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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  November 4, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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>> he pulled me by my hair. student hit by his bus driver speaks out and what his family is doing next. elizabeth: amber alert ends, while you were sleeping, police find an objective toddler in omaha -- and abducted omaha in to we will see eric: -- >> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: welcome back and
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this is the sunrise from the international space station. eric: you never see a sunrise like that. today will be another beautiful one out there on this wednesday morning. it will be another great day. metinka: picture-perfect weather, much like tuesday. a bit of fog, not nearly as widespread right now or dense as it was. that will expand the morning. easter dealing with more dense fog. it is warm out there this morning, maybe a light jacket. if you need one, ames is at 50 degrees. temperatures are starting at or above the average highs so it will be warm so another day for shorts. breezy today and wind will change, blowing tomorrow with thundershowers in the forecast.
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last week between a bus driver and the special needs student. 15-year-old christian suarez and his family held a news conference tuesday at their attorney's office. he says bus driver robert scarborough asked him to move from his seat and the two began to fight. police charged scarborough with assault. suarez says he's afraid to ride the bus. >> i was mad, angry, scared. >> the family wants the bus driver to know it is never ok to put your hands on a child when you're angry. elizabeth: attorney kim baer says the suarez family is waiting for the johnston school district to investigate before deciding on a civil lawsuit. a bonus for de moines water works ceo bill stowe. records show he will get a $500,000 bonus by the end of the
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this comes as waterworks customers face a rate hike. one des moines city official questions the timing of the raise -- rate increase and bonus but graham gillette tells kcci the half dollar payout is the cost of keeping the most qualified person on the job. eric: proposed changes for highway 30 are causing concern in nevada. some businesses owners and residents have to adjust for a diamond interchange at airport road that will close access points to the highway at west 4th street and 6th street. drivers would have to take an exit further west and drive a winding route through town. some store owners say that would be bad for business, a meeting on the plan is set for tuesday. that is at 5:00 p.m. at gates hall in nevada. an update on a $378 million project at lake redrock. the hydroelectric power project is on schedule to be completed
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by 2018. the next two months of that schedule includes using explosives to removing the final layer of bedrock. there will be sirens echo off warning people of the explosions before they happen. once the power plant is complete, it will supply electricity to 1800 homes. elizabeth: we have learned the suspected murder of a police officer near chicago was not what anyone thought. shaina humphries has the overnight developments. this is the same case that sparked a manhunt months ago. shaina: the last thing dispatchers heard from him was that he was chasing three suspicious men back on september 1 in illinois. glenn awaits was later found shot to death sparking a manhunt. this morning, police say what they originally thought was a murder now appears to be a suicide. now the only details officials are giving is that the investigation is over and they will have more details coming.
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also overnight, a plane crash in south sudan has killed at least two dozen people. officials are saying the russian-made cargo plane took off early this morning from an airport in juba. details are limited but you can count on kcci to bring you updates throughout the morning. a child of duction that prompted an amber alert in omaha last night has been called off. the adopted child, was found safe around midnight. police believe he was abducted by his biological father. elwin is listed on a protection order for the child. they think he may be driving his biological mother's car, a grade 2007 chevy malibu with nebraska played, txn-265. several states saw victories for conservative voters.
