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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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good morning, colorado families anxiously wait for the return of two coloradans fighting isis. we're live at union station where they will be coming home. tonight is legacy high school's homecoming game despite the deadly bus crash.
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warmer weather as we get ready for friday and the weekend and the big broncos game coming our way. the colts doled out the first loss to the broncos last season so we can almost taste the revenge. i'm britt moreno, thanks for joining us. let's get to dave and figure out what our forecast looks like for today. good morning, it's cooler today and warming up for weekend. sunrise has not happened yet. you can make out a little blue and orange starting show up there. 40 in most locations. 45 in green wood village and down in se dale ya this morning. a high of 72 degrees today. very comfortable and no sweat today. >> that's perfect right at 72 degrees. take a look at the accident this morning at 40th and pena boulevard. if you're heading out that
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traffic inbound to dia. breaking overnight, a car hits a man at federal and jewell badly injuring the man. police say he had serious injuries. the crash had federal and jewell closed a few hours this morning as officers investigated. good news is it's now open. officers say it's not a hit-and-run. the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. happening this morning, two coloradans killed fighting isis in syria colorado. the bodies of levi shirley and jordan mactaggart are returning. we first introduced you to shirley's parents back in july.
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should be. >> he had a just strong conviction about injustice in the world. >> jack's real goal was to become a u.s. marine but his eyesight prevented that. his family knew it would be dangerous but they supported him fighting in the kurdish militia. the blue angels pilot killed in a crash was flying too fast an the durango native died in june outside of nashville. he was practicing for an air show. they say weather and fatigue contributed to the crash as well. an f-16 jet from the u.s. air force thunderstorms birds crashed on the same day in colorado springs. the pilot in this case was ejected and walked away unscathed from the crash. we are expecting an
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the field after their bus crashed at dia on sunday. the driver of the bus carry chopper died. she veered off the road hitting a concrete pillar. 15 coaches and students were hurt. legacy plays prairie view tonight. they signed a large banner yesterday in support of legacy high. today tonight's game starts at 7:00. 6:04 on this traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. good morning, still the big bright moon opt west side of town almost behind the mountains. if you want to get out and take a look you still can. this is from highlands, ranch the harvest moon closest to the equinox next thursday. lots of sunshine at the bus stop this morning. 50 degrees or so and later a
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the day and a slight chance we might see an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. it's really a long shot to get moisture out of that. the weekend will be warmer and we'll have those numbers coming up in a bit. a lot of cars hoping to get that weekend going sooner. they have headed out to work early this morning. seeing the roadways load up but that's typical this time of day. we expect a lighter community this morning friday. seeing false returns eastbound along u.s. 36. both directions along i-270, the broader map, mississippi still closed out to broadway as they continue to lay concrete. as we get in, an accident on pena boulevard affecting traffic.
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radio. a man convicted of impersonating a police officer and assaulting a woman is heading to prison now. we have been following this story since the attack last fall. he approached a woman in denver and apparently started touching her claiming to be an officer. she showed a badge and she screamed and managed to scare him off. he was sentenced to a year and a half in prison and another year in county jail. vice president joe biden is supposed toea he spent some time at the university of denver last night for the annual core bell dinner honoring people who have made a global impact. biden told students the next president needs to deepen the united states' engagement with other countries, especially in the pacific. >> you need the informed consent of the governed.
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the force of isolationism. you have to acknowledge the fears and insecurities driving people that either way they're real. >> visit to see his hour long speech. maybe we should call this a change of heart. donald trump said recently president obama was in fact born in the united states so people are waiting to see if trump will say this publicly. he has long time said the president was not born in the u.s. hena hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump's apparent flip flop on the birther issue came after rival hillary clinton blasted his refusal to renounce the idea when he was interviewed by the washington post on wednesday. >> he was asked one more time, "where was president obama born"? and he still wouldn't say
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finger at clinton when she was running against obama in 2008. the campaign credited trump for resolving the matter. 0. >> hillary clinton slanders you as deplorables and i redeemable. >> reporter: with less than two months to the election a cbs news new york times poll locked in a virtual tie. >> hillary clinton will address the black women's agenda symposium in washington today. trump heads to florida for a town hall. trump is coming to colorado tomorrow. he is returning to colorado springs for a campaign rally. the eventually is at the jet centers on aviation way starting at 7:30 at night. we will have a report that night on cbs4 news at 10:00.
