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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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>> chelsea: you, victor, noah, luca -- what is going on? i' m not bluffing. no more lies. >> adam: yeah, okay. um -- [ clears throat ] you want the truth? i' ll tell you everything. the truth is, i know who was driving the car that sent billy to the hospital. >> noah: do we have a deal or not? >> luca: what happened to the predictably self-righteous noah i' m used to? i mean, did that all go away when you almost killed billy abbott?
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run to the cops and confess, and then 10 seconds later, you want to work with me, stay at newman, and betray your grandfather. >> noah: i' m not about to let him control my life anymore. think about it, luca -- all the lies and the deals, what he did to marissa. i' m done with it. believe me, you and i, we want the same thing. >> luca: yeah, well, wouldn' t be the first time we wanted the same thing. >> noah: okay. all right. i' m done with marissa. okay? do you want to keep on talking about making a move, luca, or do you want to actually do something about it? >> luca: the last newman i made a deal with -- your uncle, me. so maybe you' re the next one to try to con me? >> victoria: i missed you so much. >> billy: kid, you don' t know missing, the way i missed you. [ cellphone rings ] don' t do it. don' t do it. s not gonna happen.
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>> billy: what if it' s the big bad boss man calling from out of town to make sure you keep an eye on your internet security project? >> victoria: phone can' t bother us if it' s turned off. oh. >> billy: what is it? everything all right? >> victoria: [ sighs ] >> nick: patty, what do you mean, you' re the keeper of all secrets? >> sage: what does that mean?
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>> patty: many secrets. it' s amazing, really. there' s some people here... they can' t be trusted. >> sharon: maybe this was a mistake calling you here. all. i mean, if you' re worried about nick, so am i. what' s he been telling you? please, sharon, i' m here for you -- both of you. and nick needs to know that if he has a problem, he should come to me, not burden you with it. >> sharon: the fact that nick' s trusting me again, it' s progress, but in this instance, i just don' t know what to do. >> dr. anderson: sharon, talk to me. that' s what you should do. look, i -- you have come too far to let someone else' s problems get in your way. this life that you' ve built with dylan and your son, it' s -- it' s so precious. let me handle nick. tell me what' s going on. >> sharon: the things nick said when he was here, i just feel terrible betraying his
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>> patty: it' s exhausting. you have no idea. [ sighs ] >> nick: look, uh, i know. i get it. but, see, sage needs some time to rest so she can heal, okay, so... >> patty: [ giggles ] healing time! oh, she has got the best of the best for that. our dr. sandy anderson. oh, she did wonders with sharon, even miracles. [ gasps ] >> sage: what do you mean by that? >> dr. anderson: listen to me. this is a safe place, sharon, just like my office at fairview. now, tell me. what does nick suspect? >> sharon: my history with nicholas is no secret. i' ve seen him through so many ups and downs. but to see him like this, listening to him talk about loving sage and wanting to see
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but then there was more. about you, dr. anderson. >> dr. anderson: go on. >> sharon: nick suspects... that he' s having feelings for you. >> dr. anderson: oh, sharon. um, thank you for trusting me enough to share this. but you have nothing to worry about. nick and i, um, have spent time together. he sees me as a place of solace. it' s simply transference. >> sharon: you don' t mind that he feels this way? >> dr. anderson: no, i' m -- i' m trained to handle issues like this. and in the coming days, nick will need to know that he can count on me. >> sharon: you don' t think that sage will get better? >> dr. anderson: well, we can hope and try. but nick needs to look after himself now. each person has to take responsibility for their own health and happiness. >> victoria: i feel like i'
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suddenly become nanny to a precocious yet irritating problem child. >> billy: swiss hacker strikes again, huh? >> victoria: you don' t want to hear about this. >> billy: me? no. of course i want to hear about this. this is my favorite subject. >> victoria: [ chuckles ] >> billy: all right. go deal with your problem child, and i' ll be waiting here. but when you get back, it' s like they say at johnny' s school. "one, two, three, eyes on me." >> victoria: all right. well, first i' ve got to put my >> billy: i' ll survive. >> victoria: natalie is convinced that nobody can comprehend the genius of her program, which fyi -- doesn' t work -- so how genius could it be? [ computer keys clacking ] [ sighs ] it won' t load! >> billy: oh, my gosh. i' m so sorry. now you' re gonna have to deal with that tomorrow. >> victoria: one, two, eyes on you? >> billy: that' s exactly right.
