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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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and >> the most-watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. mollie: high winds lead to white out conditions across the state with the worst of it north of the metro where winds are being clocked at nearly 50 miles an hour.
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at, you can see a lot of purple on the map, meaning that travel is not advised. and some roads are actually highlighted in red, meaning those roads are currently impassable. good afternoon. thanks for joining us on this monday. we're going to check in with frank in just a minute to find when the high winds will be easing up, but we begin with vanessa peng, who has been checking out the hazardous conditions all morning. vanessa, where are you and what are the roads like at this hour? vanessa: molly, it is crazy out here. i'm still in hamilton county. you mentioned the impassable portions on 511 co. we were at one of the locations eastbound on highway 175. you can see how insane it is. when they say white out conditions, this is what they are talking about. visibility is pretty much at zero.
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because you do not know if there is something in front of you that you may smack into co. i spoke to a woman at the rest out there and she mentioned that she was heading southbound from clarion to ames and she told me it took her five hours just to get to the ellsworth exit from clarion. that is because she fell off the to ditches. she had to open her driver-side door just so she could see the yellow line on the blacktop. those to make sure she was within the lines and not in the ditch. it is crazy out here and we will take it safe of course. we are driving as low as we can and as cautious as we can . if you don't have to travel, don't. that is the advice from the dot could we will and we will keep you updated .
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frank: let's check in now with frank the winds be calming down any time soon? frank: they will be sticking around today and tonight but adding insult to injury is right now. our temperature is degrees and the winds are gusting. there's more snow on the ground from last week storm. that is blowing around, plus we have new snow. you can see on satellite radar a little pocket over central iowa. these winds are very gusty. blowing snow at 18 degrees. the wind gusts are really the big story at 40 miles per hour at the airport and the other story is the wind chills. those are also a factor. the wind chill near one degrees above. the wind chills this hour are still very low if we look at those. for below in ames.
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it will start to taper off by 8:00 tonight. i've let you know when the snow is out of here and when the wind will finally dialed down. that is coming up in just a few minutes. mollie: new at noon -- several communities were needed this morning after fire tore through a st. charles home. the fire broke out around 9:00 this morning, and soon after that, help from surrounding communities were called in due to the lack of water. firefighters on the scene say the home a total loss. right now, it's not clear how it started, but we do know that the blaze was called in by a neighbor and that no one was home at the time. we're also told that some animals were killed in the fire. fire officials say the closest hydrant was 6 miles away and that water had to be brought in from other departments. in other news from around the state, one person is dead and another was injured after an overnight house fire in knoxville. crews were called to the home on mcgregor drive shortly after 11:00 last night. the names of the victims have been withheld pending family the cause remains under investigation.
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iowa utilities board holds hearings to decide whether to approve allowing the bakken pipeline through iowa. during the next 4 days, the board will hold 3 public meetings to discuss issues surrounding the proposed dakota access pipeline case. unlike past public meetings, there will be no opportunity for the parties or the general public to address the board. the board may or may not make a decision during these meetings. this is all taking place in the board's hearing room and there is limited seating. our emmy victor will be there. look for her reports later today on the news at 5:00 and 6:00 and at our website, and at the statehouse today, iowa senate democrats are looking to pass a bill designed to stop governor branstad's effort to privatize medicaid. the bill directs the dhs to give 30 days notice of contract termination to the 3 companies involved. this morning at his weekly news conference, the governor accused senate democrats of playing
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many states already have already adopted. >> new hampshire, with a democratic governor, is asking hhs for the same approval that we are asking for for managed care for medicaid. i don't see them attacking her, so that's pretty partisan as far as i see it coul. mollie: house speaker linda upmeyer is already on record saying that should the bill pass the democratically controlled senate, it will have no chance in passing in the republican led house. turning to commitment 2016 news -- the presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard in new hampshire today ahead of tomorrow's first in the nation primary. gop front-runner donald trump is looking for his first win, and on the democratic side, bernie sanders is still maintaining his lead over hillary clinton. weijia jiang reports from manchester, new hampshire. weijia: donald trump rallied this morning in salem, new hampshire -- the beginning of a very busy day. >> new hampshire has been a very
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weijia: the billionaire holds a large lead in the polls heading into the primary tomorrow. on "cbs this morning," trump fueled his fight with jeb bush. >> every time he attacks me, he melts like butter. weijia: jeb bush fired back with a tweet, calling trump a loser, a liar and a whiner. , ohio governor john kasich and texas senator ted cruz also hit the campaign trail early. they are in a tight race for second place, along with bush and marco rubio, who is trying to recover from a rocky debate performance over the weekend. the florida senator insisted he did great despite criticism for being repetitive. >> i think the evidence is we raised more money in the first hour of that debate than in any other debate. weijia: towns across the granite state are decked out just like this as campaigns scramble for last minute support. in all, candidates from both sides have at least 35 scheduled events today. >> we have come a long way in the last 9 months. weijia: the latest polls show bernie sanders leading in new hampshire, not just among men but women, too.
