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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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we are live in the lakewood neighborhood where this shoot k ing happened. i took great pleasure in my friendship with this older, wiser man. president obama remembers the former leader as world leaders attend his funeral today. questions into the hobo mother. safety advocates ask if technology could have prevented this tragedy. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. breaking news that could reroute your morning drive. >> a bad crash this morning and you see a big back up i-70 closed at quebec. joel is on it now oofrments yeah, you see the headlights
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folks trying to make their way out of aurora into denver this morning. i would recommend colfax but plan a lot of extra time on the drive because of the stop liegs. head back northbound colorado to access on to i-70 but denver police saying one person with serious injuries had to shut down the entire interstate in order to continue their investigation and lauren, taking a look at back ups all the way back to havana now, we expect that to get on and that's going to start affecting traffic along northbound i-225 as well. not good. at least the weather is okay this morning. in some areas some rain but here in denver it's been quiet. let's take a look outside. most of the rain in the foothills this morning and clearing a bit from the western slope and a bit on the west side of denver t. fairly mellow to start the day. we'll talk more about that in a moment. . breaking news from lakewood
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bullets trying to stop car thieves. jamie leary spent the morning at center and cody a block west of bell mother park. m ore park. >> reporter: police are wrapping up the investigation. a neighbor stepped outside to see what's going on and he saw the suspects trying to break into a vehicle. police don't believe they were trying to steal the car but he did confront the striking that neighbor. he was transported to the hospital and fortunately with non-life threatening injuries. the suspects took off in their own vehicle. both the suspect and vehicle description are unknown at this time. investigators don't believe the suspects were trying to steal the car but possibility the contents in it and parts of the car. they also don't believe this incident is connected to any other incidents in the area.
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good news. several people on the run this morning that they are looking for. the investigation is ongoing at this point in time. they have tow trucks on scene and towing one vehicle that appears to have damage from gun fire and another vehicle the suspects attempted to break into. they asked us not to show those at this point. we're waiting to get permission and more information. live in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 ns. news this morning. a big accident on i-70 and quebec. >> yeah, this is shutting down westbound i-70 and copter4 over a motorcycle. we heard there was a motorcycle involved in this accident. there it is. denver police telling us one person was taken to the hospital in serious condition. this is completely shut down the interstate in the westbound direction and might as well shut it down in the ooeb direction as there's a lot of curiosity slowing in the other direction.
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i want to show you the map here. you sea the back ups to havana because of this. this is northbound and i-225. police have gone along the exits going back and are taking folks off the interstate. they are trying to drain the interstate so they don't get backlogged behind the scene. we're continuing to watch this. turn on our partners koa let's look at what's happening outside this morning. satellite and radar quiet and no severe weather. rain on the western slope and a little bit of rain in the foothills. we'll zoom into the denver area towards the foothills and boulder and golden and a better chance for rain up towards red feather lakes. you're easing up near walden and heading towards the western side of the state. eagle up towards craig there's rain and a wider look at what's happening.
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subtropical moisture bringing that moisture up our direction so a chance for rain later on today. 58 in denver and 55 in fort collins and 46 in burlington. 52 in steamboat and grand junction. there's a shot for a little rain in denver this morning but we will a clearing and a chance for more rain coming in this afternoon and evening. let's check in with britt and alan. this is new from overnight, leaders around the world laid former eu roadwayly president shimone peres to rest. president obama attended the funeral and awarded him the presidential medal of freedom in 2012. >> the last of the founding generation is now gone. shimone peres accomplished enough things in his life for a thousand man. >> president president obama
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his shimone peres's final resting place is in jerusalem in a cemetery . about 50,000 paid their respects at his coffin by parliament. a train slammed into a terminal yesterday in hoboken, knowledge knowledge. new jersey. the train killed one mother as she stood on the platform. >> heavy structural damage. >> the lights went off and people started screaming. >> investigators are now questioning the train's engineer, thomas gallagher. witnesses say the train was traveling too fast and there's the route. there's what happened when it
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whether positive train control could have prevented the crash which is an automatic braking system that is not yet installed on this section. investigators recover a data recorder and they can't get to another in the cab until asbestos is removed. another accident happened at that same train station on mother's day five 34 people were hurt. a judge will sentence a youth pastor convicted of sexual assaulting a 13-year old girl. he met the teenager at south fellowship church in littleton and inappropriately touched her at local parks and tried to get her to cover up the abuse. prosecutors are asking for prison time. search crews ending their search for a missing albuquerque hiker near aspen.