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satellite is launching into orbit from the air force base in california. lift off is scheduled for around 12:30 our time. the world view satellite is essentially a giant camera, about the size of a ford pick up truck. it's supposed to take high resolution photos from outer space. lockheed martin in littleton built the satellite. digital globe, a colorado based imaging operate the satellite once it reaches orbit. flying burritos could be a thing of the future. new video as researchers start testing drone delivery for chipotle customers. workers make the food on a truck in virginia and then drones fly them to hungry customers. this is all part of a special partnership at virginia tech. the delivery is only available
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participate in the project. >> it says a lot about the work that virginia tech does to improve tech knowledge. they find it to be a good place to try it out. >> it's pretty cool hon testily. i don't think any other restaurant does that. >> they can fly some over here to cbs4. we'll take them. researches hope to apply the technology to deliver things like medicine and batteries after a natural disaster. next on the
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the bodies of levi shirley and jordan mactaggart are
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morning. >> reporter: yeah, these families describe the two men as selfless. they were only in their 20s fighting against isis. they weren't officially in the military, they have no problem with the honors presented to their families this morning saying they were fighting for the right side. they joined the people's protection units, the main kurdish group battling isis in he grew up in arvada, colorado and hoped to become a u.s. marine but his eyesight kept him from doing so. jordan mactaggart attended high school in castle rock. he was killed back in august, just 27 years old. his family will be presented with flags this morning around
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with them at that time. thank you very much. time now for a check of weather and traffic at 6:14 starting out with dave in the friday forecast. yeah, sunrise is after about 6:40. still a while for that this morning but looking good already. a few clouds but a lot of sunshine once you get going. speaking of color, take a look at the flat tops near look at the aspens changing. this year they're a week or so early. they usually peak the last week of september and first week of october. might be nice to take a drive up there. current temperatures, 29 in craig and 46 in boulder now. shelby majors is one of our weather watchers in fort
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burlington. two-inch diameter hail causing problems there. behind the front we have cooled things off a bit and stabilize the atmosphere here with drier air coming in. so our chances for thunderstorms although they're there, they're really small today. this high over las vegas today will start to move in and give us a warm weekend. i couple build ups in the mountains but it's a shot we get much moisture out of there. 77 tomorrow and it's going to feel like summer on sunday. 85 degrees for the big broncos game with mostly sunny skies and joel, we keep the trend going through monday and tuesday as well. we're not done with the 80s yet. i think we're done with the 90s though the way things look. >> i think we're done with 80s. the speeds in the 80s at least. down into the 40s and 50s now
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center. speeds into the 50s coming into town. ten minutes from thornton to denver. we have seen the slowing showing up on the roads showing false returns there westbound along i-76 looking great as well in the eastbound direction. as you approach i-70 you have the toll lanes that are open, the hov lanes there but you really don't need them. they're all going the same exact speed except these people are get to the east of santa fe out to broadway and we do have an accident on 40th at pena and look at that. in the outbound direction there's slowing on the approach. could be curiosity slowing as you're typically on the bridge over 40th. looking along i-70 loading up as you make your way into town in the eastbound direction. looking great and westbound making your way out to i-25, that is 9-minute drive.