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hillary clinton got support from former secretary of state madeline albright. >> there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. weijia: all the candidates are hoping for help from mother nature, too. snow is in the forecast, and it could impact voter turnout. weijia jiang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. mollie: and a reminder that we'll have full coverage of the new hampshire primary from our own chief political reporter cynthia fodor. she arrived in new hampshire last night and will have live reports tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. also, make sure to follow her on facebook and twitter for a behind the scenes look at all the action. speaking of action stocks are , taking another beating today. right now, that the dow is down 309 points. experts say the market is being weighed down by steep losses in technology, financial, and energy stocks. the slide, which has the market on course for its second big
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drops in europe. in world headlines, rescue crews in taiwan have pulled two survivors from a toppled high-rise apartment two days after a powerful earthquake shook the southern part of the country this weekend. the quake left at least 37 people dead and hundreds more injured. still to come today at noon, we'll check in with the state patrol for more on those hazardous road conditions. also, we'll show you how the celebrations are just getting started following last night's upset super bowl win for peyton manning and the denver broncos. also, it's been quite a while since the hawkeyes were ranked number one in college basketball, but that could soon change.
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news at noon continues. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news at noon. with mollie cooney .. mollie: right now at noon, very few gave peyton manning and the denver broncos a chance to take down cam newton and the panthers, but today, the denver broncos are world champions. they were the underdogs going in, but came to play. as jamie yuccas reports from
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down to defense. jamie: super bowl 50 was golden for denver broncos fans. >> it's all about the broncos and manning. that guy is an awesome man. jamie: peyton manning and the broncos defeated the carolina panthers to win their third super bowl. >> i'm going to go hug my family tonight. jamie: hours after his win, the 39-year-old quarterback appeared on "cbs this morning" and said he hasn't made any decisions yet about retirement. >> i really haven't spoken with anybody about it yet. i've been celebrating all night with family and friends and i'm very much at peace, gayle, with how that decision will go down and whether it will go down. i'm very much at peace about it . jamie: fumbles ended up plaguing the panthers. >> and he fumbles. >> we played terrible. it was in our team. jamie: but cam newton didn't seem as gracious as his fans about the panthers loss. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to
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jamie: seats were expensive, some in the thousands of dollars, but fans say it was worth it. >> they worked so hard. disappoint either. beyonce and bruno mars assisted coldplay at halftime, making it a big win on the field and for jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara. mollie: by the way houston, super bowl 51. iowa hawkeye basketball is another big sports story today. in a poll released sunday, cbs sports has the iowa hawkeyes at number one. and their win at illinois sunday will help them keep that ranking. iowa was led by peter jok, who had 23 points. jarrod uthoff had a strong game as well with 18 points and 12 rebounds. iowa won 77-65. a new ap poll comes out today, so we'll see how the hawkeyes do in that poll. we continue to follow blizzard
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travel very dangerous across the state at this hour. joining us now on the phone is sergeant nathan ludwig with the iowa state patrol. sergeant ludwig, we understand you've been in contact with several troopers today. what are they saying? are there any serious traffic accidents and where are the worst parts to avoid right now? sergeant ludwig: the worst part to avoid is north highway 30 from there to the minnesota border. we are working with the dot and shutting down the interstate at the clear lake exit just because we have a multivehicle crash just about 10 miles north of highway 20, where a vehicle is stuck underneath a semi. rescue crews are having a hard time getting there just because of visibility. mollie: are there serious injuries and that? sergeant ludwig: we don't know that. i've gotten a lot of photos from
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visibility -- i talked to one sergeant and he said this is the worst eocene in 18 years. we went advised any -- we would advise any driver to go to an alternative route or just wait to travel. if you do travel, have your hazards on . mollie: were you surprised people were out? vanessa peng did a live report and she cannot see in front of her. sergeant ludwig: we do realize that people have to for emergency purposes or for work or whatever, but we would discourage any travel of and that part of the state . if you do have to travel, take your time and increase your following distance because you cannot see where you're going with the visibility out right now. mollie: you stay safe and we appreciate all the information. question is when will these high winds die down? let's check back in now with frank for a look at your full
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frank: big-time changes from this weekend where things were pretty calm and pretty warm, too good a picture says a thousand words goo. this is our live cameras in stewart/. not blowing around quite as much. the temperature has dropped 18 degrees. the wind chill is three below. all because of that gusty wind out of the northwest well over 30 miles per hour. the heaviest stuff is down to the west. these are relatively light bands of snow. when the interact with the wind, it creates quite a mess out there. you can see heavier bands out to the west. you will some dry pockets been there topo. folks off to the north that had folks on the ground seeing the worst of it as these winds just take up and blow everywhere.