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cook planned to summit a few 14er's in the bell area. crews will continue searching if they have new clues. donald trump adding another stop to his colorado trip planned for monday. he will speak at the pueblo convention center and also the loveland event center. hillary clinton is traveling to ohio on monday to urge early voting and talk about the she spent time in iowa yesterday for the first day of early in-person voting there. >> 40 days to win an election that's going to affect the next 40 years of our country and you, every one of you, can make the difference in this selection. >> the next presidential debate is sunday october 9th in st. louis. the final one comes up october 19th. the vice presidential candidates are going to be
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virginia. you can land new work tonight in castle rock. there's a job fair at the outlets. more than 1,000 full time positions are available. the job fair runs from 4:00 to 7:00 tonight and continues tomorrow from 9:00 to noon. companies all over the denver area are hiring hundreds of employees for seasonal work including jc penny and fedex and chipotle. a new city grant will allow people holidays. they train them and help to place them into jobs and it seems to be working. one man is already landed a full time job. >> you have opportunity to grow and learn on the things that you need to improve on as well. so i would spread the word to everybody in the community to those that are having problems with finding jobs and staying employeed that this is a perfect place. >> just wonderful to hear.
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leadership and communication classes. the city of denver is looking for 300 applicants. new from overnight, police in naples recover two van gogh paintings stolen back in 2002. workers in amsterdam say the paintings are in relatively good shape. they are the 1880 sea scape and a later work congregation leaving the reformed church. police found the art during a at 14 years. unbelievable story there. overnight, protests grow violent over the el ka hone caj on shooting. a child sized robot as a babysitter. another live look at copter4 this morning, a mes at
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if you're trying to make your way out of aurora this morning, you can't go along i- 70. a lot of these arteries outside of the main interstate are backed up because of the added volume. work this morning and hopefully you have a good pod cast and turn on our partners to keep updated this morning. you can see westbound i-70 shut down at quebec. they have taken the traffic off there near monaco and quebec
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0 in the eastbound a lot of curiosity slowing way down as they make their way from the elevated portion of the highway out past i-270. getting word we have an accident on the ramp from i-270 to eastbound i-70 as well so either going westbound or eastbound, you can't escape the accidents. outside of the pocket, take a look across the denver metro area. that's a lot of green. at or limits. . let's look outside from look out mountain where we have more cloud cover to start the day and hopefully it makes for a gorgeous sunrise. it's beautiful out there and even though there's more clouds a nice start to the day. taking a look at satellite and radar, rain in the foothills now starting to ease up on the western slope. as we head into the denver area on the dry side but once you
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this morning and heading to the other side of the state more towards the west near craig and hayden and glenwood springs we have rain as well. still getting the subtropical moisture heading in our direction so more of that today. there's a potential for afternoon and evening storms coming so through the the morning showers to the north and here in denver on the cloudy side and a pop or two making its way in the city. scattered storms by 1:00 and some of them heading towards de evening hours. if you're making plans for tonight know there's a chance for rain and skies clearing overnight and more clouds tomorrow morning. still nice out there and then tomorrow afternoon and evening a couple isolated storms possible and not very widespread. temperatures to start off this friday, 58 in denver and 46 in burlington and 52 in avon and steamboat. 57 in grand junction. so for the kids this morning, a
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on the way home temperatures will be cooler than yesterday in the upper 70s and 76 in boulder and 75 in burlington. for your five day forecast, more of the same but the chance of thunderstorms and rain and must have cooler temperatures next week. . cable box fees are here to stay for now. the robot could be your next babysitter. this is the news on wall street. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. tell us about this one. >> leiman brothers is the concern from investors. they're pulling money from the bank. they fined deutsch bank bausz of their mortgage securities leading up to the mortgage crisis. it sparked a sell off on the financial sector. the dow dropped 195 points and
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. . the fcc voted for a plan that would give consumers more options. wheeler says the plan needs more discussion and cable companies oppose the new rules. would you let this child sized robot watch your kids? check out i pal. it can sing, dance and play games. instren inhibitors say parents could watch their kids and chat with them remotely using a smartphone. >> you know, you have to have a lot of faith in those machines. thank you jill for that. police arrested two people overnight during protests over the deadly police shooting in el cajon, california. two men became destructive and violent. they had to use pepper spray
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they were protesting the deadly shooting of a black man after he pulled a vape smoking device from his pocket and pointed it at police. one of the two students shot at a south carolina elementary school remains in the hospital this morning. doctors say the six year old jacob hall is still in critical condition. they released the other student and teacher shot earlier this week in townville. the 14-year old gunmen is expected to appear in court today. we'll track what happens. for sunday's game against the bucks. von bucs. trevor siemian coming off the offensive player of the week award. they may be playing in the rain on sunday and we'll talk about that match up. that game is sunday at 2:00 right here on cbs4. 58 degrees in denver and what are the weather watchers reporting?
