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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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jamie leary is live where police have found the stolen car near an apartment complex in centennial. shawn chitness is where the robbery and shooting happened in denver located at sheridan and mississippi. let's start with shawn this morning. >> reporter: britt, good morning. denver police were spending some time outside of this nightclub collecting evidence and of course keeping this area secure as they started their investigation. they were able to clear the area a couple of that, though. we understand this started before 2:00 a.m. where two men were robbed at gunpoint outside of the nightclub. one of them with serious injuries, taken to the hospital in critical condition, later told by police that that victim is stable. the other man, the other victim, not injured in that shooting. but the suspect was able to get away with the car. unclear if these three men met inside, if they were confronted
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some details we're still waiting to learn. again, the suspect, the robbery suspect, able to take the car and get away. we know that denver police trying to catch up with that suspect later on. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. >> shawn, thanks. cbs4's jamie leary picks this up this arapahoe county. she's near arapahoe and glencoe. jamie, tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: police actually just cleared the scene. this is called the villas at are called. the investigation does continue. i'm told they're still looking for a suspect. want to give you a closer look at the scene we arrived upon earlier. it was about 30 minutes ago that denver police actually towed the stolen car, the red camaro. you can see bullet holes all over the side of the car. i counted at least 10 of them on one side of that car. dpd spotted the camaro in
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southbound lane to happy canyon. they said speeds became too high and they lost visual of the red camaro. at one point colorado state patrol, arapahoe county sheriff's office and denver police all involved in that pursuit. our photographer eddie castro not too far behind them, he says they went all the way to castle rock and at one point the suspect vehicle doubled back on the northbound side and that's where he ended up the villas at holly. he ditched the car. leading this investigation know who that suspect is, but they've declined to release detailed information about the suspect. they're still looking for this person. i'm told he should be considered armed and dangerous, given what happened in denver with the shooting. they're currently looking for the suspect. they said they want to talk to the person in the hospital about what happened, to see if they have any details that would confirm who they believe this suspect is. again, the investigation is ongoing. we'll continue to look into it. live in centennial, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news.
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one of two western pennsylvania police officers shot overnight is now dead. this happened in canonsburg, south of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. police say the officers were responding to a domestic situation and got shot. officers are still looking for the shooter. nearby schools are delayed or even canceled now because of the search going on. breaking overnight, protests erupted across the country over election win. people filled the streets of los angeles into the early morning hours. they blocked traffic on the 101. people also lit fires in oakland. hundreds also marched through downtown new orleans, protesting the outcome of the presidential election. some people vandalized buildings along saint charles avenue. and in new york protestors took over 5th avenue. [ chanting ]
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more than a dozen people who refused to leave. some are calling on hillary clinton to challenge the election results. people in colorado also investigationing some frustrate -- expressing some frustration. a small group gathered near the state capitol last night. >> people are scared. there's a high degree of anxiety, because they don't know what's going to happen. >> the gathering was largely peaceful. today donald trump goes to the white house where he'll meet with president he plans to talk with house speaker paul ryan. president obama promises to make the transition smooth. >> we moved in ways that some people think is forward and others think is moving back, and that's okay. >> trump is already meeting with his staff to go over potential cabinet appointments. in a tweet yesterday his transition team pledged to
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rebuilding our anythings and renewing the -- nation and renewing the american dream." you won't need an umbrella. our streak of dry weather continues, now at 29 days. not as cold at the bus stop as yesterday. 42 for the kids this morning. wheat ridge we're at 47. 42 in aurora. 38 brighton. the same in central douglas county in castle rock. clear skies overhead. once the sun comes up at around 6:40, we will get to enjo wide, including in summit county, where loveland ski area opens for the season. no fresh snow, but joel, check this out, look at their new snow stake, i like that with the neon lights. let's get a check on the traffic. that is pretty cool. need snow on there. if you travel southbound along wadsworth you are going to be affected by this. car versus truck. copter 4 arriving over the
