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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  November 13, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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by noon, right around 46, with a high of 50. shaina: all fired up from the republican presidential debate, a fiery donald trump spoke in iowa last night at iowa central community college. elizabeth: kcci chief political reporter cynthia fodor was in fort dodge where trump spoke to about 1200 people. cynthia: in a fiery speech, donald trump seem to go after everyone, the media, president obama, and attacked his fellow republican candidates. voters from all over webster county lined up, buying the billionaire's buttons and hats. trump came out of the gate taking on his hottest topic, immigration. he spent much of his top -- his talk on foreign policy. bashed his fellow republicans.
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her name is, will you stop cutting in? in. cynthia: especially ben carson. >> he went to hit his mother on the head with a hammer. and the people of i will believe him. give me a break. it does not happen that way. how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crop? >> he bashed it but he did it and not just a humorous way. >> he says what he wants to when i think that is what a lot of people like. cynthia: he told the crowd that when he wins, they will always remember that night and he loves iowa so much he is thinking about buying a farm here.
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shaina: on the democratic side it's the run-up to the candidate's next debate. we're just one day away from the event at drake university. kcci is a proud co-sponsor, our own kevin cooney, along with face the nation host john dickerson are moderators, along with congressional correspondent nancy cordes and the des moines register's kathie obradovich. new poll numbers out for the democrats, too. the new cbs news/new york times poll shows hillary clinton with a big lead. she now has 52% support nationally compared to bernie sanders' 33%. martin o'malley trails far behind at 5%. elizabeth: as part of our democratic debate coverage on saturday, we will have a live voter panel of 10 uncommitted adults and 10 uncommitted college students. shaina will speak with the voters before and after the debate to find out how the candidates can sway them. she asked one panel member how he feels going into saturday's event. >> as a democrat you love everything that bernie says, . i just feel he is relying on a political revolution that i'm
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happen in this country. elizabeth: you heard there, he says he is keeping an open mind going into caucus season. our voter panel will also be watching to see how quickly the candidates can think on their feet, as they take live questions via twitter using the hashtag, demdebate. this is the first time twitter is officially taking part in a presidential debate. check out the huge hashtag-dem-debate sculpture that was constructed today on the drake campus. trust kcci for complete coverage of this debate. it all starts saturday at 6:30 p.m., following our regular newscast. we are live from drake university. then following the debate, kcci eight news at 10:00 will be an hour long, to bring you the best post-debate analysis. then tune in sunday morning for exclusive extended debate coverage following face the nation at 10:30. kcci 8 news close up will be live with post-debate reaction, from kevin cooney and kathie
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obradovich. shaina: a heated hearing in boone. hundreds spoke out for and against the bakken oil pipeline cutting through iowa. kcci's ryan smith reports testimony thursday took eight hours. ryan: supporters stress pipeline production means jobs. up to 4,000 in construction. ross walsh winterset supports pipeline >> the job by its nature is temporary with start and completion date but the opportunity that the dakota access offers is a career building. ryan but the opposition says : temporary work is not worth a permanent environmental threat or loss of land. >> we should never allow our flag with its powerful motto, our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain be used , for toilet paper by billionaires sitting in ivory towers in houston and dallas. ryan the pipeline's path cuts : through 18 iowa counties including boone and story. texas-based dakota access reports it's secured voluntary easements for more than two-thirds of the required
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private property in iowa. >> why should a private company be able to come in and take our land from us just so that they can pad their pockets with profits? ryan union workers make up the : majority of bakken supporters. richie schmidt picked up fellow local 353 members on his drive from burlington to boone. >> the one thing i want to do is to make sure that those gentlemen standing back there don't have to go home and tell their wives, or their kids or their husbands when the next job is going to come. shaina: nothing was actually decided yesterday. the pipeline is ultimately in the hands of a three-member iowa utilities board. elizabeth: the time is 4:35, your weather is never more than five minutes away. metinka: bundle up early today but dress in layers. it is going to end up as a beautiful afternoon. 36 degrees and great news, the wind has called down.
