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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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new information on an accident that shut down my 25 this morning. we told you about this -- i-25 this morning. we told you about this on our morning news. this is near 104th avenue. a pickup was speaking in the hov lane and then it hits another pickup truck from behind. one truck rolled over and of the driver of the speeding truck died at the scene. two people were in the other truck and neither was reported
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a minivan collided with a motorcycle. both people were thrown from the motorcycle and died. no one was hurt in a minivan. it turned in front of the motorcycle. that investigation is still ongoing. now the campaign is moving to florida and virginia. donald trump's meeting with the mexican president is still generating headlines. chris >> united states and mexico share a border. >> reporter: he says the mexican president broke around rules when he discussed the proposal on the border. to i think we discussed it wouldn't be discussed. >> reporter: donald trump made a trip westmont to mexico in what looked like a softening of his immigration policy. hillary clinton says he came on
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mission from the beginning of his campaign, to demonize immigrants. >> reporter: both candidates are expected to spend much of their time in key battle states . clinton will be in florida and donald trump in virginia. hillary clinton answer questions about her email scandal for the first time in months. to i think when i went to the state department, i did security. >> reporter: trump agrees to attend all three presidential debates but says too much preparation can be risky. >> i've seen people prepare and then they get out and they choke. protect the first debate of september 26. chris boswell cbs news the white house. the continuing investigation on hillary clinton's email to branch off to a colorado company.
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a federal prosecutor to see if a company, plat river networks -- platte river networks helped in the deletion of hillary clinton thing else. check out all of the campaign 2016 information on our website, happening right now -- happening right now, president obama is in the middle of his historic visit to laos. the president called him a son of a blank and he canceled that meeting. he is now focused on north korea, them nation that -- the nation has fired ballistic missiles into the sea. he says this is dangerous. >> these are provocative actions.
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mistral's -- missiles are not just a problem for japan but to many nations in the region as well as the united states and europe. >> reporter: he wants to strengthen the sanctions already in place against north korea. former fox news channel anchor with the former ceo. she said she was let go when she complained about workplace harassment and turned it down his propositions. someone farrago the case has she will see -- will receive several million dollars. this woman is not convinced
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company is doing enough to keep their residence a pixie doesn't want to show her face but says she became violently ill. >> i felt like i was going to throw up. i was sweating in my heart was beating really fast. mary says she found the carbon monoxide levels were 50 times higher than what is deemed to be safe. a wreak in the -- a leak in the boiler room has been repaired since then. she wants to break a lease for the management comedy says no. the owner of the building is nota why the broncos are not talking about the super bowl when to start the new season. the horrifying damage vandals caused to an iconic rock formation at a park in oregon. watch what they did. there is
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here we go. with the apparently result, the denver broncos are now concentrating on the season opener against the panthers. a lot of people are calling this a super bowl rematch but that is not how the broncos see it work >> we're just talking about what's going on right now. as i told you guys yesterday, i new year and a new game. a lot of different things going
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on what is happening right now. we had two good days of practice in a row. >> a lot of the focus is going to be on trevor siemian who has never thrown a pass in a regular season game and only took one regular-season snap. that's a lot of pressure for a seventh round pick. our high pressure -- our weatherman is feeling high pressure as well, high pressure, low pressure. [ laughter ] >> i understand whether completely. i understand pressure -- i we have some low clouds and fog, drizzle and missed in a couple of places -- mist in a couple of places. we have some high-level cloud cover starting to thin out. 64 from jim bruce. he is starting out with what the rest of us are, clouds that are
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ahead of it 80s and behind it 60s. 70s tea -- to near 80 on the western slope. we have some low clouds still hanging around on the north eastern plains. there are some thunderstorms developing in some areas. this is a difficult one. we have high pressure to the south least -- southeast and low pressure to the north. all of combine to bring us our weather for the next few days. this hurricane hit land this morning at cobbles on lucas. nor -- cabo san lucas. you will stay high and dry in this area with a red flag warning.
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be some severe storms in this area. i think southeast colorado has the best chance for storms but we have to keep denver in there because we are right on the edge. there is futurecast as we go through the day. watch this clipping our southeastern corner. lamar probably has the best chance for thunderstorms. any storm that pops up today along the east of interstate 2511 chance for locally heavy rain and inli time to time. this will be the big threat from time to time today. it's cool in the northeastern country, mountains and western slope are pretty status quo as we go through the day today. here is the five-day forecast for denver, cool and unsettled. we have a chance for a few afternoon storms but it is really south any september that has the best chance for locally heavy rain.
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colder front coming in on friday. >> that could affect the football game. to we will have to watch that. spirit you can check out our storms in any other weather on a weather app. go check out cbs denver weather on your app store. this center outside of jamestown was hard hit with the 2013 flooding. there were many road for 34 years there had been nature experiences from cal would for -- cal-wood for children. >>we have done this for many years. >> it is a great cal- woodplace. you can still sign up to help
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new video shows us how a group of firefighters spent their labor day rescuing a dog. it fell into the water near eighth and look hand -- 8th and police in oregon are trying to identify a group of vandals who destroyed an iconic landmark. this is southwest of portland oregon. and tracy shows us more. >> reporter: a rock formation gone in mere moments that took centuries.
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destruction. the cell phone video was shot by david kalas. >> i thought, their nak yuen to push it down. this is a huge rock. and then you see in the footage that they just toppled the rock over. >> reporter: the iconic piece of sandstone was known locally as the ducks bill and was 7 to 10 feet wide. it is fenced off and has long been a destination for nature lovers and phra >> it breaks my heart. everyone knows that rock. so many people have grown up around that rock. >> -- >> reporter: they first thought it had fell due to erosion. >> it will be up to the state police to determine who did this and what to do about it. >> >> reporter: this is part of the 185 mile nature area. at least three teenagers have fallen to their death including
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drownings in the last two years. >> first, how can we be safer and secondly, how can we make it clear to people what is appropriate behavior. >> reporter: some say this was a safety hazard that he doesn't buy it work >> for them to have the intention of knocking over the rock for the sole purpose of being vandals is just making me upset. >> that was been tracy reporting.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado.
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and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. today dr. phil sits down with wendy and her daughter stephanie. wendy says stephanie is a bully and a thief. dr. phil wants to know is stephanie has realistic
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>> let's say we did that, got her all fixed up, shined her up and brought her home. and you were saying -- [ shouting ] -- that would become a problem again. >> yes, you have to understand i have been doing this for 20 i have been doing this for 23 -- 23 years. >> she's only 23. i will get back to you. >> what about stephanie's behavior? at 4:00. itt technical institute is shutting down all its campuses including two campuses in the metro area. what is behind that sudden closure? leading information as to what flu shots kids should get, tonight at 5:00. there was a fire danger on the net don't know -- on the
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we have locally have been -- locally heavy rain in this area and we probably in denver will stay mostly dry. check out the weather app for more information.
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? >> brooke: go ahead. say it. >> ridge: you sure about that? a lifetime commitment to bill spencer? >> rick: i already asked mom that same question, and she said yes. frankly, i think she's rushing into things. >> brooke: sweetheart, bill and katie have agreed on a divorce settlement, and will is gonna be fine. he's gonna be loved and protected. everybody's just moving on. >> rick: including you. >> brooke: i think it's time. don't you? >> rick: and you're okay with this? >> ridge: am i okay with what? with her marrying bill spencer?


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