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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: right now on kcci, who will win? the next crucial test is today in nevada. can the other candidates stop donald trump? elizabeth: and grave concerns. a man visiting his mother's grave is surprised to discover who has been defacing her resting place. alyx: millions and millions of
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city of des moines' economy. and the population growth that is expected. elizabeth: good morning and welcome back. it's tuesday, february 23. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: and i'm eric hanson, great to have you with us as we start tuesday. metinka: it will end up being a great day. temperatures start in the 30's. a few flurries. near jefferson towards bagley and a dare, tracking southeast. as they move in, we expect light precipitation. temperatures are just above freezing, so it should not impact you are travel too much. dressed the kids in layers. readings in the 30's to start, but outdoor recess this afternoon will be comfortable. headed for a high in the mid to upper 40's. elizabeth: commitment 2016 news now. another gop contest on the line. caucus-goers in nevada will weigh in on the republican presidential race today.
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bureau this morning with the latest. aixa: donald trump hopes to solidify his position as the gop front-runner. last night, thousands showed up at a trump rally in las vegas. after wins in new hampshire and south carolina, trump seeks more momentum ahead of super tuesday next week. meanwhile, ted cruz has asked his communications director to resign after he tweeted a false story that marco rubio insulted the bible. sen. ted cruz: i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. that has been how we've conducted it from day one. sen. marco rubio: it's now every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign, that's deceptive and untrue, and in this case, goes after my faith. aixa: polls out of nevada show trump with a commanding lead ahead of today's caucuses. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. elizabeth: polls show cruz and rubio are battling for second place in nevada, with john kasich and ben carson coming in fourth and fifth. on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton kicked off a
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and bernie sanders held a rally in massachusetts in preparation for next week's super tuesday. the democrats have their south carolina primary this saturday. eric: big stories in central iowa now. the case is closed in the murder of 71-year-old norma jean mcneeley of des moines. mcneeley was found inside her home on pioneer road in january. on monday, police announced the dna at the scene of the murder matched that of ali yahia. yahia was shot and killed earlier this month by urbandale police as they were responding to a report of drug activity at the holiday inn on merle hay road. des moines detectives say yahia was a suspect within hours of mcneeley's murder. that night, yahia actually called police to his douglas avenue apartment, claiming he had been the victim of a home invasion. instead, des moines police say they were immediately suspicious that he had been at mcneeley's home. the city of des moines is cracking down on daycares this morning. daycare providers in des moines are just now learning of a
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they can care for in their homes. state law allows up to 12 children. the city only allows six. the des moines city manager says the ordinance to have only six children in a home is only enforced if a complaint is made. well, one complaint is now forcing the city to look at nearly 500 day care operations. the city council may change the ordinance. they are expected to take up the issue soon. elizabeth: a central iowa man is demanding answers after visiting his mother's grave site at laurel hill cemetery on the east side. >> operators of this machinery to dig is not respectful at all. it kind of pisses me off. elizabeth: this video, posted online, nathan foster documented an area where workers recently dug a new grave site. you can see the path shows machine tracks rolling over multiple flat stones, just steps away from foster's mother's resting place. the cemetery is owned by the city of des moines and maintained by its parks and rec department.
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and heartbreaking that they don't just have any respect for that person. elizabeth: a city official tells kcci that crews will make sure those flat stones are cleaned today and assures it won't happen again. eric: we're learning more this morning about some of the victims in this weekend's deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. shaina humphries is following this story overnight. we understand some of the victims are still fighting for their lives? shaina: one survivor, we know is , still in the hospital recovering. and another, 14-year-old abigail kopf, is on a ventilator this morning, still in critical condition. authorities initially thought she was dead after she was shot in the head by the alleged shooter, jason dalton. abigail was with her adoptive grandmother in a cracker barrel parking lot when police say dalton fired at them and 3 other women. abigail is the only survivor of that attack. dalton now faces 16 charges, including six counts of murder. prosecutors are working to determine a motive.