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>> chelsea: who was it, adam? >> adam: noah. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] >> adam: yeah. noah was driving the car, and according to him, you know, he was trying to get out of a parking space and he needed to reverse the car to get out of there. he didn' t know that billy was... he didn' t know billy was behind the car. >> chelsea: noah? oh, my -- billy' s his uncle. oh, god. >> adam: and to make matters worse, you know, luca found out about it, all right? he springs the information on me right before i' m about ready to show him the door. and once he tipped his hand, i-i obviously can' t go to the feds about his family, so now the santoris are firmly implanted at newman enterprises, and i don' t know how the hell to get them out of there. >> chelsea: who cares about the business, adam? >> adam: what are you talking -- a lot of people care about the business, sweetheart. let' s not be naive.
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>> chelsea: you know you should have come forward the second you realized you had hit delia, not cover it up, not fix your car, not get rid of her scarf. that was the real crime, legally and morally. you know that. that lie nearly cost us everything, and now you' re willing to get involved in all of this again to -- >> adam: involved in it again? what are you talking about? t there, all right? t tell him to lie! i didn' t tell him to get rid of his tires! >> chelsea: get rid of this tires? >> adam: you think i want this for him? he' s family! that' s the last thing i want is for him to go through the same hell that i' ve been through! but i came aboard too late, sweetheart! i wasn' t there! victor had already found out, right? he -- he said "protect the family, protect the secret." he doesn' t care what it costs! >> chelsea: so victor knew about this the whole time? >> adam: yeah. victor knew and -- and luca and i' m in the middle. i'
11:16 am
and i don' t understand how him coming forward is best for him. how is that his best play? >> chelsea: oh, adam. you should not have gotten involved. >> adam: i' m thinking of his family and all the suffering that they' re gonna go through if that young man goes to prison. billy' s all right. so you tell me, when noah goes to prison, who wins? what good comes of that? >> noah: you think you know my family, luca. you don' t. this family thrives on secrets, and now my mistake, my secret, it means that they own me. victor owns me. he controls me, just like he controls everybody else in my life that i care about. >> luca: okay, so how is this different from me? i' m using your secret to keep my family at newman enterprises, so -- so why are you angry with victor and not with me? >> noah: you don' t pretend to care. you don' t pretend like you' re doing me any favors. >> luca: yeah, i have no interest in doing you any favors.
11:17 am
after victor? >> noah: when victor finds out that you know about billy, he is not gonna stop until he has crushed you and your family. this is personal now. you get him before he gets you. that' s your only chance to survive, luca. >> summer: hey. there you are. >> noah: summer, what' s up? >> summer: um, i just had a really great idea that i wanted to talk to grandpa about, but i can' t seem to track him down. do you know where he is? >> noah: no, i don' t. um, what do you want to tell him? >> summer: well, i' m, uh, finally ready to come work for newman, be a part of the family business. >> nick: all right, patty, i would think that paul would want you to focus more on yourself, not worry so much about sage and sharon. >> patty: oh, sharon. little chirpy bird. little blonde bird.
11:18 am
tweety tweet, sweety tweet. now sing them all to sleep. pretty lady bird, what kind of a bird are you? >> nick: all right, patty, that' s enough. i want you to go back to your room and leave sage alone. >> patty: that' s right. dr. nick. time for beddy-bye, sweetie pie. kkkkkt! doc anderson' s special recipe. and there' s always more where that came from. tweet tweet. [ door closes ] >> nick: what the hell is she doing, wandering around here? she can' t possibly get better if she' s in here with you. >> sage: no.
11:19 am
about dr. anderson, what if she knows something we don' t? >> sharon: poor nicholas. you know, i put him through so much going in and out of fairview, and now he' s got to go through that again with sage. he never knew how far or how bad things would get when i was at my worst, but, you know, he would learn to trust me again and then i would act out -- the fire at the ranch, switching summer' s paternity test -- and he didn' t deserve any of that. you know, he is such a good man. he always was. >> dr. anderson: all the way back to high school. >> sharon: yes. even then. >> dr. anderson: oh, that' s, um, that' s when you met, right? that' s what you said? >> sharon: nick was so cute and couldn' t resist it. it was impossible to stay angry at him. unlike everyone else in his family, nick always stood up for what was right and good. he always did the right thing. >> dr. anderson: no. not always.
