50 costumes were handmade for the babies in nicu. families got to pick out their costumes. leviathan's mom says her son is a superhero. >> he was born on september 28 and he was nine weeks early. we chose his name because he came out screaming and has set lots of attitude ever since. he has been doing well so i body was kind of like a superhero. he's just doing so great in here so i thought batman was perfect for him. mollie: two nurses made the costumes. they say in the countless hours to finish them up by the smiles they saw today they said it was all worthile. we were there this morning nearly 400 central iowa elementary school students that semester help of the reading skills. the everybody wins iowa program is in 20 different schools -- offering before, during and after school reading programs. students read one on one with reading mentors. corporate sponsors like john deere financial have jumped on board to help.
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volunteers from the company help out at findley elementary school in des moines where the read with the students a couple times a week. >> we find that between 85% and 95% of our students are increasing their literacy skills and their attendants in school. they are definitely excited about the program. we provide a special event. they will receive their first book to take him ensure their families. mollie: this is the 13th year of the program. the goal is to help 600 students a year. a lot of sleep deprived central iowa kansas city royals fans are still savoring last nights marathon world series win against the new york mets. game 1 of the fall classic had pretty much everything. an inside-the-park home run, a power failure that blacked out the tv audience for a time, lead changes, and 14 innings to boot. the end result was a 5-4 win. the royals face the mets in game 2 tonight in kc starting at 7:07 on fox. some rain rolled through kansas city last night. let's check in with jason for
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what we can expect weather wise for game 2. and maybe for us as well. jason: temperatures only in the mid-50's. kind of football-baseball weather but it will be dry. the wind will be slackening. it should be a decent evening. switchers in a few blankets because it will be chilly. especially when you factor in the wind. 28 mile-per-hour winds out there. when you factor in the wind it is pretty darn chilly out there. sparks -- spots of the northwest in the upper 20's. other parts looking at middle 30's. plan will conditions lingering throughout the day today and some patchy drizzle out there. we are down to 44 degrees. more on sunshine and will begin at the 70's and the beggars i forecast coming up.
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mollie: commitment 2016 news right now at noon with 15 candidates remaining in the race, gop debate round 3 is being billed as a make or break moment for republican presidential hopefuls. tonight, they face off in colorado as new polls show a shift in the fight for frontrunner. the latest national poll puts donald trump at number two and ben carson in the lead. andrew spencer gives us a preview of tonight's debate. reporter: donald trump's campaign music is to be "the best." but not anymore. "we're not going to take it." now ben carson is the champ. he doesn't tonight's debate leading the poll, which shows 26% republican prefer carson for president while just 22% prefer trop. it still the first time in more than 100 days that somebody else has been on top. >> i'm a great christian. i am. remember that.
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the evangelicals -- i don't know what it. reporter: he will stand center stage, flight by marco rubio and jeb bush. that innate is being hosted by cnbc, presumably bringing economic policy into the forefront and possibly getting annexed to business veterans trump and carly fiornia. she made strong showings in the previous debate but a struggle to turn it into strong poll numbers. >> the opponent attacker record is ceo of hewlett-packard and she did not absorb the history well. this is an opportunity for her to reintroduce herself and discuss some things she knows. she has absolutely have another great debate. reporter: andrew spencer reporting. mollie: new at noon, former house speaker dennis hastert pleaded guilty this morning in a hush-money case. the deal with prosecutors calls for him to serve up to six months in prison. the former illinois republican admitted to lying to the fbi. federal prosecutors say hastert
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million to hide past alleged sexual misconduct. hastert will be sentenced in february. wisconsin congressman paul ryan will be formally nominated for house speaker today. ryan is facing florida gop congressman daniel webster in today's election and is expected to win. his nomination is all but assured to be approved by the full house of representatives tomorrow. numeral kentucky school district has canceled classes for the third straight day out of fear that a fugitive accused of shooting at officers into states might be lurking nearby. the manhunt for floyd cook is in its fifth day. he faces an attempted murder charge in tennessee, where he is accused of shooting and injuring an officer. he's also accused of shooting at a kentucky trooper who tried to stop him. almost 6,000 students in illinois have been out of school for a month now due to a teacher strike. the strike started october first after union members rejected a tentative deal between their representatives and the school district.
