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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  November 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the worst thing that can happen for ole miss is for them to take a sack. look for arkansas to try to be able to get some pressure but they have to firm up that defense and not let those goys run free like they have been doing all game long. >> carter: chad kelly with an empty backfield. delivers complete. another arkansas missed tackle allowing pack to take it to the 47. 40 seconds showing. clock stops as they move the chains. >> aaron: that's their captain, brooks ellis, the leading tackler on this team, usually a sure tackler, goes up high and misses. >> carter: all ready for play. 30 seconds. kelly delivers complete again across the 50. this time autocomplete to cody core. time out ole miss. still two left for hugh freeze with 25 seconds. >> aaron: they're trying to play for the field goal. maybe you take a shot.
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you've got a couple time outs. you have to keep one in your back pocket in case you get tackled inbound and want to kick that field goal. look for them to work the edges. high-percentage passes. you can't put the football in harm's way and you can't take a sack. >> carter: we remind you, again, that ole miss, despite that number 18 ranking, despite the loss to memphis, they control their own destiny for the s.e.c. west. alabama and l.s.u. with that two versus four match-up but ole miss to keep their chances of winning the west and going to atlanta for the first time, this is a critical 25 seconds. >> aaron: what a win would mean for this arkansas club if they could beat the number 18 team in the country by throwing the football on the road. that may be all the confidence that the arkansas razorbacks need to get over the hump. >> carter: empty again for kelly on second and six.
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>> aaron: take a time out. snoop 22 seconds, time out called. it's wise who drops chad kelly. >> aaron: the one thing they couldn't afford to do was take a sack. a good inside move. tackle cooper filling in for laremy tunsil oversteps, opening up the entrance and that's what allows for the sack. >> carter: the eighth sack of
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>> aaron: it was a big one. >> aaron: you need to push the ball downfield but you also have to factor in the clock with only 22 seconds left, in minus territory with only one time out. >> carter: third and long. kelly scrambling away from the pressure. he's going to get out of bounds. 16 seconds. fourth down coming up. ellis forces him out. >> aaron: it's a fourth and medium. you have your entire playbook open out on the edge. arkansas has been missing sfwls. do they go to the well one more time? or can chad kelly use his legs to make a play? >> carter: ole miss is about 20 yards away from the field goal opportunity for wunderlich, about, because they want to give him a chance to win it. >> aaron: whatever happens here better happen quickly with 16
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seconds left. sna one time out for the rebels. kelly. fourth and six. pressured again. escapes. complete -- incomplete off the hands, d.j. dean disrupts it. adeboyejo had two hands on it. ledbetter applies the pressure. the football back to arkansas with nine seconds. >> aaron: d.j. dean has struggled tonight with tackles giving up touchdowns but he comes off of adeboyejo -- excuse me, off stringfellow and dislodges the ball from adeboyejo, a heads-up play. the arkansas defense needed to find a way to get a stop. they got it. now the question becomes if you're arkansas, with a quarterback that's had a super hot hand tonight, cufind a way to come up with a miracle at the end of this game?
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cole hedlund had his career long 45 earlier today. he is just one for four from beyond 27 yards. >> aaron: arkansas has had seven pass plays of 20 yards or more tonight. this is run of the mill for allen. >> carter: allen. six seconds showing. downfield. it is caught. by reed. near the 30. three seconds showing on the clock. time out granted. cole hedlund, redshirt freshman from argyle, texas who has never made a game winning kick at any level -- junior high, high school, in his freshman season at arkansas. his longest attempt prior
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only one try in the last three weeks. it will come down to hedlund, the freshman kicker with a chance to win it on the road for arkansas. we have been tied at the end of the first, at the end of the second, at the end of the third, we may be tied at the end of the fourth. >> aaron: dominique reed, the body control, he catches it at its high point behind him. that wasn't a well thrown ball by brandon allen but dominique reed catches it and brings it down for another one of his clutch catches, carter, seven tonight for 105 yards and the last was the biggest. >> carter: 47-yard field goal attempt for hedlund. prior to today 41 is the longest they had tried but the 45-yarder earlier was easily good, hugh freeze has one time out left if
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hedlund. trying for a game-winning kick for the first time in his football career. the 47-yarder from hedlund is blocked. loose football. we are headed to overtime. 45-45 between arkansas and ole miss. laquon treadwell stretching his 6'2" frame to get the block. tied at the end of one. at the end of two. at the end of three, and, of course, tied at the end of the fourth quarter in oxford. >> aaron: you see laquon treadwell lined up, does a good job of timing it, gets that big hand on it.