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stage rallies today at apple stores across the country. this is all in response to the company's ongoing encryption battle with the fbi. apple is refusing to comply with a court order to hack into the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. their appeal is due friday. eric: 6:06. flurries. flurries? metinka: mainly flurries, but we do not have much in the way of any in. currently, some flurries near jefferson and bagley towards auto been an atlantic. as temperatures warm up more, we could have a couple sprinkles, with highs headed for the mid-40's and may be 50 degrees across the southern part of the state. a cool down is on the way wednesday. eric: new this morning, 2015 was books. the city reached a new landmark
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$666 million in construction projects in town. kcci's alyx sacks joins us from downtown. alyx, how does it compare to other years? alyx: let's put it this way. the community development center director, phil delafield, says in his 30 years of working for the city he's never seen , anything like it. nearly 3000 permits were handed out, leading to nearly 660 $6 million worth of construction projects. delafield says downtown is booming as well as a hotel and residential boom right now. there is a mix of new buildings and then renovating existing old buildings and converting them for residential uses. he says they are proud of the diversity of growth they are seeing. 10 to 15 years ago, there was an office boom. then, there was a residential boom. now, the city is starting to even out a little.
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that is because it is a broad base of development, great for the city's growth. phil delafield: we are now at our highest population that we have ever seen. so after years and years of decline, we are now at around 210,000, and we expect that to grow. alyx: he says that is the largest population the city has ever seen. it is expected to go up. by 2040, the population is expected to grow 50%. coming up, we will look at what economic experts are saying about this growth. they are throwing another number around, even bigger than the $666 million. elizabeth: thanks. a second chance is coming for a downtown apartment complex with a view of bald eagles. the $18 million eagle view lofts are planned for a spot on the river near southeast 6th downtown. the project ran into funding problems in 2014. but now, city leaders say it's
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of the des moines river and downtown. matt anderson: we don't have too many developable riverfront sites downtown. this is a great site. mix of affordable and market rate housing. so it's perfect for young professionals living downtown and incredible views. elizabeth: the des moines city council approved initial plans for the project last night. it should be open for business by the spring of there might 2017. also be a second chance for the century old burns united methodist church at 9th and crocker downtown. last month, the city council approved plans to demolish the historic church. now, there is talk of moving the building to a new site at 9th and university. hubbell realty has plans to build new apartments at 9th and crocker once the church is gone. eric: new video just in. what caused this scary scene at a construction site. we will show you. elizabeth: plus, no revenge for iowa state. find out who stopped the cyclones from a win in west virginia.
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deal, what a deal. when and where to get a burrito for a buck today. shaina: traffic starting to pick up. you should be in good shape for a wild before things start to get back up. still green on the map. we will head outside and look at the roads. this is 35-80 in douglas.
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it should announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. it is 6:13. ice jams are now causing some flooding problems in iowa. one ice jam broke free on the des moines river in fraser and damaged the old wagon wheel bridge downstream. you can see the bridge has a kink in it now, and it could collapse at any time. eric: not good. the ice jams are breaking apart
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temperatures, and they're leading to flash flood worries in central iowa. metinka, there is a flash flood warning here in polk county this morning. the des moines river at southeast 6th is just under flood stage right now. it depends on how gradually we melt, right? metinka: yes. but it should settle down by thursday. some flurries through jefferson, back the audit been, and even atlantic, traveling to the southeast. if it holds together, perry will see some snowflakes. temperatures in the 40's and close to 50 this afternoon. there could be a stray sprinkle. cooler air arrives wednesday and thursday followed by another warm up in time for the weekend. shaina: thank you. happening right now giant waves , in hawaii may be great for surfers, but they're not so great for people on land.
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honolulu have been closed down because the waves have been , carrying large boulders on shore, making it pretty hazardous for drivers. officials say this is the biggest swell they've seen in a decade. overnight, we also learned sea levels are rising at an incredible rate. a new study shows sea levels haven't risen at this rate in nearly 3,000 years. scientists say man-made climate change is likely to blame, and they predict oceans will rise between 11 and 52 inches by the year 2100. and overnight, we learned a u.n. panel has voted to ban cargo shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries on passenger planes. officials say the batteries can self-ignite and create fires capable of destroying planes mid-flight. lithium batteries are used in several products, including cellphones and laptops. the ban goes into effect april 1. and check out this new video in australia. a crane caught fire. watch as it collapses.
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fortunately, no one was hurt. officials say the fire was electrical, and it started in the crane's motor. eric: sports news now, iowa state had a chance for revenge virginia, a team that beat the cyclones at hilton earlier this but unfortunately for the clones, there was one last night, leading them to a regular season sweep over iowa state. iowa state played well though, despite the final score, with six players scoring in double figures led by abdel nader with 23 points.