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the strike affects about 27,000 students in the low income community of east st. louis, illinois. the district has been under state control since 2011 because of its poor performance. investigators say they believe they know why a whale watching tour boat capsized off vancouver island sunday. they say most of the 27 passengers were on the left side of the top deck when the boat was struck by a wave from the right side, causing the vessel to tilt and roll over. five people were killed and the search continues for a missing passenger. the rest were rescued. still to come at noon, a consumer morning this noon about car seats. we are not talking about the ones you place your children and. a former k-9 officer accept while in retirement until he is
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longtime >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon with mollie cooney and meteorologist jason sydejko. mollie: a warning about car seats. not the kind you put your children in, but the ones you
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sit on. experts say in certain crashes some car seats can break and collapse, leading to injury and even death. kris van cleave has details in a major cbs news investigation. reporter: 16-month-old taylor warner loved the water. and was just learning how to walk. >> she had about six weeks for she was toddling around and then it was over. reporter: a few years ago they were rear-ended at 55 offer our. taylor was in the car seat behind her father. this ego struck taylor -- the seatbelt broken struck taylor in the face. >> we thought it was the safest protect them. reporter: crash tests show what can happen when a seat glasses. drivers can also be injured or killed when their heads crash into the backseat. japanese automaker is the
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similar recent cases. >> how often does this happen? >> every day. reporter: auto crash experts have been examining failures since the 1980's. we hired his lab outside of philadelphia to test the strength of seats and the standard that is loaded evening banquet chair makes a great. do carmakers know this is an issue? >> yes. reporter: they have known for decades. a 1996 deposition admitted they cited tethering dummies to the seats because they were expensive and the chances of losing them are pretty high. improving the season of the expensive. one engineering deposed said strengthening them would cost the order of one dollar or so. despite promises to look into the issue dating back to 1992, the standard has remained the same. the national highway traffic safety ministry or did not have time to sit down with the
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i did ask you -- [inaudible] >> were going to go. >> we've been trying to get a couple of minutes with these are. >> happy birthday to you. >> they changed government safety standards, then you would have a six-year-old running around. reporter: the warners settled their lawsuit. carmakers say they meet all federal safety standards and have improved over the years. they say that it in the genesis for the change in the standard. since we have begun investigating we found nine children killed in accidents like the warners. that's more than the number of people killed by the faulty to cut airbags. -- takata airbags. mollie: the coldest up around the near talking about maybe about snow flurries to the north. jason: it's the word nobody was
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there are some chances for some folks, especially northern portions of the state of seeing a little bit of that. that's really coldest air sits right now. the rain has pushed off to the east. the light blue stuff off to the northwest through portions of south dakota. that is eventually skirting the minnesota-i will order -- minnesota-iowa border. some spots about 1.5 inches in dubuque. sheridan someone .4 inches but no more rate for us throughout the day. you can see a seat -- a few sprinkles at best. for beggars night a few struggles as well. the winds died down and it could be cooler the times. we stay dry for the most part as google today. 47 degrees. it feels a lot cooler there as the winds are screaming out of the northwest at 28 miles per hour.