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you can see a portion of 90th blocked off. and you have lanes of southbound wadsworth affected as well. that's going to make a mess for the commute in that area. no word on injuries on this. but a mess along the roadway and they're having to sweep it up. no delays now because volume is light. but that will change. u.s. 36 might be a good alternate this morning. take it down to sheridan or federal. across the denver metro area, couple of trouble spots. but we are watching along arapahoe there at holly. that's where we've had that police activity where jamie leary has been giving us updates this morning. want to take you into the high country. you may need to make plans along highway 6 tonight. another late night closure for maintenance. shutting down highway 6 at 93 to highway 119. should last from 7:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning. use golden gate canyon to 119
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french embassy in athens, greece. a policeman hurt. two people carried out the attack. it left markings on windows in front of the embassy gate. police are still looking for them. the attack raises security concerns ahead of president obama's visit to the greek capital scheduled next week. two people in custody after a deadly shooting in the heart of downtown street mall. one man died, another is hurt. officers say the situation could be much different with so many people in the area. several people starting fights on champa and someone started shooting. zi heard a pop -- >> i heard a pop, but not thinking it's anything, because it's nice and broad daylight. >> two people jumped onto an rtd bus. people flagged down officers
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took two people into custody. today we are expecting to learn more about the future of the national western event center. leaders are holding a forum there. they'll be talking about the results of a study on its redevelopment. researchers looked at ways to maybe increase job growth and regional economic development. leaders are trying to figure out a way to make that complex a global hub and food production. skiers and boarders have another place to hit the slopes in season with one top to bottom run. you can grab a lift at 9:00 this morning. loveland and keystone are the only resorts open now. mother nature is operating on a different schedule. man made snow is about all you're going to find in the high country now. this is forcing resorts like keystone and copper mountain to delay opening day until the 18th. ski teams are trying to make the best of the lack of open
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like, four or five have been. but i don't know, you can still ski at the top, so it's still good. >> keystone continues to fire up the snow guns. workers say they are confident the season will start very soon. it's almost odd to see that, though. >> off the slope into the trees, it's nothing. we need some moisture. we'll talk with ashton about that coming up. also next, shooting leaves five people hurt in seattle. we're going to tell you if police are election protests going on nearby. we are all hoping for
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good morning, everyone. this is the news in health. can't sleep in could be the
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cutting into your beauty rest. a new study finds extended screen time was linked to poor sleep quality and less sleep, especially for those who use smartphones right before going to bed. >> maybe if you don't sleep well, you look at your phone more often, but the other alternative is looking at your phone supposes you to -- exposes you to blue light. it can inhibit your sleep and fragment your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> i always set the phone. but doctors recommend swapping the phone for a good book at least to help get a better night's rest. want to go to joel, because we have problems on the highway to get to. >> these live pictures coming in from copter 4. looks like we have the flat bed truck on scene. white vehicle there with heavy front end damage. then side damage right to that truck that's up against the light pole there. this is shut down lanes of southbound wadsworth at 90th
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wadsworth this morning. luckily light volumes. we're not seeing any delays at least on our road sensor data now. to the north of this accident. you can take u.s. 36 if you need to. that's a pretty good alternative. just sail down along sheridan or federal if you're trying to get around that. across the denver metro area, we've got an accident along 285. trouble along i-70. volumes are so light that it won't cause issues or delays this is where jamie leary has been. she's near glencoe and there are closures. you can still use holly to access across arapahoe road. it may be difficult to get around. good information to know. live look outside, yes it's dry, yes we need the moisture. but boy, it's pretty. sunrise in about 25 minutes
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our camera at lookout mountain. our streak of dry and warm weather continues. today will be our 29th day in a row without rain. last time we had measurable precipitation in the metro area was the 12th of october. today also makes three weeks in a row with warmer than normal temperatures. last time we had a below normal day was the 20th of october. temperatures are in 40s throughout the denver metro area. 30s greeley and fort collins for larimer and weld counties. 20s and 30s on plains. 20s in the mountains. alamosa, it keeps dropping. single digits. 9 degrees currently in alamosa. temperature swings in that part of the statin credible. you'll be up to 62 this afternoon. frisco, 69. about 5 depress cooler in denver today than yesterday. still far above normal. upper sixties this afternoon. clear skies. nothing but sunshine for today. there is a cold front up to the north of us.
