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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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we hope you had a good labor day weekend i am alan gionet. >> and i am kelly werthmann . let's check the forecast with lauren whitney . >> we have fire danger remaining high in parts of the state. jackson and grand county in the lower valley areas and into the high country from moffat county down to the south. today we still expect to see some gusty winds frame and low humidity with dry vegetation at this way. right now let's check in with joel . we are showing a case of colorado -- taste of colorado. it will be 30 minutes before we see these closures lifted. you can see a long colfax that purple affecting lincoln and 14th, 15th, and 16th. this morning a former coral
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he is accused of selling knockoff broncos gear. that is where we find sean chipman live this morning. >> reporter: that fake gear was made in china heading all the way over here to the mile high flea market with several hundreds of thousands of dollars of fake merchandise coming to this location with david hendrickson the former lieutenant part of this along with three other men. the gear included jerseys, hats, and brings falsely marked as official merchandise. they also sold fake gear for other college teams in the area. the four men ran the business and are accused of selling the fake here between 2006 and
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form a police officer suspected in court today. in adams county, shawn chitnis, cbs4 wing news. to deliberations start the trial of the man accused of the murder of paige birgfeld. lester jones killed her back in 2007 and dumped her body outside of grant junction. they say he set her car on fire. jones is a client of birgfeld . behalf all of his wife did saying she believes he is innocent. we are getting the latest pictures showing firefighters attacking the starwood fire. john roche said as these videos showing the our job on the flames. it has burned 350 acres so far forcing dozens to evacuate their homes. >> it is always possible.
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i cannot concerned about this fire right now, but it does make me realize the chance is always out there. >> lightning sparked the fire over the weekend. right now it is 35% contained. people are talking about an intersection where a woman died in all more -- aurora. stan bush went out to speak with people about it. >> reporter: neighbors flashing lights because they say horrible accidents happen here all of the time. emergency crews could not save a woman hit in the middle of the street. the shocking scene sunday night with the victim hits in the eastbound lanes crossing montview boulevard. the driver was arrested 4 miles from the incident.
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it is safer to jaywalk then use the crosswalk -- then use -- than use the crosswalk. >> they call it the death intersection here. >> reporter: they have not been able to notify your family because they cannot identify the victim. they have to rely on blood tests for their investigation. police have not released information about the driver at this point who is expected to be charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of the accident. in aurora , stan bush, cbs4 news . >> let's check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> we have some cloud cover in denver with the southeastern corner having a little bit of rain and lightning moving into the area. toward parts of the southwest
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telluride there's been some rain fall in the area and snow. if it were active this morning taking a look at our chances for severe weather east into the planes and south with thunderstorms producing heavier rainfall. if you get one it could cause some localized flooding. it should be later on this afternoon and evening. 63 in 39 in gunnison and 37 in craig. for your hour by hour forecast this morning is overcast with the chance of storms as earliest 2:00. right now joel is tracking hour drive. >> take a look from our cbs4 tech center camp . you can see all those headlights as you get
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into town is looking great. that is what we are seeing in the earlier accident we had in jewel and newton has been moved out of the way. it is making your way underneath i-70. president obama is in laos thicken a visit to build trust. mr. obama is the first sitting u.s. pres the country. the president called off a meeting with the philippines president because of a derogatory remark made. he used an insanity and stressed he was not an american puppet. early today a spokesman read an apology.
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questions. we also for great it came across -- regret it came across as a personal attack. >> the meeting will now take place at a later date. president obama said his administration will commit $90 million to laos to clear unexploded bombs dropped during the vietnam war with millions remaining in the country. yesterday hillary clinton and donald hillary clinton was taking questions from reporters and donald trump was asking about money donated. here is hena daniels. >> reporter: hillary clinton enters the final stretch of the election season promising the media greater access to have campaign. she traveled to illinois and ohio yesterday.
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to ask her about the investigation into her email scandal. >> the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings is not in any way affect the commitment that i have and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> reporter: clinton sought to keep the focus on donald trump and his ties to russia. >> he urged the russians to hack more -- me. >> reporter: she di the energy to go to louisiana are mexico. >> trump also invited reporters on board his private plane in ohio where he refused to rule out amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: he denied his foundation made a contribution to florida attorney general pam bondi in 2013 who was considering in joining -- joining a fraud investigation
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the nominee says he will participate in all debates against clinton the first of which takes place at the end of the month. hena daniels, cbs news. >> donald trump campaigns in north carolina today and clinton in florida. remember the story of bo paske? he was travis rudolph's guest of honor last night. it is a great story. the real treatment ahead. and the tacos are gearing up for a super bowl 50 rematch. >> if you have a news tip we want to hear from you call our tip line at 303-863-tips or
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this is the news in your healthwatch as information about a decline in ovarian cancer deaths. researchers in europe safe oral contraceptive use has led to a drop in cancer deaths worldwide. if they also play a role. over year in cancer death rates in the us fell 16%. new scientific data from the netherlands suggests taking antibiotics early in life may raise the risk of developing allergies later on.
