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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> good morning everybody i am alan gionet. >> and i am kelly werthmann. air temperatures are pretty nice . we have 63 in denver and 72 in burlington. 36 in mudville and 57 in grand junction. we have the front range on the dry side and we are going to see the potential for some fog to develop in the foothills and a little bit on the eastern plains. we will zoom on in their lamar where we have some thunderstorm
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on the other side of the state we have snow and lightning in the area as well. we do have the chance of severe weather later today and later this afternoon until after 2:00 or 3:00. hail and windy will be our biggest threat. for most of the morning we will be on the cloudy side and it will be mild with the chance for storms to fire up. right now let's check in we do have some closures in place because of what is going on colorado. it will affect the front end of the morning commute. we have the ongoing construction projects and that is all that will really slow you down right now heading southbound into town it should be nice and wide open for you. today jury deliberations start in the murder trial that
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bergfeld. lester jones murdered her in 2007 and dumped her body outside a grand junction. he set her car on fire. the remains were not found until five years later. jones was a client of birgfeld. his wife believes she's innocent pick it is pictures of firefighters attacking the john brash centers these pictures showing and airdrop on the flames. it is burned 350 acres and forced dozens to evacuate their homes. >> it makes me realize it is always possible. i live down the road. i am not concerned about this fire right now. but it makes me realize the chance is always out there. >> officials believe lightning
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a lot of people talking about an intersection where a woman died on sunday night. it happened in one view and date him. stan bush went to talk to people about it. >> reporter: people were still going in and out of area bars. neighbors did not notice the flashing lights because they say horrible accidents happen here all of the time. emergency crews tried but could not save a woman the shocking scene sunday night and the victim hit on the eastbound laid crossing one view -- montague boulevard. that car nearly hit a cyclist when we were there. it is safer to jaywalk then use the crosswalk. the dangers driver behavior
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>> they call it the death intersection. >> reporter: the collision sunday night was so traumatic police struggled to identify the victim and have been unable to notify her family. police do not know how much the driver was drinking because he refused to take a breathalyzer. police have not released information about the driver at this point. he is expected to be charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. in aurora, stan bush, cbs4 news. more trust in laos. he is the first to set foot in the country that the u.s. conducted a covert bombing campaign and effort to cut off, ring -- to cut off relations. he is using moore's said he was not an american puppet and the only answers to the filipino
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>> the immediate cause of my strong comments was the certain press question that elicited concern and distress. we also request it came across as a personal attack on the u.s. president. >> the meeting will take place at a later date. president obama said his administration will commit $90 million to laos to clear unexploded bombs dropped during the vietnam war. campaign heads to key battleground states. yesterday both were in ohio with hillary clinton taking questions which is a rarity for her. donald trump was answering questions about a florida politician looking at selling him. here is hena daniels. >> reporter: hillary clinton enters the final stretch of the election season promising the media greater access to her campaign. she traveled aboard her new
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yesterday. this time with reporters eager to ask her about the fbi investigation into her email scandal. >> the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings doesn't affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> reporter: clinton sought to keep the focus on donald trump and his ties to russia. >> he urged the russians to have more hack me. >> she did not have the energy to go to louisiana or mexico. >> reporter: trump also invited reporters on board his private plane in ohio where he refused to speak on immigration and tonight his foundation made a contribution to the florida attorney general in 2013 when
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joining a fraud investigation into the trump university. he will participate in all debate against clinton. the first of which takes place at the end of the month. hena daniels, cbs news. investors are hoping the gains from last week will make another appearance in this shortened week. >> let's have your money watch report. hello, jill wagner. >> reporter: futures are up this morning that it is a waiting game until the feds' next meeting. they think it is a disappointing job report for august making it less likely the feds will raise interest rates this month. on friday the nasdaq added 22 points. british airways is working on a computer glitch. passengers are dealing with
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it is unclear how many flights have been affected. american shoppers are enjoying what could be the longest streak of falling food prices in a century. everything costs about $.50 less than last year at this time because the food supply here in the euros has gone up due to demand in sees going down. a strong dollar has made the american goods more expensive. starting today starbucks is selling pumpkin spice lattes also a chilly mocha drink -- chili mocha drink. >> we are days away opening the nfl season in denver as the broncos get ready to host the carolina panthers. that is the team the beat in
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with the broncos starting a quarterback who was down on the chart last season when he found out that trevor siemian will be the starter. the preparation for this game is about getting time to work on any chemistry leading into the season opener. emmanuel sanders is hoping the time and practice will pay off during the game. >> we are going for an individual period with quarterbacks now waiting around. i always go with trevor trying then we had our star quarterback and hopefully it will transition over to the game. we had the opportunity to work together last year during the pregame of the regular season. and now we have worked in training camps. i think we've got good chemistry and it will only get better. >> you can check out the sports section on with
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on this tuesday it is 64 degrees outside. >> a special needs students had the chance to have lunch with a florida wide receiver. he was the guest of honor at the opening game last week and we will show you the royal treatment ahead. >> if you have a news tip we want to hear from you call our tip line at 303-863-tips ,,
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ovarian cancer death rates in the usl 16% -- in the u.s fell 16%. new data from the netherlands suggest taking antibiotics early in life may raise the risk of developing allergies later on. doctors found babies given antibiotics in the first two years of life were 41% more at risk for eczema and 56% more likely to -- hayfever. the heavier you are the better your chances of surviving advanced kidney cancer. obese patients live longer and the disease progressed more slowly. we have a check of the forecast now. we are off to a mild start starting off with 63 in denver and 61 in greeley. 36 in mudville and 39 in gunnison.
