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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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live where a car crashed into a daycare. this is in aurora on south savannah near parker and yale. two kids and a daycare staff member went to the hospital with minor injuries. right now i want to give you a look at that scene again. the bright stars daycare, you can see how the people inside got hurt. that vehicle almost totally inside that heavily damaged building. officers first crash involving this car at yale and parker. they were chasing the driver of a dodge dart when it went into a parking lot and smashed into the daycare. police gather information after three officers were hurt fighting with a wanted suspect. one of the officers shot and killed the man. >> the suspect fought over a gun before getting shot. trouble broke out in southwest denver in the middle. the day.
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>> reporter: yeah, this happened around noon but bates is still completely shut down. in the middle of the block, that's where we saw a white tent as well as the denver police crime lab and some other crime scene investigating suvs. this was a big presence from police in the area as they prepared to execute an arrest on a suspect that had several felony warrants. a neighbor told us police were concerned because a suspect had fled before. chief home, and residents told them the suspect was in the back part of that house. he fled out a back window, and officers caught up with him in the middle of the street. >> in the midst of that struggle, the individual apparently was fighting with the officer over his service weapon. shots were fired, striking the individual. >> reporter: the three officers have nonlife-threatened injuries. two of them did go to the hospital. they have been put
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leave. blocks of ice still litter the parking lot near 77th and pecos. today the owner arrived at the business to find soaked file cabinets and flo hail damage but the high water may have caused other problems. >> we don't know the cost of the damage yet until someone can see. everything is wet, everything is damaged. >> the hail storm easily cost her thousands of dollars. stale waiting to hear from the insurance company. obviously a lot of storm victims hoping they get to dry out a bit. >> and we were just starting to
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storms didn't develop did surprise us. the durpgz and the intense witt hail did. not much going to near conifer and bailey, a few scattered showers and thunderstormsation and the intense witt hail did. not much going to near conifer and bailey, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. showers and thunderstorms down south, they have moved into new mexico. not a whole lot going on around the state. a lot of dry air here, su just easy sunshine going on right now, not much in the way of clouds, tomorrow isolated storms again, friday could be a different story remember as you look at hour by hour three clock, here come the showers and thunderstorms, and yes, friday they could be severe again. we'll talk about that, coming up. a report out today shedding new light on the effects of marijuana use in colorado. it's been three years since v legalized recreational use in our state. sloerment crack down
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cracking down on people who are still not following the rules. the new numbers apply to more than just pot. >> reporter: law enforcement say the drug problem in colorado specifically also in denver is so pervasive in public places that if you're gonna do drugs in a public place like a park or the cherry creek bike trail and you are caught, you will be given a 90-day suspension from this also applies to legal marijuana. and today we also caught up with the feds to talk about a new study about pot's impact on our state. >> reporter: they want to you read this report. >> here it is, and you decide whether you think it's good or bad >> reporter: tom gorman runs the group behind this study. he's a cop. they pulled the data from national drug usage and highway safety survase, along
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related traffic deaths increased 48%. he argues it went up 49%. pot related calls to poison control up 100%. >> you can't just handpick statistics in colorado. >> reporter: brian is a marijuana active and coauthor of amendment 64. he believes the average coloradan is happy tax revenue. gorman says there is a dark side too. colorado youth, college age, and even adults now rank no. 1 in the nation for pot use. he believes kids are mostly paying the price based on what school resource officers are seeing on the front lines. >> these kids are in the back of the learner, the bam of the classroom, they're not being
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>> reporter: vicente challenges the numbers about teen usage in the rocky mountain report. vireports from both groups that can you find at go to the links and info section. two men accused of making and selling synthetic marijuana known as spice, a grand jury indicted whitney and swanson. the pair told hershel cigarettes smoker friendly but their product did not list spice as one of the ingredients. the illegal drug poses serious health risks and can be deadly. a man i on trial accused of killing a colorado mother who led a double life. closing arguments expected friday. matt kroschel has covered this case since the beginning. he was the only denver reporter in the