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it will drop south through wyoming today and will make its way into our state tonight into tomorrow. we'll be cooler for veterans day. nothing dramatic. highs in the 50s tomorrow. unfortunately, no rain or snow with this front. but hope is still alive at the end of next week a storm system will move into colorado. this is a storm system off the coast of japan now. it's got a long ways to go. a lot could change between now and then. next thursday, 17th of november, looking at a decent chance of seeing rain and snow. system gets out of here we'll take anything we can get. sunny today, 68. 56 tomorrow. mid-60s for the weekend. back to you guys. thanks a lot, ashton. wall street a mystery still after the presidential election. let's get the latest, jill schlesinger live at the floor of the new york stock exchange now. >> reporter: good morning. futures are pointing to a higher open. wall street gave a nice welcome to the idea of president trump.
6:17 am
highs. stunning reversal. stocks plunged in the hours immediately following word of a trump win. yesterday the dow finished 256 points higher. the nasdaq added 57. health care and biotech companies led the rally. donald trump has said he wants to repeal obamacare and republican sweep in congress makes that more likely. investors also think republicans are less likely to regulate drug prices. general motors is laying off more than 2,000 workers at plants in ohio they start in january. gm says the cuts are due to shifting demand from cars to trucks and suv's. holiday symbols are back on starbucks holiday cups. for the first time ever, starbucks asked customers to submitted their own designs. they chose 13 from about 1200 submissions. last year's plain red cups sparked a lot of backlash because they didn't have the
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can get buy one get one free drinks from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. today through monday. alan and britt. >> i'm planning on britt buying, me getting the freebie. thanks, jill. >> what happened to chivalry? lost art, i guess. police in seattle are searching for the person who shot five people outside a convenience store. officers say this is not related to an anti-trump rally that blocked traffic nearby last night. officers say the shooting happened during some sor argument. two of the five people shot do have life-threatening injuries. two boulder police officers will not face charges for shooting and killing a man who had a machete on cu's campus. it is believed the former marine branson simmons was dealing with mental health problems and abusing chemicals when this happened. the district attorney's office released photos showing the nearly 3-foot long machete that simmons was allegedly carrying
6:19 am
they say they did not have time to find a less lethal force. doctors recently released hill from the marine corps with drug issues. colorado legislature plans to pick new leaders. here's a live look from the capitol. republicans retain their senate majority after the election. democrats still control the house. the parties are meeting to elect a new house speaker senate president. 6:19. temperature 45. what are the weather watchers seeing? >> they're in the 40s as well, including richard in littleton. he's got 40 degrees. meanwhile, gary in summit county, very cold, 17. bob on the western slope in glenwood springs, reporting 29 degrees this morning. says it looks like another perfect indian summer day. and yes, bob, we do agree with you. we'll check the travel forecast coming up next.
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f0 copter 4 just leaving the scene of an accident, southbound along wadsworth at 90th, closer to sheridan and 76. report of a fire at an abandoned building. heading over that direction now to get those pictures. we'll bring those to you. out to dia this morning, it's nice and wide open along i-70. mostly green on the map, which s speed limits. inbound pena boulevard,s green as well. trouble on the roadway in the south glen neighborhood. tough situation there. nothing weather-related that will cause problems on the roadways. sunrise officially 15 minutes from now, 6:39. look at that beautiful shot over downtown denver. it's going to be a gorgeous day
6:25 am
sunshine with no weather related issues. chicago 59 with sunny skies. few showers in parts of texas, but nothing that will be a big deal. east coast sunny. new york city 54. all the major airports are in good shape. thank you. stephen colbert has plenty of new material after donald trump's election win. >> everybody processes grief differently. i heard elizabeth warren got a neck tattoo. go get them, liz. >> catch the colbert show after cbs4 news at 10. thank goodness we didn't get one on our face or something. you have to see this video, morgan county deputies survive a dangerous chase. we have video of things being thrown out of that vehicle ahead of them. also, a special day in colorado for dozens of children looking for adoptive families. live picture this morning ahead of the sunrise, coming in justify a few minutes.