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matt bevin beat out jack conway for the position. in ohio, voters said no to legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. voters in houston, texas rejected a city ordinance that would protect the lgbt community from dissemination. houston's mayor says the campaign to defeat the measure was based on lies and fear mongering like telling voters it would allow men and women's restrooms. eric: elections in iowa tuesday, looking at the polk county results. mayor frank cownie beat challenger anthony taylor by 5000. chris coleman defeated loren esse 74-25%. linda westergaard beat marty mauk for bob mahaffey's seat. joe gatto ran unopposed. you can find results from city
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we also have links to the results from story, dallas, and warren counties. elizabeth: who would've thought we'd still be breaking out shorts and flip-flops in november. metinka: beautiful weather this week and more coming today, 55 degrees in des moines and close to 60 degrees in council bluffs. a beautiful way to start the day. watch for fog developing over the next couple of hours that will burn away leaving behind a gorgeous afternoon. highs in the 70's and one of the last times you will see 70's. showers and thundershowers rolled through the area. a bit in the morning followed by more in the afternoon. elizabeth: last week we brought you the story of a nurse who saved in iowa family after they were exposed to too much carbon monoxide. eric: thankfully they are safe but it could've been lethal. alyx sacks visited with the fire department to get more
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alyx: carbon monoxide is tasteless, colorless, odorless. you never know when there is a leak. you might feel symptoms but you can't see it, taste it, feel it. that's what makes it dangerous. we want to thank minnesota cabinets for having us here to paint the picture that anywhere in your home could pose as a potential for a leak. anything that has gas. a furnace, stove, water heater. all produce cover and monoxide. if there is a leak, it is tough to say. it has the same density as air and mixes with error. that gets into your body and you might experience some symptoms like a headache. for significant levels, that could turn into nausea, vomiting, even worse. when we met with the fire department they broke down how seriously symptoms can be and why it's important to be
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conscious of this. >> if you are experiencing issues that present nausea and headaches and the things but you feel better when you are not in your house, have your appliances checked. alyx: how do you know when you have a leak? there is a carbon monoxide detector. we will explain a smart place to put this in your house, the kitchen is not one of them. we will break it down for you. alyx sacks, kcci 8 news. eric: back and get dangerous really quickly. elizabeth: how about them hawkeyes? what the rankings could mean for postseason play. eric: an ankeny man cashes in on his college clothing business. it will go nationwide and a big way. don't put your foot in your mouth. elizabeth: three things you
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shaina: everything looks great outside. still nice and dark. not too many on the roads. you should not run into anything to slow you down. after the breakout will show you where the mobile speed units are what we will take a live look outside. this is 235 and a 7th avenue. hardly anyone out there. have a great drive. self.
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e you can actually count on.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. check out this cool time lapse from nebraska. the northern lights could be seen early tuesday morning. experts say the lights could be seen last night as well in parts of the u.s.. look at those colors. eric: they could actually be seen here in iowa as well. chuck spindler sent this photo in north of creston. that is really cool. if you see any northern lights pictures send them into us at we would love to see them and share them. the last couple of nights have been beautiful.
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temperatures this morning are starting just right, 55 degrees in des moines. warmer than we should be for the high, council bluffs flirting with 60. this is incredible weather for november. watching fog like yesterday, living in from illinois and from missouri. watch for changing positions. all the fog will be burning away by morning giving way to sunshine. highs far above average, almost 20 degrees. low 70's coming, and rainy details and your forecast. eric: a big party in kansas city, really big. elizabeth: an estimated 500,000 fans of the royals came downtown to celebrate the first world series title in 30 years. there were reports of people abandoning their cars on the highway. schools were canceled and people
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they beat the new york mets for games to one. eric: the first playoff rankings were released last night. clemson is number one, lsu, ohio state, and alabama round out the top or. the top four teams in the final poll get to play in the national semi finals for a shot at the championship. the undefeated iowa hawkeyes are ranked ninth this week. the new rankings will be released every tuesday leading up to december 6. coach kirk ferentz says all they can do is just keep on winning. we will see if they can do that at indiana this saturday. kickoff is set for 2:30 on espn. the cyclones are coming off a win last week and will face a road at number 14 oklahoma. that kicks off 6:00 p.m. saturday night on espnu. if you are looking to buy iowa or iowa state here for christmas, look to ankeny-based
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tailgate clothing. elizabeth: we learned they will soon be expanding. tuesday, american eagle outfitters. tailgate clothing for $11 million. american eagle says it plans to open as many as 200 tailgate stores nationwide. tilde it focuses on collegiate style sportswear and was founded by ankeny native and iowa state alum todd snyder. >> the first day we printed 50 and then 200 and then i've hundred. -- 500. it has just kept going and going. elizabeth: the new stores will start with sec and big 10 colleges. eric: it is cool because it started in his basement. he is talented. turning to economic headlines, shaina humphries has new information on the takata airbag recall. shaina: they're facing the largest civil penalty in the
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history of u.s. auto safety regulations. the manufacturer is being ordered to pay a $70 million fine as part of a five-year we call agreement. the airbags have been found to rupture when deployed, sending shrapnel flying toward drivers and passengers. they are responsible for eight deaths and 100 injuries. the national highway transportation administration has ordered them to speed up recall repairs and phaseout production of new inflator is that use ammonium nitrate. >> prove it safe. we will not see a monument -- ammonium nitrate in the future. >> this refusal to a college the truth allowed a serious problem to become a massive crisis. shaina: honda announcededt is parting way with takata over these airbags, saying they expect suppliers to act with integrity. honda was one of the biggest customers.