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of samsung's galaxy note seven. this is the news this friday morning. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange for us. good morning, jill. >> good morning, yesterday the markets rallied the and dow rose 177 points. soaring apple shares and the future is pointing to a lower open. the new iphones go on sale officially today. be warned, the more expen out as is the seven in jet blook black. you can order all models online. you have to wait a bit. other retailers may have them in stock. u.s. regulators have issued a recall for 1 million samsung galaxy phones. dozens of phones caught fire while charging. some exploded. the owners could get a refund to
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never ending pasta pass sold out in a minute. 21,000 were available this year. the pass costs 100 dollars and good for 7 weeks of unlimited pasta. 21 passes will be available on ebay and they will be auctioned off and the winners proceeds will go to charity. >> that's so nice to hear, thank you for that jill, have a nice friday. top stories for today. new vi today. they have been stuck in the customs area for several days waiting to deliver aid. leaders have placed blame on the syrian president for this stall. the deliveries are part of the u.s. backed cease fire deal which took effect days ago. u.s. leaders say there's violations on both sides. a new york detective is recovering from a meat cleaver attack in new york city. this all started when two officers found him trying to
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yesterday. he apparently pulled out the weapon and ran off. police of course chased him down and officers say he attacked a detective with an 11 inch meat cleaver. police say they had to shoot him and they did wound him. the broncos have their sight set on a 2-0 start. we play the colts this sunday and all the players say number 13 is calm and poised. broncos against carolina and von miller wants to sack andrew luck for the first time this weekend. watch the game right here on cbs4. kick off is sunday and we'll check in with romi later on in the show.
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445 children die from leukemia in 2014 but brain cancer killed 544. a female hormone may protect women from the flu. progesterone appears to reduce inflammation and repair damaged lung cells. it's found in most forms of
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dave is tracking the forecast on the 4's here. good morning, put your hoodie on, it's cold out there. 44 degrees this morning. if you're traveling across the nation, looking good. las vegas and miami looking good. if there's anywhere with severe thunderstorms this morning, we have had big ones going through north texas and parts of new mexico and oklahoma slowing you down. later this afternoon up here i minnesota could have severe weather there as well. but that's it, nice across the country. joel, we're looking at 72 for our high today. very nice day of the week. >> if you're heading to the airport, why are you leaving cle kol? but if you have to, good drive eastbound getting over i-25 inbound along pena looking good. so in the outbound direction on your way to i-70 looks like it's
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the eastbound direction along i-70 from i-225 speeds in the lower 50s. we're trying to get everybody through friday to make it to sunday to the big broncos game. your coverage is right here on cbs4. the new plan to fight heroin and opiate addictions affecting so many american families. can you >> yes. [ laughter ]
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good morning, this is the news at 6:30. a live look outside. the weather could be perfect for kick off this sunday when the broncos host the colts at mile high. dave you're getting no complaints over this weekend forecast. kayly is weather watcher this morning. if you look at the satellite and radar, there's not much going on. we have there's a live look from our library cam. blue skies and sun sunshine. there's the satellite there for you. temperatures in the 40s so a cool start to the day. joel, i can't wait to see how katie does the forecast coming
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their story are considered as heroes. they will be arriving amtrak after 7:00. it took extraordinary efforts to get their bodies here but they're finally coming home. the two men died separately in combat in the main kurdish group battling isis in syria.
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jordan mactaggart was 22 years old. more details on the honors getting ready to be presented to the bodies of these two young men and their families happening in just a little bit here. we're continue to go follow the story, live at union station, jamie leary, cbs4 news. right now an organized crime ring is targeting mothers in the metro area. the thieves are calling the felony lane gang and need is a checkbook and thousands of criminals go missing. they hope the teller can't notice.
