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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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report. click campaign 2016 update, polls have just closed in three of the 12 states voting the super tuesday. >> on the democratic side, cbs news projects clinton the winner in virginia and georgia. sanders in his home state of vermont. >> to project any winners on the republican side. based on the exit polls, sample precincts, and both in so far, we estimate georgia is likely to go to trump. trump is battling john kasich in vermont, and dio in virginia. -- marco rubio in virginia. >> we are looking for him to do better outside of his home state of virginia. ken ted cruz do anything outside of texas? >> we will have more later and an hour-long super tuesday
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be sure to join us at 10:00, 9:00 central. stacey: and now a kcci exclusive moments after his white house , meeting on the supreme court vacancy, senator charles grassley sat down with steve karlin. todd: grassley described the meeting as very cordial. steve karlin joins us live from outside the u.s. supreme court building. steve: the republicans and democrats who met today at the white house were doing a dance of politicians sometimes do, when opinion polls show the public is pretty much split on an issue. they meet, they talk, pictures are taken, and nothing changes. grexit was on a meeting where we were trying to change people's minds. steve: it was a 40 minute long white house meeting where heavyweights from both political parties wanted to make their position very clear. >> you expect the president to put up nominees.
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steve: the president will do his constitutional duty, and so will the senate. it will provide advice and consent, but no hearings or a vote for esther obama's -- mr. obama's nominee. 1992 -- fighting role. -- joe biden role. >> action must be put off until the election campaign is over. >> that left some obama supporters to say the president could make a recess appointing, adding a just is to fill in until the end of the next session of the. -- senate. grassley says, not so fast. greg there will not be a recess appointment because the senate is not recess. steve: that is right, and the then democratic senate did this to themselves than 2007, when they wanted to stop george w. bush from making recess appointment. >> we are going to make sure we are in session every day between now and january the 20th, even
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steve: january 20, 2017, that is the day the next president is sworn in. grassley says the voters will have been had to say, and their new president can espied -- decide on the next supreme court nominee. >> this is about a process. we think it is the right thing to do, the historical thing to do, and the reasonable thing to do. steve: coming up at 10:00, when our exclusive conversation continues with senator grassley, dc, we talked to him since it's , super tuesday, about the possibility that donald trump could win the republican presidential nomination, and we also at ask about the president's impacts on the party. replace grassley the senate say the senator is flat out wrong. joins us with the democratic response. marcus todd and stacey both : candidates say election year
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, two democrats seeking to replace iowa's long serving us senator in washington are both pretty clear when it comes to grassleys' refusal to consider a president obama supreme court nominee. >> he is absolutely wrong. the second worst part is he is absolutely wrong as chairman of the senate judiciary committee. >> the president has a constitutional duty to nomine the senate has the constutional , duty to consider and act on that nominee. marcus hogg says there is no : president to grassley's stance and the senator is the only , thing standing in the way of a full compliment of justices on the supreme court bench by the start of the next session this fall. >> i have looked back to every justice who has died since 1910, and the longest period of time to fill that position has been 6 months, and 12 days and that was , in 1910. marcus krause says it is time to : put partisian politics aside and for grassley to be the , states man he was in the 80's and 90's. >> to play games with how we are going to arbitrate our laws
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americans in the credibility of our government. marcus hogg stress this is not : to gain a political edge in the upcoming election it is , about doing what is right for the people you serve, i -- sir. >> -- sir. >> i understand there are going to be political ramifications to everything that happens. marcus both say it is : disappointing there does not appear to have been any progress made in the meeting between president obama and senator grassley. todd: the fate of troy mure is now in the hands of a judge. mure is facing 15 years in prison if convicted of vehicular homicide after a crash last mure november. walked away from the wreck, but the passenger in a car scalicity perez, was killed. , mure was driving almost 90 miles an hour when he lost control of the car on 35th street near ingersoll. he claims he was being chased by another car and someone inside , had flashed a gun. >> did you feel you had any other options other than to drive fast down that street?