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up this week we're talking about. and the weather, how dry, how bad. ,,
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,, ,,
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,, breaking news this morning. one person is shot stone nightclub on morrison road. police say they found a vehicle stolen during that robbery. >> this is the scene now in centennial near arapahoe and holly to show you. we're going to check in with jamie leary. she is there live for you, coming up in just a few minutes. first we want to start with shawn chitness outside the stone nightclub near sheridan and mississippi and that's where it all started. shawn. >> reporter: yeah, alan, denver
6:30 am
outside of the club collecting evidence and securing the scene, able to clear this area a couple of hours ago. we know this began before 2:00 a.m. that's when two men were robbed at gunpoint outside of the club. the suspect approached them, injuring one of those men. that man had gunshot wounds that took him to the hospital in critical condition. later hearing he is stable. but clearly serious injuries for one of the two victims. the other is okay. it's unclear what happened leading up to they met outside, if they were inside the club, what all led up to that. something we're waiting to learn from police. the suspect was able to steal the car from those two men and get away. denver police of course spending time here at this scene, but also trying to catch up with that suspect and chasing after him from here. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. >> shawn, thank you. police chased the suspected shooter across county lines and for a short time on southbound i-25. cbs4's jamie leary picks up
6:31 am
arapahoe county. she's live at an apartment complex near arapahoe road and glencoe in centennial. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, britt. the scene is now clear, so it shouldn't pose problems for morning traffic. but the investigation is ongoing because they still haven't found the suspect. that's likely going to remain a top priority for investigators as they continue to look into what happened this morning. i want to show you what the scene looked like just an ago. take a look at this. this is that stolen red camaro that police chased from where shawn chitness is to here in centennial. you can see bullet holes all over the back end of that camaro. as far as the chase goes, we learned it actually went past this location. police went all the way southbound on i-25 to happy canyon road, and our photographer eddie castro not far behind them said it continued into castle rock.
6:32 am
police say they lost sight of the car. they found it later here at the villa apartments at holly. police found it, but it was ditched. the suspect had ditched the car. he disappeared somewhere. they later towed that red camaro and say they are still looking for the suspect at this point in time. they aren't releasing a suspect description. they want to talk to the person in answers they're looking for. they say they need to confirm the suspect description. denver police did tell me that suspect is considered armed and dangerous. they're probably going to want to get that description out as soon as possible. again, the suspect is still on the run this morning. we're going to continue to look into it. live in centennial, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thanks, jamie. anger over donald trump's election win boiled over as you slept. demonstrators in l.a.
6:33 am
shutting down traffic for hours. people also damaged businesses in new orleans. set fires in oakland. blocked streets in new york city. police arrested several protestors. president-elect trump heads to washington today where he'll meet with president obama at the white house. a warning to people as flu season and holiday travel gets underway. doctors in boulder say doctors have already hospitalized three people. they are reminding folks to get flu shto we have video of a high speed chase which men threw stolen car parts at deputies on i-76 in morgan county. you can see the passenger hanging out of a stolen truck last month as it sped down the highway at about 100 miles per hour police say. eventually things got more dangerous. the men started throwing soda bottles and car parts onto the road. they threw a total of 50 items over a nearly 40-mile stretch of road.
