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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2016 7:00am-8:47am MST

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good morning. it is monday, november 21 of 1s 2016. more than a foot of snow buries the country a we're tracking your thanksgiving week forecast. a huge hunt in san antonio for a man that ambushed and killed a police detective. one of four of police shootings in 24 hours around the country. >> president-elect trump appears close t making several major appointments to his cabinet and demands an apology for "hamilton's" cast members sharp message to the vice president-elect. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener.
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>> we're seeing tremendous talent. people that will make america great again. >> trump continues building his cabinet. >> e?]x:very american would be inspired by the leadership that our president-elect has shown from hours after this election was called. >> on several different issues, donald trump echoed the views of democrats. this is a kumbaya moment here. >> president obama is back at the white house after completing his last scheduled overseas trip as president. >> my advice to democrats is know what you care abo what you stand for. fight for your principles. even if it's a hard fight. >> the morning commute, bundle up. get that winter gear on. >> thanksgiving week travel is beginning with a major winter storm for much of the northern u.s. >> i think it's absolutely crazy. i went to bed and i wok up and it was winter wonderland. >> it's time for senseless violence is unacceptable. >> a police officer murdered in san antonio, texas. police are searching for the
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>> police and protesters are facing off near the dakota access pipeline. >> toys "r" us is halting sales of a toy truck that caught fire and destroyed a customer's pickup truck. >> all that -- >> a big win at amas. >> i'm trying not to cry. >> takes the deep shot. a home run ball. 70 yards. >> how do you like me now? >> and all that matters. >> president obama talked about life >> my intention is to finish my job and then after that to take michelle on vacation. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the "saturday night live" opening sketch shows the president-elect in a series of meetings painting him as seriously out of his league. >> sir, being president is not going to b easy, but we'll get through it if we work hard together. >> thank you, mike.
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>> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the first major snowstorm of the season is sweeping through the northeast.pdangerous conditions in new york state. snowplows are scrambling to keep up. >> parts of the northeast could see nearly 20 inches o tomorrow morning. we go to watertown, new york, which is digging out from several inches. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you can believe it, less than a day ago or just about a day ago this park was crammed with people in shorts and t-shirts enjoying record heat. the snow is fallingnd a halfoot on the ound re. these residents joining millions of other americans facghe prospect of a white thanksgiving. high winds and heavy snow whipped across western new york
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drivers on the roads and sending several others careening off of them. watertown, new york, was blanketed during the day with more than a half foot of snow. it was a chilly contrast from the day before when the town was basking in a record high 72 degrees. the massive shift in weather was caused by the first significant lake-effect storm of the season that dropped more than a foot of snow in the region. the storm slammed michigan as it moved east across the of the u. late saturday night, university of michigan celebrated a big win in snowy ann aor as their?>4? cheerleaders made snow angels on the field. binghamton, new york, received 15 inches of snow and east of alo was covered. >> i'm not ready for it. it's too soon. t ready fo it at all. i hearoing tget more.
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should expect delays. biggest travel day of the yea starts today and 48 million americans are expted to hit the road. many tin weather like this. >> all rig, tony. your mom called and said put on your gloves, son. thank you very much. good to see you. wcbs is tracking the storm. >> we have to get ready. >> winter is one month away. this is a pre-winter snowstorm that we're dealing with. where we just saw tony up i all said and done, watertown, ? foot and a half maybe two feet of snow. what you look at right now,his is snow cover as a result of this storm. if you go back to last week, colorado, one day last week was about 80 degrees. next day they had a foot of snow. then it rumbled into northern minnesota. northern minnesota, this bright purple shade. international falls picked up one foot, two feet of snow. made its way into the northeast. for the northeast, this is first snowfall of the season.y
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you're going to end up with that foot, foot and a half, maybe even more than that and there's going to be more to come. that's the snow that's already on the ground. if you take a look at the radar picture right now, it's still spinning around out there. i think today is going to be a result of lake-effect snow because of what happens this time of year you gethat cold travels ov the ?]m ca. water is warr than the land. that air then rises and condenses a itnd just snows and snows and snows on far side the lake. there will be more to come. as you get to thanksgiving, anywhere from albany north in the northeascould be dealing with snow showers on thanksgiving. the trouble with the travelayll northern midwest because travel day wednesday could be snow flying in that area. charlie, over to you. at least four police officers were shot in a wave of unrelated attacks around the country targeting law enforcement. a gunman ambushed a st. louis police sergeant late last night shooting him twice in the face.