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from the cadillac, or at least make it to price chopper where i knew there would be a cop sitting out there all the time. todd: both sides are done calling witnesses so the , attorneys will send their closing summaries to the judge who will then rule on the case. stacey: the prosecution rests its case. today alexander fazzino's defense started presenting its case in his first degree murder trial. several of fazzino's family members took the stand. both his aunt and sister testified they wanted to perform an intervention for emily fazzino. they believed she was abusing prescription drugs. fazzino's mother testified about how concerned she was for her daughter-in-law. >> i was very concerned. it was very upsetting. i was upset for her, i was upset for the kids, i was upset for my son. stacey: prosecutors say alexander fazzino drowned his wife. fazzino's defense says she drowned accidentally while on
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todd: as predicted, lots of us woke up with a little or a lot of snow on the ground. kurtis gertz has more. kurtis: the cold air fell in behind the snow. reports of anywhere between three and four inches. over towards the northeastern areas, chilly air, and wind chills almost below zero in clarion. it feels like for above in marshalltown. here in the metro, the current wind chill is 11. clouds will slowly increase. temperatures will fall down. in the teens by 7:00 a.m.. i think we will see a little bit of sunshine. the clouds quickly return, high temperature tomorrow, 43. that is run normal for this time of year. there is a lot of above normal in the week ahead. we have a cold one on thursday. 40's on friday, 50 saturday. we bonds up into the 60's and stay there through early next week.
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front and rare -- rear license plate. one lawmaker wants to change that. kim st. onge is in the studio to explain. kim: the state representative to introduce the bill said he has had overwhelming support for it so far. it would require vehicles to only have a rear license plate. hundreds of car enthusiasts wait all year to show off their vintage vehicles at the des moines concorde. one feature many of these classics have in common, no front license late. >> -- license plate. >> maybe they put $40,000 into redoing their car and then all of sudden they have to drill holes in the bumper, and now it is not authentic. tim girl representative josh brynes, who introduced the bill, believes have one plate instead of two won't make a big difference. willis auto campus's general manager says a lot of customers only want a rear plate. >> you're drilling right into the front of the bumper and that works for the customers in iowa but if they move to the state , that doesn't have front license plate, you are not doing -- you are now doing body work on the front of the car to
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kim: and selling plates cost about but, if you're caught $200. without one, a ticket will set you back $87. >> the treasurer sends you two license plates for a reason and you gotta have them on your car. kim: the iowa state patrol says front plates assist with amber alerts, catching robbery robbery -- robbery suspects and , recently helped catch a driver involved in a hit and run accident. >> those people that are in that hobby side of the world when it comes to this, they're not robbing banks, and they're not having amber alert issued because of them. kim: we posted a now poll earlier today asking if front license plates should be required. here are nonscientific results -- 36% say yes, and 64% say no, they should not be required. by the way, the bill passed the full house transportation committee. no word yet on whether the house floor will debate the bill. stacey: oil prices in the des moines, west des moines -- home prices in the des moines-west des moines market climbed more
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core-logic compares home prices from this january to nationally january 2015. home increased by nearly 7% during the same period. core-logic predicts the des moines market will se home prices rise 5.5% over the next year. >> the rematch, the last time he teams met it was a locklear for iowa. what it means to have them back at the arena. >> a lot of mudslinging leading up to super tuesday. shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv. that's right. just announced. ford explorer...edge...escape... and expedition... are available with 0% financing for 60 months.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader, this is kcci8 eight news at 6:00. with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. >> these guys are children. we cannot have them running the country. >> i will campaign as long as it takes to ensure that are party does not fall under the control of a con artist. stacey: a whole lot of mudslinging. the iowa caucuses have been over for a month. todd: voters here cannot get
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the nasa is back and live -- vanessa is live to tell us what she heard. vanessa: residents i spoke to today say that the back-and-forth between the candidates is juvenile and messy. these walls since the 1920's have been through dozens of presidential election years. grexit makes us look bad. vanessa: but this year, they say something is different. >> people need a little more class. >> i am heading to vote and be done. vanessa: this is the last remaining one stop for gas, lodging, and two, all in one place. you can find regulars and out-of-towners munching on. butter pie and pork tenderloin sandwiches. maybe you can find yourself in a conversation about politics. grexit of course there is conversation on a regular basis
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vanessa: people we chatted with say they have had enough of mudslinging between the republican hopefuls. >> it is more of a popularity contest and facing the actual issues that face me and my children everyday. >> it is petty and juvenile. >> it is like junior high, grow up. i want to know what your plan is. vanessa: small town i went say they are slowly giving up, but they will still vote. >> it makes me concerned just for the fact of trying to get qualified people to run in the future, or young people to aspire to be president. it is concerning. vanessa: as for the democrats, people we talked to today say they do not see as much mudslinging. live kcci in ames bureau, vanessa peng kcci, news, iowa's news leader. stacey: let's check in with kurtis for a look at the forecast. kurtis: that cold air moved on in. we still have clouds. temperatures are dipping, especially once they lose the cloud cover. 24 degrees.