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>> carter: even at 45-45, this overtime made possible by chick-fil-a. number one got a hand on it but it wasn't number one laquon treadwell. it was number one tony bridges. important correction there. >> aaron: here he is right there, he does a good job of stepping forward on the big
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line for allowing him to time it perfectly and high-points the field goal to give them an opportunity to go into overtime -- preserves the loss, i guess. >> aaron: speaks gets a hand on it on the defensive line and tony brings, number one -- >> referee: winner of the toss may choose the offense or the end of the the field, the other team can remain -- each team has one time out. what is your call? >> tails. >> referee: he calls tails. it is tails. >> defense. >> referee: defense. >> carter: our aflac trivia question, we talked about the seven overtime games. there have been three of them. this is the second overtime game in the series between arkansas
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you go back to the epic seven-o.t. game, 58-56. this is the beginning of the overtime between arkansas and ole miss. there is a top and a bottom. both teams will have opportunities. that's why arkansas winning the toss. they want to go on defense first so they can have the opportunity at the bottom of that first overtime. if we reach a third overtime, then teams must attempt a two-point conversion after a touchdown. >> aaron: neither of these teams are very good in this red-zone area. arkansas only scoring touchdowns 58% of the time. they're ninth in the conference. ole miscellaneous is 10th in the conference. only scoring touchdowns about 54% of the time. evan engram, jeremy sprinkle and hunter henry -- expect those
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from the 25 yard line in. >> carter: nearly arkansas with a field goal. he will have another chance. jaylen walton on the first play of o.t. takes it to the 11. >> aaron: the the team that we expected to come here and three the football all over the field has but they've also done a better job at times of running the football. first down runs for ole miss have been huge. that last was a beauty. >> carter: arkansas already has an extended overtime win over auburn in four o.t.'s. first two touches of overtime go to jaylen walton. brooks ellis makes the stop. >> aaron: you have to watch chad kelly's legs. hes been hurting arkansas all night. arkansas has to cope somebody home to watch number 10. >> carter: has two rushing touchdowns.
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kelly is going to scramble again. kelly. into the end zone. touchdown. the third rushing touchdown of the game for chad kelly. >> aaron: chad kelly sells this pass hard. it's a bootleg. he 56 the run. he comes out. he wants to throw it but that little delay there keeps arkansas's defense frozen. they didn't keep somebody home to account for him. once again, chad kelly hurts the razorbacks on the ground. >> carter: ole miss gets the football first. into the end zone. seven-point lead. but it has happened throughout this wild one. a score, and a response. arkansas will have a chance in the bottom of the first overtime.
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>> aaron: fake the zone read. he rolls out. breaks contain. there is nobody home. he walks in. that's a no-brainer. take what the defense gives you and you run where they're not and chad kelly has done a masterful job of that tonight. now it's arkansas's chance to return. dominique reed has been huge tonight. drew morgan on crossing routes across the middle of the field has been huge. also keep your eye on those two big tight ends. lined up right here. >> carter: if the rebels get a takeaway, ole miss wins it. >> aaron: look how ole miss responds. >> carter: play action again. allen, downfield. knocked away. incomplete. can darius webster, the sophomore corn -- kendarius webster, the sophomore corner.
