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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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both are now looking ahead to super tuesday. today, clinton courted voters in alabama. >> i know there are a lot of people in this state who want to continue the progress we have made. >> bernie sanders struggle to gain traction. he shifted his focus to texas and spent the day campaigning in austin. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win in texas. >> 200 22 delegates are at stake in the lone star state, the largest prize for democrats next week. scott: there are 53 delegates up for grabs in the south carolina democratic primary. delegate ahead of sanders. the magic number two win the nomination is 2383. the state department is
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hillary clinton's e-mails. the former secretary of state used a private computer server to transmit work-related e-mails. hundreds were released yesterday, more are on the way monday. >> we're making every effort to comply with this order. scott: about two dozen were listed as secret and another 22 were classified as top secret. todd: how about that saturday sunshine. did you get out and enjoy it? a positively perfect day to wander downtown des moines. we spotted lots of people exploring the pappajohn sculpture park. jason: we broke a record by a few degrees. i hope everyone got a chance to go outside. let's reminisce about a gorgeous day.
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with the warm air. waterloo broke their record at 64 degrees. absolutely beautiful out there. these temperatures will continue into the evening as we see very mild air over night. 35 degrees i 7:00 in the morning. another gorgeous day tomorrow. i will outline that and your next shot for snow coming up. laura: new at 6:00, des moines police are investigating an early morning stabbing. it happened around 4:00 a.m. at a duplex at 2733 boston avenue. police say 29-year-old isaac sando was attending a party when he was stabbed. he's in the hospital right now. no word on his condition. so far, no arrests in the case. laura: an urbandale lawyer who punched a woman in the face while drunk has had his law license suspended. the iowa supreme court imposed the 3 month suspension yesterday
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deremiah. he had pleaded guilty to domestic abuse and trespassing charges after breaking into the woman's home and attacking her in 2014. deremiah's attorney had argued for a public reprimand that would have allowed him to continue practicing law. todd: around iowa, popeyes louisiana kitchen is investigating after a customer recorded a worker who thought his headset was turned off as he cussed and seemed to bad-mouth customers. >> keep on doing that and dropping that [bleep], they gonna eat that [bleep]. they high and drunk anyway. todd: a customer recorded the incident from the drive thru of the cedar rapids popeyes. the worker is apparently referring to serving customers dropped food. the video is making its way around the internet. popeyes released a statement saying it's taking necessary steps to make sure this never happens again. the owner of a northern iowa strip club says he's not worried about efforts to change the city's zoning and close his business. that's because he considers it a theater of performing arts.
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downtown nora springs. he says the city's plan to change zoning for adult entertainment won't stop him. the city council will discuss the matter next week. iowa authorities say a walcott man is dead after debris on i-80 in davenport crashed through his windshield and hit him. 65-year-old richard allen miedema was killed in the wednesday accident. the iowa state patrol says it happened around 4-40pm when another driver hit a car part lying in the road, sending it flying into miedema's windshield. the patrol says a passenger in miedema's vehicle at the time of the accident was not hurt. scott:laura new at 6:00, gas prices in : the metro continue to jump. filling up your tank tonight will cost you $179 a gallon. that's up 10 cents from yesterday and up 23 cents from earlier this week. aaa says the national average for a gallon of gas is going up too as the price of crude oil rises. johnston and grimes residents
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monday on a major metro road. sections of northwest 70th avenue are closing around 100th and 107th streets for construction. the road is being widened as part of a larger project to improve the area of the new johnston high school. the closures and detours start monday at 9:00 a.m. the project is expected to be completed by fall. todd drake university is : breaking ground today on its first new academic building in 20 years. collier-scripps hall is a $15 million, 50,000 square foot facility that will house the university's school of education, department of mathematics and computer science and the robert d. and billie ray center. the building is part of the stem at drake initiative. it's one of two under construction right now. the stem at drake initiative also includes renovating several existing facilities and creating six new academic programs. laura: the playing field is the same for everyone.