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surve. the suspect was killed in a shootout with police. another officer was shot and wounded in missouri near kansas city during a traffic stop. force. we go outside police headquarters in san antonio where that shooting took place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is a growing memorial outside of police headquarters for the detective. he was only a few hundred yards away from wre we're standing conducting a traffic stop when he was shot and killed. that's not the only crime scene. investigators were seen dusting the front keypad for fingerprints right in front of police headquarters but they're not saying in the person of
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>> i've got an officer down in front of headquarters. i need ems right now. >> reporter: that urgent call for help came moments after the san antonio detective was shot. police have released a photo of this man entering a building who they believe may have more information about the shooting. >> we consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. >> reporter: police chief says the detective pulled over driver in front of?? police hequarrs just fore on.u? at's whenhepect?v?arked?!?@ his vehicle behe patrol cad approached thedriver's 8 side window where he sitting. the suspect allegedly shot him twice in the head before running back to his vehicle and driving off through the headquarter's south parking lot. >> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer. a police officer sitting in his car tells me that he's the
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hospital. >> nobody that has a bad word to say about ben. ror?o?o?o?o?l ?)xi captured this black sedanpeeding scene. all offers ben the lookout. e extreme caution. >> reporter: following sunday's violence, san antonio police officers were ordered not to attempt any traffic stops unless they were accompanied by another officer. what would you tell that suspect right now? >> give yourself up. we're going to catch you believe the original driver who was pulled over for the traffic stop and the suspect had any relationship. officers at this point also do not have a motive. this year 58 officers have been killed in the line of duty by gunfire. last year that number was 39. >> that is 58 too many. thank you. new violence overnight between police and protesters
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pipeline. about 400 demonstrators tried to push past a blockaded bridge. protesters started a dozen fires and sheriff says one officer was hit in the head with a rock. at least one person was arrested. donald trump is closer to choosing the senior members of his cabinet. the president-elect is back in new york city after spending the week chip reid is following the trump transition to the white house. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president-elect donald trump kept opening the clubhouse door at his golf course as prospects came calling. so far the trump cabinet is stocked with loyalists but then there's mitt romney. former new york city mayor rudy
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top contender for secretary of state and another possible candidate is mitt romney. the former foes had a cordial meeting on saturday. >> thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. >> mike pence gave credence to the idea of the businessman becoming the nation's top diplomat. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> he is the real deal. >> general james "m mattis is leading candidate for defense secretary. trump in a tweet called the retired mare corps general a true general's general. other leading cabinet candidates include billionaire investor wilbur ross for secretary of congressman and steve minuchin for secretary of the treasury. michael flynn will be national secured adviser. kansas representative mike
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line with mr. trump he caused enhanced interrogation techniques like water boarding and has the ability to get things done. good news. ye?sterdaychumeras9 had to say
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prenal ina?2ugurwion. inst the presi-elect will fromhe.. epg0sess dealis
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unprecedented but unlikely he is breaking any laws. the 1978 ethics and government acts places limits on senior personnel but much of it does not apply to the president or vice president and bans members from congress using their official positions for personal gain. >> vice president-elect mike pence responded to a controversial message delivered by one of the cast of "hamilton." brandon dixon, the actor worried about a trump administration. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it, but i want to assure people who were disappointed in the election results, people are feeling anxious about this time in the life of our nation, that president-elect donald trump meant exactly what he said on election night, that he is going to be the president of all the people of the united states of america. >> pence received boos and
