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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  November 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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night of snow flurries. we are live with the latest damage from the storms and the big temperature change. meteorologist kurtis gertz. kurtis: a genetic change, no doubt about that. severe weather south side of chicago. we are wrapping it around some showers and mixing in that snow allen west central iowa. i hated westbound, there were some slush covered roadways. just west of the nora. metro, this generally rain but we may mix in. we call this snow can.
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numerous locations have had gusts over 50 miles per hour. look at the metro. winds gusting to 47 miles per hour. we are currently at 39. temperatures in the low 30's to the west. the cold air will be moving in with some 40's to the east. the latest reports on these tornadoes coming up in a few minutes. kevin: this storm was a big one, the system stretching from lamoni to waterloo. our crews were there as they hit. steve: and they are there live tonight with a look at the damage. we begin with ryan smith on des moines' southside where winds snapped trees in half. ryan: widespread damage across much of southwest des moines . those high winds blew in and in seconds these massive oak trees
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now, debris is scattered everywhere throughout this neighborhood and the area remains without power. >> like 15 seconds. it hit and then it was done. ryan: a neighborhood known for its bountiful, beautiful oak trees torn apart. now there's more wood on the ground than in the air. >> all these wonderful trees gone, is sad. ryan: at a quarter to 4 the sky took an ugly turn. kristi berg saw the kcci weather alert. >> i just yelled at the kids "go to the basement or go and we got downstairs and the second we got in the basement it just hit us. ryan: turning her front yard into an unrecognizable mess. >> my heart just stopped, i couldn't believe how much damage happened in such a short amount of time. ryan: they say those oaks came crashing down in a matter of seconds. strong winds shattered the glass on the second floor of nearby jefferson elementary. it snapped a power pole at its base.
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-- at its base, leaving southwest 26th street pitch black after sundown. mid-american on scene most of the night surveying the damage. >> we've got to get the electricity and these trees, the driveway, my cars in the back parked in the back i can't get out. ryan: no power means most residents are finding somewhere else to sleep tonight. but not before firing up chainsaws and attacking the seemingly endless supply of scattered branches. we are experiencing some decent winds at this 10:00 hour. whether it was a result of straight-line winds or a zaneta simply debate -- or a tornado is a core debate. the national weather service will be surveying the damage to make the official determination. steve: the national weather service reported that a tornado hit the des moines airport around 3:30 this afternoon. a tower controller reported
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seeing circulation. the iowa national guard has video of the damaging aftermath. >> he saw just about 50 to 75 yards west over toward the national guard area, debris starting to fly and that kind of stuff, so he knew it was a tornado. we did see some tractor trailers picked up and thrown into the fence along mckinnley as well. steve: that video is not being released tonight but we hope to get it tomorrow. what we are getting from the des moines international airport is this. video coming in on twitter. watch as a staircase rolls across the tarmac and slams right into a delta airplane. we're told the wing of that plane was damaged. kevin: a little farther to the south, reports of damaged homes, trees and buildings coming out of knoxville tonight. our team 8 coverage continues with laura terrell live in one of knoxville's hardest hit areas. laura: still rainy and very windy tonight.
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that is where perhaps the most damage is in town. this major tree down on a power lines. we see debris all over the street. a basket. let me show you the other side of the street. we can't even describe how much did agree -- how much debris there is on the street. home alone, jennifer magrath ran of her basement with the storm slammed her house around 3:00. >> petrifying. your house shakes and you think it's going to come off. you hear glass breaking and things being thrown against your house. laura: mcgrath's garage was torn to pieces along with several of her neighbors' homes along this street on the east side of knoxville. >> i've been police chief here almost 11 years now and this is the worst damage from weather that i have seen since i've been here. laura: roofs ripped off homes. insulation in trees, and debris like this shower head in the streets. >> i was shaken up pretty bad.
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laura: 91-year-old dorothy whitlatch was sitting in this black chair in her living room when it all hit. >> something popped and i had glass all over me and the window was broken. laura: those same strong winds blew over this semi truck and tore part of the room off walmart. >> it sounded like more than one freight train put together. i've never heard a sound like that in my whole life. >> it started raining really hard and then we saw swirling and a bunch of debris in the air. laura: this video shows the water leaking inside the store. >> i would assume walmart would be closed at least through the night. laura: just feet away from walmart this mobile home park , escaped untouched. >> i don't know how it survived. i don't how we are still here. laura: many around town are wondering the same thing, since no one suffered major injuries. >> i am thanking the lord above that everybody and all the kids are ok. laura: it is so windy here you
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we are told only a few minor injuries and no one was taken to the hospital, which is pretty remarkable. laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: it's -- a scary scene for drivers tracking the storm. this is from colin hansen. to ames, where residents experienced strong winds and heavy rain showers. makena sent us this video from an apartment complex. some debris flying through the air there. kcci's eric hanson got some of the best video of the day, this from his front porch in west des moines. you can see the sheets of rain whipping leaves around his neighbrohood. certainly kind of scary to see outside your house. steve: right outside the front door many peoples houses.