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non-adaptive facility offering year-round programming for adult and children. today was the second annual three on three wheelchair basketball tournament. this year's event is doubled the size of last year. >> i think it's great to see it continue to grow for us and it raises awareness of what some individuals live in their daily lives and it gives a snippet to those who may not have that. laura: all the money raised goes to programs by currently exports. todd: next at 6:00, not your average house plant. why one des moines woman has a 7 foot tall tree in her house and the history behind it. laura: and why some stars were not the the oscars. and breaking right now, you're taking a live look at hillary clinton's victory rally in south carolina. she wanted overwhelming support of lack voters on the way to a commanding win over bernie sanders.
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the >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at six with todd magel, laura nichols, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister.
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and are like what are you doing? laura a des moines woman has a 7 : foot tall tree in her living room and it's not done growing yet. the trees history dates back to the 1600s. todd: why the tree is so meaningful. >> grant turner was from ethiopia. grandma turner was from madagascar. >> the names are velma turners great great grandparents. >> the slave ships picked up grandmas people here and from ethiopia and brought them into the united states. years ago. >> i wanted to see what a family like that covers her living room wall. it spans a generations. >> we have another generation on
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>> her neighbors were first confuse what you started collecting leaves. she painted of relief with polyurethane. she even found a way to represent water. her tree gives her a sense of belonging. >> i know where i came from. that is very good feeling. >> especially meaningful right now, being black history month. >> these people i grew up with when victims of slavery. their parents and grandparents were. it touches me. >> a touching tribute to her family and a reminder of how
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todd: she plans to take the tree down soon. laura hollywood is rolling out : the red carpet for the 88th annual academy awards tomorrow night, but amid all the preparations, protests are also planned. many are upset about the lack of diversity in this year's nominees. protests are being planned in hollywood and across the country. rapper snoop dogg is the latest celebrity to speak out, saying '"the oscars weren't made for us." variety awards editor tim gray says the industry needs to change out of self-preservation. >> the film industry is 20 years behind what television is. they have to catch up or people will stop going to movies. laura: some say host chris rock should have stood down but others say years the perfect choice to get people talking about diversity. as far as who takes home the gold this year, experts think there will be plenty of surprise winners sunday, including best picture. after five nominations, this
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dicaprio's year to shine. it's also a front-runner for best actress. tonight at 10:00, resident movie reviewer john pascuzzi has his picks for tomorrow night's big winners. todd opposite the oscars each : year, the razzie awards. they recognize less-than-stellar offerings from hollywood. fifty shades of grey nominated for worst picture, actor, and actress. pixels also earned worst picture nod. star adam sandler was nominated for worst actor again. the razzies will be awarded tonight. nothing bad about our weather today. absolutely unbelievable out there. jason: i think if they were nominations for weather, today would be going down with a lot of prizes. if you head out, it might warm you up. mid to upper 60's right now. over the next couple days, we
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preheated we are seeing out there today will not be lasting for too much longer that we are not the only ones enjoying it. a peanut buffet for this woodpecker. sunny and warm day. some clouds trying to move in from the north west. these are eventually moving in tomorrow. look at the plume of a warm we have had. both of those locations, upwards of mid 70's today and we will continue to build on it tomorrow. today, 67 degrees. wind chill not much of a factor.
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45 degrees at 7:00 in the morning. we keep the wind blowing tomorrow. we taper down the temperature after that. should see a reasonable amount of sunshine. a decent amount of sunshine mixed with some clouds. into monday, a little more cloud cover. by tuesday, nasa some looking a bit more drive and it has in past model runs. it continues to push eastward. tuesday afternoon, a little more sunshine and through wednesday, a little more cloud cover. we will be keeping the wind up as well.
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could see guests -- gusts up with a 30 miles per hour. do expect the wind to continue to torment you throughout the day. monday still looking at reasonable wind. tonight, moderate. 45 degrees. wind out of the southwest remain 15-20 miles an hour. 35, mason city. tomorrow back of into the upper 40's to 60 degrees. we are a good 20 degrees above average again and we keep that warmth monday but the wind sticks around. 30% chance of a rain, snow mix tuesday. next weekend looking beautiful. >> we are going down to the home stretch of the valley in the big 12.
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>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. >> three games to go until the cyclones enter the big 12 tournament. will they head to kc with some momentum? the clones have lost two of three. they are hosting kansas state right now at hilton. here are some first half highlights. kansas was one win away from extending its amazing run of big 12 regular season championships to 12.
