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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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law for years. >> it is about handgun safety. my daughter started learning at a young age how dangerous it can be. they got exposed to them. cynthia: legislators who opposed the bill say allowing children of any age to handle a lethal weapon is absurd because their brains aren't developed to handle the responsibility. >> that's why we have 49 kids getting shot every single day in this country. that is why seven of those will die every day in this country. >> we do not need a militia of toddlers, we do not have handguns that fit the hands of a one-year-old or a two-year-old. cynthia: the bill now moves on to the senate. >> we want to make sure we turn power back to parents allow them to make the decision if they're children are ready or not, if they don't want to shoot or teach them gun safety, that's also their choice. cynthia: in all, the republican
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gun bills, including legalizing suppressors and allowing firearms on atvs and snowmobiles. it's not clear if they will get enough support to advance in the democratic-controlled senate. stacey? stacey: breaking news right now. iowa gets approval to go ahead with its plan to privatize medicaid. federal officials say iowa is now ready to proceed and can start april 1. the centers for medicare and medicaid services postponed the state's original plan to start january 1, saying there were too many issues. governor branstad says managed care of the $4.2 billion medicaid program will save money and improve efficiency. steve: new at 5:00, state regulators say they will make a decision next month on the controversial bakken oil pipeline. the iowa utilities board is deciding whether to allow a texas company to bury 346-miles of crude-oil-carrying-pipe, under iowa farmland. environmental and property rights group oppose the project. the board plans to meet again on march 9.
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wants high school students there to recite the pledge of allegiance. the board told staffers to have the students say the pledge at least once a week. superintendent dave wilkerson says he will meet with administrators to figure out the best way to integrate the pledge into the school day. stacey: lawyers in the trial of a former boone man accused of killing his wife presented opening statements today in winneshiek county. prosecutors and defense attorneys offered different versions of how emily fazzino died. alexander fazzino is charged with first degree murder in his wife's death. the prosecutor says alexander feared losing his job, home and children if emily divorced him. the defense argued emily was addicted to painkillers and suffered withdrawal symptoms. former iowa state senator kent sorenson pleads guilty one day before his trial. sorenson was scheduled to go on trial tomorrow in a domestic abuse case from last summer. he entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct today.
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found unresponsive in her jail cell died from meth poisoning. 25-year-old jessica lee was found in a page county cell december 1. she died the next day. iowa dps says lee called someone to tell them she was dying. she admitted during the recorded call to sneaking meth into the jail. steve: ice jams on the des moines river continue to cause flooding problems. kcci's vanessa peng in fort dodge with a live look. vanessa, what does it look like there? vanessa: steve, what a difference a few hours makes. justice afternoon, this ice jam has finally broken free. you've got to check this out. you can see the wrath of mother nature. huge chunks of ice at the edge of the dam. some of them as big as a car.
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side of the river, earlier today, this ice jam was further up north cover creating some flood problems. chunks of ice pepper yards here on riverdale drive. evidence of mother nature's wrath. >> we got stuff put up and ready, prepared. vanessa: water was up beyond toby harp's riverside summer house. right up against it, a huge ice jam was stuck out on the des moines river. an ice jam is like a dam made out of ice. it happens when ice builds up on the river, keeping water and ice back. then, monday night, it broke free, crashing tons of ice and water downstream. harp thought he would have to say goodbye to his summer house. >> this year, i really thought as you see the big chunk of ice there, i thought it was going to be gone, but it made it again. vanessa: the ice jam moved south. >> four hours ago, you could walk down to the river. vanessa: mike collins is keeping a close eye on the water.
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side of the river from loomis park for about 24 years. he says he's has to deal with ice jam floods 5 or 6 times. >> it is a mess out here. you have to wait for a month or two to go out and clean it up. vanessa: the ice jam stretches from collins' place to hydro electric park, where it's stuck again, this time at a dam. >> you get a lot of force from the water. that will push those ice chunks and can do a lot of damage besides just flooding. vanessa: this is really something else, something you never expect to see, really. i spoke to a man who says his brother lives in the riverdale drive area. he says that once the ice jam broke free, it was like they pulled the plug in the bathroom tub and it just went.
