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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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comes as a huge relief to him and his entire family. the sheriff's office was able to take jeffrey collins into custody in broomfield this evening. she accused of that brutal attack on monday night. investigators say she was trying to help the teen who was stranded with two others by allowing them to wait for a ride inside her mountain home. collins report thely wanted to steal her -- reportedly wanted to steal her car culpa with a fire poker. her son curtis got the news sitting next to his mother. >> she's chiming in on this phone call and -- they told me that they had him in custody, and the first thing i said is you got him, and he said yeah, he's at broomfield, and we're gonna transfer him over to boulder county. and i just
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we got him. >> reporter: he says his mother is in much better condition tonight. she is able to speak with him and even had a few visitors come to the hospital. the boulder county sheriff's office says it's not over yet and they're still looking for the driver who picked collins up and took him into ward on monday night. police arrested some of the people they say stole cars and fired jots at other vehicles tonight. lauren dispirito is in lafayette, and that's where some of the suspects were arrested. >> reporter: this is equipping dwpg so fast. that is the vehicle that we've been told, confirmed, they have is all of the sense they think are
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that is three people, not four. they were driving in this stolen van around 9:00. somebody saw it parked at a walmart, called it in. police were able to put out stop sticks. they drove a couple miles trying to get away. we were told ramming mrars as they went -- mrars as they went -- mrars as they went. this all ended at finch and base line road. police cars as they went. this all ended at finch and base line road. >> reporter: we spoke with the man who owns this mini-van. >> my daughter could have been seriously hurt, and killed. [ crying ] >> reporter: at first leanne eighteen didn't know if her 2-year-old daughter abigail was okay. she had been running
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backseat when two fast-moving drivers came up behind her. this toyota passed her. >> i heard a pop and a crash and she screamed. >> reporter: it was a hole in the passenger window. shattered glass fell as she reached her daughter. they are one of nearly a dozen windows that were shot out by what police think was a pellet or bb rounds and is by suspect who is had just stolen her neighbor's mini-van. >> scary because they were inside her her garage. >> reporter: andy was home when the car was taken and followed it. >> 60, 70 miles an hour to 120. >> reporter: we lost sight of the mini-van, and headed him. now all united in feeling grateful they're okay. >> scary. i didn't think it
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>> reporter: the van will be search forward evidence. police found one pellet gun in connection with this spree. so while still dangerous, they don't think any of the windows shot out were shot with a real firearm. they think it was a bb or pellet or airsoft gun. and this also means they have of the vehicles that were stolen and involved in custody as well. strong winds blowing in a big weaer a big part of the state under a high wind warning for tonight. chris spears joins us on loveland pass. >> reporter: we have had some very strong winds up here. we have reached limits of wind speed for our broadcasting capabilities. so cross your fingers that we keep our signal. we have had a gust in the past hour to 40 miles per hour. i'ming sheltered by the truck but i'm gonna step into the wind
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hour. that's tamed. it was up to 40 right before we got to you. and we have a temperature of 45, with a wind chill at times down to 23 degrees. the main story here with this incoming weather system will be the wind and the colder temperatures. we do have a chance for some rain across the state. also a little snow. look at this map, some of the higher elevations along and west of the divide. could get a couple of inches of snow friday of steamboat, there could be a few places that pick up 4 or 5 inches of snow. this is a big weekend for looking at fall color across colorado. you're gonna stick around for ed's full forecast and see where the rain might fall. new developments as investigators track down the man they say stole a helmet from a broncos player during training camp. stan bush is live at the
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worked quickly. >> reporter: this happened right after practice. that player put his helmet on the ground, then came over to the rope line to start signing autographs. when he was finished he looked back down and the helmet was gone. normalitily it would -- normally it would be gone forever but investigators were confident they would find it again. broncos fans were enraged when that this man allegedly stole one of the players' helmets during an autograph session at training camp. more than a dozen people called crime stoppers with tips saying this man, 33-year-old vivente baros, was the thief. >> he's being charged with theft, and that's a third degree misdemeanor. >> reporter: he was caught on the broncos' high definition cameras. handing it to this man.
