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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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coming up. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. let's get get to lauren now. summer is here and going to feel like it today. yes, we're in the final days of the summer season but it's going to feel like we're in mid july right now. clear skies to start the day. a few clouds in parts of the foothills but that's it. we're talking about heat and a cool down coming up in a moment. hey, it's a great drive across the denver metro area. on the highway we're crash and stall free and speeds into the 50s and 60s traveling both directions through commerce city. passengers stuck last night on a plane that veered off the runway at our airport. they're safe this morning in reno. the flight landed up in a grassy area. passengers tell us the brakes failed and the pilots had to use the emergency reverse engines.
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the fbi questioning five people right now pulled over in a car on a highway in brooklyn last night. the discovery of five devices in a backpack in a train station in new jersey. all this rocked a manhattan neighborhood on saturday night. the question now is all of this related? >>reporter: authorities in new jersey suspended train service overnight after a backpack with five suspicious devices inside was found in elizabeth. the city's mayor says one device went off unintentionally as the bomb squad began inspecting it. the nypd took several people into custody during a traffic stop in brooklyn in connection to saturday's egs mroegs in new york's chelsea neighborhood. this shows people running for cover after the pressure cooker bomb was set off.
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a second pressure cooker device found four blocks away was disassembled yesterday. city officials are not calling the incident an act of terrorism. >> we have a lot of work to do to say what kind of motivation was behind this. >> some intelligent experts are pointing to connections between the attack here in chelsea and the boston marathon bombing. >> a device was used in the 2013 marathon attack but unlike that one, the devices found york had cell phones attached. >> that's a step up in sophistication from what we saw here in boston. that gives them the ability to detonate the thing from anywhere. it's very troubling. >> investigators are trying to figure out whether the chelsea bombing is connected to a bombing saturday in new jersey which may have used a cell phone as a trigger. hena daniels, cbs news. the remain bombs are taken
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virginia for further study. the five people taken to custody are being questioned now in the fbi building in lower manhattan. family and friends honoring the life of a mother of four killed while driving a school bus full of students and coaches last week at the airport. jamie leary is loouf at cross roads church in north glenn where this woman's funeral is going to be held tonight. >> reporter: good morning, the community has really been rallying around the family of the 43 year old bus driver. the memorial service will be held here tonight and just the last six days this community has raised over 25 thousand dollars to help with funeral expenses. there's still questions though to what actually happened that led to the crash. the coroner told her that she may have had a heart attack. this was a surprise to him. his wife had no known health issues at the time of the crash. bus drivers are required to
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transportation medical exam every two years. she passed the exam back in may. she was a grandmother and mother to four children had been working for the district for four years. josh said she absolutely loved her job. the memorial is open which means anybody can come and pay respects here at cross roads church tonight at 6 p.m. a link to the gofundme page can be found on our website at the investigation is still ongoing. officials have yet to release a cause of live in thornton, jamie leary, cbs4 news. thank you very much. let's get a check now on weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. 5:34 on this monday morning. >> good morning, let's look at temperatures outside. 53 in burlington. 62 in denver. 48 in greeley and 59 in boulder and in the mountains there's cool spots. 30 degrees and 33 in alamosa. 39 in avon and 53 in grand junction. our weather watcher jim
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canyon this morning with thin clouds out. that's nice and one of the only places with clouds this morning. there's a bit in larimer but the rest of us are on the clear side and looking to stay that way. a nice morning for the kids at the bus top. 59 degrees and nice start to the day in the high country. maybe you need a jacket there. good morning, as you head out across the denver metro area you will really like the drive. this at airport boulevard seeing more volume in the town. eastbound out to the airport looks great. on the highway no big accidents to talk about. ongoing road work along c-470 to the south of 285. very typical this time of day as they do repaving operations. north of i-70 at federal and 50th, a bad accident along there and expect delays to remain for the next quarter hour or so. this morning grief counselors will be on hand for
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school in lafayette because of the death of one of its students. people are mourning the loss of 18-year old lebron dan receives who kol laptsed while running in a 5k in broomfield. the school says it's working to organize some type of vigil for him. longmont high school and fort collins high school students also have grief counselors on hand this morning to deal with the loss of a married couple killed in a crash on friday on-2 highway 34. both were not wearing seat belts when it happened. he worked at long monday high school and his wife worked afort collins high school. they were thrown from the vehicle after it rolled over. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be a factor. a young child believed to be two years old survived the crash because the toddler was strapped into a car seat. a six-year old girl in
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sales from this lemonade stand to help her friend seriously injured in a fire. we told you about the fire last week that left a house charred. firefighters rescued the girl inside after finding her hiding in a closet. more on the mission by a close friend. >> reporter: can i please have a lemonade? you might expect most six year olds to be playing outside on a sunday afternoon but up apple juice and apple cider to help her best friend. >> she's going to be in the hospital for a while longer? >> at least a few more weeks. she was rescued from her closet at this lakewood home. >> everyone got out fine. except for her. >> reporter: a gofundme page shows natalie still has a long way to go.