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saturday against tcu. he put up 10 points before fouling out for the cyclones. but it was not enough. west virginia ended up on top 97-87. , iowa state heads to kansas state on saturday. a loss to baylor last week bumped the cyclones from 13th, down to 17th in the country. the iowa hawkeyes fell several spots after their loss from fourth to to penn state last eight week. the hawkeyes are now gearing up for a tough matchup this weekend against wisconsin. they're unranked right now, but the badgers did receive some votes in the latest ap poll. that game tips off saturday at 8:00 in iowa city. high school state bowling competition continues today at plaza lanes. class 1a competition took place monday. vinton-shellsburg won the team competition, with lemars coming in second and maquoketa in third. vinton-shellsburg also took first in the individual competition, with senior nick stein scoring a total of 513 points over two games. elizabeth: good for him. economic headlines now. a popular restaurant is opening a new location in the metro, and they're offering a huge deal to celebrate. pancheros mexican grill is opening its sixth location in the metro at 2708 ingersoll avenue, near the office max and dollar general. owners of the new location say they'll celebrate the opening today with $1 burritos. you can get one today between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. it was a good start to the week on wall street monday, with a jump in oil prices. the dow closed up more than 228 points.
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the s&p 500 rose more than 27. also on wall street, lumber liquidators' stock price is plunging right now after the cdc says it under-estimated the health risks of its flooring. a "60 minutes" report last march found the flooring, made in china, exceeds u.s. health and safety limits for formaldehyde. the cdc now says that people who were exposed to the flooring, are 3 times more likely to get cancer than the agency previously thought. free shipping just got a little harder to come by for amazon's non-prime shoppers. the minimum amount you'll be required to spend to get free shipping is going up to $49 instead of $35. shipping for prime members will remain free. eric: mastercard is launching a new technology that will use selfies to help prevent fraud. the company says selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than passwords you type into your phone. the mastercard identity check app has you take a selfie each time you buy something online.
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you're taking that picture at that moment and not just using a photo. mastercard is also researching ways to use your heartbeat or eye scans to authenticate purchases to make sure that you say who you say you are. elizabeth: it is now 6:19. let's take a look at the forecast. not bad. metinka: it will be beautiful. the weather is quiet. a few flurries in jefferson towards atlantic, tracking southeast. we expect a few snowflakes and put nora and through the anita area. temperatures just above freezing. 32 in fort dodge. aims a little frosty at 31. cooler across the southeast. light flurries early this morning are along a week system passing up along the state without much moisture to work
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to the north, more snow showers towards the twin cities. if you're traveling to kansas, they are dealing with stormy weather later on. skies will be cloudy much of the day. often non-sprinkles right through 6:00. maybe some stray flurries overnight. towards wednesday at 7:00 a.m., some spotty flurries across the eastern part of the state. hopefully, by afternoon, some sunshine before the next quick mover comes in, which will affect western iowa. today will be pretty mild, temperature wise, with highs in the 40's to near 50 across the state. cooler air will rush in tomorrow on gusty north winds, dragging temperatures back into the 30's. we start with a light breeze from the southeast. it will shift back to the west
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dress in layers today. overnight, the wind will start to pick up, dragging chilly temps back into 29 in des moines. the best chances of seeing snowfall would be wednesday night. thursday, still blustery and cool with highs in the 30's. but without sunshine returning friday and saturday, clouds will quickly for backup. elizabeth: how do things look good -- how do things look on the roads? shaina: pretty quiet. things are starting to pick up. not enough to slow things down. we still have green across the map. here are your mobile speed units. 2000, hartford avenue. this is 1700 park avenue. there is one on northwest fort street.
