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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  November 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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>> verne: second down and 10. >> verne: harris. incomplete. tony bridges defending, and don't forget, the napa play of the game presented by napa auto parts will be coming up as soon as we put this one to bed. >> gary: this will be very interesting with this ole miss team. the success they have had this year. they're going to lose a lot. they may have three players drafted in the first 10 picks of this draft. treadwell, tunsil, and -- who am i missing? number five, nkemdiche. >> verne: you didn't even need my prompting. >> gary: no, i needed the prompter, though. >> verne: here is harris. there is harris. first down, l.s.u. i think half the fans in the stands thought they saw holding.
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well, they did. >> gary: l.s.u. is not going to feel sorry for them. the holding was late in the play but it was holding by tyron johnson, number three. didn't get the call. >> verne: ole miss has called time out. 9:13 to go in the ballgame. -these wings are pretty great, huh? -yeah. -what is that? -oh, it's a wing ring. what's a wing ring? i ask it what kind of wings i should have, and it tells me. today it said honey bbq. i wanna ask it a question. oh, you know what? i got like 2% battery on this thing. -come on, let me just-- -yeah, i wish i could. you have battery in a ring? yeah, it's like eight gigs. that's two different things. one is memory, one's battery life. cool. all i know is, like, no, you can't use it. good luck choosing. 100% all white meat boneless chicken wings in six delicious flavors. they're buy one, get one free every monday night. (clicks) why's all your junk in your new car?
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>> verne: a lot of folks it appears are heading back to the grove to continue post game. let's continue our at&t performance. >> gary: chad kelly has done it all. remember that drive? seven plays. scored early. >> verne: i thought he showed courage on that last touchdown. >> verne: if no common sense. >> gary: that's the way he plays. if i'm hugh freeze, he had bo wallace, kind of a bad-boy, chad kelly, kind of a bad-boy, i'm
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get kicked off teams everywhere in college football because that's pretty good back-to-back quarterbacks he's had here. >> verne: yes. first down and 10. malachi dupre down to the 21 for kelly. >> gary: not bad. >> verne: not at all. in the loss to arkansas he had 300 yards plus passing and 110 yards rushing. right now it's first down, 10. >> gary: watch out. >> verne: fumble? >> gary: no, i think they're going to call it an incomplete pass. marquis haynes got there. >> gary: came around the bottom of your screen right there, he's on the outside, yes, he has a tight end -- that's a tough match-up for a tight end. that ball -- usually when you have a tight end matched up
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against a defense end it's designed for the ball to come out quickly. so the quarterback holds it a little bit too long. you can't ask your tight end to block one of those guys. >> verne: under nine in regulation, darrel williams still on the field at running back. harris back. into the end zone. incomplete. intended for the tight end, colin jeter. it will bring up third down and 10 -- we believe in second chances. boasting us. >> gary: yeah, i do. >> verne: i want to give you another second chance to name the three guys that are going pro. >> gary: i named them but i had trouble. i'll admit it. nkemdiche, tunsil and treadwell. i've got to admit. i was, like, rick peri'ing for a second.
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was, like, rick perry'ing. >> verne: you're really going to go there. >> gary: i know a lot of people want me to resign right now, but i'm not. >> verne: third down and 10. harris through the end zone. oh, boy. malachi dupre was the intended receiver. >> gary: but just think about that. for ole miss. as we watch this play again. hugh freeze building this program. if he's able to put three drafted players in the top 10, all juniors, just think about how he will use that in recruiting in the future. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: that's what nick saban does. that's what les miles does. les says, "i've got 40 guys in the nfl." nick saban says, "i've got all these guys drafted every year." now, hugh freeze will say "you can do it with me too." >> verne: fourth down and 10. caught. malachi dupre.
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if it's not a touchdown -- and it is not, it will be first and goal. >> gary: he ran right through a tackle at the end of the play and almost ran through trae elston to get there and i think it may be. his knee was not down. he was on the back of a player. he was on the back of elston. >> verne: it is going to be reviewed. >> gary: the only question, a couple of guys watching it said his right forearm may have been down. let's look. catches the ball for a first down. he runs over elston. did his right forearm come down before he reached out? he did. >> verne: yes. good call. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field
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>> gary: i like the speed that they did that. >> verne: that was gerald hodges, replay official. first down and goal. >> gary: score once, you try to go for an onside kick. listen, ole miss fans -- they shouldn't be considering anything over. >> verne: not after arkansas. >> gary: no, i think arkansas had less chance of winning that game two weeks ago than l.s.u. does now. >> dan: first down. they slip it to darrel williams, and he does not get in, and one notes the absence of number seven, leonard fournette. >> gary: he took that helmet right on the thigh and it is probably getting worse.