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extremely well covered. brandon allen tried to throw that football but the location was off. it was low and at the feet of cornelius into tight coverage. great first down stop by the landsharks and this crowd is feeling it. >> carter: play clock at three zeros, flag not thrown. here comes the call. >> referee: delay of game. number two. offense. five-yard penalty. >> carter: the sellout crowd at vaught-hemingway stadium affects this one.
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second penalty of the night. >> carter: what a critical time for it. they're ready for a hoty toddy. -- they're ready for a hotty toddy. allen on second and 15. loose football. allen falls on it at the 40. it's marquis hayneswho strips it away and nearly ends it. allen back on top to give >> aaron: marquise haynes, leading sacker on this team beats the leading tackler, beats him with speed and brandon allep is lucky to fall back on that football. what's your third-and-25 play, carter?
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throw to the tight end? first down markers all the way -- first down marker all the way to the 15. allen from the gun. incomplete. it will be fourth and 25. one last chance for the razorbacks. hampton nearly picks it. >> aaron: if you're arkansas, you've got to go back to what's been working for you tonight. dominique reed has had a huge night. he's a tall, lean wide receiver with big-play ability. we've seen him do his thing. he's 6'3". throw the football up and let one of your taller receivers high-point that football. you've got a couple of tall tight ends to do the same. it starts up front with pass protection. >> carter: last chance for
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brandon allen and the razorbacks. fourth and 25. it's complete to henry. ole miss knocks it away -- incomplete -- correction, it's a lateral. arkansas keeps it going. collins is going to take it inside the 15 and he has a first down. on the lateral. henry makes the catch. tosses it back. collins is down. a couple razorbacks are down. >> aaron: they're down, carter, but i don't know if they're out.
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that football first there. >> carter: first down arkansas. morgan slow to get up. said last chance for arkansas but it was fourth and 25 and a wild play as henry makes the catch. then laterals to keep it alive for collins. now it will be first down and are arkansas. what a wild play by the razorbacks. >> aaron: what a heads-up play by hunter henry. he knows he's going to be tackled. he has the wherewithal to try to keep the play alive. getting it past the line to gain. they're going to look at this, carter. interesting to see who touched
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lateraled it backwards. >> carter: al ford and the replay booth wants to look at this. we'll find out what they're looking at. it's at the end of the play to see if the ball came loose from collins, who it was recovered by and critically, where it was recovered so if the ball comes loose from collins, right here, if it's a fumble, recovered boy arkansas, but this is the end of the play that the replay booth wants to look at. >> aaron: looked like reed was right there. he threw it back and lateraled it back like it would be in
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regulation. so had hunter henry who lateraled it back because it was fourth down and it seems like alex collins got confused before he was going down, trying to lateral it maybe thinking like the time was gone but this is overtime. once you pick up the first down, you get a fresh set of downs -- it might have gotten ripped free too. >> carter: even ifs the loose and recovered by arkansas, it is past the line to gain for the first down so it would be an arkansas recovery. >> aaron: this is going to be arkansas's ball. they recover it after the first down. alex collins, because he saw hunter henry lateral the ball thought it was the last play of the game even though it was overtime and tried to fumble it. >> referee: there was a fumble on the play recovered by arkansas at the 11 yard line. it is their ball. first down. >> carter: wow, so henry makes
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then collins after he had picked up the first down nearly puts that football into ole miss's hands. >> aaron: and it's situational awareness in a big game. those things happen with young players. that's what was so amazing about hunter henry keeping his wits about him and keeping the play alive because of what we just saw from alex collins. >> carter: first and 10 for the razorbacks from the ole miss 11, this is the bottom of the first overtime. ole miss scored to get it started. arkansas still needs a touchdown to keep it going but this is first and 10. it's outside the 10. the first down line is now at the one. >> aaron: your entire playbook is open. we've seen them be very effective down here in the red zone targeting the tight ends. breaking the pocket. the bootleg-naked waggle game where they get brandon allen