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>> "the young and the restless"
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,, ,, ,, ,, >> sage: patty has spent more
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i know she' s heard and seen things. >> nick: yeah, well, does she know the difference between real life and delusion? >> sage: probably not, but we do. we can get her to talk to us, tell us what she knows, and we can decide what we think is real or not. >> nick: no, no, no! all this does is put you more in danger, and i do not like you being in here! and now there' s a damn judge' s order. i can' t get you out of here if i wanted to! >> sage: i don' t want you to get me out of here, nick. please. we are so close. baby, we have all the answers here -- why she' s doing what she' s doing, who she is. i need to be in here. >> nick: with patty? she' she' s on my side, sort of. >> nick: okay, even if she is not a physical threat, she can still put you in danger. what if you try and get information out of her then she >> sage: i don' t know. and i' ve been playing her the whole time. >> nick: look, sage, you have done an amazing job convincing everyone of your instability, there' s a court order and anderson has all the power. >> sage: why are you trying to scare me right now? >> nick: because you should be
11:26 am
you need to be careful and cautious. that is the only sane way to look at this. >> sage: i feel like i' m the only sane one in here, really. >> nick: [ sighs ] >> sharon: what do you mean, nick doesn' t always do the decent thing? >> dr. anderson: well, no one is perfect. i just heard some hero worship in your voice, and i wanted to inject some clarity. >> sharon: oh. clarity. okay. yes, thank you. you' re always looking out for me, for all of us. and for you to be so calm about nick' s affection, i admire that. >> dr. anderson: i' m sure nick has a long history of being affectionate. >> sharon: he does. >> dr. anderson: i' m sure his father did his best to interfere. >> sharon: i suppose sometimes, but nikki was more involved. i swear she hated me on sight. >> dr. anderson: but victor, i' m
11:27 am
withdrew it often, exerting his control on nick. >> sharon: yes, but nick was his own man. >> dr. anderson: maybe on the surface. father' s disapproval affected him, impacted his decisions. >> sharon: nick has always stood up to victor. >> dr. anderson: always? you sure of that? >> sharon: no, i mean, i just meant... >> dr. anderson: i told you. no one is perfect. no one is always strong, always resilient. [ voice breaking ] men are weak. and that' s when they hurt you. they always hurt you. they always leave. >> sharon: well, nick is -- he -- >> dr. anderson: nick is sage' s problem, and she is his. thank you so much for trusting
11:28 am
ll be very discreet with nick. very cautious. [ door opens ] >> noah: summer, now isn' t really, um -- it'
11:29 am
time to start working at newman. >> summer: why not? you' re there, victoria' s there, and adam' s there. i' m part of the family. grandpa' s been saying that it' s part of our legacy. i' m just ready to take part of what' s mine. >> luca: that' s brave of you. >> summer: okay, why is that brave? i' m a newman. >> luca: yeah, but the newman business can get rough. nothing is off limits there. >> summer: okay, i' ve been hearing the horror stories my entire life. i' m pretty sure that i can handle it. >> noah: summer, you know that abby didn' t like it, and you know how dad feels about working there. >> summer: noah, you' re at newman right now. >> noah: i know that, but things are about to get a little crazy. >> summer: okay, exactly why you should want me there. i' m someone that you can trust. [ cellphone chimes ] >> noah: [ sighs ] >> luca: problem? >> noah: i have to go. we' ll talk about this later. >> summer: fine. but you' re not gonna talk me out
11:30 am
>> noah: summer. >> luca: can i buy you a coffee? >> chelsea: protecting noah. that' s your priority. >> adam: obviously, yeah. >> chelsea: and it also just happens to be what victor would want. more secrets. no scandal. protecting the company. being the good son. >> adam: okay, stop right there. this has nothing to do with me making sure that daddy' s happy. this is about making sure that noah doesn' t get sucked into the same hell that i' ve been going through. why do you think victor' s keeping me on the outside? ' cause he knows i' d handle this differently than he is! >> chelsea: why are you involved at all, adam? >> adam: [ sighs ] >> chelsea: this wasn' t your accident. like you said, billy survived. noah isn' t you. this -- this is not the same thing! >> adam: it' s similar! the obstruction part of it, the -- the charges -- and there will be charges. i'
11:31 am
t go to prison. honey, i... i didn' t want it this way, all right? you got to -- you got to believe me. you got to know that. >> chelsea: how would i know that? maybe -- maybe if you had come to me when this first happened -- >> adam: maybe -- maybe, but you know what? i' m coming to you now. >> chelsea: yeah, because i threatened to leave! >> adam: and i can' t have that. i need you here. i love you. this whole thing is a mess, all right, and i don' t want you involved. >> chelsea: well, i don' t want you involved. >> adam: i got to keep noah out of prison. i' m holding on to that, babe. and i really need your support. i need you to understand that, okay? let me handle this? hey.