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we found vicente was primarily responsible. >> reporter: baros wasn't happy seeing himself in the news and not vised when investigators contacted him. the helmet was returned to the broncos, stolen from someone cut from the team. the helmet is valued around $400 but likely worth much more on the secondary market for its altogetheren authenticity. >> more than 20 tips in the course of a couple of days. it was really impressive. >> reporter: that helmet was returned to the broncos facility. at this point though crime stoppers has not said who if anyone will get the reward for the information. a curfew just took effect
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after two nights of violent protests there. still some people on the streets right now but everything does appear to be peaceful. protests come after charlotte police shot and killed a black man earlier this week. demonstrators sate public needs to see the dashcam and officer bodycam video of that shooting but the chief says that's not going to be released to the public. that tulsa police officer who shot and killed an unarmed driver is charged with first degree manslaughter. that believed terrance crutcher was a severe threat. prosecutors say she overreacted with deadly results. >> reporter: the district attorney reviewed police dashcam video and helicopter footage before making his decision. >> i determined that the filing of the felony crime of manslaughter in the first degree against tulsa police officer betty shelby is warranted. >> reporter: according to the
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encountered terrance crutcher and became emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted. >> while we are pleased to learn that the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face criminal charges for her reckless act, we understand that nothing will bring him back. >> reporter: shelby was responding to a stalled vehicle. police say crutcher refused to obey their commands. >> he's got his hands up there for her now. >> reporter: video shows officer shelby with his hands in the air. the cop's attorney says she opened fire when he reached into the driver's side window. >> shots fired! >> reporter: his family's attorney says the window was read up. and the bigger question is why did she respond to a stalled vehicle show aggressively? >> the district attorney says arrangements have been made to have shelby turn herself in.
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donald trump's running mate addressed the recent police filings in colorado springs today. mike pence attended a town hall meeting at a community center. trump's daughter was in colorado today as his campaign tries to court women voters her. she spoke at a colorado women's alliance in denver. she sat down with shaun boyd to talk about how her father's tax plan will help working women and stay at home parents. >> under his policy proposals, stay at home mothers and fathers can open dependent care savings acts for their children. it's high time we recognize the value of stay at home parents. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is off the campaign trail for the rest of the week.
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monday's debate at hofstra in new york. an exclusive investigation exposing voter fraud in colorado as we approach election day. >> the man is dead, he can't vote! >> casting ballots from the grave. >> that's illegal. >> coming up only on 4, how people are pulling off this scam. >> does this show that the system is ripe for fraud? >> and a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms around here as last night the heaviest here's that low pressure system at the upper-level that's going to move across and bring all this moisture into colorado. i'll show you where it's going to snow. >> von miller announced he wants to play a new position today. and why gary kubiak was
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a cbs4 investigation has uncovered many cases of dead
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now the colorado secretary of state has launched an immediate investigation into what we found. >> this story pretty unbelievable. >> this is the kind of thing woodward joked about in chicago, that kind. thing. but tonight that changes. we did find voter fraud in colorado. it essentially waters down your vote. john was a world war ii veteran, a bronze star recipient, father and grandfather who died in 2004. impossible, casting a vote in a primary in 2006. >> the man is dead. you can't vote! >> reporter: same with nel who died in 2009 then cast a ballot nine months later. >> i think she would really be unhappy about it. >> reporter: outdoing them were sarah and miguel sosa who lived in this house in colorado springs. he died in 2008, she
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uncovered show he cast a vote a year after his death, and is his wife then voted in general elections in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. >> it's illegal, it's a crime, and it's turned over to the district attorney for prosecution >> reporter: we showed our findings to secretary of state wayne williams. >> it would seem impossible to vote from the grave. >> it is impossible to vote from the grave we believe. >> died, mail ballots kept coming to their home. someone else filled them out. >> does this show that the system is ripe for fraud? >> it shows that there is from fraud remember >> reporter: we cross referenced voter rolls with the national death index, leading to