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towards football sunday there's a chance for storms and we'll keep watching that as the game gets closer. a mess on the roadways. take a look at this traffic alert we're following. live pictures coming from copter4. the interstate doesn't make a good parking lot. i-70 closed ,, i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians.
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independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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see this morning. >> reporter: hoboken hoboken, , new jersey with the latest investigation into the deadly train crash. why the safety feature hasn't been installed in most trains across the country. >> catch gayle king and charlie rose this morning right after our newscast. a big back up to talk about this morning. joel has been on it. >> this is westbound quebec and we hear they're moving it to central park boulevard. this is webb i-70, a motorcycle was hit. police investigating saying one person was taken to the hospital with what they are calling serious injuries this morning. huge back ups and delays because of this. they aren't letting folks on i- 70 so those arterial roads are loading up. let me show you the back ups here.
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back up northbound along i-25 as they try to get on the ramp to westbound i-70. if you're heading to the airport in that eastbound direction, there's no accident but a lot of curiosity slowing adding quite a bit of time to the drive. if you're heading to dia, no delays but mild temperatures in the pacific north west. southern california has cooled down and still warm in the desert southwest. rainpo midwest fairly mild today until you get to chicago and chance of rain in the northeast causing delays this morning into philadelphia and la guardia. . rock and rap fans there's sweet deals for you. >> who is up for a road trip
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neil young and his band are playing in the park on friday nights. ? [ music ] ? ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> neil has been on a role lately. telluride town park friday and saturday night. neil young is from canada as the rapper drake who is at the pepsi center saturday night. his views have passed the billion streaming mark on apple music. he's become a worldwide phenomenon. he will be at the pepsi center friday night. find out more about these shows on time for our pet of the week. she's a female border collie born in 2014. she loves to be petted and she's a happy go lucky dog. >> really a sweetheart. great dog to visit with here in the studio.
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suspect there might be -- i'm wondering if there's dalmation in this dog? this dog would love an active home so maybe that's you. max fund is the place to go for mag pie. >> if you like to run or hike, this is the dog for you. coming up next on the cbs4 news, marijuana packaging changes tomorrow in our state.
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i'm here off of i-70 eastbound the ramp to get on and you can see behind me there is traffic that is heading east going slower because they want to see what's happening on the other side. i'll step out of the way so you can get a look at that. on the other side we see a westbound lane and there's a motorcycle on its side underneath a street light and another car has been stopped. way in the distance they have closed off i-70 westbound and have been pushing folks off the freeway there. we can see the impact early on both sides of the freeway, westbound closed and eastbound with heavy slowing. let's find out more about how to get around this by talking to joel hillan. it's hard to avoid this morning if you're coming out of aurora.