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we are learning the chipotle e. coli outbreak is worse than thought. there are now 37 confirmed cases in washington state, and oregon. scientists believe they are closing in on the source. they have identified the bacteria responsible and believe it was on some sort of fresh produce. more than 40 restaurants in the pacific northwest remain closed. general electric's warning customers about a possible fire hazard. they're recalling more than 33,000 air-conditioners and heating units sold between 2010 and 2013. the company says moisture from outdoor air shorted electrical components and can cause them to catch fire. they have received three reports of smoke and fire resulting in $30,000 worth of damage. eric: stocks continue this week's upward trend on tuesday. the dow finished up 89 points, the nasdaq rose almost 18. the s&p 500 gained a little more than five.
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allegedly locking guests -- blocking guests wi-fi spots. the sec fined hilton for inter-hearing with an investigation. several guests have complained for more than a year that the hotels would block wi-fi hotspots on unless guests paid a $500 fine. gmail has a tool that will help with e-mails. google has created a future with artificial intelligence that analyzes e-mail and suggests reef responses. the feature -- brief responses. drones are expecteteto be a big holiday gift. there are a few things you should know before you get one. they have to fly below 400 feet by law. they have to say five miles away parks. you can look for drones the come keep you out of those zones. next you will need to register your drone.
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the department of transportation will work either owners to be on a registry. more details are expected at the end of the month. it's not always a good time to fly. drones are lightweight and don't have a lot of power so you should only fly when conditions are here. -- clear. elizabeth: if you have a star wars lover on your list, check this out. think geek released a homemaker that makes death star waffles. they also have millennium falcon serving platters and r2-d2 cookie cutters. eric: it is going to be a gorgeous morning. we are on a roll. shaina: today will be just like yesterday, starting with fog and
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ending with sunshine and couple highs in the low 70's. almost 20 degrees warmer than it should be. we are watching a bit of light fog across western iowa and across the eastern part of the state. here there is nothing to slow you down. no rain or fog yet we are watching moisture creep in here from missouri and spread westward coming in from illinois. we will watch that fog expand. otherwise, a quiet day across the midwest. the next system is off to the west. that system will track toward us to thursday and bring a big change to weather. for thursday, we will need umbrellas with showers possible followed by a band of thundershowers through with a cold front in the afternoon and evening. some storms may be on the stronger side. today will be gorgeous, southwind dragging in warm
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for the rest of the week, as we fall back toward a typical november temperature with highs in the 50's. that's where we start now, 55 in des moines. it is a gorgeous start to your wednesday. 72 degrees, try to get out and enjoy it. tomorrow we need umbrellas off and on. then we need jackets friday, through the weekend. highs in the lower 50's with overnight lows frosty in the 30's. next week, temperatures get up above average again, not quite as warm as this week but close to 60 four november. it looks amazing. eric: a lot of good days. elizabeth: let's see the roads. shaina: not too much, quiet out there. what you would expect. if you have anywhere to be, you should be able to cruise nice and easy.
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in des moines, 2100 grand at the intersection with mlk. over on the east side, 3200 east douglas avenue. 5500 northeast oak hill drive, in altoona at 2200 northeast 80th street. eric: today's be better segment is focusing on your work life. elizabeth: what you should never say to your boss. things like i don't know how to do that. one executive coach says that shows no drive creativity or professionalism. eric: or that's not how we used to do it. that shows you are stuck in your old ways, not flexible or adaptable. elizabeth: you should never say something like i get so much more done during the day than jane. you may be tempted to say it during a performance review but it never pays to compare yourself to someone else.