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in was
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it is to the nation's capital 6:24. now. aixa diaz is live in washington with a look at what's making headlines. eric: we know family members who lost loved ones in the san bernardino shooting are now weighing-in on the ongoing battle between apple and the fbi. what are they saying? aixa: the attorneys for some of the families and survivors of this attack says they will file court papers supporting a judge's order that says apple help the fbi hack one of the shooter's phones. the father of a woman killed in says the iphone could have information on all of their attacks the could be plotted. but apple says creating software that could break in to unlock that iphone could threaten the security of millions of other phones. protests are planned across the nation today supporting apple, including one outside fbi headquarters here in d.c. many in the tech world are in
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but one person in favor of the fbi is bill gates. elizabeth: interesting to see what happens there. sticking with security. we heard the pentagon is expected to submit its plan to shut down guantanamo bay. what are you hearing about this proposal? aixa: this is one of the campaign promises from president obama when running for the presidency. we learned he will speak from the white house later about guantanamo. the administration needs to convince lawmakers that about 60 detainees need to meet moved into the u.s. the plan includes 13 other options where the detainees could be held in the u.s., including prison facilities in south carolina and kansas, and some military bases. officials say restructuring buildings for these detainees could cost nearly $500 million. but that would be offset gradually by the savings from no
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eric: you mentioned congress. they are back in session, which means headbutting against president obama about his supreme court nominee it will happen soon. what are they saying now? aixa: senate republicans are meeting today for the first time since justice antonin scalia died. he was laid to rest over the weekend. many gop lawmakers are saying president obama should not nominate someone. they say the next president should be the one to nominate a successor. democrats are firing back, saying republicans are dealing chairman neckties and de-legitimizing the obama -- are presidency. now, some in the gop are pointing out that vice president joe biden, back in the 1990's, argued that then-president george h.w. bush should not
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he says that does not represent his views now. he says back then, he was talking about a hypothetical vacancy and that now, we are talking about a real vacancy. eric: thanks. eric: more new stories ahead. the two controversial issues that iowa lawmakers may debate today. and new allegations against an iowa high school football coach . why parents say the district didn't take their complaints seriously. elizabeth: and rock star dreams. the des moines man who has a shot at fronting one of the world's best known bands when
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continues. announcer: the most viewed morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: right now, up for debate. from who can use guns to who can put up speed cameras. they're issues that affect you at the statehouse coming up today. welcome back. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina and metinka are also here on this tuesday morning. we are wrapping up february. please see temperatures moving in the right direction. metinka: temperatures very
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34 in des moines. this afternoon, we are headed towards 46. we are tracking a couple of flurries moving into central iowa. as temperatures warm up, just a couple of sprinkles left over. tomorrow, we will need to bundle up a little more. the wind will be a factor wednesday into thursday. over the weekend, temperatures warm back up. elizabeth: thanks. you this morning, today iowa , lawmakers will debate a bill handguns. the bill would allow children of any age to use handguns with adult supervision. current law prevents anyone under the age of 14 from using handguns. iowans for gun safety delivered a petition to house members monday, urging them to vote against it. the group expects the republican -controlled house to pass the bill but not the senate. also today, lawmakers will debate a new speed camera bill. local authorities would not be
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that are under the jurisdiction of the d.o.t. without getting approval from the d.o.t. first. the d.o.t. has ordered des moines and other cities to remove their speed cameras, saying they did not prove they were installed for safety reasons. eric: more big stories -- daycare providers in des moines are learning of a city ordinance. it limits the number of children they can care for in their homes. state law allows up to 12 children. but the city only allows six. providers with more than six children need approval from building inspectors and the zoning board. the city council is expected to take up the issue and talk about it soon. des moines police have closed the january murder of 71-year-old norma jean mcneeley. she was found dead inside her home on pioneer road. police say dna at the scene matched that of ali yahia, who was shot and killed by urbandale police at the holiday inn on merle hay road. detectives say yahia was a suspect within hours of mcneeley's murder. he actually called police to his
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invasion. police say he staged an elaborate crime scene there and trail. today at a local cemetery. jennifer fletcher: they'll be there first thing in the morning, taking care of business. eric: this video was posted online showing an area where workers recently dug a new grave site at laurel hill cemetery by the fairgrounds. a path shows machine tracks rolling over multiple grave sites. the cemetery is owned and maintained by the city's parks and rec department. today, crews will be out there, making sure the flat stones are cleaned. the city assures it won't happen again. elizabeth: new numbers out this morning. in 2015, the city of des moines saw the largest amount of money spent on new construction projects, ever. kcci's alyx sacks joins us live from downtown. how much money are we talking about, alyx? alyx: elizabeth, the city struck a ground breaking number of construction projects in 2015. des moines says they issued nearly 3000 construction