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increase in cases like this. women are being advised to be aware of their surroundings and not leave any belongings inside cars. happening now, police have new video of a man accused of starting a fire outside the boulder furniture and mattress store on pearl street. someone shot video wednesday night. the man set a stack of mattresses on fire. the flames did not damage the building. happening today, congresswoman will talk about colorado's opioid epidemic. she'll make the case for bringing more federal funds to state and local efforts. her speech is in denver. data shows colorado's second worse among states for prescription drug misuse. right now president obama is pushing for a new plan to fight deadly heroin and oip yacht addictions. a justice department plan calls for law enforcement to identify
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networks across the nation it also directs prosecutors to share more information across state lines. the justice department derek tive will be sent to 94 attorney offices next week. here's some positive news. skiers are praying f sights like this. check out the frosting. we continue seeing snow in the high country a week before the official start to fall. the arapahoe base posted pictures of a dusting of white powder yesterday. we loved seeing photos of snow and fall colors so keep sending those in. you may see them up here on the news. it's 6:34 on the dot. we're so excited because our junior weather watcher kayly is
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face. >> this is kayly and she's one of our new jr. weather watchers. if you have been watching every friday we have had a few of these guys come in. kayly, you wanted to do the forecast this morning? >> yes. >> what do you love about weather? >> i love it, it's really interesting and really cool to watch. >> it is indeed. should we get started? tell us what's going on. >>t' in wheat rinl it's 48 and 45 in morrison. >> this is the clicker we usually hold. see the green arrow. i'll let you drive the bus so hit that green arrow and give us the futurecast. >> okay the futurecast. >> showing a couple of isolated storms there. >> yep. >> but no big deal today. kayly tells you it won't be a big deal. >> so it's 74 in fort morgan and 72 down in denver and 71 in
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not too hot. what grade are you in. >> fifth grade. >> if i'm waiting for the bus, what does the bus stop look like this morning? >> the forecast today is lots of sun sunshine and 50 degrees. >> all right. you did awesome, kayly. do you want to say hi to your friends in school? >> hi good morning, kayly is our junior weather watcher and you would like to be one, sign up at get your mom and dad and all you need is a rain gauge and a thermometer. it's easy. come in and join up. >> she did an outstanding job this morning. here's cbs4 tech center cam and you can see the volume traveling through. it's hard to follow children.
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11 minutes on the drive from thornton to denver. taking a look at our mousetrap cam. pointed to the west you can see the traffic making their way into the eastbound direction from the foothills into town. we see the slowing along northbound i-25. 40th and pena slowing southbound along i-25 but if like kayly you're coming in from morrison along 285 should be a good drive to slow down if you're making your way into town. heads up along mississippi is closed there east of santa fe out to broadway as they continue to do road work there. happening now, c-dot's fall festival dui enforcement is underway. it runs for five weeks. officers on duty are looking out for drunk or high drivers. officers arrested more than 1400
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you can tour denver's historic baker neighborhood tomorrow. they have nine stops including the historic station number 11 built-in 1936. it has original brick and hard wood floors and the original fire pole. >> still has the original style by fold doors on the building whenever horse drawn steam engines ran out of the house you can tour fair mont elementary copal church of saint peter and st. mary. the tickets are $20 and the proceeds benefit the baker neighborhood association. plenty of live music opportunities this weekend. a big tribute concert for free and a band celebrating a major milestones. brett saunders breaks it down in our cbs4 concert calendar. how about a trip back to the 1980s saturday night at the
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0. >> reo speed wagon, deaf le def leopard and tesla. that's at the pepsi center on saturday night. on sunday the soft spoken powerful songwriter and singer, ray lamont lined up at red rock. you can find out shows at new incite into the deadly blue angels crash that killed a colorado nba tiff. the show of support ahead of tonight's legacy high school homecoming game. a look at the love for the coaches and players hurt in the deadly dia bus crash. the broncos hoping to beat the colts this sunday at home. i'll break down what the teams
6:40 am