6:34 am
brandon mcintosh and luke batts. the truck was full of special items for the veteran's organization, boots 66. it's believed a majority of the boots in the truck may still be there. the truck owner is still waiting to get that truck back to see how many. the personal information of more than 2,000 colorado veterans could be at risk. this affects patients at the va eastern colorado health care system. it says an employee e-mailed unencrypted documents to a those documents had their names, last four digits of social security numbers and diagnoses. the va is working on notifying each affected veteran. you may not have stepped outside, here is a live look at copter 4 over the traffic. we understand today it's going to be a sunny, clear day. but ashton, i have to say we desperately need rain. >> we really do. it's been almost a month since we've had measurable precipitation along the front
6:35 am
october. and we had a whopping 0.01 of an inch. genesee, just above freezing there in the foothills. 34 degrees with mostly clear skies overhead. clear skies over downtown denver as well, including here in denver, we're at 45 at dia. 43 in boulder. 30 in greeley. most mountain towns waking up to 20s. we'll be in the 50s if not 60s for most opening day at loveland. about 45 at the top of the lift this afternoon. 60s on the western slopes. 60s and 70s later today on the eastern plains. doppler 4000, i have to keep checking it make sure it's working, it is, just nothing to look at over colorado or rocky mountain region. new mexico and texas they have cloud cover thanks to an upper level system there. we're watching this front, it's a dry front, no rain or snow, but it will drop south into colorado tomorrow, bringing us
6:36 am
highs in the 50s. that's normal. compared to where we have been, it will feel chilly tomorrow, even in the afternoon. no rain or snow with this system. but there is still hope. end of next week rain and snow possible. dry between now and wednesday next week. look what happens next thursday, the 17th. storm system comes in from utah. should spread rain and snow across much of the state. not a big storm system. not talking major snow totals, but at least something. 68 today with sunshine. 56 for the weekend, more sunshine. highs in the mid-60s for saturday and sunday. again, completely dry weather through the middle of next week. let's check in with joel. take a look from copter 4 in the heart of downtown. this is i-25 and 6th avenue. you can see that ramp already loaded up for folks making their way eastbound to southbound. seems to be loaded up all day every day. there is a little patch at 4:30 in the morning where it isn't. southbound coming into town,
6:37 am
now. not too bad as you make your way from thornton to denver. 13 minutes on that drive. whole stretch average speed in the 40s. slowing down along i-76. trouble along i-76 now as well. here we are across the denver metro area, had an accident along 285, turkey creek along there, pretty common. then an accident along i-70 into the high country. both of those places light volumes, so it's not really affecting the commute. traveling southboundg out at 90th. car accident, it's in the cleanup stages. getting the cars loaded up onto a nat bed truck. a lot of sweeping and damage. pours of southbound wadsworth closed, right two lanes as you get to 90th. drives across the country are reporting explosions happening in their cars while they're driving. cbs4's lauren dispirito shows us it is a frightening experience. >> heard this huge explosion.
6:38 am
happened. >> really startled me. freaked me out. >> reporter: she said she's lucky she didn't crash her car. >> i believe it's a defective product. >> reporter: spry is not the only one complaining about experiencing explosions while driving. >> lauren dispirito tells you more about this possible driving danger and why safety investigators are looking into it. you can catch that story tonight at 10. a group of fort carson soldiers is back home with their loved they arrived home around midnight to a special ceremony. they deployed in february to afghanistan. almost 50 children will get new loving homes today. families will finally adoptions during national adoption day. here's a little video from last year. great moments. the hearings are happening at the lindsey flannigan courthouse in downtown denver. we're highlighting children needing adoptive families through our wednesday's child program. you can join us every wednesday
6:39 am coming up next, an officer is shot and killed this morning in pennsylvania. what they are calling an ambush. what we know next. plans for denver's newest concert venue. here's a live look at that sunrise. 45 degrees in denver. michael spencer now has an update on the cu buffs. it's 7-2 and ranked 12th in rankings, everything seems to be looking up for cu. ever good team has their problems and their problem last week was penalties. 12 in total. coach mack not liking that. they got the win. but if it will continue, the penalties have to stop. >> we definitely had a good team talk, team, not team bonding. we had a good time as a team
6:40 am
talking about the mistakes and trying to reassure ourselves and remind the guys what our goal is and if we do that again that could really hurt our chances of winning games and potentially being in the championship game. >> cu on the road saturday night, 8:00 kickoff against arizona.