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million. city leaders say the downtown area is booming. matt anderson: great new places for our residents to live, new jobs coming, particularly in our downtown area, big new public improvements that are happening is part of that. and one thing people don't count a lot is all the construction jobs. the thousands of constructions jobs that are created with all that activity. alyx: assistant city manager matt anderson says this is just the beginning. more projects are coming online this year. he says the city is tracking about $1 billion in new construction. he says there is a nice hotel boom as well, happening downtown. he says public improvements are also big, adding to quality of life, like the grand avenue bridge that is supposed to happen later this year, and more focus on parks and trails. he says this is making an economic impact. think about the new business is
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job creation. and this is a positive to help lift some of the burden on taxpayers. you have more property tax coming into des moines. he says this is a ripple effect of the groundbreaking construction. he says the population is the highest it has been. 210,000. live in des moines, alyx sacks, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. elizabeth: thanks, alyx. more new construction now. des moines city council approved initial plans for the eagle view lofts. the $18 million lofts are planned for a spot on the river near southeast 6th downtown. it will have 120 units with views of the des moines river and downtown des moines. shaina: today is the nevada gop caucus, and frontrunner donald trump did not hold back once again after a protestor was removed from his rally. donald trump: i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you . shaina: trump is looking to secure a third win in a row, while his rival, ted cruz is , fighting back against claims
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cruz is going into today without one of his top aides after firing him over a misleading video. marco rubio is currently leading cruz in the silver state. both of them are vying to be the main alternative to trump. and in kalamazoo, michigan, we're learning more details about the night a gunman shot and killed 6 people at random. authorities say jason dalton admitted to carrying out the attacks. but the reason why remains elusive. the 45-year-old former uber driver appeared in court by video link. he was charged with six counts of murder and denied bond. elizabeth: news around iowa now. parents in marion have complaints about an assistant football coach at linn-marr high school. the parents have filed a complaint with the iowa board of educational examiners. they say matt casebolt has been verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusing players. the parents say they started with school officials, but after an investigation, leaders dismissed the abuse claims.
6:38 am
were dismissed. we believe there's evidence that we provided that these are not incidents that should have been dismissed in the manner that they were. elizabeth: the board of examiners said its next step typically is to review the claims and determine if they meet the criteria for assigning an investigator. eric: now to johnson county, where the sheriff says he's disappointed lawmakers aren't taking distracted driving seriously. a bill that would have barred the use of hand-held cell phones for drivers failed to pass the funnel deadline last week. sheriff lonny pulkrabek says it would have also made texting while driving a primary offense. sheriff pulkrabek: the legislature is talking about a bunch of different things, like raising the speed limit and regulating some other things, and frankly, my interest is in public safety, and their interest is -- well, i'm not sure exactly what all their interest is. eric: state troopers say they wrote 228 texting while driving tickets in the last two years
6:39 am
elizabeth: remember this woman? the one who snuck into the omaha zoo and was bit by a tiger? she is accused of doing the biting this time. eric: he's going for it. the des moines man who could now potentially be the lead singer for a band he grew up listening to. elizabeth: and the wine workout? the story behind this viral facebook video. metinka: today will be another mile day. the wind of change will blow tomorrow. you need warmer codes wednesday. shaina: we will give you a look at the roads. things look good so far. we have a trouble -- it is looking good now.
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metinka: good morning. waking to some flurries across west central iowa near jefferson back towards ottoman. it is tracking east and not amounting to anything. 34 in des moines. clouds are rolling in. 46 this afternoon. nice and mild. flurries will change into a few sprinkles by later this afternoon. elizabeth: thanks, metinka. we want to get to some new information in that discovery of potassium cyanide during a drug raid in centerville. the "daily iowegian" reports local officials contacted the
6:43 am
and the department of homeland security. police now say they think this is an isolated incident, and there's no threat of exposure. two people, 43-year-old melissa zanders of centerville and 38-year-old raymond rhodeman of des moines, are facing several charges including firearms and methamphetamine possession. eric: new information, too, in the apparent meth-related death of an iowa inmate. 25-year-old jessica lee died while in custody at the page county jail in december. the iowa dci now reveals the cause of death was acute methamphetamine toxicity. they say she called someone hours before her death and admitted she sneaked meth into jail inside a body cavity. the dci is still investigating that case, but there is no foul play suspected. shaina: and just over the iowa border in omaha, the woman who made headlines when a tiger bit her is now accused of trying to bite a police officer. jacqueline eide was arrested over the weekend. two teenage boys say she kept trying to grab them.