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and we had a surprise witness today, the defendant's wife. >> reporter: elane jones, continuing to stand by her husband after nearly a decade of this whole investigation, learning of all these affairs that lester jones had, and then him being arrested and charged with paige birgfeld's murder. the defense prepato >> and you were suspicious before. >> yes. >> reporter: lester jones' wife elaine took the stand, a difficult line of questioning about her husband's affairs, and her suspicions of an affair in the year before paige disappeared. but she says she believed he deserves another
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>> you're still married to him. >> why? >> because i'm a christian. and my faith asked me to forgive him. and i feel like i need to give him another chance. >> reporter: the defense laying into lead investigators from the sheriff's office. >> this case relied upon circumstan surveillance, witness statements. >> you aware that in regard to m coroluzzo, several witnesses that were with him are no longer applicable to us? >> reporter: one of the suspects in birgfeld's disappearance is deceased. police say they've ruled him out. his alibi checked out. the same with all other suspects except jones. >> reporter: we're expecting to
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paid former homicide detective. she says after reviewing this case for the defense, she can find several errors that the investigators made over the long years that this investigation took place. closing testimony is expected on friday. >> the impact on the suv sent the smaller c molly was sleeping inside. >> very lucky that it didn't go through the house. so it definitely was a big way to call. but i felt very lucky that the guys who were in it were fine and walked away. >> the three men were in that car, got out, grabbed the suspect. he was able to break through to leave behind a
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together at skyline park today pushing for more clean energy. the sierra club, google's project sunroof want city leaders to commit to 100% clean renewable energy. boulder's mayor announced that city has signed on. denver officials say they will study ways to be fully powered with clean energy around the city. an accident at coors field made an already exhausting problem worse for one woman. how she hopes to finally get a night's sleep. >> our new study ranks denver on the best and worst places to own a home. >> and you can see showers and thunderstorms, they'll be back
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>> i didn't have time duck. >> reporter: a todd helton foul ball, june 18th, 2011. this was diane about ten days after the speeding baseball smacked her in the face. diane needed stitches. she had broken bones along her eye. >> it left me with some nerve damage and nerve face. it sort of started happening years later. >> reporter: she often feels sharp pain in her right cheek at the top of her gum that. pain has created new issues for an old problem. >> i did not get sleep, and it's gotten worse over the last five years >> reporter: she has severe obstructive sleep apnea. a custom piece is now
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right against the area. >> reporter: she is hoping she found a way to finally sleep. it's a sort of tongue pacemaker, implanted in the chest, and sends mild pulses to the tongue it move it out of the airway. >> it gives you a little zip! it'll be a life changer for me. >> reporter: diane is hoping for new energy to keep up with her grand kids, and maybe later, hit a all thanks to a good night's sleep. >> it takes about a month before they actually activate and calibrate that inspire device. diane will turn it on at night with a handheld remote and turn it off in the morning. >> fascinating, thank you. colorado firefighters need your help with their annual campaign. it benefits kids and adults with muscular dystrophy. firefighters have been doing
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>> it's a great time to be part of this. >> you'll see more than 6 though firefighters poefed all over the state, starting tomorrow. part of the funds will help dozen was local children go to an mda summer camp at no cost. a new study shows the best and worst cities for owning a home in our country. judged the metro areas on factors including home prices and appreciation, property taxes, costs. it found portland oregon gave homeowners the biggest bang for their buck. phoenix, arizona in 2nd. and there you see denver coming in 8th best for homeowners. the study says the worst places to own a home are new york city and hartford, connecticut. getting a little break from the storm watch tonight. >> we've got sunshine, hazy sunshine into the city, and no storms behind it. and this time yesterday, we started to see
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several hours. showers and thunderstorms were heavy out in kit carson county, they moved onto kansas, and flash flood warnings are there, as a replacement. and down to the south, showers and thunderstorms going on as well. along the hour by hour forecast, there they go! not much going on tonight, they could hang around the southeast a little bit. tomorrow they could be back, a couple of showers and thunderstorms, isolated for denver. 5:00, it could be heavy on the eastern plains! and maybe through denver friday. then on saturday, lots of moisture moving into the west, and by 3:00 pm, pushing into the metro area. lots of moisture across the south. the south we're really watching is down here. it's got plenty of warm water to strengthen possibly to a hurricane before it hits the northern florida coast, and the carolina coast,