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we have a few wind chills out in the 20's. this afternoon, headed for sunshine and highs right where they should the, 40's to the north, 50's in des moines, and mid-50's to the west. highs get back up to 60 degrees tomorrow. shaina: wednesday's storms hit melrose and -- in monroe county hard. kcci's rose heaphy reports the national weather service says a borderline ef2 tornado ripped right through the area. rose: bill took cover in his basement wednesday evening as a tornado ripped through his home. the national weather service confirmed a tornado landed near the appanoose county line. at 70 was closed down for most of the day and officials are
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>> i spotted the tornado and we went inside. rose: the hiltons are also recovering from the damage. with no one hurt, a remain optimistic. >> we have some really awesome neighbors and great people from southeast iowa that all came together last night. rose: finding the power to move on. >> we are eternally grateful, ashes into beauty. shaina: the families impacted did receive some red cross help. officials say s 70 did reopen at about 3:00 p.m. thursday. elizabeth: in des moines, a suspected tornado at the airport. in the southwest part of the city dozens of downed trees, some destroying buildings and cars. kcci's jason rantala explains a woman's very close call. >> > it's a mess.
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jason amanda erickson was home : when the worst of it hit wednesday afternoon. the wind knocked over this massive tree right onto what was once her neighbor's garage. with an suv and import car inside, the suv likely totalled. erickson and her two boys are left to count her blessings. >> it could have fallen onto our house and crushed our house. jason just up the street, : homeowners like kristi berg have even more cleaning up to do, with more than a half dozen trees now all over their lawns. so much debris, neighbors can't even get up their driveway. >> it's heartbreaking, so i'm hopeful that we can save some and then we'll obviously plan to replace what we cannot because we wanted to have a nice treat lot. elizabeth: neighbors say the did hear the wind but did not hear any trees fall. it all came and went in a matter of 30 seconds. >> it's always in the back of your mind. you would never forget it. shaina: stratford residents remember, 10 years after part of their town was destroyed by a
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tornado. and top spot.
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to live. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries.
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we are waking up to some frosty temps but the wind has really settle down. des moines, 36 degrees, clear skies and a light northwest wind. a little bit chillier to the northwest with temperatures falling back into the 20's. wind chills hovering in the mid-20's to around 32 degrees. headed for highs new 50 degrees this afternoon, widespread sunshine, a gorgeous full day. if you are heading out to dinner this evening, temps will quickly be falling back into the 40's, but we have a gorgeous weekend in store for us. a lot of sunshine on the way with temperatures either side of 60 degrees. shaina: wednesday's wild weather day reminiscent of the deadly storms 10 years ago. elizabeth: stratford residents remember the tornado that devastated their town. kcci's vanessa peng is there to
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vanessa: even though a tornado destroyed a part of stratford 10 years ago residents say everytime they hear a tornado siren all those memories come rushing back. in the aftermath, dozens of residents lost everything. >> it's always in the back of your mind. you never forget it. vanessa: residents at the stratford school came together on this 10th anniversary. they say they remember that day like it was yesterday. >> there was a long, long line of debris strewn everywhere, tin in trees. vanessa: 84-year-old lucille runyan lost her life that day. her son, larry, kept watch over a display dedicated to her. >> once the main part of the house went there was just the kind of a pull, vaccum that sucked her, there were on the south west corner and it just sucked her out. vanessa: residents tell us in a decade a lot has changed but they won't forget. >> we're definitely a lot
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stronger now. >> it brings back a lot of memories of what happened it's hard to believe it was ten years ago. vanessa: more than 150 people attended lucille runyan's funeral. in stratford, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: we will take a live look outside, i-235 at 2nd avenue in des moines. you are waking up to 36 degrees on this friday morning.
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$68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, we are waking up to a gorgeous fall morning. bundle up if you are getting an early start. temps will be close to freezing but the wind has really settle down. widespread sunshine is on the way with nice highs close to 50 degrees, right where they should be this time of year. clear skies across the state, no precipitation across the area, across the state. a little bit of snow flying across the great lakes, otherwise a great-looking travel day across the region. high pressure will keep our skies clear and the weather nice and quiet, plus, we will have a warming trend with more of a south wind.