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the national weather service will do their storm surveys tomorrow. i have a hunch we're going to see many reports. statewide, especially across the southern half of the states. this activity out in the a dell area. some tornadic activity in the metro and then some activity coming out of barnes city. and we slide to the south. that sure did look like a tornado there. just by looking at the photos, that looked like tornadic activity. also, tornadic activity around corning. numerous reports.
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i will have your 8 day forecast with a better weekend ahead. steve: many of you helping us tell the weather picture tonight -- the weather story tonight without -- with your pictures and videos. remember, you can upload your pictures to our ulocal page at or e-mail them to us at our severe weather coverage continues online, at, and on our kcci app. there you will find live reports from the day, damage video, and a whole lot more as this weather story develops. kevin: in other news right now altoona police and dci agents , investigate a death in altoona. authorities say a female was found dead in a home in the 1100 block of 11th avenue south east. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. the name of the female is not being released. also right now, a des moines veterinarian and one of his employees is facing criminal charges.
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dr. michael anderson from anderson animal hospital is charged with having too many animals living at his facility on hubbell. he had 20 dogs and cats at one point. the department of agriculture also says most of those animals had not been vaccinated, potentially endangering other animals brought in to the vet office. >> i would have thought that they were properly vaccinated , which, in fact, we discovered were not. yes, that was a surprise to me. kevin: dr. anderson was also charged with failing to report to separate dog bites involving dogs living at his office. steve: in commitment 2016 tonight we are just 3 days away , from the democratic debate in des moines. kcci is a proud co-sponsor of saturday's event at drake university. our own kevin cooney will moderate, along with john dickerson and nancy cordes of cbs news, and the des moines register's kathie obradovich. wage stagnation is bound to be
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one of the hot topics on saturday night. todd magel continues our 3-part special report tonight with a look at this high-stakes dollars and cents issue. todd: the numbers tell the story. american workers make more products than ever before but they don't earn more money. an important issue for democratic candidates at drake university saturday night. brittany sutton is on her way home to sherman hill from a serving job at a clive restaurant. and, her 3 children including one-year-old tylayiah are hungry for dinner. but sutton often pays for food with food stamps. because her income has been about the same for the past 5 years. >> i have to live off my check and it's not really that much every two weeks. so i live check by check. >> when you look at u.s. workers in general, especially at the lower income level their wages , are not keeping up in terms of their ability to purchase goods. todd: economic experts like drake university professor tom
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easy to add up. since the 1950's, american productivity has grown my more than 200%. but american wages began to level off in the 1980's. >> high income earners are growing wages faster than low income workers and it's becoming kind of a two tiered system or two class system. most economists will tell you that is very poor for the economy. todd: it's a popular theme on the campaign trail. ms. clinton: wages haven't risen, incomes haven't gone up in most people are really still worried. todd: and one that could earn some votes with the right answer. >> i want to see myself doing better. todd: especially from potential voters like brittany sutton, worried about her families future. >> it's very important, i have to make sure they know right from wrong, what a good lifestyle is growing up. i love my babies. todd: iowa's median wage for a full-time worker has inched up only slightly over the past 35 years. tomorrow in the des moines register, reporter kevin hardy explores the factors holding down wage and the impact on workers.
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steve. steve: they do very much. next we continue to track damage , reports across the state. we'll take you to marshall county. plus, a look at the best photos from the day sent in by you.
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tonight, there is snow in downtown des moines. this video just shot a short time ago. there is snow mixed in there. welcome back, i guess. storm team 8 was oliver central iowa today. steve: frank scaglione joins us with a look at the damage in marshall county. frank: we're just south of the town of ferguson, where damaging severe thunderstorm's came through earlier this evening. you can see behind me, power crews working to restore power. we've also seen tree limbs. damaging winds came through
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i'm sure the cleanup efforts will begin early tomorrow morning. reporting tonight from southern marshall county, meteorologist frank scaglione. steve: it happens every time we have severe weather. many of you help us cover the story by sending in your storm damage pictures. and today was no exception. some of the most impressive photos we received came to us from kiic-radio in albia. look at this 5th wheel trailer, and its smashed storage area, on the norm vote farm in southeastern iowa. here's a look at the vote house, half of which was reduced to splinters, while the vehicles still sit where they were parked. this out-building was hollowed out, still standing, almost unscathed, the grain bin behind it. and finally, look at all this debris scattered around the vote family farm equipment.