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>> verne: there we go. >> gary: will he go wildcat? >> verne: jeter comes near side. the fullback is mouton. fournette fumbles it. it's picked up by a teammate. brandon harris. but it's going to be third and goal. >> gary: you can't snap it better than that. pocic picks it there -- puts it there. fournette anticipated before he caught it. >> verne: third and goal. >> gary: that's the second wildcat from the one yard line that hasn't worked.
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>> verne: now darrel williams is the running back. he goes left. he is denied the end zone. chief brown. >> gary: first of all you've got to bounce it outside, and then once you bounce it outside, the safeties come up and make the play. demar quis gates was also bouncing out. >> verne: fourth and goal. >> verne: substitutions late. >> referee: time out. ole miss.
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gives us a chance to go back to adam zucker. >> adam: verne, minutes after urban meyer went down for the first time this year, his offensive coordinator from last year, tom herman going down for the first time. jamar summers of uconn with the interception and the fourth turnover by the houston cougars -- they lose for the first time this year. uconn bowl eligible for the first time under bob diaco and that puts navy alone for first now in their division of the american athletic conference. >> verne: that's why we've got you there, adam, way to sort it out. navy again playing tulsa tonight on cbs sports network. you've got to be impressed with navy's accomplishments this year. >> gary: they could have a game the week before army playing in the championship game in the a.a.c. this is basically the ballgame
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the >> verne: fourth and goal. fournette. back on the field. >> verne: toss. bobbled. ole miss football. >> gary: after a time out, l.s.u. did not know what they were doing. fournette and harris were not on the same page. fournette thought it was going to be a handoff. harris thought it was going to be a pitch. what the heck was that?
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fournette is faking as if it's going to be a trick play. and remember, that was coming out of a time out. >> verne: man, oh, man. >> gary: can i say this? it's not good for the old resume' right there. >> gary: fournette thought it was a trick play. harris thought he was pitching it to fournette. >> verne: one more look at that last fourth-down play. >> gary: coming out of a time out, you've got the two key players. the quarterback and the tailback. on different -- not even different pages.
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different sections of the newspaper. upon >> verne: second down, five. >> gary: that sums up three games, doesn't it? >> verne: sure does. >> gary: the frustration started at alabama. it peaked against arkansas. 21-0. and it finishes right there. 38-17 on the bench. >> verne: akeem judd. >> verne: third and two. >> gary: ole miss needs to beat mississippi state, at
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mississippi state, in the egg bowl. and they need auburn. >> verne: yeah. that's a first down. chad kelly. 20 seniors. for ole miss. 31 wins, and that 2003 class was led by a quarterback who with wears number 10. eli manning. and the first-class to make four straight bowl games being and the first to beat alabama in back-to-back games. >> gary: cannot talk about anyone in this league coaching who has done a better job coaching than hugh freeze since he came to ole miss. what he took over and what he's built is incredible. >> verne: a two-man committee essentially was enlisted to
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secure the new head coach at ole miss -- i've told the story before. i remember being in atlanta for the s.e.c. championship. one of those two was archie manning. we were on the bus going back to the hotel. archie said, "i think we've got our guy. i can't tell you who he is." and he didn't. but he said "i believe he's going to be a really good one." there is your man, right there. hugh freeze. >> gary: let's see if they can hold onto him. that's another factor here. >> verne: akeem judd. >> verne: eli 3,600 yards, chad kelly in a single season will probably pass eli in their next
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game. in starkville. >> gary: i have a lot of affection for bo wallace on that page, i have to tell you, he was the perfect guy to come to this program. he carried this team in that transition. a lot of the ole miss fans were very frustrated with bo wallace but he was the whole team for a couple years. he was the one that transitioned to where they are now. one of the great scenes we've ever had -- that ole miss-alabama scene. >> verne: my gosh. >> verne: perhaps you heard the public-address announcer congratulating chad kelly as the all time leader now in
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for the rebels of ole miss. >> verne: third down, 10. 3:13 to go after the last time out. taken by l.s.u. >> verne: ouch. oh, boy. >> gary: that's one guy you can't get hurt -- >> verne: ouch. >> gary: they've got to beat mssissippi state. that was an awkward hit right there. >> gary: he tries to slide. a big hit at the end of that by
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>> verne: fourth down and 12. >> verne: fourth down. ole miss about to give up the football. will gleeson. a deliberate line drive. >> gary: it was tipped. i think he got a hand on it. i think that's why it was so low. that would have been a big play
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pretty sure i heard it as it happened. >> verne: number 35. >> gary: yes. >> verne: absolutely. >> verne: or not. >> gary: i heard it, i thought, but he didn't touch it, did he? >> verne: at least the play is not under review. >> gary: yes. >> verne: incomplete. harris has thrown 42 passes in this game. he's completed 22. 2:49 to go. >> gary: verne, we're trying to find any replay that would
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i think we might have it. >> verne: that one is incomplete -- diarse. >> gary: i was wrong. it was not tipped. i was not the only one. watch the right side of your screen. head referee. watch this. he signaled "tipped" right there. kenny williamson was wrong two. that's two sons missed that one. >> verne: daniel and william-son. >> gary: you're sharp still. we've got 2:43 to go. >> verne: mercy. that one is incomplete. guess who. mike hilton. you could make an argument that mike hilton could win the star of the game.