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>> noah: adam. what' s going on? >> adam: mind closing the door? i' ll tell you what' s going on. i need luca out of the company before victor gets home. >> noah: okay, so, uh, what exactly does that mean? because do you want me to go to the police? i tried confessing. you guys stopped me from doing that. >> adam: no, no, i don'
11:36 am
you to confess. but in order for me to protect you and get luca out of the company at the same time, i need you to leave the country. >> noah: because if i' m gone, luca loses his leverage. >> adam: yes, exactly. you got it. so, here' s your ticket. it' s first class. you leave tomorrow. >> noah: adam, i don' t like this. i don' t like the idea of running away. >> adam: i tell you what. it doesn' t matter, ' cause you' re gonna do it anyway. >> sage: patty. >> patty: [ gasps ] nick warned you not to listen to me. but i need you to listen to my you' re fine. you and nick are trickster birds. you have a plan. am i right? >> sage: what were you saying earlier about sharon, when she was a patient here? >> patty: well, it wasn' t right. dr. anderson doped her up a lot, and she was really goofy on her medication. she was always alone, no visitors.
11:37 am
s why i skedaddled out of here, so that i could tell dylan that the good doctor wasn' t. she filled sharon' s head with such nonsense. >> sage: what kind of nonsense are you talking about? [ footsteps approach ] >> dr. anderson: patty! >> patty: not a peep, not a tweet. i' m not doing anything! >> sage: she wasn' t doing anything, dr. anderson. please. >> dr. anderson: back to your room now! if not... >> patty: please. >> dr. anderson: orderly! >> patty: no! no! no! >> sharon: she had tears in her eyes -- tears -- and that was after the look on her face when i told her that you had feelings for her. >> nick: that' s a smart move. what do you think the tears were about? >> sharon: "men hurt you and then they leave." that' s what she said. >> nick: about her divorce? >> sharon: it seemed like a very old wound, the kind of pain you carry with you for a really long time. she just said it out of nowhere after fixating on you. oh, and victor. >> nick: my dad? what? >> sharon: it was strange. the whole thing was. >> nick: i snuck into her office.
11:38 am
s got her initials in it -- "s.a." it' s got all these notes in it. >> sharon: oh, well, then it' s hers. sandra anderson. >> nick: i don' t know. it just seems like a weird book to have around. >> sharon: the whole thing is weird. it just doesn' t make any sense -- her fixation on you and victor. and she pretended as though your affection for her didn' t mean anything to her, but it was obvious that it did. and then she started talking about victor and she even mentioned you in high school. >> nick: in high school? >> sharon: i guess that' s because when you and i met. >> nick: none of this strings together and makes sense. i mean, unless it does. i' m just not seeing it. >> sharon: you know, i want to say you' re wrong because this woman saved my life basically, or at least i thought she did, but now you' re calling her a liar. >> nick: you don' t believe me? >> sharon: i saw her face when i told her that you had feelings for her, and it obviously meant something to her, so at the very least, she'
11:39 am
ethical code by treating sage. and i feel betrayed. >> nick: oh, no. oh, no, i can' t -- i can' t believe i didn' t see it. high school? paralysis? s.a.? sandra allen. >> sharon: oh, my god. cur\l itch defense lotions 24-hour relief, from dry itchy skin feel the cure in cur\l moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine
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11:43 am
live here. >> chelsea: uh, you seem -- you seem really good. you seem happy. >> billy: yeah. what' s not to be happy about? >> chelsea: and you' ve healed? >> billy: healed, you know. but i' m healed. sit. [ clears throat ] i' it' it' s awful what happened to you, especially after delia. >> billy: yeah. just means we' re a little more connected, you know? another thing. >> chelsea: and to know the person is still out there. >> billy: yeah. and just like delia, again, it doesn' t matter what i remember. the cops don' t help a bit. >> chelsea: what do you mean? what do you remember? >> billy: pavement and taillights. not much more after that. >> chelsea: do the cops have any leads? >> billy: no. >> chelsea: no. well, that' s frustrating. >> billy: yeah. >> chelsea: [ scoffs ] "yeah"? that' s all you have to say about it is "yeah"?
