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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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welcome to the cbs4 morning news. it's wednesday september 14 sergeant. this is the news. thanks for joining us this half hour. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. we love starting the day with you. let's get to lauren and figure out the forecast today. good morning, foggy start in colorado springs up north as well and out west into the and a half visibility. we'll talk about storm chances and warmer temperatures. good morning, we're talking about volume and accident on the highways. pretty good drive to the tech center. southbound coming into town as well, speeds into the 60s nine minutes from 120th to i-70. a woman is dead and denver
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the husband is a local pastor. jamie leary is live in the 14,000-block of east andrews in the neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning, police are not saying why they're calling this death suspicious but they indeed are. this is the home where the woman was found dead and a neighbor confirms that man was taken away in handcuffs and police are today and we'll learn more about the manner of death. police responded at 5:30 yesterday evening where they found the woman dead. the pastor called the police right after she was found dead and said something bad had happened. the neighbor said the pastor's wife was very sick and he never would have done anything to harm her.
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community and ask for them they will tell you he's a man of god. >> reporter: police won't say if they have anybody in custody right now. they say they're simply asking several people questions. so the investigation is ongoing. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thanks jamie. westbound 6th at i-70 is closed this morning as c-dot does emergency repair w bridge. the overpass was hit earlier this week. shawn chitnis live right now. what's up? not sure -- looks like his live shot is frozen. if you're headed west on 6th avenue that overpass which comes over to i-70 was hit earlier this week by a backhoe and has severe damage. parts of that this morning are shut down and we'll check in
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to talk about his meeting with denver's police chief. he spent nearly an hour yesterday with chief robert white and jeff todd shows us as both men had questions as marshall and other nfl players continue to protests during the national anthem. >> reporter: chief robert white says he met brandon marshall for 45 minutes tuesday morning. he came with a lot of questions about police conduct. >> why do they do which obviously i was in a position to give him a reasonable explanation. >> reporter: the broncos ask if marshall could meet with chief white. >> we have a couple things in common. both our mothers played a significant role in us growing up even though we're in different parts of the country. that was a productive conversation talking about our
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for moms and greeted with a warm reception. he said he will take a knee again. chief white just hopes the protests comes with action. >> it's always good to guf money but to spend his time actually talking to young people about making good decisions and not putting themselves in harm's way. we're going to give him a list of things that we think he can do working in partnership with our police department. >> chief white alsoed marshall on a ride along with police and offered to let him into the $300,000 simulator dpd has built. marshall is expected to talk about their time together today after the broncos practice. time now for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. we could be dealing with issues today. a few more thunderstorms this morning in the southern part of the state. we'll zoom in that direction near wilson burg and trinidad
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some thunderstorms and rain. looking at our visibility it's tough once again in many areas. south of denver as you head up north towards fort collins and east into the plains you will find fog this morning so be extra cautious. not quite as bad in the foothills. 49 in denver and 46 in greeley. 53 in burlington starting the day with 46 in avon. 52 in gunnison and telluride and 64 in grand junction. our weather watchers in north we your hour by hour forecast, by noon 70 degrees with cloud cover and sunshine this morning. we have a chance for afternoon and evening storms. so we'll time those out in a moment. all the lanes are closed in the westbound direction of u.s. six. traffic just getting by on the shoulder. remember this weekend that piece of construction equipment which took out a portion of the bridge at i-70. the lane closure does remain in place in the eastbound direction
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neck on this thing. you look at 6th avenue. allen and i were talking. a lot of folks getting on to i-70 anyway. if you want to avoid it all together you can come up similars out to colfax and over to 6th avenue in that direction or wait it out. crews are working there and taking it slower. here we are across the denver metro area. i-225 along c-470. we did get word from rtd have repaired the lines causing delays on e f, and h lines. they try to get everything back up to schedule so expect delays. some scammers are taking advantage of detective dan bright. we see how scammers are using his name to steal money. >> reporter: residents in
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back their disgust after the latest phone scam. september 2nd detective dan bright was shot by a suicidal man in parker. the community has united to honor the officer as he recoffers. now scammers are praying on that good will as they try to soly sit money for a bogus fund in the detective's name. >> he was a wonderf >> reporter: six people have reported calls in the last four days in douglas county. some have donated hundreds of dollars. the sheriff's office will never ask for money over the phone he says and the callers are professionals coming from overseas. >> there's going to be aggressive techniques that will be utilized. >> reporter: this hair stylist has her hair and nails painted blue in on nor of detective
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fund set up in his name. >> you can see our town is hurting from this. >> reporter: meanwhile she's asking all metro residents to hang up on the imposters trying to capitalize on the name of a brave detective. >> these people are giving from their hearts and in turn they're giving to some jerk trying to take their money. >> reporter: that's tom muston reporting a jefferson county custodian is facing sexting charges. he left notes for two middle school students in littleton. the notes complimented the girl's looks and told them to call him. they reported the 21 year old to school authorities. one of the students said he texted her nude photos of himself. now deputies want to know if other girls are victims.