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next up, a picture was taken after the storm rolled through 6 miles north of fontanelle. black clouds to the east and sunshine from the west lighting , up the wind turbines. in greenfield, this kids playhouse was smashed. this tree in waukee was twisted right off its trunk at eason elementary school. and here's a big tree, with a sizable root-ball, that was just yanked right out the ground, west winterset. some very good photos coming in from our viewers. kevin: we appreciate everyone. kurtis: it was no doubt a busy day. our own chief meteorologist john mclaughlin helping out with the radar from home. we have some strong winds. i just got a report out of ankeny, some wind gusts at 60
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miles per hour. just another day in iowa. here is the tornado and then here is the snow flying in a bear earlier this morning. northwest winds will be destroyed tomorrow. temperatures moving to 47 by noon. gusts of 41 at noon. temperatures actually falling to around normal for this time of year. we start out in the 30's, we top out at 50. our average high, 50 degrees. here is the system. we are getting that wraparound precipitation. this is snow mixing in the metro. radar sometimes has trouble differentiating because it is looking at temperatures. we will continue to see this.
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49 miles an hour downtown. 44 mile-per-hour gusts in storm lake. 3:27 when that circulation moved over the airport. this just means these winds are moving toward the radar. so take that negative number out. this is the potential, of winds around 100 miles per hour. look at the size of this almost land hurricane. system pulling out. we will start to see clearing skies and some nice sunshine tomorrow. i think clouds will fill in as the day goes along. sunshine friday, and it looks last right into the weekend. tonight, that high wind warning. hour.
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a light wintry mix. tomorrow, still strong winds. much colder than we have been experiencing. gusts in the afternoon over 40 miles an hour. friday, 40 degrees. i don't think it is going to be a hard freeze. the latest hard freeze we have ever had was 11/11 in 1882. latest measurable snowfall, we may not have to worry about that after tonight. saturday, 60, starting out at 33. some 50's and 40's next week. i think we will see some rain
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kevin: honoring our veterans. kevin: veterans day celebrations all across iowa today. steve: downtown des moines the , annual veterans day program at the iowa events center. the event is a yearly call to make sure all veterans know they are appreciated, and that the sacrifices they have made to keep our country free, have not been forgotten. kevin: and then, at places like
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kate mitchell elementary school in ames they were celebrating veterans day today. the iowa state army rotc color guard presented the colors. our crew heard students gasp we assume they were impressed. students joining with veterans singing patriotic songs at the
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andy: if you're a volleyball fan, cedar rapids is the place to be. the girls they'd volleyball tournament is in the books and scott reister has coverage. scott: after making it to the state tournament three years in a row, this time, they say they are in it to win it. nevada in white against catholic. katie find that opening. this future uni panther gets it done. the cops -- the cubs taking their first ever state title.
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ever we also -- everyone else also did it, but that's fine. scott: camper left school today for this. the knights were closing it out. abby zerber with the burner. the students of issues off. six-foot freshman amy adams, welcome to the state tournament. tonight winning score in front of that raucous cheering section. in the 2a quarterfinals, what do a lion, hot dog, and will conclusion have in common? carly rocks it for caracas. hartford winds up. sweeping the match. in the 1a quarterfinals, grandview question.
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they won the first set but that was it. the action continues thursday with the semifinal round. scott reister, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. andy: high school football semi's begin tomorrow morning in the dome. 3a takes a the field. norwalk at 5:30, pella just before 8:30. iowa state is getting ready to start the best season with lofty expectations. but they are meeting them head on. the cyclones will open the season at sioux falls, south dakota. they are playing in sioux falls and hoping that they can turn the building they are playing it into hilton northwest.
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i -- the pentagon or whatever, i efforts and cool things about that. the fact that we are getting the opportunity to play there is supercool. >> i think we have a home-court advantage. we had a bias iowa state crowd. andy: a full day of groups action. women's games from the hawkeyes and iowa state. the d-league season is right on the way. the iowa energy looking forward to a fifth season in their second year tied with the grizzlies. >> wind up with the third pick, for thick, and i think, and we loaded up. take some time to figure it all out and get matched, but on
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andy: dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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