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eric: your brain races when you go into your bosses office. have you ever checked out an online review for something you wanted to buy? elizabeth: they are usually helpful but there is a hearing on capit the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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elizabeth: welcome back. if you have ever posted a review online or turned to one when making a purchase, you may want to turn into a hearing on capitol hill. eric: actions taken against people who post negative reviews online. aixa diaz joins us from washington. aixa: this is called a gag clause. online terms of service agreements on websites that critics say can end up intimidating or preventing people from posting critical reviews. one example out of utah, a woman posted a negative review on the
5:27 am
now the website is demanding she take that review down or paid more than $3000. the company says it's because its terms of service includes a non-spiritual cause -- disparagement clause. she is one of several witnesses testifying and it is now considering a bipartisan bill to guard against those types of clauses that many don't know about. eric: a lot of people use reviews so this will be pertinent for a long time. a new half hour of news is coming at 5:30. another plane crash overnight, the latest information from our partners at abs and cnn. a police chewing and iowa. what we -- a police shooting in iowa. we are sharing and meredith garman's good news i had. elizabeth: we have been talking about fog, this is the dot
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elizabeth: not what they thought. shocking new details in what is believed to be the murder of an illinois police officer that grabbed headlines in september. eric: keep them away, you know chocolate is dangerous for dogs. another substance can be deadly.
5:31 am
what you need to know. alyx: we are talking about ways to keep your family safe. your home. a silent killer, there are ways you can prevent any type of issue. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news this morning. eric: the daily show is apparently throwing a party in iowa and you are invited. unless your name is jeff kaufmann. why the show is not happy with him straight ahead. welcome back on this wednesday, the member fourth. elizabeth: shaina and metinka are here to get your day going that we are a few days into november. the feels weird to say november. metinka: it feels so great and no complaints because 70's are hard to come by.
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moines. watch for fog to develop. it could slow you down a bit of it will be a day to get outside and enjoy with a high near 72. is your forecast, thursday is the day of change with showers and thundershowers in the forecast. november weather. highs falling back to mid 50's. next week temperatures are above average but not quite where they been. eric: the student assaulted by a johnson bus driver is speaking out. christian suarez says he regrets his outburst and knows what not to do in the future. >> i will try not to say anything mean to the bus driver. eric: he is 15 but his family says he has the mental capacity
5:33 am
here admits he yelled a profanity at the buster before he got hit. at the same time, the family is waiting on the school's investigation to see what to do next. elizabeth: de moines water works is raising customer rates next year and will pay bill stowe a $500,000 bonus in five years. kcci obtained his employment contract and built in is a guarantee he will be paid an amount equal to 200% of his salary if he stays on the the end of 2020. the waterworks chairman tells kcci the payout is the cost of keeping the most qualified person for that job. a missing two-year-old is found safe near some railroad tracks minutes before a train came speeding by. >> he was so frightened, frightened to death. when i got a hold of him i was so happy. elizabeth: max was missing for about two hours monday night,
5:34 am
the man that found max minutes before the train arrrred was bill burch and the child only suffered minor cuts. his mother says she is thrilled to have her son home. eric: plans for highway 30 are causing concern in nevada. some business owners and residents want the dot to change plans. a new plan calls for a diamond interchange to be put into airport road and closing access points to the highway at west 4th street and 6th street. the main street through town, drivers would have to exit further west and go through town. the dot presented city officials with two plans to consider. public meaning or comments is set next tuesday at five at gates hall. shaina: a northern illinois police officer who's shooting death led to a manhunt in september actually killed himself. officials say he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. on december 1 he radioed and he
5:35 am
on foot.authorities say they will lay out the details this morning. overnight a cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff from an airport in south sudan. we have pictures from the scene and have learned two dozen people were killed. including some children. the tailspin of the russian built plane and other parts were scattered along the banks of the nile. planes could be seen arriving and taking off. we have updated results from closely watched elections around the country. in kentucky, voters have elected the second republican in for decades to the governor's office. voters in houston, texas rejected on discrimination protection for gay and transgender people. ohio they'll to legalize recreational -- failed to legalize recreational and medical use of marijuana. we also have local elections in iowa on tuesday. in des moines, mayor frank
5:36 am
councilmember chris coleman. in ward four, incumbent joe gatto ran unopposed. you can find a full list on our some places you might want to grab a jacket out there. afternoon. it is shorts weather again. -- you won't need it this afternoon. question iowa's temperatures start armor -- start warmer. here is your forecast, lunch and recess temperatures in mid to upper 60's. no jackets this afternoon. high temperature is breezy. this is the last warm day we will see for a while, degree temperatures will be gone for a while. 50's for the rest of your eight a forecast.