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school net site. jefferson 51 miles per hour earlier this morning. talked in up in boone county had 33 mile-per-hour winds. it feels like for below for ames. for a buffer ottoman and just one below in creston. -- for above in ottoman in just one below in creston. this is wrapping around a big area of low pressure, wrapping that cold air on the backside. we had an alberta clipper slide through. that dropped are temperatures and a steep gradient. this low will continue to move out. notice how the isobars widen up a little bit later on in the day tuesday. that is when the winds should die down a little bit. they will remain gusting today, tonight, and through the morning hours tomorrow.
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it will keep the snow through the evening hours, but in off to the east, it will drag out those flurries. we will see the wind stick around and blowing that snow. from last week off the ground. tuesday will be very cold with the gusty wind sticking around through the morning hours. we could see sunshine through the afternoon tuesday. not expecting much snow, generally around an inch. this is just enough to blow around with a 35 mile-per-hour wind. you just do not have visibility out there. there is a blizzard warning in effect through 6:00 tonight. this area in blue does include des moines and often east jasper county and just off to the west dallas county. that isn't -- is in effect until 3:00 this afternoon.
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miles per hour cou. 10 degrees is the low tonight. tuesday is a cold and wednesday start. -- wendy started temperatures will start to moderate back into the 20's by thursday. could even see 30's by sunday. just a cold week out there. just enough to make things difficult out there. mollie: this would be a good night to stay inside and whip up a roast in the oven. the iowa pork producers has some
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a good month to think pork, next mollie: welcome back. we know that february his heart month and it is healthy heart month. we are joined by the iowa pork producers with healthy and tasty tips for pork. joyce, thanks for joining us. >> you are right. february is heart month. that heart healthy diet. mollie: we think chocolate, but maybe pork, too. joyce: our farmers have done a fantastic job over the years through their production practices. we have a heart healthy cut out there.
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it happens to be our leanest cuts of pork. it actually has less fat, slightly less fat been a skinless chicken breast. i think everyone knows that a skinless chicken breast is a good product. we have a love import products that are just as lean -- a lot of pork products that are just as lean if not leaner. there are very lean products, too. the heart association labeled their extra lean products. it fits into that category. mollie: it is on the cooking and so it is moist and juicy. joyce: it really is. keep it lean and not at a lot of extra fat with ingredients. we have a lot of different recipes for pork tenderloin or whatever cut it is.
12:21 pm for a lot of ideas. this is a citrus pork tenderloin roast. this is using low-fat ingredients with a marinade. anywhere from 30 minutes up to four hours, or even 24 hours in a refrigerator and then cook it in an oven or a pan uncovered. for a pork tenderloin like this, it's only going to take about 30-40 minutes to cut. mollie: at what temperature? joyce: 350 degrees. the trick is to not overcook it because we have new guidelines. you can cook it to medium rare if you like. that has a touch of pink in it. if you are not one that likes that, we use a range of 145-160 c. we use the meat thermometer to
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mollie: and you have the meatballs, too. joyce: it looks like meatballs, but it's medallions. i took the pork tenderloin and i sliced it and added to the outside. it's rounded medallions and you can add your tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce. mollie: what's the website? joyce: and
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mollie: frank: blowing snow continues through the afternoon.
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