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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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good morning, everyone. breaking news out of portland. as protesters hold a sec night of demonstrations that turned into a riot. this is where we begin. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. this is the news, friday the 11th of november. this is veterans day. let's remember our veterans today. in portland what stard a peaceful protest got ugly. police in riot gear used smoke grenades to get the crowds out of an area near the broadway bridge in portland. several people were arrested after police warned them to get off the streets. >> our hena daniels has more on
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and portland brought traffic to a stand still overnight. still angry over donald trump's stunning election. >> i just think he's hateful and racist. >> i am undocumented, and i am very afraid. >> reporter: as tensions escalated, this man brandishing weapon confronted demonstrators. >> we are calling 911 right now. >> reporter: this woman was captured on throwing detergent. >> reporter: president-elect trump took to twitter and called them professional protestors. many made themselves heard outside several of his properties, including in new york. the extra security came after trump's one-on-one meeting with president obama at the white
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do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> reporter: trump also met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house leader paul ryan. >> i think we're going to do absolutely spectacular things for the american people. >> reporter: among his top priorities, making good on his promise to repeal obamacare. hena daniels, cbs news. here in denver starting from the capitol and winding through downtown. hundreds ended up stopping traffic. they eventually made their way to i-25 and that's where they were met by police who tried to keep them off the highway. >> just let people know we're in this together. he was not elected by the majority of people. he was not wanted by the majority of people. and we are not here to protest
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of racism, of inequality, of somebody who doesn't protect every class. >> there were no arrests. let's turn to the weather this morning. ashton is in. >> we're going to have a cooler day for this veteran's day. good morning, alan, hi britt. good thursday morning everybody. 38 degrees outside in the metro area. sun comes up at degrees cooler than yesterday. notice there really aren't 40s on the map. i don't believe there's any. 38 lakewood. 32 brighton. erie at 30. a chill at the bus stop later on this morning. clear skies across the front range. the cold front is down here in new mexico. it's why you see the clouds down there. for us, nothing but sunshine today. a chilly start.
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that's much closer to normal, but it's still a little above normal. today is our cool day. we start a warmup tomorrow, continuing into next week. now let's check in with joel. pretty good start to the morning commute. i-25 and 20th looks great this morning. across the denver metro area, accident along i-70 at i-270. ongoing road work along the hog back. u.s. 6 closed from golden to highway 119 until 5:00 this morning. this morning on veterans day colorado honors those who served our country with a special ceremony. shawn chitness is at fort logan national cemetery. >> reporter: good morning. certainly ceremonies across our
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one here at this post, serving those -- honoring those who served. members of the colorado national guard will be here. we're looking at video from last year's ceremony. which can be an emotional event. it was last year. today is the service, sacrifice and ongoing achievements. almost 22 living million americans have served living here at home and abroad. the event at this vfw post sent to begin at 11:00 a.m. shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. shawn, thank you very much. a colorado pearl harbor survivor will be honored at a
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christian high school. the 94-year-old was 19 when he was a sailor on bored the u.s.s. arizona when that attack began. he is one of the last remaining survivors who is planning on returning to hawaii in december to mark the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. also there are freebies and deals for all the veterans. many restaurants are saying thank you with free meals. olive gardens vets and active military members can get ee chipotle will give away a free burette or or taco after 3:00 this afternoon. baskin-robbins is donating part of its profits to veterans organizations. it was built in 1899 for coal and steel magnate cleveland osgood.
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>> about six weeks ago we got a post card that said it was for sale and we thought, that would be interesting, let's see go see what it's about. here we are owning it. i think we would like to do six, possibly eight larger bed and break fast type rooms. the sale comes time as a change of ownership in another historic hotel. hotel colorado that stands above the hot springs. let's get a look at business headlines. >> jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. happy friday, jill. >> reporter: happy friday. good morning. the postelection rally continues on wall street.
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record high. the nasdaq fell 42 points. futures are pointing to a mixed open. banking stocks surging to levels we have not seen since the financial crisis. investors think a trump administration will ease regulation on the industry. an important recall, millions of smoke smoke detectors. snap chat's new spectacles are now on sale. the glasses cost 130 bucks. you buy them from writing yellow vending machines. the first one is in venice. even those disappear after 24 hours and move to another location. >> of course, of course they
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new video of a brazen shoplifter in fort collins. a surveillance camera at hobby town u.s.a. shows a man trying stuff a large box into the back of his jacket. it's just too big. didn't work out. eventually he figured out and stole several high priced items. the thief is still on the run. the husband of a state trooper killed in the line of duty is suing the drunk driver who hit her and the bar who served him alcohol. the wrongful death lawsuit claims henderson was negligent because he was driving drunk and speeding and it goes after the bar claiming the servers served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person.
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ocean filled with dolphins. you'll want to stand by. ,,
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,, welcome back. research discovered the year you were born plays a major role in how to the flu. people born before 1968 were likely exposed to a flu virus that makes them less susceptible.