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football game in the stadium. he's been asked throughout the season because of the injuries to tony conner, one of the stars of the defense with a bad knee to play a bunch of different positions and he's stepped up. hugh freeze said to us about mike hilton, when i walked in and met him i didn't think he could play. i thought i might want to get him out of here." >> verne: jawing with malachi dupre. >> gary: good thing he kept him. >> verne: yes. we told you earlier what he said to us.
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to grow up. >> gary: hilton is 5'9", 184 pounds. >> verne: 2:34 to go. 11 years. on the verge of lawing three in a row for the first time in his l.s.u. career. climbed back with 17 in a row to make it 24-17 tonight. but. >> gary: the answer drive by chad kelly, seven plays, two runs by kelly, he went five for five in that drive and that basically finished it.
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>> verne: second down. les miles had the unenviable task of replacing nick saban, but look what he did in his first three years. 11-2, 11-2, 12-2 then slippage. 8-5. 9-4. they rebounded. >> gary: remember were the 2007 team the national championship team we have there in red. he rebuilt it. he deserves a chance it bring it back but i'm not in charge. i don't write the checks. >> verne: one of those checks if they decide it part ways is for $15 million, we're told. >> gary: they have had another slippage in the s.e.c. try this one more time.
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are now 19-12. >> verne: third and 15. fr chad kelly. >> gary: got to get better quarterback play. got to upgrade it. the game has changed. ats more like the nfl now with the run-pass options. you've got to get the quarterback more involved. >> referee: time out, ole miss. >> verne: ole miss, time out. that's their last. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> verne: we are back in oxford. just a minute and a half in game time from the "ram post game show." we'll take you back to new york. a couple of very interesting games played today. adam will lead our crew through scores and highlights from around the country. >> gary: there is going to be a lot of screaming. if michigan state wins out, do they go over notre dame or oklahoma? all these people are going to tell you you they know who is the best team. they're going to start telling you, "they know, i'mant an expert." "they know, i'm an expert." >> verne: sometimes you slay me. goodness. [laughing] we've got a lot of college football for you on
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thanksgiving weekend. on friday, and saturday. it all begins on saturday. it actually begins on friday, but on saturday, a special time of 2:30 eastern for "inside college football" and 3:00 for the "autotrader college football today" show. >> gary: all those players who paid the price this year, this team was obviously overrated, right? obviously. let's see if it will pay off next year for les and l.s.u. >> referee: five-yard penalty. remains fourth down. >> verne: i must say this is limping to a conclusion. the last five minutes seem to have taken half an hour. and for fournette, he got above 100 but just so. 25 for 108.
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he did have a 59-yarder on the first play from scrimmage wiped out by a holding call. >> gary: the play they're going to talk about on sunday -- the pitch on fourth down. >> verne: yes, fourth and goal and he and harris were -- as gary said, on different sections of the newspaper. >> verne: 52 seconds remaining. his per-game average has dropped considerably. remember the night we did the -- let's go back to the play that will be discussed sunday. fourth down. >> gary: this was obviously late with a 21-point lead but it just is an ugly finish to an ugly game. >> verne: first down, 10.
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coaches used to say about freshmen and sophomores? "they grow up a year later. they become sophomores and juniors." >> verne: this is tyron johnson. >> gary: a really good football game, mississippi state and dak prescott against this l.s.u. team. -- excuse me, ole miss team. that will be a fun game it watch. >> verne: yes. >> gary: love to watch dak prescott play. >> verne: pass complete. let's look at the updated s.e.c. west standings. winners in the game next week. ole miss's chance goes through starkville. they must win that and they've


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