6:32 am
the stoplights and more traffic on the roadways as the arteries start filling up fast. here's copter4 and you see the stream of headlights. that's the traffic that's shoez supposed to be moving. you see that being taken off the highway and the line of purposing with that closure out to monaco. also woshd of another accident as you get on the ramp from i- 270 breaking news on this story we have been following this week. week. excess water was found in the lungs and brains of the denver woman and her sister who were found unresponsive of their luxury hotel room. an autopsy says they died of acute pulmonary and cerebral edema. sometimes it's associated with
6:33 am
hotel staff found them dead in their hotel room last week. family members have traveled to the islands since the state department cannot return to sister's bodies to the united states. the staff helped the women to their room after drinking the night before they died. doctors are treating one person after an overnight stabbing. here's breaking news we're following overnight. it happened shortly after 1:00 expected to survive. police have not released a suspect description. people will soon find more affordable housing in lieu wisville. crews say they're at the midpoint of construction for the new housing complex. they're building it near highway 42 in lieu wisville. there's 200 new homes. crews should have some ready by march of next year. a person making 42 thousand
6:34 am
some people in loveland say their water supply really stinks. an algae bloom is making the water coming from the green ridge glade reservoir smell and taste kind of funny. the water treatment manager says the water is safe to drink. he says no algae gets in the water supply and it's a by- product of the algae which gives off the foul taste and smell. new video to show you this morning of behind. eight homes destroyed in all of this. . flames have reduced the buildings to rubble. weather and traffic big this morning, joel? yes, westbound i-70 shut down from monaco to cue kwek. one person is taken to the
6:35 am
this now. we look at the map here, there's this long line of purple and i understand they're shutting down the ramp to westbound i-270 from westbound i-70 because of this mess. still a lot of green on colf here shortly. still seeing green as we approach i-70. eastbound we don't have any trouble spots along there but it's slow due to curiosity slowing and this is really tick ticking up drive times. here we are across the denver metro area.
6:36 am
well. westbound i-70 is closed and you will not make it through. that might as well say a million minutes. let's take a look outside this morning, our sunrise is incredible this morning. this is our view from mile high. the view from lookout mountain is amazing as well. rain easing up and filling in more in the foothills. as you head towards boulder and red feather laker and down hayden area this morning close to eagle and glenwood springs as well. a chance for a pop or two in denver but a better chance comes this afternoon and evening. more heading our way later on so here in denver as early as 2:00 we could potentially see rain and better chance in the afternoon and evening. skies clearing overnight tonight and tomorrow morning a bit of sun and clouds and clear to the west and a chance for a few more scattered showers
6:37 am
you want to look at the pretty leaves there could be rain out there. 54 in greeley and 46 in burlington. 52 in avon and steamboat. later today a little bit cooler than yesterday but still fairly mild. 79 in denver. 75 in burlington and 60s in the mountains and 72 in grand junction. for your five day forecast, 77 degrees and 80 on sunday and drier on sunday and down heading our way. happening tomorrow several community groups remember a man hit and killed near carter lake. family and friends will head out for that vigil ride tomorrow where that crash happened. state troopers release pictures of an suv they think was involved here. troopers say the drooifrp hit holden that caused him to fall
6:38 am
still looking for the suv and the driver of the second vehicle did stay behind. passengers flying frontier airlines can qualify for tsa prechecks. the tsa precheck program allows passengers to have expedited security for an $85 fee. now they have the opportunity to receive tsa precheck when using a home printed boarding new images from the rosetta spacecraft coming back to earth. they launched the spacecraft back in 2004 to meet up with a comet and tracked it as it orbited the sun. engineers watched as the signal from the craft dropped and that means they think the mission was a success and it crash landed on the comet.