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were found that children whose mother smoked or skipped breakfast or don't have a regular bedtime weigh more. and a new study questions whether pregnant women need iron supplements if they have sufficient levels. they found women with the highest levels of iron had two and a half times the risk those with the east. dolphin watchers in california got this special show yesterday. a pod of more than 500 dolphins. this happened yesterday after they as well past their boat. >> it's so picturesque. the first nintendo entertainment system is back in
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original release. this time arm it's smaller, comes preloaded of 30 of its classic games. for 60 bucks it comes with a cable. remember those? ready to plug into new tv's. the controller remains the same, so you'll still have to play close to the tv. >> the difficulties in life. >> the kids will be like, what's this cord? why is this thing attached? level 3 on mario brothers. >> there you go. ever day more sunshine, more dry weather. sun will be up at 6:40 today. just like yesterday we expect basically crystal clear skies across colorado. and of course the cost for all this beautiful weather is a worsening drought situation. the drought monitor across colorado is up updated every thursday. this was the update from
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drought. it goes from d-0 to d-4 which is the worst. most of the state is in d-0. but the front range, d-1. we need rain. don't have anything until the end of next week. looking like most of the moisture next week will be in the mountains. temperatures this morning are in the 20s and 30s in the metro area. same on 20s in the mountains. 20s and 30s west. later on today with full sunshine it will be a cool but relatively pleasant day. highs in the 50s along the front range. ten to 15-degree drop from yesterday. we've been expecting this because of the cold front now to the south. you can see a few clouds from trinidad over towards oklahoma in the panhandle of oklahoma. that's where the front is at this point. it's obviously south of us.
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work with. that's which we didn't -- why we didn't see rain or snow. the next five or six days weather will be quiet. nothing on the west coast that move towards us. sunny skies over the next five days. today's high 56. tomorrow 67. followed by 66 sunday. next week 68 monday and up to 74 on tuesday, joel. back up near record high temperatures ben. week and holding out hope for beneficial moisture. we need the moisture, but this is great. when we're in the heart of february and we're cold we'll look fondly on these days. i-25 and arapahoe, no problems, even though there's construction work. c-470 getting through the hog back, ongoing road work, and accident i-70, i-270.
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as you get through clear creek canyon. goes until 5:00 this morning. that's from golden to highway 119. joel, thank you for that. developing now, the federal government is investigating safety concerns about vehicle sun roofs. >> hundreds of drivers have reported sun roofs that exploded or shattered. >> it was a nice day. >> reporter: linda spry was driving her 2012 typical route to work, when her commute took a terrifying turn. she heard a blast so loud she thought another driver crashed. >> it was very loud and sudden. >> when you heard that explosion, what did it feel like? >> it scared the heck out of me. >> reporter: she looked around
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she realized it was her sun roof. >> there was a hole in the center. a big piece popped out this way. >> reporter: pictures of the damage show a hole with shard glass left in the frame. here they fix about 30 broken sun roofs every month. he says usually only one of those cases turns out to be unexplained. hews hitting it with a hammer. but he says a single concentrateed hit, like a sharp rock, can make the glass shatter. >> you're not going to get hurt with that glass. it will rain on you, but you're not going to be injured. >> reporter: the glass is designed to shatter safely, the explosion is startling. we found reports of sun roofs exploding unsuspectedly across
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country. >> pleading sun roofs are a thing. >> reporter: national highway traffic safety administration got information from ford, volkswagen, hyundai and nissan. >> i believe it's a defective product. >> reporter: spry has not she paid more than $1,000 to get it fixed. >> i feel apprehensive ever time now i hear a squeak or rattle or i hear anything that comes from the roof, i cringe. >> reporter: a sense of safety that for spry, still shatters. teams in the nfl will do just about anything they can to get a competitive advantage.
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of their former players this week. the saints adding john phillips and shiloh cato to their roster. it wouldn't be a big surprise if those guys are divulging inside information to the saints' coaches. >> it doesn't change anything, it just means they now know our system singing like a canary. he did it when he came here. that's just the league, man. you have to deal with it. nuggets took one on the chin last night, they fall by
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f0 we are getting a look at the new trailer for the new star wars movie, and a flop at the box office and another award for tom hanks. >> reporter: the force is strong with the latest international trailer for the upcoming rogue one a star wars story. we get darth vaders, more battles and a catch phrase. >> may the force be with us. >> reporter: on the flip side, how big a flop was ben hur? this summer's remake had weak ticket sales and weaker reviews. and now variety reports mgm has told investors it's taking a $48 million impairment charge for the film. biffle a way of lowering the movie's value on the studio's
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another award for tom hanks. january2nd he'll receive the icon award for his performance in sully at the palm springs international film festival. he is a familiar face in palm springs. he received the chairman's award in 2014. star wars fanatics will soon get an upclose look at costumes from the movies. >> reporter: the denver art museum's latest blockbuster exhibit, star wars and the power of costume, takes an inside look from paper to the big screen. >> you start shaking, and you start drawing the final drawing.
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>> i didn't know i was designing costumes. i was drawing people. >> reporter: these costumes are the real deal. >> it was a joy, because i got to get darth moll, because that was my evil. then i said, who can beat that? >> reporter: there are 70 pieces from darth vader and ewoks and droids and samples and objects that show the skill and krafts manship. >> it's all focused on story. >> reporter: lauren whitney, cbs4 news. >> the exhibit is at the denver art museum, opens sunday. you can go to cbs4's facebook page to see the extended interview on the exhibit and
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f0 we are thinking of our veterans on this veterans day. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. it is good to have you with us on this friday, november 11th. here's what's happening now. peaceful protest in portland, oregon turned to riot. about denver. >> reporter: thousands take to the streets in downtown denver overnight and into the morning. police in riot gear as well. we have the details coming up on cbs4 morning news. good morning from colorado's weather center. it will be a cooler day, but the dry weather continues. we'll talk about the streak and have your weekend forecast straight ahead. we've been watching construction delay along u.s. 6 from clear creek canyon, it's


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