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the current wind chill at 11 degrees. look at the readings to the north, feels like temperatures in the single digits. even as the wind settles down, i think north of highway 20 you will get wind chills slightly below zero. cold night out there. turning colder. 21 at 10:00. if you want sunshine tomorrow you have to get out early. temperatures at 7:00, 18. the sun comes up at: 47. we will -- 6:47. mid 30's by noon and a high tomorrow at 4:00 of 43 degrees. here is the clouds moving through. notice they are starting to break up in northern iowa. here is the system brought light snow, especially up around fort dodge and humboldt, towards algona. that snow over michigan. forecast tomorrow, already upstream, another system moving
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thunderstorms, north platte, 65. western kansas in the 70's tomorrow. 34, minneapolis. chicago, 31. indianapolis, 37. high-pressure moves out quickly. this is another fast-moving system, not a lot of moisture. by tomorrow evening and early thursday morning it will bring light precipitation to the state. i look at the latest futurecast you can see the clouds moving out overnight. a little bit of sun and the morning before the clouds move back. timeline, rain arrives wednesday, late evening. watch what happens to the northeast, changes generally over to snow. from the system drags in some cold air. we will see light snow showers early thursday with a few flurries. the clouds hang around on thursday with cold air. right now most models keep a band of snow -- fort dodge, story county, light. it picks up in northeastern iowa with two to four inches.
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if the system dips to the south, that would change. we will keep you updated. 18 degrees, clearing skies, northwest winds, five to 10. tomorrow, 43, clouds return. the mix holding off until late. rain changing over the snow. in little band of freezing rain in between. southeast winds, 10 to 15. thursday, 39. friday, 49. if you like to count up, that is what we will do. 51 on saturday,. thunderstorms next tuesday.
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announcer from iowa's sports : leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy indiana comes to : carver-hawkeye arena tonight with a chance to clinch the big 10 regular-season championship, all to themselves. but with all due respect to the guys in the candy-striped warm-ups, tonight is about iowa. it is senior night for the hawkeyes. and tony seeman will have a front row seat. it is the final home game of the season for the iowa hawkeyes, it is big.
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final home game of the use and -- in the season. this is the final time season -- seniors will hit the court. when we talk seniors, the first name the comes to mind is jerod, considered one of the best. he leaves the team with blocks. we a guy who has not his way tooth and nail. near the top of the team and assistive steals. microcell, point guard extraordinaire. leads the team in assists with six assists per game. last but not least, the big man in the middle, adam leads the team by a mile. he has tallied at 230. no doubt a huge opportunity tonight and a great way to send a seniors out the right way. highlights at 10:00. andy: the game is live on espn. hawkeyes trying to keep their championship hopes alive. another senior night at hilton coliseum tonight.
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it's the last home game for kidd blaskowsky and madison baier. highlight coming up at 10:00 as well. basketball tournament rolling on with quarterfinal action at wells fargo. the day began with a final game in class two a, northwest webster in the blue and orange taking on the white. rebecca crigger sticks to it on the inside. northwest webster trying to make a big run in the second half, the cougars come up just short. regina goes on to win, 59-47, the final. underway right now, nevada and class three a action taking on sioux center. second quarter, sioux center in the lead. running coast-to-coast, pursues the warriors.
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-- laser them. -- lays it in. nevada big run on a second half, they lead 46, 38. four minutes to go. tonight, two more games on deck, the valid bombers are 22 and one, taking on here cap. also to make boys basketball, the final playoff game for the well. class for a substate final. valley centennial and dowling catholic.
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todd: chilly temperatures tonight, not bad tomorrow, 43. wednesday and thursday morning,
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todd: the popular nightfall on the river concert series starts may 28. old favorites will be returning. a series runs through june 24 at the simon amphitheater. shows july 2, august 3 take place at the skating plaza. thank you for watching. shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv. that's right. just announced. ford explorer...edge...escape... and expedition... are available with 0% financing for 60 months. ford suvs. designed to help you be unstoppable. no wonder ford is america's best selling brand.
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erin andrews back on the stand defending her good name. >> i felt like everybody was looking at me like they have seen the video. >> she said she was so depressed she thought help from a therapist. >> talk to someone like i am so screwed up. >> then, secret service smack down. who was at fault? what this former agent is saying today. >> and first lady melania. donald trump's wife. her days as a model. >> she is not a barbara bush. >> could your ambulance driver be a predator? >> vulnerable women molested in the back of an ambulance by a paramedic. >> the look in his eyes i will >> when the worst happens. >> i would like to ask you about the women you groped. >> chris rock ripped over the little accountants. >> if anybody is upset about that joke, just tweet about it. the show.


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