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the sosas' daughter would clear this up right now. >> i don't have to clear anything up. >> reporter: but the clerk and reporter and prosecutors have fast-tracked their investigation to figure out who impersonated sarah and miguel. >> this cannot happen. we cannot have this happen here or any place. people spilled their blood for the values and yirn pinnings and beliefs of this country >> reporter: then there's nel, living in the same home for years. he was a hardcore republican who took pride in her vote according to her son. >> mom passes away, and nine months later, somebody votes for her. that's not right. >> reporter: just like in els paso county, the jefferson county d.a. is engaged in a criminal investigation to determine who voted for the late nel. >> it is not okay. >> reporter: williams says the system catches most attempts at fraud but not all. while there are many safeguards, the cbs
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be needed to prevent anymore votes being cast by the departed. >> that's not what you're supposed to be doing in colorado. >> the secretary of state's office says our investigation led to finding 78 dead men and women who are listed as still eligible to vote in colorado. those names are being scrubbed from the voter roles. and we'll follow up on the criminal investigations and is let you know how they turn out. >> great work. thank you. time to check in with ed. we await the >> we're gonna be in the low 80s tomorrow, then everything changes! doppler 4,000, showers and thunderstorms across the south. not much going on along the state. moisture moving into utah. snow over southern utah all coming our way. a little bit of a front came, dropping temperatures in colorado. this has been meandering around here
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air, moisture, push right into colorado. and temperatures are hot all the way as far north as lincoln with 93 degrees over the southeast. here it is on the hour by hour forecast. everything clears out, there comes that moisture. snow in our mountains, and is a couple of scattered showers here. and tomorrow they hay come late. this is 8:00, showers and thunderstorms, heavy on the eastern plains. and look at saturday early morning. and you can see it's gonna be hang around right there. so that's your 1-2 inches. maybe 2-4 inches of snow. and as sunday comes along, everything clears out. sunshine but also chilly temperatures. also a high wind warning and advisory to the west. to the east, a red flag warning from noon to 8:00 pm on friday, and a freeze warning for the san luis valley 10:00 am
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morning. 49 and 53 the lows. and 89 and 27 the records. from our weather watchers, 72 in lafayette and bailey. 73 east of conifer. northwest breeze at 14, 73% humidity, falling barometer. winter park along the track, pretty row of trees temperatures tonight 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. tomorrow note a bad day around here. cool in the mountains. dench forecast for tonight, clearing skies, by morning, we could see some fog.
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tomorrow. isolated storms, 81 and 82. and then for the next couple of day, we'll drop to 68 on saturday, there's that cool sunday, and 60 degrees. 66 mond. start to warm it up by tuesday and next week. we'll get into
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do thomas and sanders want more catches because they want the offense to be better or because they're being selfish about their own stats? maybe both. but the frustrations have been the hot topic after practices thi is not worried about their comments. you want your play-makers to want to make plays! >> they're great players, i love them, they work. sxument guys that want the ball. that's what you want. they got a chance to be around jerry rice and andre johnson and steve smith. they all want to get their hands on the ball.
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>> who will have 1,000 by season's end? von miller said today he'd like to play quarterback. the question asked was what if he wants to win defensive player of the year. he answered by announcing he has a dream of playing quarterback. his way of side-stepping questions a >> i'll say something and shock all of you guys and it wouldn't look right. so my goals, my aspiration operations, i keep those to myself. patriots texans and bill belichick smiling. just giddy at the opportunity to win with his
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patriots won 27-0. rockies would be a part of history this weekend in l.a. for vin scully's final series at dodger stadium before he retires after 67 seasons calling dodger games. dodgers giving him before the game. dodgers closing in on the west. chase utley bobbles the ball, then the no-look flip for the out. dj is batting .351, solo home run in the 5th. now 4-3 rockies in the 7th.
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season. ducks will be dressed like ducks. oregon famous for its flashy uniform comboese unveiled this week's getup, and it's meant to look like their duck mascots. there you go. playing the broncos defense is a challenge but this weekend the tables were turned on todd
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todd davis not exactly a household name yet which is made him a good candidate for our get to know segment. this week kathy lee took him to the extreme challenge arena. [ yelling ] >> [ laughter ] >> here he goes!
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>> this feels like week 16, 4th quarter, trying to make it through the rest of the game. >> see the full thing 9:30 on
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a moose wanders into the metro area. the sighting caught people off-guard in this arvada neighborhood. our crew was there as wildlife officers tranquilized the moose and move today back out to pike national forest. >> the leaves are changing this time of year. ton was pictures. here's a leaf that cannot make up its mind! half gold, half green. [ laughter ] >> kind of like me,ti hanging onto summer. [ laughter ] captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: anthony anderson , man, thanks so much for being back here. >> always a pleasure being here. >> stephen: i had so much fun with you last time, i thought it would be fun if you and i did a


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