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welcome back to the cbs4
6:44 am
together every 10 minutes. a beautiful view out to the east as the sun is coming up this morning. we're going to have sunshine all day long state-wide today. here at cbs4 we have 41 degrees outside. matt reynolds in nederland also has 41 degrees. he recognizes should be below freezing, especially for his area for a morning low temperature. of course it's going to be another mild day. we're going to check your complete weekend forecast coming up in a bit. now let's check drive loading up southbound. couple of accidents this morning, ashton, to worry about. this is the look from copter 4. you can see all the volume we have. pretty typical this time of day. as you are making your way southbound, speeds dipping into the 40s. 12 minutes from thornton to denver now. eastbound along i-270, we have speeds dipping down into the 20s. that's a 13 minute drive to i-
6:45 am
breaking news this morning, one of two western pennsylvania police officers shot overnight is now dead. this happened in canonsburg, south of pittsburgh. the officers were responding to a domestic situation when they got shot. they say the shooter ambushed the officers and that person is still on the run. also breaking this morning, that spans parts the metro area, two men robbed, one shot. happened earlier this outside the stone nightclub. >> our jamie leary is live, but we're going to start with shawn chitness where the initial shooting happened. good morning, shawn. >> reporter: britt, good morning. this was quite the scene earlier as police were collecting evidence around the nightclub and spent a good amount of time here before they were able to open the area. it was before 2:00 a.m. when someone approached two men
6:46 am
they were robbed at gunpoint, one of them taken to the hospital in critical condition from his injuries. the other man in that robbery okay. of course, the suspect able to get away there. able to take away their car. unclear if they met inside the club or approached outside. but we do know that the suspect that took the car was able to get away from this location and denver police were spending time investigating here, but from this spot. shawn chitness, cbs4 news. >> officers chased that stolen car through the metro area, the suspect ditched a camaro in arapahoe county, and that is where we find our jamie leary now live. she's in a neighborhood near arapahoe road and glencoe. police are calling this suspect i understand armed and dangerous. >> reporter: they believe he's armed and dangerous, given what
6:47 am
is in that shooting situation. leads authorities to believe he is armed and dangerous. they are still looking for the suspect. we believe they know who this american is, but -- person is but they're still looking for him. the scene is clear, but the investigation continues. earlier this morning when we first arrived, this is that stolen red camaro that police chased from where shawn is to here in centennial. bullet holes all over the back. as far as the chase goes, it went southbound on i-25. police went to happy canyon road. the suspect then turned around, headed northbound on i-25 and they told me that speeds were so high they lost sight of the car. they did find it later ditched here at the apartments called the villas at holly. denver police ended up towing that camaro away. they told me they want to question the victim in the hospital. shawn told us he's in stable condition. denver police not too long ago
6:48 am
people as to the investigation. they said the suspect in centennial, that search has ended. suspect not found. but the investigation is ongoing. the good news is we believe they do know who the suspect is. they've declined to release suspect details at this time. again, they believe he is armed and dangerous. that's something they're going to probably make a priority as this investigation continues. live in centennial, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. jamie, thank you so much for th overnight. protestors flooded city streets across america to condemn donald trump's election. people carried signs in kansas city reading, not my president. flames lit up the sky in california last night as thousands started fires on the streets of oakland. and thousands more marched and protested through downtown chicago. drivers couldn't even get through the downtown area because of it. people in denver are also expressing frustration after
6:49 am
state capitol last night. >> this is maybe the most disappointed i've ever been in our country. and that's not without an understanding of history. >> last night's gathering was peaceful. president-elect donald trump heads to washington today to meet with president obama at the white house. he already owns some property on pennsylvania avenue, but today he'll get a look inside his new residence down the st transition of power. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> mike pence will sit down with vice president biden and melania trump will meet with the first lady. colorado legislature picks a new leadership. democrats still control the
6:50 am
meeting to elect a new house speaker and senate president. the senate is replacing the president and the house needs a replacement. both are leaving office because they have reached their term limits. looks like denver's controversial cannabis club measure will pass. it's ahead by more than 5,000 votes at the last update now. initiated ordinance 300 creates a pilot program that would allow regular businesses to allow indoor and outdoor marijuana use. police say a downtown seattle shooting appears unrepresented to an -- unrelated to an anti-trump rally. bullets hit five people outside a store last night. it happened during an argument. two of the five people shot have life-threatening injuries. police are still looking for the shooter. breaking overnight, a policeman hurt from an attack
6:51 am
threw a hand grenade. video shows where it exploded. it left markings on the windows on the front of the embassy gate. that attack raises security concerns ahead of president obama's visit there coming up next week. developing now, two men are on the run accused in a denver bank robbery investigators are calling more violent than most. we have video. cameras show two masked men getting out of a gold dodge sedan on monday. they rushed into the key one hopped the counter. video shows the men pointing guns at people. the unique gloves they wore looked pink. this is a detail investigators and neighbors say might help lead to some arrests. the wait is over at loveland ski area. happening this morning crews are opening up a top to bottom run despite the lack of snowfall. this comes nearly three weeks after arapahoe basin opened for the winter. here's a look from one of loveland's web cams.