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changes with intense radiation from the sun. exciting changes here at cbs4. lauren whitney is moving to the evening newscast and get more sleep maybe. >> that's something to look forward to. >> i don't know what that's like, i know. >> not sleep and not need an alarm clock to wake up. >> i'm moving to the night show. been on the morning shift in colorado for nine years now so it will be a big change. it's bittersweet. you are like a family morning show so i'll miss you but i'm excited to work with ed green who i literally never see. i rarely see ed so it's getting to work with someone i don't get to see often and chris spears in the mobile weather lab and ash ashton will take my role in the morning shift and he's awesome and a smart guy and excited to get started as well. britt and i live in the same apartment building and i see
6:40 am
still be together all the time. >> you could call her and wake her up. >> i might just for fun. i have to say lauren taught me the ropes on the morning show. she has this down to a t. she wakes up every morning and so professional and i love you as a friend and we're going to miss you hear on cbs4 morningingses but mornings but i look forward to watching you at night. >> britt has been a big supporter of me couple of years so i'm excited to see you grow and still be your friend and hang out and alan, we like you too [ laughter ] >> we like you too. . >> you can watch lauren at
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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a lot of us have been on a lot of losing teams. it sure would be nice the joy of winning one of these cups. >> europeans have won the past three rider cups but the u.s. is feeling good about its chances in 2016 and put one in the win columns for the americans yesterday next to a fan as the european team was finishing up practice, this fan was heckling them so they brought him out of the crowd and gave him a putt with $100 on the line. this man from north dakota
6:45 am
center and knew it was good, giving the u.s. the greatest triumph. this guy david johnson made the american economy $100 richer. the actual rider cup gets underway today. have a great weekend. this has 0. westbound i 70 closed now from central park boulevard from monaco because of a bad crash. >> this will affect your morning drive. we want to take a live look from copter4 over the scene now. you see the trouble there at the bottom left side of your screen. joel hillan and shawn chitnis both working on this this morning. shawn is on the ground near
6:46 am
on this side where i am. this is the eastbound lanes on i-70 and we continue to see drivers slowing down and getting affected by this accident even though they're on the other side here. in the distance we see some of the issues they're dealing with there. there's a motorcycle there as well as another car stopped and on the other end all the way back that's where the patrol cars are and they're stopping traffic from moving further west. let's take a look at copter4 giving us a better sense of the scene. westbound closed off and it's a large scene that they're dealing with. some of the vehicles involved further west where they have set up closure and where i am, we're watching traffic moving slowly in the eastbound lanes likely because they're trying to see what's happening and take note of flashing lights. let's learn how to get around this.
6:47 am
necking. watching from copter4, the shot there centered on this motorcycle blocking off a portion of ramp to get on quebec. westbound from central park boulevard out to monaco because of this accident. your alternates are to take i- 225 or smith road. take a look at drive times. i said this before but it might as well be a million minutes westbound along i-70 because it's a no go speeds into the single digits. at least the sunrise is incredible. isn't that stunning? here's a view over downtown. the colors are incredible. this is a perfect sunrise this morning. if you have pictures send them my way. rain in some parts of the state. very light rain and snow is possible next week. we'll talk more about that in a moment. we have breaking news we
6:48 am
thieves and they shot him this morning in lakewood. jamie leary has spent the morning working this story at center and cody a block west. what do you know at this hour? >> police have cleared the scene here. the incident was called in around 12:48 with reports of shots fired. this neighbor heard commotion outside and went to see what's going on. he saw the suspect attempting to br neighborhood. he confronted the suspects and they opened fire striking the neighbor. he was transported to the hospital fortunately with non- life threatening injuries. police say both suspects and vehicle description are unknown at this point in time. investigators say they don't believe the suspects are trying to steal the car. possibly items in it and parts of the car. they also don't believe this is connected to any other incidents.
6:49 am
isolated incident. police are still looking for suspects who fired the shot. they're armed at this point in time. the tow trucks towed the vehicle in question away that they were trying to break into as well as another vehicle damaged by gun fire. this is an ongoing investigation. live in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 news. former israeli prime minister shimone peres has been laid to rest today at a cemetery in jerusalem. president obama leaders in jerusalem today. >> he reminds us the state of israel like the united states of america was not built by cynics. it exists because people before us refused to be constrained by the past or difficulties of the present. . >> shimone peres was one of the early leaders of israel after its formation post-world war
6:50 am
office in israel including prime minister and president. one data recorder of the train that crashed at a station in hoboken, new jersey has been recovered. investigators work to recover more evidence to learn what went wrong. they want to talk to the engineer and look at two cameras on the train. you can see the train how it barrelled through hoboken station and crashed into a barrier yesterday. old wife and mother. people who survived and witnessed the crash say the train was speeding. >> at the end of the track is a steel bumper and it went right through the bumper and on top of the platform. >> there was an impact and it sounded like an explosion. >> the train's engineer has been an employee for new jersey transit for 29 years.