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this is. so we're certainly asking parents who may see this broadcast to talk to their girls that go to either dutch creek or king carol and see if there's something they haven't come forward with yet. >> deal has one other arrest, a misdemeanor shoplifting charge that happened two years ago. a man is in jail in phoenix, arizona facing charges after he ran down two police officers outside a convenient sto officers are okay. they're going to recover here. this happened tuesday at 2:00 in the morning. here's a video. you see the car speeding towards the officers and one of them just goes flying. he was able to get up after being hit like that. he's now in serious condition in a hospital. the men are expected to recover. hena daniels has the latest on the phoenix officers. >> reporter: in this surveillance video you see the
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deliberately plows his car into three phoenix police officers. >> i'm outraged by this incident. this is a vie atlanta act on our police officers and it's simply unacceptable. our phoenix police officers were targeted. >> reporter: investigators say the cops were standing at a quick trip gas station oofs around 2 a.m. tuesday morning after responding to a call. a red sedan is seen speeding the officer seen thrown over the suv is a 33 year old rookie on his first night of patrol. he suffered a concussion but was able to wrestle the suspect to the ground. a sergeant on scene suffered a broken leg and a third escaped with scrapes and bruises. >> these officers could have been killed and i thank god we're not planning three funerals right now. >> the driver is accused of using his vehicle as a weapon
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attempted first degree murder. hena daniels, cbs news. you saw them struggling with him there. the officers used a tazer. he struggled violently. detectives say he may have been impaired. they don't have a clear motive for the attack. a school but driver in college park maryland is being called a hero for saving her students when the bus ride home turned into a harrowing moment. the bus went up in flames monday afternoon. check out thi warning light on the dash and the next the smell of smoke and then the fire. she was able to get the kids off the bus and she even went back on to make sure none of the students fell asleep. she is happy everyone is safe. >> my reward is my babies are safe. whenever i'm driving the kids they're my children until i drop
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parents. >> she cried and thanked god that all the kids were able to get to safety. >> way to go. 5:41 this morning. coming up next a recent studies says snapping selfies
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this is the news in your health watch. new research on why smoking may lead to heart failure. it thickens the walls of the
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4500 older adults and say a thicker heart can lead to heart failure even in people with no cardiovascular disease. european researchers say women who consume omega three fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed oil are at an increased risk of developing type two diabetes. the study involved 71,000 women over a 14 year period. nonoverweight women who acids per day had the highest risks. here's lauren with the weather. we have rain and thunderstorms in the southern part of the state and looking at a little bit of fog on the eastern plains. rain and snow near aspen and there's rain near the green river area near dinosaur national park.