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>>reporter: her dad served as her right hand man throughout the day but setting up the stand was her idea. >> she knew what she wanted. we helped her set it up. >> and you helped me pour it rfrjs as the donations came pouring in dad says he felt proud. >> proud of course but that's her. >> reporter: west metro fire came by old. >> thanks for saving my friends. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: as she continues to raise money she knows the first thing she plans to do when natalie gets better. >> hug her. >> that's awesome. she's raised $350 and going to set up the lemonade stand again this afternoon. tonight denver city council members hope to move forward on
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there's a proposed reading and city council members pass two measures last week a proposed $150 million plan raising property taxes and developer fees to build affordable housing. an alternate measure delays the fees by a year. the council revisits the plan tonight at 5:30. this year will mark two decades since jonbenet ramsey was murdered. still no one has been charged and there have been many tonight rick sallinger takes a look at the official investigation and where it stands today. . >> reporter: nearly 20 years since the terrifying call for help. >> we have a kidnapping. hurry please. >> reporter: a grand jury wanted to charge the girl's parents but now the family has been cleared. >> we would love to solve the case, file charges and pursue it. >> reporter: are boulder police any closer to finding the killer
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up. >> watch the latest on the jonbenet ramsey investigation tonight at 10:00 right here on cbs4. on this monday morning we're starting what will be a very warm day. right now 62 degrees in denver. >> it's still september. lauren is coming up with the latest. also the hugs going around after one saved the other boy. what happened ahead. the broncos d dominated as they crushed the colts. i'll you what's next for the broncos.
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welcome back. warnings out this morning about a popular painkiller and children. pediatricians are urging doctors to stop prescribing codeine to kids. there's evidence linking government researchers are linking depression and gestational diabetes. scientists say women who feel depressed during the first two trimesters nearly double their chances of developing gestational diabetes. the risk is even higher for depressed pregnant women who are obese. some parents are skipping out on spoon feeding and letting babies feed themselves solid
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not more likely to choke than babies fed the old traditional way but researchers remind parents not to offer foods considered a choking hazard. new video shows a historic discovery made by rtd crews. they uncovered a century old bridge. have a look at that. cool stuff. crews stopped construction so at it. it was built back in 1911 and buried in 1951 for another project. after checking it out the crews were approved to keep working around the area. we'll kick it over to lauren this morning. good morning, a live look outside from photographer eddy castro, our moon this morning. clear skies and you can get a nice view of that to start off
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monday of the summer season. fall starts thursday officially. 62 in denver and 38 in greeley and 53 in burlington. 39 in avon and 37 in leadville and 34 in craig and 53 degrees in grand junction. a little windy now and we'll see the winds pick up across the front range and eastern plains throughout the afternoon. let's look at our satellite and radar. we're quiet and unseasonably warm today. a tropical storm south to the baja area. this is making its way to the baja and hit land tomorrow night. moisture streaming up into the desert southwest and some of that heading into colorado. across the front range more cloud cover. some rain from that and looking at our futurecast for today, high pressure dominates today so we're dry, warm and sunny and temperatures well above average.
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breeze and tomorrow afternoon a chance of more clouds streaming in our direction. overnight tonight some of the clouds from the tropical storm are heading up in this direction. some of those in the denver area as well but the moisture is confined to the south and southwest. temperatures today, 91 in denver. 89 in greeley. 89 in burlington. 89 in grand junction and we have had so many beautiful pictures of the fall colors the weather center so keep them coming. 89 degrees by 2:00. tomorrow upper 80s and a few more clouds and mostly sunny skies on wednesday. still some rain in southern colorado and cooler by friday in the 70s. . i-70 and airport boulevard this morning. look at the volume we have picking up as you make your way into town. maybe you're heading into the airport.