6:44 am
they say she threatened to kill officers and eventually bit one of them. eide had just been in court , working on a plea deal for the trespassing incident at the henry doorly zoo. her attorney says eide needs help for a drinking problem. eric: pretty obvious. elizabeth: well, in the morning buzz today, a des moines man has a shot at becoming the new voice of a well-known rock band. shaina: this is really cool. stone temple pilots are looking for a new lead singer after scott weiland passed away. spencer fenimore says he's their guy. spencer fenimore: coming into a band that has been around so long will require a degree of confidence and humility, adding to their music without trying to change the sound or making it my band. shaina: sounds pretty good, and he looks the part. this is his video submission to the band. he told radio station lazer 103.3 that stone temple pilots has long been a music inspiration of his, so we wish
6:45 am
elizabeth: that would be a dream come true. maybe you've seen this on facebook. the wine workout -- yes, wine workout has gone viral. april storey: i was getting ready to do a workout and saw the wine there and thought, you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video. elizabeth: creative. the california mom stays at home with her children and, just for fun, posted a 15-second video of her using wine as weights during a workout. and a little motivation for push-ups. it's now been viewed 25 million times. many even recording their own wine workouts and posting them for her to see. shaina: i may become a bodybuilder. eric: and you have to hold it down there as well. let's go outside now at 6:45.
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announcer: weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. the weather is quite in des moines.
6:49 am
some of those may not be reaching the ground. it is tracking east. temperatures close to freezing. 31 in ames. chilly to the southeast. temperatures bottom out in the 20's. this was a shot at the snow moon taken last night i eastern lake. that is the full moon in february. it can also be called the hunger moon. a few snowflakes from the west will track east and change into sprinkles as temperatures warm up. if you are headed to the twin cities, watch for snow showers, followed by rain to the south. but in the middle, it will be boring. more clouds. hit or miss sprinkle or straightforward. tomorrow, more flurries in the eastern part of the state. we in the afternoon towards evening, western iowa good deal with a few snow showers around
6:50 am
in des moines, a beautiful morning. 34. clouds moving in. the sun is coming up. a light trees from the east-southeast shifting back to the west. but the wind will be very light. headed towards 46 in des moines. some places could get close to 50. overnight, the wind will change. it will pick up from the north and drag in chilly air. wednesday, it stays cool and on the blustery side. you will need the warm coats wednesday into thursday. friday, sunshine was quiet weather. if you have any place to go day. sunshine and 55. commute? great. they are not slowing down. no accidents or closures.
6:51 am
this is at 40th and woodland. another at 2000 hartford avenue. one of the north end of the golf course. there is one outside of and giddy at 7300 northwest.
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eric: eric: news to go. we have the last flashes of news. elizabeth: starting with two bills we are watching in the iowa state house. first lawmakers will debate a , bill allowing children of any age to use handguns. with adult supervision. right now, the law prevents anyone under the age of 14 from using handguns. lawmakers will also debate a new speed camera bill. it would required dot approval first on any dot maintained highway. the dot has ordered cities to remove their speed cameras. shaina: republicans caucus in nevada. donald trump is looking for his third win in a row. ted cruz and marco rubio will likely battle for second. they clashed on monday. cruz let his communications
6:55 am
questioning rubio's faith. eric: the process of jury selection continues today in decorah for the murder trial of alexander fazzino. the boone man is accused of killing his wife emily in 2012. the judge advised jurors that the trial will probably last at least 2 weeks. des moines city workers will also be out at laurel hill cemetery today. they'll be cleaning up after a video surfaced, showing what seems to be tire tracks right over the top of what seems to be multiple graves. the city says it won't happen again. alyx: the city of des moines announced $666 million was spent last year in new construction permits. a big room for the city's economy. we spoke with the city's assistant manager, saying that this will bring in a lot of tax dollars. they are tracking about $1 billion in new construction,
6:56 am
they also say the population is at its highest than ever at $210,000 -- at 210,000. elizabeth: thanks. and the national weather service still concerned about those ice jams this morning. this one on the des moines river damaged the old wagon wheel bridge in boone county. officials warning more jamming could happen today. eric: the flood warning also extended for the des moines river at southeast 6th. it's just under flood stage right now and is forecast to rise above by tomorrow. what we really need is a gradual warm-up. metinka: temperatures look like they will cool. 34 in des moines. there are a few flurries to the west that will turn into sprinkles. dress in layers. the afternoon looks great. 46 in des moines. some places could hit 50 degrees. flurries and sprinkles are in the west in jefferson and moving towards guthrie county. a chance of snow in western iowa
6:57 am
those will be the coolest days of the week ahead. but everyone is looking forward to saturday with sunshine and 50's. shaina: traffic looks great. it is starting to pick up. that everything on the map is green. we will check on the drive times. if you are getting out to head out the door, they are normal. seven minutes to get downtown from the west. 26 from indianola.
6:58 am
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elizabeth: thanks good morning. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning.


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