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kurtis: snow up in northwestern iowa, but these colder high temperatures slowly thought just a bit. continuing this week with all the water out there. 43 for a high in ames. a little cooler than the past couple of days, but still above normal. ottumwa, 45. our planner kind of locks in the clouds. cooler, down to 28 degrees. up. breezy by especially the afternoon hour. friday, 44. saturday, 58 degrees. almost 20 degrees above normal. back to the 40's next week. stacey: an iowa semi-truck
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arrest on a busy highway during -- on the highway is crediting two emergency rescuers with saving his life. kcci's kim st. onge is just back from indianola where this all happened. how's the driver doing now? kim: mercy medical center tells me 57-year-old jeff ronek is in good condition right now. it really is remarkable when you look at this video from sunday of his semi teetering over the edge of the highway 5 overpass at southwest 9th street. an indianola emt and paramedic were on their way back from a des moines hospital on a separate call when they took a wrong turn and stumbled across the wreck. they found ronek slumped over in the front seat of his semi. he wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse. with the help of two bystanders, they performed cpr and shocked him 6 times before getting a pulse back. ronek tells kcci he felt light headed and thought he should pull over shortly before the crash. the next thing he remembers is waking up in the ambulance. the paramedic who helped saved him says this is the perfect example of the old saying everything happens for a reason. , >> if we had not come across
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hooked him up to the monitor and were able to defribulate him as many times as we did, he probably would not be here today. kim: by the way, he was able to get his semi in park, so no one else was injured. tonight, at 6:00, ronek's message to the paramedic and the emt who saved his life. steve: workers are now busy cleaning up the damage at des moines laurel hill cemetery after some families noticed machinery tracks over some graves. on monday, we spotted heavy machinery tracks that appear to have rolled over multiple gravestones. nathan foster tipped us off to the problem. he says it's frustrating and heartbreaking. other families agree. >> i'm sure that some of the people that work here, they don't have any respect either. it's what the world's come to, no respect. steve: the des moines parks and recreation department maintains all city cemeteries.
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city of des moines hit a groundbreaking number in construction permits last year. issued add up to more than $600 million worth of construction projects. the city says downtown is booming. residential. and, officials believe the diversity in development will help support more growth. >> we are now at our highest population that we have ever seen, so after years and years of decline, we are now at around 210,000 and we expect that to grow. stacey: delafield says they expect the population to keep growing and increase 50% by 2040. stacey: still to come, wine workout. the not so sobering response to this viral video today in the buzz. steve: plus, no mo gitmo? president obama unveils his plan to close the controversial detention center and the one big roadblock it faces. but first -- sally: silver state showdown. i'm sally kidd in washington.
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campaign goes next. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. steve: super tuesday is one week from today, but the republicans are caucusing in nevada first
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stacey: kcci's sally kidd is live in washington. sally, the gop candidates have been making last minute appeals for support. sally: donald trump is fresh off a win in south carolina. he moves into nevada with a sizeable lead in delegates. if the polls get it right, donald trump is expected to win tonight's gop caucus in nevada, where 30 delegates are at stake. mr. trump: i mean, give me a break. sally: the feud continues between trump and rival ted cruz, on social media, at campaign stops. mr. trump: when you hold up a bible, you don't then put it down and go around lying. sally: and on the airwaves. cruz is running an ad hitting trump over nevada land rights. sen. cruz: whenever anyone points to his actual record, he screams liar. sally: marco rubio held a heading to minnesota. he's touting a flurry of new
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bush's exit from the race. sen. rubio: these people have now realized that, alright, he wasn't our first choice but now he's our best choice. sally: one republican contender not in the silver state today, governor john kasich who , campaigned in georgia. kasich has been taking some heat from the gop establishment for staying in the race, taking support away from rubio. gov. kasich: why would i be feeling pressure from them? they ought to be consolidating around me. sally: ben carson, who's lagging in the polls, also says he has no plans to call it quits. it's important to note that there hasn't been much polling in nevada and polling for caucuses can be unreliable so anything could happen. live in washington, sally kidd, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: president obama today unveiled his long-awaited plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba and transfer the detainees to the united states. it's a controversial move that has been in the works for years.