6:52 am
9:00 this morning. people of course are still hoping for natural snow. all of the colorado resorts are struggling to make snow in near record-breaking heat. copper mountain joins keystone in delaying opening day until november 18th. >> pushing our opening day back is difficult, obviously. we're all ready to get out there and ski and snowboard. to make sure we kick the season off right we decided to move it back a week and hope >> photos show snow making is underway. resort workers say they are confident the season will start next week. you'll soon have another place to check out free concerts in denver. mayor hancock will celebrate the groundbreaking of the levity pavilion in ruby hill park. here are some of the renderings. it will host about 53 concerts every year.
6:53 am
at 10:00 this morning. it should be ready july next year. you could use the word frustrated to describe how the broncos are feeling now. the players face another tough challenge sunday against the saints. everybody is trying to figure out what's going on and what's going on. the broncos are in the bottom half of nearly every offensive category. they insist they have not lost confidence. >> a little frustrated. but i think we're in so it's tough, but i think guys are working really hard and that's the thing. guys are working hard and not seeing it pay off on sundays like we want it to. >> basically, you know, getting over the last week and trying to do better. you don't want to be the team, their offense and good, but they have up and downs. we want to put up points some kind of way.
6:54 am
our time. broncos part of the latest internet craze. the mannequin challenge. the entire locker room frozen in time. will parks trying to put hot sauce on food here. looks like bibbs won a game of connect four. and some selfies. talib working on his jump shot. and is somehow emmanuel sanders ended up on his back in a laundry cart. well done. let' now. let's see your best mannequin challenge. >> this is all i do. ipoint. >> you're good at this though. >> it's easy for me. 44 degrees the temperature now over at lookout mountain. look at that beautiful sunrise. we are going to have sunshine all day long again today, as our streak of dry and warm weather continues. it's now been 29 days since the last time we had measurable rainfall. today makes three weeks in a
6:55 am
temperatures. it was the 20th of october last time we had a below normal or normal day. avon at 23. akron 39 on the plains. 45 degrees here in the denver area. later on it won't be as warm as yesterday. but still upper 60s, close to 70 along the front range. most mountain towns in the 50s for loveland today. base area in the 50s. 40s at the top of the lift with full sunshine. ifou county today. in texas a system bringing rain there. what we're watching is a cold front in montana and north dakota. it will move into colorado tomorrow, bringing us cooler temperatures. highs in the 50s. of course with the sun will be nice. no rain or snow with this front. but next week everything on track for a storm system to come in next thursday, a week from now, the 7th of november.
6:56 am
not a major storm system. the details of this will change, but early outlook is 3 to 6 inches of snow and we'll keep you posted. that forecast will have to be tweaked between now and then. 68 degrees today with sunshine. tomorrow, 56 for vets day. the weekend, more sun, highs in the mid-60s. we're watching live pictures from copter 4 heading to 88th and welby. report of a semi truck versus car accident. we hope to show you those pictures. we have an update during cbs this morning minutes. southbound coming into town speeds into the 60s. dip down into the 50s. this is the drive, 11 minutes from thornton to denver. little slow along i-76 in all the usual spots. this is another one of those usual spots. from our mouse trap cam, slow go getting into town. don't forget the sunglasses. the perimeter where jamie was
6:57 am
good to know. no natural snow. >> maybe a week from today. until then, no, none. >> we need it, though. ,, ,,
6:58 am
,, ,,
6:59 am
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only on "cbs this morning," inside the small data firm that accurately predicted donald trump's win. what they saw that everyone else missed. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. secon.


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