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eric: we are following up on the story we brought you last week. and i will pho fashion iowa falls family had a close call when exposed to carbon monoxide. we got to wondering what you should be looking out for. alyx sacks's live. alyx: is good and important with you on a home or are renting. it all applies. carbon monoxide is everywhere and is called a silent killer because it's tasteless, odorless, and colorless. we met with the des moines fire department that tells us this is the time of year they see an increase in leaks. >> into the fall and winter, that is the most common time. as far as the exact numbers, i don't know yet. it is common in fall and winter when furnaces are running. there is not an opportunity for there to be an exchange of air. alyx: how does it get into your
5:38 am
it is in a lot of appliances like your furnace, gas stove, or water heater. they produce that carbon monoxide. it is only when there is a leak that it becomes an issue. he is what happens with a high level. it is the same density as air so it gets into your blood and drives the oxygen away. your body starts transporting that carbon monoxide inside of oxygen. some of the symptoms you might see our headaches. it could turn into nausea and vomiting and be fatal. depending on the volume. we wanted to talk with experts about ways to keep your family safe and we are told the sure fire way is to have a carbon monoxide detector. i picked up one myself and this is one you can plug into your ball with a battery.
5:39 am
that's because it wants the battery for backup. they recommend putting these in your bedroom or outside the bedroom because that's when you are most susceptible. you are sleeping and are unaware of symptoms. you can put it 20 feet away from appliances do know produce gas. coming up, a new code the city has helping keep cities safe. kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. elizabeth: need those detectors. police shoot a fugitive in waterloo. what happened in the moments before the officer fired his gun. eric: deadly dogs, you may have it in your home. the substance should keep away from your dog at all cost. elizabeth: the best five songs to wake up to according to spotify. keep on top of the news all day
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with whetherif you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. it is a beautiful wednesday morning. waking up with a few clouds and
5:41 am
light fog, nothing as dense as yesterday. 55 in des moines with a great afternoon at 72 degrees in the forecast. it will be gorgeous for shorts and maybe outdoor yardwork. southwind will be gusty, rain in the forecast with cooler temperatures for the weekend. shaina: ms. around iowa, police pursuit and a shootout with a fugitive in waterloo. elizabeth: when officers tried to stop a man for probation violations. police say 24-year-old brandon seeley tried to run over an officer. the officer fired and he was injured but he kept going, driving off and ran into a garage where he was arrested. the extent of the injuries are not known but he remains in custody. eric: a man serving two licenses for murder for murdering two texan iowa got another 25 years added to his risen time. michael swanson of minnesota pleaded guilty to slashing the
5:42 am
neck of a fellow inmate over in coralville. swanson killed vicky bowman-hall and sheila myers in 2010 when he was 17. there were clerks at the stores he robbed in algona and humbled. elizabeth: manure is polluting iowa's water. iowa citizens for community improvement has filed a complaint with the dnr accusing them of mismanagement and lack of oversight. they claim waste management plans from five counties include missing pages and multiple farmers dumping manure on the same field. the chairman of the republican party of iowa is catching a lot of flak. eric: jeff kaufmann was saying on the daily show for denying them press credentials. apparently the daily show wanted to come and cover the event at the fairgrounds but kauffman turned them down telling the des moines register he was concerned they would make fun of iowa. the show is now making fun of him.
5:43 am
trevor noah did a segment about it and unfortunately, the clip hasn't been posted online so we can't show it. shaina: they did set up a facebook event called the daily show's official jeff kaufmannless blowout and everyone is invited except jeff kaufmann. they will gather at his favorite diner, eat his favorite food, talk smack about him, and share embarrassing stories about him. we didn't want to call him at 3:00 in the morning to ask what he thought of it but i'm sure someone will. elizabeth: you turn down the daily show and you know there will be repercussions. shaina: also this morning there is a warning about a new danger to dogs. elizabeth: calls to poison control centers have increased dramatically because of a sugar substitute called xylitol. it is found in sugarless gum candy, vitamins, baked goods. it is safe for humans but can cause severely low blood sugar
5:44 am
and liver failure in dogs. the aspca's animal control center has had 3700 calls last year. some groups want warning labels specifically on products with xylitol to let people know it is dangerous. eric: as a new dog owner i know you have to be cautious for whatever's on the floor. they will smell things out and go for it. our family has grown by one. this is thomas andrew garman, son of andy garman and meredith. thomas was born yesterday morning, seven pounds, 14 and a half ounces. here he is meeting big sister samantha. shaina: congratulations. we wanted to share this video from that massive kansas city royals television. -- celebration. a drone flew over the crowd, showing half a million people.