here's michael spencer talking about the broncos defense. andrew luck has proved over the years it's not just luck, he's protestorty good. he's one three of his four meetings against the broncos. the broncos sacked him just one time. in the game they won, they sacked him three times. the broncos defense knows it has its hands full come sunday. >> over my years going up against him, the respect h i've given it to him. he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. i haven't had a sack on him yet. i got close but he just has that knack for keeping his eyes down field and feeling defense and still making great passes. this year he looks even better. >> broncos and colts sunday afternoon at mile high. the rockies back in town starting a six game home stand
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weather and traffic on the 4's together. what a gorgeous day we have underway already. there it is, the sun is rising out there and it's going to be a great day. a lot of broncos blue and orange going on this morning. let's look at some of our temperatures going on this morning. downtown it's 45 but bob in glenwood springs is coming in at
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i wish it was 50. here's the forecast for today. in some locations a few isolated storms in the foothills making their way into denver but drier air and much more stable air that is over the area so we'll be in the 70s today and a slight chance of storm today. 61 in estes park and evergreen. 74 in greeley and 72 in denver today. very comfortable and joel, by the time we get to sunday for the big broncos game, we may have a high of 8 hands. it will feel like summer towards the end of the weekend. >> that's a little warm for football but we'll take it. mousetrap cam southbound coming into town, it's slowing down. we have a new accident southbound along federal at louisiana. speeds into the 40s and 30s but not too bad. federal and jewell is back open now after a vehicle hit a
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hit-and-run. the driver did stay on the scene and is cooperating with this investigation. it's a tough morning here in colorado for two families as their loves ones bodies return home. two coloradans were killed fighting isis. the bodies of levi shirley and jordan mactaggart arrive at union station. >> reporter: good morning, big deal for these families. these two young bodies finally returning home. their caskets won't have military escorts. they were consider heroes my many. they joined the people's protection unit, the main my la sha group battling isis. shirley was 25 and died back in july when a land mine exploded. his family said fighting isis was his calling. he grew up in ar va but and
6:47 am
eyesight kept him from doing so. jordan mactaggart was killed in isis and he was only 22 years old. friends posted video tributes calling him a hero. >> i just want everyone to know he's the greatest fighter you ever will meet. >> there's no flag flying at half staff for my son and there should be. for injustice in the world. >> it took extraordinary efforts to get the two bodies of the two men here but again, they're finally returning home. the u.s. congressmen will be on hand who helped with the trans port of the bodies from syria. >> that is a tough story to report, thank you for that. new this morning, investigators say pilot error
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from colorado. a new report out shows durango native flying too fast and too low back in june practicing for an air show outside of nashville. investigators say he was acting strangely the morning before he died. they also say weather and fatigue contributed to the crash. a man is suing denver police and the fbi for $10 million in a case of mistaken identity. steven tally claims officers accused him of robbing two banks. police say they got a tip two years ago that the man in the swants videos was him. the 46-year old says reported calls prove he was at his job at the time of the crime. he says a full swat team showed up at his home and took him into custody. >> they body slammed me down. i had five or six people on me. one guy was on my face. and then several men were
6:49 am
wrenching them back behind. >> tally lost teeth, suffered broken ribs and look at this bruising. police dismissed the case then arrested him a second time claiming they had new evidence. police dropped that case as well. tally says he is now homeless and fighting to win back his life. investigators still looking for that bank robber. this is the news in campaign 2016. donald trump is trying to get past controversial comments made by the republican nominee years ago. remember when he questioned if president obama was born in the united states? now he's had a change of heart. trump's campaign released a statement signalling he's no longer a belief, a belief that he's held for years now. earlier in the day hillary clinton criticized trump for refusing to say publicly the president was in fact born in the united states during an
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post. >> he still wouldn't say, "america". this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness and bigotry? >> you think your birther position has hurt you among african americans? >> i don't know, i have no idea. it don't talk about it anymore. >> the clinton campaign is calling on trump to publicly disavow his birther comments. tonight legacy high football players will play their homecoming game despite sunday's deadly bus crash. the bus driver carrie chopper veered off the road and slammed into a concrete bridge pillar. 15 opportunities and three coaches were also hurt. legacy plays prairie view tonight. students at that school signed a large banner yesterday in support of legacy high. tonight's game at north stadium