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we will drop off. the temperature and clouds eventually break into the evening. it feels like temperatures will be in the mid to upper 20's. the warmth has got enough along. i will tell you why in a second. this is what is causing the punch of cold air. you can see the northward -- southward movement of this area off to the west. it is driving in the cooler air and the snow chances, actually seeing snow from bismarck in minneapolis. that is mainly going to say and southern portions of minnesota and extremely portions of iowa. don't expect anything widespread or anything to accumulate. definitely chilly air making its way in. that will continue to do so for the next couple of days as the system finally departs its way to the east. futurecast puts down some the
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light fluffy stuff of the minnesota-iowa border . do you plan for sunshine eventually here. don't think we see much today. futurecast trying to squeeze some out. i think you will see mainly cloud cover as we head into the evening. clouds begin to break of the overnight and into tomorrow i think we will finally see quite a bit of sunshine. off to the north you will feel the effects for a while as you see the cloud cover. plan on more clouds and some light chances for a little bit of snow from northern portions of the state. otherwise, just a cold and windy day out there. temperatures backing down into the mid-30's tonight. feels like temperature slightly in the mid to upper 20's. we keep the chill in the air for a couple of days. temperatures hold of the 50's for thursday and friday. chances for some cycles friday evening. man, oh man, we are back in the 70's and talking sunshine and 60's by the end of the weekend. mollie: we will rake the leaves
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and warmth. a maryland police officer has been reunited with his k-9 partner. they were separated for weeks after the dog was retired from service and the dog even went missing for a time. kevin lewis has the story. reporter:chip is back home. in may they retired him, sending them to an unnamed rescue facility. the department says chip was uncontrollable and dangerous. then last week the judge ordered his adoption paperwork be made public. yesterday, chip's former partner drove 10 hours to reunite with a five-year-old belgian. >> i pulled up. i rolled my window down, and he rolled his window down and i said you would happen to have chip with you any came off the backseat and put his face
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i put it in part --park and jumped out. he jumped right in my arms. it was the best feeling. reporter: retired k-9 handler bo kerry says he owes the officer a heartfelt apology. >> if they can see the dog today they would say we made a mistake. >> that's the biggest thing they can do. just own up to it. mollie: a happy ending.
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to keep you warm this wintyou are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the js where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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mollie: welcome back. lindsey rupp joins me now from the animal rescue league. we were going into the winter and we need to get these animals off the streets and into our homes. weaver out there earlier today. let's look at some. i'm sure there is something for everyone. linsdey: that's right, there is. this is teddy, he is nine yourself. he loves people. he also like a nice walk. mollie: and the camera. linsdey: texas tech around and explore. this is rascal, a fairly active youngster though enjoys toys but also like to hang out. he was freight likened to hang out.
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he likes to cuddle in a soft spot. and this is bomber. he's eight years old. he enjoys cuddling. he is very sweet. u.s. to be pat. -- he loves to be pet. this is al he, any-year-old. -- alley, she is a lap cat in most of the independent too. this is diamond. she loves toys, walks, has a little bit more energy. she loves to be active. and when she gets her energy out she loves to be a color that c -- cuddler. mollie: tell us about uber kitty . linsdey: this is a national event from 11:00 until 3:00. consider requesting inan uber, you can request an uber to bring
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you kittens. and arl person and kitten will show up at your door. get 15 minutes of cuddle time and then we're off to the next with. mollie: what if you want to adopt a kitten? linsdey: they will be available at 4:00 tomorrow. you have to go to the animal rescue league after it and put in your application. mollie: what a great idea. only time in iowa? linsdey: first time in iowa. we are one of 60 cities doing this and we're the only city in iown purchase -- iowa participating. mollie: if we want the other animals inside earlier today, where do we go? linsdey: arl main on northeast 22nd street south of ankeny. you can meet and greet them and
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and fresh toasted with melty cheese. we top it off with sweet honey mustard and all the crisp veggies you like, on your favorite freshly baked bread. it's a whole new taste from subway like never before. our new subway rotisserie-style chicken won't be here for long, so try one today! subway. eat fresh. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] jason:mollie: we have some football gives tonight and you need to bundle up. jason: we will have dry conditions but it will be chilly. if you look at the temperatures and don't think it's that bad, think of the wind we will continue to have.
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northwest gusts up to 30 miles per hour. look at the eight-day.
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