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u.s. problems out here in hawaii. sheer madeline -- here is madeline, a category 1, increased in strength, just pushing into the big island right now, and they will have ton was rain with this thing, strong and gusty winds as well. sxakt today. 78 and 77 right now. east wind at 24, steady barometer. this is the lightning in lafayette from yesterday. and downtown denver, pretty brilliant lightning in the sky right there. temperatures tonight, mostly in the 50s, 60s over the eastern plains, 40s for
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60s. and for tomorrow, we'll see 70s and 80s over eastern plains. we'll find 70s for the mountains, and out west, temperatures in the 80s to around 90 degrees. here is the denver forecast for tonight. maybe a few isolated storm. clearing skies, 57 and 56 by morning. tomorrow increasing clouds, isolated storms, into the mid-80s, and then for the next several day, we'll keep the storms in the forecast for in other words -- for friday and saturday as well, dry sunday and monday. low to mid-upper 80s all the way! >> a lot of activities planned. another 1st place team, another rockies win. >> and csu one step closer to joining the big 12. >> and we have a way for you to win concert tickets. visit our facebook page tomorrow for the
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message s
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his first career home run, rockies twin 7-0. lots to celebrate for everybody! >> yeah, this whole story is really special. it really is. and get that his birthday, i told him, man, you're having quite a week. you know? but it's feel-good stuff. he's a great kid. >> so the rockies beat another 1st place team! and they lose to the bad teams. a good frustrating, or pure luck this
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their new head coach today. he takes over for patrick roynar at their new head coach today. he takes over for patrick roy. >> reporter: a couple months ago, he won the cup in the ahl. can he win in the nhl? >> i don't know that i can answer that right now burk that is the goal. and we're gonna drive toward that and -- every but we come together the right way, and we believe that we can, then i think we have a chance >> reporter: not surprising that bednar isn't ready to make any big guarantees for his first season. patrick roy was still the avs coach three weeks ago, and bednar was getting ready for another ahl season in ohio. >> this generally doesn't happen this time of the year. i was really surprised and anxiety, and excited about the opportunity. and to get the job, and i'll be here, and it's a
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really looking ford getting to work here in denver. >> reporter: and in the job just vacated by a sxhaufr local ledge end. >> i'm a fan paf trick roy, and i think -- i'm a fan of patrick roy, and i think for me, this is me coming in and being me as a coach, and as a person, you know, it doesn't matter who i'm following or who -- or who's following me. i got a job to do, and we'll do it together. good news for colorado stadium in regards to the big 12 expansion. cbs4 has learned csu has made the first cut of schools looking to join the conference. the big 12 was originally considering 18 schools, that number has been cut to fewer than ten. that is florida state football player travis rudolph. on a recent school visit, he noticed a young student sitting alone at lunch. little did he know the boy who has autism often eats lunch alone.
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>> honestly i saw him by himself, and i was, like, yo, can i have a seat sfwhu and he's, like, sure ynot? and we started off having a good conversation. a great kid overall. honestly that's a cool person. i'll hang out with him any day. >> his mom said as soon as she saw the photo, instant tierce. >> awesome feel-good story. >> beautiful. donald trump in mexico today, what he talked about with that country's president. >> and how helicopter ended up stuck in,, helicopter ended up stuck in,, with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir.
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there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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we're live where a car crashed into this daycare, in aurora near yale and parker. two children and a daycare staff member went to the hospital with minor injuries. officers were first responding to a hit and run involving this car at yale and parker. they started chasing the driver when it went into a parking lot and smashed through the daycare. we'll hear from the owners tonight at 10:00. donald trump visited mexico
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21st struggle with president nieto. at the beginning of their meeting, he made it clear mexico would not pay for trump's proposed wall. shaun says trump told reporters the matter of paying for the wall never came up. >> it is a great honor. >> reporter: after more than a year ever bashing mexico over trade and illegal immigration, donald trump walked out of a meeting with the country's president and took different tone. >> the bond between our two countries is deep and sincere. >> reporter: trump who has laid a walt along the us mexico border a center piece of his campaign saying mexico would pay for wasn't so bold standing beside mexico's president. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that'll be for a later date. >> reporter: he also softened his rhetoric when it came to trade with mexico, saying he would improve, not repeal the north american free-trade


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