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bucket for the all-american. that put the cyclones up 31-30. complete coverage at 10:00. the cyclones finish off the home schedule monday night. saturday, they finish the big 12 regular season at kansas at 3:00. kansas was one away from an incredible run. all they had to do was beat texas tech. second half, frank mason puts them up 12. he had a team-high 16, passing landen lucas. 67-58. 12th straight year ku has won at least a share of the big 12 regular season title. this has only been done one other time in history.
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another big one in the big 12. texas and ou. it was tight until the final minutes, when texas ended the game on a 25-5 run. prince ibeh the tip. isaiah taylor the finish. he had 18. kerwin roach the exclamation mark. 76-63 texas. hield had 33 in the loss. if the hawkeyes could still win their first big ten regular season title in 37 years. but they have to win out. the hawkeyes have lost two in a row heading into this weekend. they're at ohio state sunday. indiana on tuesday and michigan saturday. they have to win all three games leading into the tournament starting a week from wednesday. big game in the big ten today. mary at purdue.
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hammons, 19 points. jake layman led mary back. tied the game at 76. one fifteen left. johnny hill knows where he's going. pur back up by 3. pur wins it. 83-79. timing isn't everything. it's the only thing. somebody said that at some point, right? maybe it was ben jacobson, uni head coach. his panthers head into arch madness next week in st. louis, having won 9 of 10. uni at evansville. evansville is having a great year, but the panthers owned the first half. wes washpun flies in and scores before the buzzer. he had 14. it was 25-16 uni at the break. second half uni pulls away. klint karlson makes a great fake and drive. that puts uni up by 11. back come the purple aces. final minute, they were down 4.
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wingin it. the lead is down to one. final seconds, uni had a two point lead. evansville ball. they get it to top scorer dj balieintine, who goes for the win. it's blocked by washpun. mislav bruhzoya gets the loose ball. he misses as well. uni wins again, 54-52. they finish 11-7 in the valley. they will either be the four or five-seed in the tournament, depending on tonight's southern illinois game. drake has struggled to a 1-16 record in the league. the regular season finale was a good one, hosting loyola. 30 seconds left, drake down three. reed timmer buries the triple. that tied the game at 48. there was also a foul. dom olenizak had a career-high 19 points, but missed the front end of the one and one. loyola came back down with a chance to win. milton doyle misses, then gets
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schlatter. it goes to ot where timmer takes over. timmer scored the first 6 of ot. he had 17. 69-59. drake gets a much-needed win as they head to st louis. collectively have been ststggling this whole year into finally -- we work so hard and we know we will separate if we stick together and we know our break is going to come and that break was today. something finally to hang your hat on. >> will be the 10 seed thursday. the cyclones continue to struggle at oklahoma. they fall 85-50 four. and the hawkeyes are at home defeating illinois. the girls state basketball
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todd: i 10:00, the polls closing. we will hear from hillary clinton after her victory and how an annual gala is helping families of fallen police officers. jason: today was the gem of the weekend.
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in mason city, a little cooler. a great couple days. starting off the week in the upper 50's. we have the chance for a mix
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>> today on "matter of fact." tensions over terror threats at home and abroad. >> here we are now where the world is falling apart. >> will the president's strategy on guantanamo leave the nation more vulnerable? plus, is the gop establishment ready to embrace trump? >> going into super tuesday, he has the upper hand. >> and, a visit to birmingham. rooted in civil rights, how this blue city is battling for a voice in a red state.
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welcome to "matter of fact." every action by president barack obama seems to be a call to arms for the republican opposition. in an effort to keep a campaign promise, he announced a plan to close the guantanamo bay detention facility. president obama: this is about closing a chapter in our history. fernando: then, he agreed to a temporary truce with his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, to halt all hostilities in syria. >> it could save lives. fernando: the republican leadership in congress and gop presidential candidates were quick to reject the president's initiatives. senior senator lindsey graham, who until recently was a presidential candidate himself, is a member of the armed services and judiciary committees. he joins me from capitol hill. senator graham, thank you for joining me. sen. graham: thank you. fernando: sir, the president has announced a new plan to close guantanamo. what's your reaction?


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