11:44 am
m home. i' i' m back at jabot. jack and i are in a good place. i get to see the kids and it' s not visitation. i mean... >> chelsea: yeah, you -- you guys are doing well. i can see that. >> billy: i almost died, right? so i can' t worry about who was driving the car. i can' t go back to that place that i was with delia. i promised victoria that i wouldn' t do that. i don' t want to blow this again. >> chelsea: well, you deserve to be happy, billy. >> billy: thank you. you do, too. >> chelsea: you know what? [ sighs ] i think i' m gonna go. >> billy: no. i' ll go get her. you can talk about the wedding stuff. >> chelsea: it' s okay. work stuff can wait. >> billy: you sure? >> chelsea: yeah. an open bottle of wine cannot. i' ll see you soon.
11:45 am
>> chelsea: okay. >> victoria: chelsea left >> billy: yeah. open bottle of wine can' t. >> victoria: did she mention what she wanted approval on? >> billy: no. we were just talking about me for some reason, about the driver and the car. you know, fun, casual talk. >> victoria: did she make you start thinking about finding the driver again? >> billy: no. funny enough, it was on her mind more than it was mine. [ sighs ] it kind of felt like she was trying to get information. do you think she might know something, vick? >> victoria: what could she know? >> billy: i don' t know. that' s the question, isn' t it? >> noah: so, what happens when grandpa gets back into town and you have to explain to him that you just sent me away without consulting him?
11:46 am
s going on here? luca knows that you hit billy with a car, okay? if that man wants to blow up your life, all he' s got to do is get on the phone. your grandfather' s gonna want you out of the country as badly as i do. >> noah: even though my mysteriously vanishing, it' s gonna bring unwanted attention. you know that, right? >> adam: well, you know what? we need to minimize the risk, and too many people know. >> noah: only luca would tell. >> adam: well, you know, somebody could slip up. >> noah: who? marisa? she won' t. she' s a good liar. you said it yourself. >> adam: it doesn' t matter who, okay? it doesn' t matter who. the point is it could happen. and then billy' s gonna find out that you were the one driving the car, and then he' s gonna want justice. he' s gonna want the justice that he never got with delia. and don' t think for a second that just because he' s with victoria, he' s not gonna hold you responsible. >> noah: billy -- he forgave you in court. >> adam: yeah, he forgave me, but the court didn' t. unless you can find a burning building to pull some people out of, man, you' re going to prison! do you understand that?! why don' t you think about your mom, okay? hey. think about your mom. she' s doing really well right now. >> noah: stop. stop. stop doing that. don' t bring my mother into this! >> adam: your mother' s already involved, all right? this isn'
11:47 am
this affects everyone! this is a grade "a" dangerous situation, my friend. and we need to treat it accordingly! don' t look at me like that. i' m not telling you to go away forever, all right? it' s until i can get you out of the line of fire, keep you safe. so go home, pack your bag, take the ticket, all right? hey, look at me. i' m gonna handle this, okay? all right? okay. good. thank you. [ door closes ] >> luca: what would you say is your best quality? >> summer: oh, so that' you' mock interview? >> luca: naturally. to see if you can get your foot in the door at newman enterprises. come on. >> summer: oh, i' m pretty sure i can. >> luca: well, you' d be surprised. it takes more to succeed than your last name or a pretty face. trust me. i know. [ chuckles ]
11:48 am
all right. i would say that my best qualities are that i am a hard worker and that i' m highly motivated. >> luca: okay, so tell me. why do you want to work at newman? i' m sure you' ve heard enough to make you want to run in the other direction, so why? >> summer: [ chuckles ] i could run, yeah, but i don' t -- i don' t want to. i don' t know. i think i understand that i was lucky enough to be born into this family. and i' m not talking about the money or the company. i mean the people. you know, the way that they fight amongst themselves, yet they defend each other to the outside world. i admire that, and i think it' s time for me to be a bigger part of that. >> luca: i have a lot to learn about your family.