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of life were up to 41% at risk of eczema and more likely to develop hayfever. doctors in the cancer institute have found the heavier you are the better your chances of surviving kidney cancer. obese patients live longer in their disease progressing shortly -- slowly. we thought this story. >> wide receiver invited bo paske to the seminoles opener last night. hena daniels has the story. >> reporter: travis rudolph continues his winning streak on and off the field. one of his biggest fans, six greater bo paske cheers him on. >> travis rudolph is a great football player and a superstar. >> reporter: he made national headlines in this moment of
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five florida state players were visiting the school. when rudolph saw a bo sitting alone in the cafeteria. >> i saw him by himself. there was a spotlight in something clicked in my head. joke bo is autistic -- >> reporter: bo is autistic. >> i don't know what made -- him pick bo but i am so grateful he did. his superstar streak isn't over yet. on monday bo was invited to meet the entire team and watch the game receiving big hugs and got his own jersey. hena daniels, cbs news. florida state stage the biggest comeback in school
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it is time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> 58 in akron and 69 in burlington. 33 in mudville and 43 in a fun -- avon. we still fire danger concerns with a few popping up yesterday from jackson into the lower valley areas and off rest. dry conditions today with low humidity and a lot of dry vegetation. just be careful because one spark can do damage very quickly. we are dry in terms of moisture and the little bit through the southeast corner of the state but a lot of lining with snow in parts of san juan this morning. we have highs little thunderstorm activity later today getting some thunderstorms
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heavier rainfall and the slower moving storms coming through with hail and gusty winds. watch out because it could definitely bring localized flooding. you are going to stay dry today with some fog across the denver area with a little bit of drizzle in parts of the foothills with the chance of storms coming in later this evening. overnight tonight it will be cloudy with morning and clear skies with a bit of rain into parts of the san luis valley. for the rest of us, it should be a dry day tuesday said net pay dry weather -- setting up a dry weather pattern for us. 90s in the southeast and 80s on the western slope. aeropostale forecast has temperatures fairly mild in the
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our next front comes through on friday trapping us down to the 70s. here is a look at your drive out to the airport. coming from denver to almora -- aurora this is nothing that will slow you down with nine minutes on your drive from denver to thornton. the westbound direction into the 60s here ask and we had in tool and newton with bridgework on i-70. one is either direction of i-70 with the closure in place until they get it moved out of the way hopefully before the morning rush with c-470 nice and open. sixth avenue has speeds into
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. it will take you just 11 minutes. needing some ideas? check out this designer showhouse with a 1930s tutor home giving it a nice modern field. -- feel. >> this vaulted ceiling is something that existed so we not often found in new homes or old homes. >> denver life magazine is open september 10 every day. tickets are $20 but the benefit -- the benefit habitat for humanity. for information you can go to the broncos are two days from when they will show us if
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things together. >> the super bowl 50 rematch is this thursday with romi bean joining us now. >> reporter: in two days the denver broncos and carolina panthers will open the 2016 season with a super bowl 50 rematch. the roster looks different than it did in february when they dominated the panthers. the most notable change all off- season is the ne trevor siemian will formally introduce himself to the nation and make history along the way. now defending super bowl champion has ever started the next season opener with a quarterback with zero regular season pass attempts in the last former northwestern quarterback to start was otto graham in 1955 which was his
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puzzled many john alloway did not mince words. >> trevor is the guy. we have confidence that he can do the job. he has got a lot of support. i'm excited about this. i'm excited to se we are in good shape there. >> reporter: when siemian was asked how he feels, easily the biggest game he has played, siemian showed the same composed demeanor that caught in the top in the first place saying the panthers were going to be a great challenge and he is still getting text messages from his mom he needs to answer.
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opportunity last year, didn't he? >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of people have been saying he reminds me of peyton manning and he says similar things. you can tell the we only had one year trevor siemian soaked up every single day making him seem like more than just a second year cornerback in this league. -- quarterback this league. >> thanks, romi. >> you can hear more from romi bean next week on denver beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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tropical weather along the mexican coast has some businesses boarding up in case hurricane newton takes aim. it is made 3700 shelters along the coastal states. officials are warning tourists a possible flash flooding. newton could be over the
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peninsula. we were talking earlier if this area doesn't need anymore moisture. >> we could use it because we have some fire danger. 62 in denver and 63 in boulder. 43 and eight on and 33 in leadville. -- avon and 33 in leadville. on the eastern plains we have weather watchers reporting drizzle during that it this morning. western side of the state bob walker said there is some color starting to change with the fall colors developing. afternoon today we have fire danger high as we see gusty winds and low humidity today. significant cooler than yesterday with 80 in denver and greeley. let's check in with
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we are getting word of a 7 to 8 car accident toward peoria. we will try to get your pictures but here is i-70 and central park boulevard. it could be a mess with the westbound direction of i-70. right now out to i-225 we will be watching that. a group in alexandria, virginia climb to new heights. >> members of the group are leaving behind wheelchairs and putting on climbing gear. >> you will see a lot of people who come in a wheelchair and all of the sudden they leave the wheelchair behind. you cannot tell whether they have cerebral palsy or spina bifida. >> he founded catalyst sports
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with disabilities. eight year old mather was born with spina bifida but he made it up to the top and said he wasn't even tired. >> it felt really cool -- like i was flying, or something. >> they are determined to make it to the top. for many, this is a therapy needed to show them they can do anything they set their mind to . >> that is well done. >> news, we have shawn live this morning. >> reporter: fake broncos gear coming to colorado and we have a live report coming up. a cooler day ahead with lauren tracking our chances for afternoon storms coming up. residents want answers after carbon monoxide levels
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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> this is the news at 6 a.m. the president of the philippines decides to try to take back the cursing directed at obama. and jurors will deliberate the fate of the man accused of killing a colorado mother. things are said to cool off a little bit. it is still dark at 6 a.m. as we move into september. good morning, everybody. i am alan gionet. >> and i am kelly werthmann. let's get to lauren for a quick check of the forecast.


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