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we do have some thunderstorms to the south and for the most part we are clear that we do have the chance of some fog to develop this morning. as we zoom into the southeastern area again closer to lamar we had some thunderstorm activity. into some of our san juan we have some snow and lightning in the area. looking at the severe weather outlook there is a potentially turn severe with hail and wind our biggest threats. you could see them as early as 2:00 or 3:00 for those. we have a cold front working its way through to help trigger the storm's. the futurecast today is mostly sunny with some clouds throughout the morning and the rain to the south will most likely start to clear out a bit.
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storms fire up again. overnight tonight it will be cloudy and then we will see that clear throughout the afternoon for some of us with sunshine tomorrow and temperatures rebound from today. while we are worried about potentially larger storms, it is the western side of the state that is very dry and windy with dry vegetation. noon and 11:00 is one we have the warnings in effect and it is dry in the west out to northwestern corners of the state. the temperature today is cool than yesterday. yesterday we were in the low 90s and today 80 in denver and 95 in lamar. 75 in eagle and aspen and 87 in grand junction. tomorrow is 84 and it is back
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friday and saturday with temperatures in the 70s. we take you down town with a taste of colorado having closures all weekend long. they are still in place as you are heading out and coming into downtown denver. the closures do include colfax. keep that in mind if you are heading downtown. we will keep an eye on that for you. we have the rockies playing this afternoon so keep that in mind if you're heading home from work. taking a look southbound coming to town that is a nine minute drive through i-270. needing some ideas how to make your old home new again? check out the desire show has picked contractors and architects took a 1930s home and gave it a modern feel. they wanted to preserve some of the original features of the tudor style.
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vaulted ceiling and the brick wall is something that existed. we thought that was a unique feature not often found in new homes or old homes. >> denver life magazine designer showhouse is open for a touring starting september 10. tickets are $20 but it all benefits habitat for humanity in denver. for more information you can go to . rudolph invited sixth-grader joe pavelski to the seminoles opener last week. >> reporter: travis rudolph continues his winning streak on and off the field. one of his biggest fans is the sixth-grader bo paske cheering him on. >> travis rudolph is a great football player.
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for this moment of kindness. five florida state layers were visiting the middle school of bo as part of a community service program when rudolph saw a bo sitting alone in the cafeteria. >> i signed by himself. there was like a spotlight and something clicked in my head to let me go ask him if i can sit with him. >> reporter: bo is autistic. his mother thanked rudolph for this gesture on facebook >> i don't know what made him pick bo but i am so grateful he did. >> reporter: i want to sit with bo at school now. his superstar streak isn't over yet. bo was invited on monday to meet the entire team and watch the game receiving big hugs and even got his own jersey. hena daniels, cbs news. >> florida state staged the
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time now for the chevy sports break. >> it seems like the rockies either get good offense or good pitching and it is usually more offense then pitching. yesterday the rockies had a huge third inning playing the san francisco giants with the bases loaded for cargo. a grand slam made it 5-0 with the rockies scoring six runs in chad bettis was the talk of the day become the second pitcher to pitch a complete game shutout allowing two kids or fewer at coors field. >> you do that and it was outstanding. >> it is something that is a once in a lifetime. hopefully it workers a little
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lifetime. the rockies and the giants back at it again today. >> this has been the chevy sports break brad stuver chevrolet. the most reported car company
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the musical "cabaret" is 50 years old. >> but does the show still resonate with modern audiences? m look. [ music ] >> reporter: "cabaret". we have all seen it and we all think why is this old chestnut back again? >> it is an expectation from the film. the play itself is different than the movie. there is characters in the play that do not exist in the film and songs that do not exist in
4:55 am
the material takes care of that for you. >> reporter: i have not seen "cabaret" in 30 years so this production caught me completely off guard. >> once you see it coming out looking so different he redefines at character for contemporary audiences and your into a new time and place. a new space with new choreography and new ways of seeing these characters. >> reporter: this cabaret seems more in-your-face from the first notes to the finale, this one goes for the throat. >> it is the thing people leave the theater with. that ending is just amazing. and it is unexpected and it is designed to be unexpected. but it is a sobering ending, and a galvanizing ending. it is an ending that is both challenging, unforgettable, and
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has already been headed. >> reporter: to a realistic frdulein schneider to the enticing appeal of the emcee it resonates closely to the stories than the movie and more closely to the reality of our world. this is dark, ragged, real. real enough to be scary. i am critic at large greg moody for cbs4 news >> thanks, greg. the production of "cabaret" opens september 27 at the denver center downtown. for tickets, you can have to our website with a link into the denver center box office. bridget jones and rene zellweger make a return to the big screen. hearest chris martinez with your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: rene zellweger walked the red carpet monday
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"bridget jones's baby". conference is also back join them is gray's anatomy star patrick dempsey. this time around bridget gets pregnant doesn't know who the father is take >> it is so much fun to play a person who is so open and awkward and self depreciating that embraces herself anyway. >> reporter: this is the first bridget jones movie in james franco's latest effort screened at the film festival. it is based on the john steinbeck novel about a labor strike during the depression. >> i love literature. i think part of my place as a film maker is bringing these classics to life in a contemporary spirit. and in a contemporary filmmaking technique. >> reporter: robert duvall
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good morning. >> i am alan gionet. good to have you with us this morning. a former police officer accused of selling fake broncos care will be back in court today. -- here -- gear will be back in court today. a man involved in a shootout with police.


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