11:49 am
>> summer: well, so, did i get the job? >> luca: you' re hired. >> summer: yes! >> luca: [ chuckles ] >> sharon: sandra allen. all these years later. >> nick: i hadn' t thought of her in years. i mean, i thought it was over. not until that -- that custody issue came up. i mean, we were kids. she jumped off the balcony and into the pool and got hurt. if i egged her on, i didn' t mean it. >> sharon: she got hurt, and victor paid off the family. he did what victor always does. >> nick: this is all about revenge? >> sharon: i can' t believe this. you know, i relied on her. i depended on her. she was there for me. she was here when i married dylan. and what is wrong with me that i couldn' t see what was going on in front of me? >> nick: sharon, don' t do that, all right? you -- you were pregnant. and now you have sully. you had enough on your plate. >> sharon: that' s no excuse. nick, dr. anderson now has sage at fairview. >> nick: patty. patty tried to warn us about
11:50 am
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when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. [ knock on door ] [ door opens ]
11:54 am
>> chelsea: you know me. >> adam: what' d he say? how' d he take the news about noah? >> chelsea: he doesn' t know. >> adam: he doesn' t know? you didn' t tell him. >> chelsea: seeing billy there, he, um, he was happy. he' s living his life, finally back at home with victoria and his children. to billy, the accident wasn' t something that almost took his life. it was a new beginning. he deserves to be happy, and i almost took that from him once. i' m not gonna do that again. that' s the only reason why i didn' t tell him. who did it, vick? what -- what if it was adam, right? what if -- what if it was and she' s trying to protect him?
11:55 am
capable of it. "oops. i didn' t see you there bleeding on the ground. let me just throw this in reverse." >> victoria: stop it. adam was at the top of the tower on new year' s. he wasn' t trying to cover some hit-and-run. >> billy: okay. i' m sorry. am i just -- i' m becoming a little obsessive? sorry. >> victoria: possibly. just a little. >> billy: it just gets my mind working a million miles an hour. >> victoria: okay, so slow it down. >> billy: you' re always right, aren' t you? >> victoria: yes, i' m always right. look, you have every reason to want to know who did this to you. >> billy: i have every reason to concentrate on you. i don' t need to get worked up on i already promised you that i' m not gonna go on some wild goose chase to find the driver. i' m gonna keep that promise. it' s like i said to chelsea. favor. a painful favor -- scars and bruises and all. >> victoria: i love you.
11:56 am
>> billy: i know you do. >> noah: can i have a minute? >> summer: oh. is that my invitation to leave? >> noah: only if you don' t mind. >> summer: no. very productive evening. >> luca: i agree. >> summer: okay. bye. >> noah: bye, summer. >> luca: i, uh, maybe having your little sister at the company could be helpful. >> noah: don' t even think about it, luca. don' t bring my sister into this. we have other things to worry about, you know. adam wants me to leave the country so that i' m out of the line of fire. >> luca: if that happens, i lose my leverage and this plan is screwed. >> noah: that' s right. which is why i'
11:57 am
>> sage: patty? i' m really sorry that dr. anderson saw us talking. hey, you okay? >> patty: hush little baby don' t say a word mama' s gonna buy you a mockingbird >> sage: patty. what did dr. anderson do to you? >> nick: you didn' t need to come, sharon. >> sharon: the sitter was close, and the kids are safe, and i need answers from sandra allen. >> nick: just let me talk to her first, all right? i got to get sage out of here. >> sharon: [ gasps ] >> next on "the young and the restless"...
11:58 am
did. >> adam: i have noah on a plane out of the country. he leaves tomorrow. >> victor: oh, really? what good will that do? >> noah: like it or not, luca, you' re the only person i can work with on the inside. next at noon, just how is the super bowl mvp feeling today? we'll hear from vaughn miller, the coach and of course the quarterback. denver's getting ready to throw a super bowl party. what you need to know about joining the celebration.
11:59 am
pretty perfect for a parade in february. and the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.


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