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to the american people here is we're already holding terrorists -- holding a bunch of really dangerous terrorists here in the united states, because we threw the book at them. there have been no incidents. steve: the president says terrorists use guantanamo as a recruiting tool. under his plan, 56 detainees would be moved to the u.s. 13 locations are being considered, including 7 existing prisons and 6 military bases. but the plan could be a tough sell in congress, which has repeatedly passed legislation banning any efforts to move detainees to the u.s. >> there's no domestic location that needs a target on its back to attract more enemy combatants, to attract more terrorists to come rescue their friends. steve: the house armed services committee will hold hearings on the president's closure plan. stacey: right now, u.s. health officials are investigating more than a dozen possible zika
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the 14 cases all involve men who visited areas with zika outbreaks and who may have infected their female sex partners, who had not traveled. zika virus is mainly spread by mosquito bites. but there have been at least two reported cases of sexual transmission, including a recent case in texas. also right now, american chocolate maker mars is announcing recalls in 55 countries. the recall includes millions of mars, snickers, and milky way bars. the company says the candy bars with best before dates between june and october 2016 should not be eaten. variety candy packs are also being recalled. steve: check this out. waterspouts in louisiana after a line of strong severe storms. the 3 waterspouts are all in a row. the line of severe storms also produced a tornado warning. things much colder here. in fact, no -- much calmer here. kurtis: those storms turning
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here, we have cloud cover, something you are will be our best day of the month. 40's and light winds, not too bad. ames creeped up to 40. lamoni up to 48. 47 in sioux city. wind-chills mid-30's, 7:00 p.m. temperature still around 40, 41. winds pick up tomorrow. even by the morning hours, it is definitely going to feel chillier as we dropped down to about 28 degrees. somewhat colder air. still above normal for this time of year. here is one system, a week
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a much stronger system spinning by to the south, which will bring a band of snow from st. louis up towards detroit. kansas city, 47. warmer 50's in kansas. here's the system moving through. up to the north and east. high pressure builds in from the west. in between, we start to get those north winds. futurecast, clouds hang around. i will see a whole lot of sunshine in store for tomorrow. in week system drops through. you might get a snow shower from harlan off to the west. slowly, on thursday, we see these clouds spin. it is going to be our coldest
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winds will gradually pick up as the night goes along. tomorrow, 41. i think we will see gusts over 34 miles per hour on thursday. friday, some sunshine. 44 degrees. not a lot of wind on friday. look at saturday. so these guys and upper 50's. through. i know it is at the end of the 8 day forecast. next wednesday, could be your system. steve: a few things in traffic. west side of the metro, a car versus pole. the car is off the roadway. emergency vehicles are there and
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i 35 northbound, way out west. use caution in that area. on the southeast side, a crash at indianola avenue northbound. slowly there. rest of the metro, not bad. some places. travel times to your mix master's are 9 and 6. stacey: tonight at 6:00 students , at a des moines high school say they are making a change for the better. emmy: students at roosevelt high school are stepping up to make all students comfortable in the building. i'm emmy victor with that story, ahead. marcus: des moines public schools aviation program lets the students take the controls . andy: the best bowlers in the state taking over plaza lanes in des moines. the 2a championship.
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cyclones fans. >> coming up come a dangerous outbreak of powerful storms and tornadoes on america's gulf coast. where is the system had?
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zika vir steve: today in the bonds, -- today in the buzz, an adorable baby gorilla. stacey: take a look. she was delivered via c section at england's bristol zoo gardens less than two weeks ago. the procedure is rarely used on gorillas, but the zoo made the decision -- how cute is that? the zoo made the decision when the mom started showing symptoms of a life threatening condition. steve: both mama and baby gorilla are fine and are now being closely monitored by the zoo's veterinary team. stacey: now let's take a look at a workout that almost anybody can get on board with. it is the wine workout. steve: april storey posted this quick exercise video to her facebook page using wine as motivation. the california mother received a
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the clip has been viewed by millions and millions of people. the nation hasn't picked a new president yet, but the smithsonian national portrait gallery in washington, d.c, now has a new presidential portrait. sort of. it's frank underwood, the fictional president on netflix's "house of cards." kevin spacey arrived, in character, for the unveiling of the painting. it's on display through october. the new season of "house of cards" is available on march 4. that is a pretty cool portrayed
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stacey: kurtis: cold one tonight.
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you by the iowa clin >> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep south. multiple tornadoes have been spotted, as well as a water spout, near new orleans.


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