6:51 am
him from the hospital and he is now cooperating with investigators. marijuana packaging changes in our state tomorrow. all packages must have a universal symbol on the front to help people identify marijuana infused products. candy no longer allowed on any packages. they want to make the products less appealing to children. companies must also include the potency to help buyers understand the serving sizes. trevor siemian has th quarterback. overall the broncos are on point and improving to 4-0 this sunday huge game in tampa coming up. yes, hot sweaty humid tampa. von miller is the afc defensive player of the month. every week his campaign gets stronger. up next for von miller and the broncos defense is jameis winston. the tampa bay buccaneers
6:52 am
one pick of the draft. the broncos defense has faced this season. winston is coming off a 400- yard passing game last sunday. he's been the focal point of the buccaneers offense. there's only six games this season where a quarterback has attempted at least 50 passes and winston has two of them. the broncos are second in the league with 12 sacks and they get to winston like they did with cam newton and andrew luck, the broncos likely leave >> it's tremendous talent. average throwing at 45-46 times a game. that's a lot of throws but he's not going down a bunch. he's getting rid of the ball. he's hard to tackle and handle so he can make plays. a big time talent that has put up big numbers so that's another big challenge. >> winston's main target this season has been mike evans, a 6
6:53 am
this sunday broncos quarterback trevor siemian is coming off his first 300 -yard game and he may have a chance to make big plays we saw last weekend again. the buccaneers gave up two 40- yard plus touchdown passes. look for the broncos to target quarterback hargraves who is young and aggressive meaning he has a tendency to bite on play action. how big would a four of be? 4-0 start be? in the previous eight they went to the playoffs seven days and they went to the super bowl six times including all three super bowl wins. >> that's so great to hear. >> rain could be a factor? dealing with tampa and afternoon in florida it rains. >> it rains so game plans could be up in the air. could change. we don't know. >> we'll watch it.
6:54 am
from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on denver sports 760. breaking traffic news now. joel hillan has the latest. >> not a good sign, all of westbound i-70 closed and flashing lights along there. it's closed because of an accident at quebec from monaco centralpark to monaco. an accident now on the ramp i- 25 to as you make your way on to westbound i-70 and westbound i- 76. . lauren is leaving mornings for the night shift so she's trading shifts here today and lauren, we're really excited for you and happy about the opportunity but we will miss you. >> i'll miss you guys as well. i think mother nature is sending me off on a good noelt. i have a little thank you to
6:55 am
with my mom from phoenix to western colorado for my first tv job and ever since then i've had the privilege of helping you start your morning news in colorado. some of you may not know i got my first tv gig in grand junction. definitely go if you haven't been. the western slope holds a dear place in my heart. they watched me go from a young kid out of college. so lucky for me when the time came to move to a bigger market denver welcomed me with open arms and i'm so grateful that you all embraced me fully. the more i explore and get to know the colorado communities the more love i feel from every corner. from the skiers waking up to get their report and the truck drivers stopping for a cinnamon roll to parents getting their
6:56 am
and my junior league ladies, thank you for welcoming me into your home every morning and it's truly been my honor in a role i've never taken for granted. i'm not leaving cbs colorado but i'll be moving to the night shift on monday. i'll miss my friends, people in front and behind the camera. we truly are a family here on cbs morning show and i hope at even though i'm crying now i'm excited to join forces with ed green and get sleep for the first time in nine years. i'm happy to call colorado home and i love every mile of this state and lucky to have an amazing support system and families that have adopted me into theirs. come monday i'll see you at 5:00 at night. >> some tissues for you there. these are the hardest working
6:57 am
these years. >> we love you so much lauren. >> it's bittersweet. >> we're excited for you. such a joy to work with.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? what caused a packed commuter train to slam into a station during rush hour? we are getting new details on the investigation and witnesses describe how they pulled injured passengers from the wreckage. >> one of the country's most read newspapers urges anyone to vote for anyone but donald trump. they launch an attack against hillary clinton and a former miss universe. >> we are on top of the world's highest and longest glass bridge. china hopes the breath taking view will do more than shatter


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