5:45 am
archipelago -- a capella song. elizabeth: finally today, if you have trouble waking up in the morning, maybe waking up to the right music might help. spotify came out with the ideal playlist to wake up to. one of the best songs is viva la vida by coldplay. they say it builds, has positive lyrics. ease and your day a little bit. others are elevated by saint lucian, downtown by macklemore, and lovely day by others. and would be up by a-- eric: metinka says enjoy today
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the timing on the change >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: it will be another great day, another warm morning with temperatures in the 50's near the average highs for today. some 20 degrees above that into the 70's with plenty of sunshine. you might be dealing with light fog. especially east of the metro toward dubuque and davenport.
5:47 am
you may encounter denser fog in central iowa, but things are looking good so far. moisture spreading from missouri and back from illinois and wisconsin. all the fog will burn off and give way to sunshine this afternoon. a system to the west across the rockies will affect whether toward thursday. putting an end to our warm stretch of weather here. thursday, we are watching for sprinkles in the morning, followed by thundershowers developing in the afternoon and evening as the cold front moves to the state. our south wind will shift back over to the northwest and that wind will usher in typical november temperatures. enjoy the 70's and it will be gorgeous once again with shorts. temperatures in the 60's tomorrow, off and on showers and thunderstorms friday. back to reality with highs falling back into the 50's. here in des moines, 55 degrees, south breeze stronger than
5:48 am
yesterday. it will be gusty this afternoon. we need wind to boost the high to 72. it will be a beautiful wednesday, soggy thursday on tap for tomorrow. friday and over the weekend we need jackets with highs into the 50's were they should the. next week, temperatures up a few more degrees but not back into the 70's. maybe close to 60. a couple of chances of rain in the forecast next week, it looks good. eric: another good morning to stop at the bus stop or driving to work. shaina: enjoy it while last, no problems to report. you should be able to enjoy. for mobile speed to in its. intersection with mlk. 100 east side at 3200 east uggla's avenue. a polk county car at 5500 oak
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2200 north east 80th street. eric: a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time, room to grow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support. american family insurance. there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer.
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paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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elizabeth: for women who become pregnant there is a warning about the importance of physical activity. researchers at the university of warwick say too much sitting may be linked to depression. as well as greater weight gain
5:52 am
and that can increase the risk of gestational diabetes. eric: a new drug could bring hope to strip -- couples struggling with infertility. it appears to be safer and more effective for harvesting eggs during in vitro fertilization. researchers say using the north -- hormone in place of conventional drugs may prevent life threatening side effects. elizabeth: golden globe winner michael keaton joins alan today -- ellen today. eric: he talked about moving to l.a. before being an actor. >> i worked in restaurants, parked cars, i was a singing busboy for 11 minutes. i don't note which was worse, singing or the busboy aspect. >> when you saying that you make up a song? >> no, that's catchy. eric: he also talks about his film, spotlight which is based on a true story of the reporters is that investigated the
5:53 am
massachusetts catholic church scandal. this is right here on kcci at 4:00. elizabeth: tonight, more great tv. catch new episodes of survivor, criminal minds, and code black. followed by kcci 8 news at 10:00 and stay tuned for new episodes of the late show with stephen colbert. eric: we are live with new overnight news, here's what we are working on for 6:00. shaina: the twist in the debt of a -- the death of an illinois police officer. alyx: a silent killer, in clive to talk about your home. this is where carbon monoxide leaks can happen. that story coming up. metinka: today could be the last day in the 70's for a while. how temperatures could be falling.
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her downtown des moines, you are just minutes away from more big stories. thanks for being with us. eric: watch us anytime through our mobile app. lifestream kcci 8 news in your
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