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with a condensed field. le miss can afford to be a little bit more aggressive. this might be a good time for the landsharks to deal up some edge pressure. >> carter: bielema still talking to tom ritter. >> referee: 83 and 80 were injured on the play. >> carter: sprinkle and morgan unavailable for at least this first-down play. >> aaron: 87 is available. look for dominique reed. this is a time where you would love to be able to exert your will at the line of scrimmage but arkansas hasn't been able t t do that tonight. >> carter: collins and walker in the backfield behind allen. bottom of the first overtime. allen is going to give it to walker on the left side and he's popped his -- gets it inside the 10 by channing ward. >> aaron: walker is the type of
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he can't move lateralrily well. that was a fullback dive. he picks up a couple. >> carter: second and seven. walker checks out. collins in. >> aaron: that side of the field wide open. >> dan: second down. allen to the end zone. touchdown, arkansas, and the improbable touchdown in the bottom of the first overtime. a p.a.t. away from tying it again. it was fourth and 25 from the 40. they convert on a wild play and now the touchdown. >> aaron: drew morgan going in motion. told them a couple of things
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also bought him some space to run a route back at this time area he vacated. brandon allen put the ball on the money. >> carter: arkansas is going for two and the win. >> aaron: four overtimes? they're going for it. they want to end this sucker. >> carter: allen has thrown six touchdowns in this game. two-point conversion for the win for arkansas. play action. allen. pumps. allen. is dropped. flag down. haynesfinishes it off. we check the flag to see if it's an ole miss win. >> aaron: this could be a facemask, carter. >> referee: facemask. defense. half the distance to the goal. retry. >> aaron: arkansas's living right. we saw the lateral from henry
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then ole miss d's it up perfectly but marquis hayneswith alive. end zone than you were on the play before. >> aaron: ole miss was in perfect position on that last play. this would be the situation. you think arkansas would rely on >> carter: it comes down to this. no waiting around for that third overtime where you have to go for two. the second two-point try for arkansas. collins next to allen. >> carter: morgan. fake it. allen takes it. dives. and he is in.
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arkansas wins it in overtime. >> carter: all bret bielema can do is smile. escaping oxford with a shootout overtime win, 53-52 over ole miss. now the attention turns to brandon allen down at the goal line. the player who has fought through injury after injury to be on the field for his arkansas razorbacks laying it out on the two-point conversion to win the
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game. >> aaron: just a beautifully designed quarterback run. he gets hit and lets go of the football as he crosseses the plane. look at the determination. reaching as the ball hits the ground, it comes off -- you wonder if his teammates jumping on him is where the injury occurred. >> carter: allen is on his feet. the razorbacks can celebrate. an all-timer. arkansas over ole miss in overtime. 53-52. and the ole miss dreams of making a big statement towards an s.e.c.-west crown take a big blow in overtime. jenny dell is with brandon allen. >> jenny: brandon, first and foremost, a little slow getting up there, want to make sure you're ok. >> i'm fine, took a little bit of a hit but it's all good, i'm good now.
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>> jenny: what gave you the confidence to go for the last drive? >> our offense has been clicking all game, give them the credit, their offense was doing well the whole game and we knew if we scored here we were going it try to end it and we did so. >> jenny: it was a back-and-forth battle. what do you think gave your team the competitive edge? >> we have a lot o fight in us. we really do. sounds cliche but we go into every game looking to win, no matter the opponent, we have the belief we can beat every team. >> jenny: this is the first time that arkansas has a winning record in the s.e.c. since 2007. what does a win like this mean to the program? >> it's really big. we broke up our season, two six-game seasons, the second half of our season, 2-0 to start it, 3-0 now, taking each game one at a time and we'll try to win the rest of them. >> jenny: congratulations. >> thank you. >> carter: an overtime win. hugs all around for the razorbacks including bielema with his a.d. jeff long,
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chairman of the college football


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