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taking a look at visibility with fog, it's intense south of denver near colorado springs down to a tenth of a mile of visibility. it will be rough if you make that commute. as you head up towards fort collins, we have that fog into wyoming and out east into the plains. so just watch out because it's bad in some areas. 50 in limon. 49 in denver and 53 in burlington. 50 for boulder and steamboat and gunnison, looking apt our futurecast for today, seeing the rain continue down to the south and move to the eastern plains and kick out of here by lunchtime. then scattered storms in the high country by lunchtime as well. here in denver some scoot their way into the afternoon and evening hours and some may produce small hail along with heavier rainfall and we'll see these scoot out to the eastern plains where the storms are bigger. tomorrow morning still the possibility of more fog and we
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isolated storms tomorrow and clouds but overall a mellow day. 78 degrees in denver. 72 in burlington. a cool day in the high country with rain. 65 in frisco and aspen and 71 in craig. cool at the bus stop for the kids this morning. temperatures 48 degrees and clouds out there as well. not a terrible morning but maybe a sweat shirt morning. 75 degrees andso and cooler for friday. look at these cars from our cbs4 tech center cam as you make your way southbound. the drive times we're seeing slowing in the eastbound direction of 270. this is common this time of day. speeds dipping down into the 40s shortly. westbound along i-76 still seeing speeds into the 60s. don't forget mississippi is closed east of santa fe out to
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little work going on downtown near spear as you're making your way downtown. watch out for that. that piece of construction equipment is being halled by a semi that hit the bridge near i-70 and u.s. six. in the westbound direction down to one lane. c dot says expect long delays throughout the day. so if you would like to avoid that, you can head up on similars and cut colfax out to u.s. six or wait an extra 5-10 minutes on the commute. no delays on the a-line but major delays on the a, e and h lines. rtd says be patient over the next hour as they try and get everything back up to speed. today donald trump is
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to expand child-care benefits. hillary clinton is remaining home recovering from pneumonia one more day. hena daniels shows us how the trump campaign is looking to appeal to women. >> reporter: donald trump held up a baby moments after unveiling his plan to make child-care more affordable with his daughter by his side. the parents to allow child care deductions and maternity leave. >> we can provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother with a newborn child whose employer does not provide the benefit. >> reporter: his latest appeal to women comes less than two months to the general election. the latest new washington post
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clinton among white college educated voters. >> my opponent has no child care plan. she never will and if she evolves into a plan it will never get done. >> hillary clinton fired back on social media tweeting a link to her plan which provides 12 weeks of paid leave for working mothers and fathers. the democratic nominee continues to recover from pneumonia, president obama campaigned for r painted trump has no friend to the working class. >> he spent his life trying to stay as far away as he could from working people. >> clinton is returning to the campaign trail tomorrow. clinton's plan has been out for the better part of the year. bill clinton is campaigning for his wife today and donald trump says he will release details about his health.
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selfie can make you happier. we know celebrities enjoy snapping selfies and that's carried over to anyone you see on the streets but do these picks really make people happy? >> it's about how i'm feeling. >> i want to look good. >> confident in myself. you are complimenting yourself and showing people how you look. >> how often do you delete >> never. i'm confident. >> it's all about the angles. the research found the students who shamelessly snapped the picks were able to feel more comfortable and more confident.
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heffier rainfall this
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morning and then a chance for more thunderstorms and rain showers. some could get bigger on the eastern plains with hail and gusty winds. 49 for us in denver. 50 in the springs and leadville. nancy is our weather watcher west of ouray. she says they have dense fog in her area on the far eastern plains. that fog is thick in some areas east and south of denver. good morning, seeing good along parker road. southbound along i-25 speeds into the 60s and delays along the lines. they say they have them taken care of but expect delays the next half hour or so. 11-year old cameron is looking for a supportive, happy
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football drills. he's a devout broncos fan and passionate about axeling on and off the field. he works hard to stay focused in school because he knows that the key to his future. find out more about cam or any of the children looking for adoptive families. you can find all the information at you have to see this. a the five week old girl is at a panda base in central china. it was released by the china conservation and research center. the cub doesn't have a name yet but being called "little bean". she's the larger believe it or not of twins born on the 4th of august. >> that is a name of destiny
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is. 48 in denver this morning. jamie is live. >> reporter: a neighbor says her husband a pastor was placed in handcuffs. an important piece of the investigation being conducted today and what we expect to learn. i'm shawn chitnis live in golden where emergency repairs are happening along highway six. coming up, what you need to know about the closure in ae legacy high school hurt in the bus crash at dia is now out of the hospital. the message he's put out. a former wells fargo employee talks about the pressure of making sales after the banking giant fires thousands of employees for fraudulent accounts to reach sales goals. also ahead on cbs4 morning
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a friend says her husband, a pastor, is in custody. you could face some delays this morning if your drive takes you westbound on i-70 through golden. more wet weather after snow fell on the peaks nearests park. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. that snow is a sign of changing


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