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by sunday night into early monday morning, some rain showers are back in the forecast. this morning, we need the jackets early with the wind chills falling into the 20's. it feels like 24 degrees right now in the ames area. headed for highs seasonably cool, close to 50 degrees, tomorrow bumping up another 10 degrees. des moines, clear skies, 36 degrees, a nice-looking morning. headed for 50 this afternoon, widespread sunshine, and the wind will start to increase a little bit with the heating of the day. the wind switches over to the south as high pressure builds in, low temperatures tonight 34. tomorrow afternoon is going to be a great want to head outdoors and enjoy, 62 degrees. it is going to be a warmer wind coming in from the southwest,
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63 degrees on your sunday. the rain holds off until sunday night and off and on showers throughout the middle part of the week. elizabeth: thank you, i think a. -- metinka. shaina: des moines is on the top of a lot of lists. best cities to land work, best cities for retirement, most business -- pro-business cities in america, the lists go on and on. so, is des moines as great and hip as the lists make us out to be? elizabeth: we would like to think so. but what about an outside perspective? kcci's kim st. onge has the answer. kim: it's a special season that comes around once every four years. hundreds of people uproot their lives and come to iowa to celebrate. massachusetts native patrick burgwinkle is calling the hawkeye state home, for now. while he works as iowa press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign. >> it's a secret that iowa has kept from the country but it's a really an awesome place to live. kim: covering campaigns gives
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these out-of-towners an iowa experience unlike any other, with enough time to check out our beautiful pappajohn sculpture park, skyline views from the pedestrian bridge and the iconic travelers sign. lilia chacon relocated from chicago, hoping she can convince voters to feel the bern. >> i really like that there's less congestion. the people just seem to be more pleasant. kim: dozens of headlines tell the same story. des moines has been ranked number one in a lot of categories like community pride, up and coming downtowns, and mid-sized city for home ownership. so we asked some political operatives to play a game. so tell me what order you think they would be. put these top four cities for college grads, according to the finance technology company smartasset, in order. >> austan, nashville. kim: that's true, des moines number three. austin is number one. how about this one? best cities for young professionals.
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>> i could see nashville being up there but i don't think it's number one. no. >> i think raleigh is probably at the top. close. >> yeah, i think that's how it is. we'll go with that. >> i'll choose des moines. >> it's number one. kim: des moines is number one. surprised? >> i spent time in nashville and vanderbilt's campus is gorgeous but it doesn't quite have the same quality of life, especially for the dollar, that you know i think i've seen here in des moines. >> someone coming out and needing a lower cost of living while getting on their feet des moines definitely has that in the real estate. kim: these out-of-towners think des moines deserves the high rankings. so much so, we even convinced one of them to stay. >> people are still nice, they're still iowa nice and i don't have to worry about not being able to wave as someone walking down the street but i'm still in a big city. elizabeth: but we are not just cool, we are also cold. the daily beast ranked des moines one of the coldest cities in america. shaina: protecting children, fighting sexual exploitation. what iowa native ashton kutcher
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make a difference. metinka: good morning, the wind has finally settled down but it is still a little bit chilly. 36 degrees in des moines, a at six miles per hour. dress in layers this morning. it is going to be a pretty easy commute, no weather worries with no fog or precipitation. the sun coming up at 7:01. you may have a little frost to scrape today. this afternoon, it will be a beautiful fall day with highs close to 50 degrees. more breezy as we get the heating of the day but not quite as gusty as yesterday, and get ready for a gorgeous weekend. today. shaina: a new exhibit at drake university features some unlikely artists. elizabeth: the homeless. mark tauscheck explains.
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mark: the anderson gallery at drake is hosting an exhibition examining the broad topic of globalization specifically , ethical issues surrounding how we navigate public spaces both real and on the internet. outside the gallery is piece by an artist from ferguson, missouri. >> the hands are meant to emulate hands up, do not shoot. mark: inside work by professional artists fill most of the gallery next to the work of some new arrivals to the art world four homeless men. >> they wanted to fill out the papers, understand the cameras and get going. mark: rachael kreski is a senior in graphic design, and one of the students who went to the downtown homeless shelter to distribute disposable cameras to a dozen surprised clients. >> they may not have the strongest voice out there but we wanted to make sure their's was heard. mark: they were told to document their lives they had 27 exposures to capture what they wanted. many are landscape shots of their journeys downtown, and many are nicely composed.
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men who turned in their cameras wanted to be heard and seen. >> and to be reduced to homelessness in everyone's eyes is a terrible thing so it struck me how eager they were to show everyone they exist in other ways. >> myself, given a disposable camera, i don't think half of them probably would have turned out great. so it was awesome to see their execution of it. elizabeth: in conjunction with this exhibit a public symposium , is being held on sunday in the harmon fine arts center at drake at 10:00 a.m.. it's called ethics of new media. and tonight at the anderson gallery, a preview and the homeless men will see their work for the very first time. shaina: kcci's democratic debate coverage starts live from drake university coming up at 5:00. our eric hanson and emmy victor are both there this morning to bring you all you need to know in this morning's commitment 2016 news. elizabeth: we'll also hear from kcci's kevin cooney and cbs' john dickerson before they co-moderate the debate.
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kcci. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. mr. trump: he went after his mother with a hammer. elizabeth: donald trump pulling no punches criticizing ben , carson, iowa voters and his democratic rivals. one of the campaign stories making headlines this friday morning, november 13. good morning, everyone and welcome back. i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina: i'm shaina humphries and as you can see, eric is joining us live from drake
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