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four way stop. a closure at mississippi east to santa fe and a broad and a mess through there. ongoing paving work going on and then an auto pedestrian accident that police are investigating right here at 50th and federal. no closures in place or at least full closures but heavy police presence so expect delays. here are the drive times from the west. i think you will like it this morning. eastbound from c-470 to i-25 taking you back to new york city this morning as we have concerns about the possibility of her errorism. right now authorities are out pseudoa store in elizabeth, new jersey this morning. do we have a live picture yet? let's go back to it this morning. we're watching what's going on in elizabeth because there was a discovery of explosive devices that happened overnight. one of them detonated as a police robot was working with
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are taken to the fbi headquarters. the new york police department is now looking for a 28-year old suspect for questioning in the new york city blast over the weekend that injured more than two-dozen people. so we're following all of this this morning and we'll keep updated on breaking developments. earlier this month a ten year old boy saved a classmate duri choking. now the two are okay and sharing what happened. they are fifth graders in milton, vermont. here's how the boys described what happened after one choked on a grape. >> i put it in the side of my cheek and took a sip of milk. the milk carried it down. i didn't know what he knew. i was just really scared.
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people and did the heimlich. >> the families of both boys share plenty of hugs when they get together and now also share a special bond and are thankful for mishawn's quick thinking for saving liam. the broncos were on fire yesterday. the team faces the bengals next and the offense still have some work to do . >> they did okay. >> they did well yesterday. >> of course there was hugging going on between the defense and andrew luck too. romi is joining us in the studio now. the defense helped pull out a win against the colts. >> hugging is a good way to put it, alan. >> reporter: after yesterday if there was any doubt in anyone's mind if the broncos could repeat as super bowl champions just as they powered last season's
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concern away. the broncos d scored five touchdowns and at it gun sunday as defensive players scored two of the broncos three touchdowns on the way to a 34-20 over the colts. the fist defensive touchdown, aqib talib's 46-yard interception for the score that broke up a scoring game that saw the ball moving the fourth quarter and seemed to get things rolling for the broncos. shane ray finished things off just under two minutes to play when he scooped up a fumble von miller forced with a hit on andrew luck. he returned it 15 yards for the game's final score. the broncos sacked andrew luck just once in last year's lost to the colts but yesterday they sacked him five times including
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von miller. running back cj anderson now has eight touchdowns scored the broncos only touchdown on offense and powered a run game that pounded out 134 yards. that has to make coach gary kubiak happy. another thing, he kept the heat off trevor siemian who was only sacked once. the biggest concern is if demarcus ware will be able to play against the bengals. he will doctors after an arm injury. >> not to be a negative but there were wild passes tossed out there that were inaccurate. so what is the next step for the quarterback? >> overall he did a great job. he did have that one play he would like to get back and that
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say "you're not in college anymore" type of play. college players don't move as fast. overall he did well. biggest thing is finishing the drive with touchdowns but this is only his second game and to improve from two interceptions to 0 s 0 is a really good step
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a traffic alert this morning. heavy police presence at youngs town, that's a mess of that drive in the eastbound direction making your way into town.
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alternates on this. at least it's a nice morning and we're not worried about weather. 64 in denver and 59 in boulder and ouray. 33 in alamosa and 53 in craig. a few clouds in larimer county. clear and quiet across the state and will be warm today. 91 in denver. 88 in boulder and fort collins andey and 80s so the west. hot today because there's high pressure dominating the west but a cool down by the end of the week. this area of low pressure moving over and much cooler temperatures by friday so all this cold air is sinking from the north and we'll be down into the 70s. some areas only in the 60s this weekend. i want to get back to breaking news now. the fbi in new york has put this picture out. this is a picture of a man they
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with explosions saturday in chelsea that injured more than two-dozen people. he is 28-year old rahami. investigators believe he is part of a terror cell and consider him extremely dangerous. suspicious devices found over the weekend in new jersey and manhattan. we will continue to follow this developing story happening in the northeast. 62 in denver. the top of the hour. that was an ex-employees overnight as police tried to disarm a bomb in new jersey. the latest breaking news on this constantly changing story. we have details on a memorial service being held
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. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. breaking fuse out of new york city this morning. the fbi has released a picture of a man they want to talk to in connection to the explosion in chelsea. this is 28 year old ahmad khan investigators believe he may be a part of a terror cell. they consider this man extremely dangerous. this is after fbi agents conducted a traffic stop on sunday in connection to the new york explosion that happened on saturday. in this instance up to five people were detained. >> no word of charges yet. also breaking this morning, police found five explosives in


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