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also supporting legacy high school. members of the westminster high school team brought deserts during the team dinner last night. that's so nice to see. the broncos are looking to pick up another win this sunday taking on the colts right here on cbs4 at 2:25 on sunday and the game could really be a big test for the broncos. it's been a good match up in years past. >> you're right, it's been a good match in the past. more so for the colts. for the fifth time the broncos face the colts, more like andrew luck and the colts. the broncos are 1-3 in the previous four meetings with the colts and the biggest problem is still the same. beeting andrew luck. how tough is it? -- -- beating. the denver broncos defense
6:52 am
the remainder of the season with a lacerated kidney yet the colts still won, 27-24. >> the one thing about this guy, he's so tough and strong. that's part of his game, sitting in there holding the ball until the last second getting it gone. a lot of speed and very dangerous from that standpoint when he extends plays it gets difficult. so ovenly they got it done against him l good job. >> what do the broncos need to do to beat the colts this sunday? the defensive backs have to hold their coverages longer because luck is holding on to the ball and taking punishment in order to make a play. because luck isn't afraid to take a hit from the legs most feared defenses, theestiest way to keep him from scoring is to keep him off the field. trevor siemian's biggest job is
6:53 am
the field. last week lions quarterback stafford had a field day with the secondary. he went 31 for 39 for 343 yards and 3 touchdowns. this means trevor siemian could have the opportunity to throw more than the 26 times he did in last week's opener and show us more what he's got. >> what's the biggest thing we should be afraid of with andrew luck and the colts? >> luck scores. if he's on the last week they lost to the lions 39-35 but when you score 35 points, you're expected to win so the goal is this game for the broncos offense to use the clockwisely by combining their run and passing game. the more you can keep andrew luck off the field, that's the easiest way to keep him from scoring. >> got it, romi. i also read von miller has yet to sack luck so this could happen this weekend. all eyes on that field.
6:54 am
report. hear more from romi on denver sports 760. trending this morning, a houston teen hears her mom's voice for the very first time as she gets an implant and a camera caught the heartwarming moment. >> can you hear my voice now? yeah? >> can you hear my voice? >> yes. [ laughter ] 0. >> these are tears of joy i think. hearing something beyond a muffle for the first time in her life, they still cry when they see the video. she had profound hearing loss before the implant so doctors wanted to determine if her right ear is a good candidate for a second implant. it's time now for weather and traffic on the 4's. let's start with dave and the friday forecast.
6:55 am
thanks for bringing that to us. a look at the sunrise this morning. it's great to get up. that's the only good thing about getting up this early. you get those great sun rises. 45 degrees now. a lot of people wondering about the big broncos game. kickoff at 225 and mostly sunny skies. 85 degrees is the temperature when we kick off and we don't have a chance of rain so it should be dry for you out there. in the meantime, getting through 29 in craig now. 34 in von in greeley and fort collins. in hunter our weather watcher in north glenn coming in at 46 and he said "great job on your weather report, kayly." she was on earlier this morning. here's a look at the front that came through yesterday. drier, more stable air coming in today. high pressure for the weekend and really starting to heat up. should have a high of 72 today
6:56 am
storm this afternoon. warmer saturday and sunday, 77 tomorrow and isolated storm late and mid 80s on sunday coming back into play with mostly sunny skies and the 80s hold on through tuesday. >> love to hear that. you will love this drive heading out. speeds into the 40s and 30s. here's our mousetrap cam with the volume loading up the denver metro area, loading up in usual spots but the one side street accident is southbound along federal as you get to louisiana. if you're heading up into the high country, keep your eye on the road if you're the driver and pull off to the side if you want to do the peeping. >> just a friendly reminder there. it's friday time to meet our pet of the week. this is little turnip. she came to the max fund with a bad eye so she had it removed
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who can say no to the puppy in the sweater. max fund is the place to go.
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happy anniversary dinner, darlin' ,, can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump reignites controversy over his stance on president obama's birth pl was born in the united states, but trump, himself, refuses to answer the question. the government blasts samsung and records the recall of nearly a million smartphones and people are urged to stop using them immediately because of the risk of explosion. and what is inside your tattoo? the fda warns about dangerous side effects from ingredients also used in printer ink and car paint. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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