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president-elect trump called his treatment harassment. he said the cast should apologize. in our next half hour, "hamilton" star brandon victor dixon who delivered those remarks will do his first television interview with us right here in studio 57 to discuss the reaction and criticism surrounding his curtain call speech. >> john heilemann is managing of bloomberg politics and co-host of "the circus" on showtime, a division of cbs. >> happy monday. re >> yes. >> a lot to be thankful about. >> that is right. >> what do you think of the transition so far? >> well, i think it's -- obviously, they have some stumbled and more chaotic and everybody i observed is this is a president-elect and a team that did not expect to be president-elect and having to do what they are doing at the level of trying to staff up this government, 4,000 jobs to fill and they have been moving with
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and not -- >> why? obama didn't announce hi iany of his appointments until december 1st. this is a transparent process. he is parading all of the people in front of the cameras says here is who i'm looking at. >> i'm talking about the fact is that on the levels of appointments at the cabinet levels, he is not behind at all and what i was going to say a second ago. but i think the reality is for a lot of the agencies that were still waiting for the letters that allowed to be actually proceed with the transition, they still haven't signed some government agencies. they are behind in terms of the broad scale thing, filling 4,000 jobs. they are not behind in terms of the appointments to the cabinet. >> also transition teams? >> in the middle, yes, showing a little bit of chaos along the way. but -- >> let's talk about the picks so far. we just heard our vice president-elect say that donald trump will represent all of the people of the country. but when you look at the picks so far, there are some troubling signs some say about lack of diversity. should people be concerned or is this way too early to talk about
7:17 am
jobs to fill. i think it's -- you were a nonwhite american, many nonwhite americans have concerns about this administration from the get-go in terms of the way the campaign was prosecuted and so on and looking at at the current array of choices it is a very monochromatic group and not just that but a hard line group ideologically and steph sessions and steve bannon and general flynn have made comments that raise concerns, in addition to the color of their skin. thing for the trump team to move to get some diversity in order to kind of reassure the many millions of americans are worried -- >> somnames than others? >> yes, right. >> let's talk about the job of secretary of state. is romney, in your judgment, from your sources, a serious contender as mike pence said? >> yes. >> what does he bring to the table? >> how would he then turn to a man who supported hims diligent as rudy giuliani has
7:18 am
better? >> i think donald trump has had some hard conversations with people in the past and i think he could probably have that one. other jobs are out there but the problem is rudy giuliani made it clear the only job he wants is secretary of state. that will be a difficult conversatio but i think romney may be the (??front-runner. >> what mitt romney said about him during the campaign how will they reconcile that? >> we are seeing a lot o republicans who said nasty things about donald trump get on board his train. >> thank you, john heilemann. president obama's final foreign trip of his administration is over. he returned overnight from peru. he predicted rising trade tensions under the next administration but he told other world leaders that president-elect trump will have to compromise. >> what i can guarantee you is that reality wl force adjust how he approaches many of these issues. >> the president als spoke on the sidelines for aew4 minutes
7:19 am
putin. president obama sd they talked about ukraine and syria and called the conversation candid and serious. >> a bomb in afghanistan. shiite moss were targeted in a mosque in kabul.??y dozens others were hurt in the p attack. the latest in a series of at miles ahour as it iat 50 milesn . first,t's time to chec
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the news is back in the was the "hamilton" monologue to mike pence appropriate? >> ahead and first on "cbs this morning," the actor who delivered the remarks, brandon victor dixon talks about his decision.
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to charlie about his 16 years on . good morning. it's 7:26. an elementary school is scrubbed free of a watch group shareda photo. parents of the school were worried and washed the door and covered it and the 1)wall with hearts and messages of hope and love. the community will have a solidarity parade taking place the 27th of december. let's check the morning commute on this monday, the
7:27 am
out there. we've had a lot of volume. this accident just past federal has been cleared out of the way westbound along u.s. 36. this is a side street, not up to the high country, it could be a tough drive as you
7:28 am
,, ,, . temperatures a milin thdenver area. s and 50s all around town. weould waking up to temperatures in the 20s. we have a lot of cloud cover on top of us. we're watching rain and snow on the western / slope. as it moves east, we'll see a
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summit county, and light ,,
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,, mike pence is here.2of? >> perfect timing. >> hello, r. i heard youo " how s that? >> it wa good.?n?1?qecture. >> sir -- >> "saturday night live" never
7:31 am
to get under way, parking lots and garages are set to become more crowded. ahead new research showing how e injured and killed every year. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. that more than ?%225,00 peopl??n aleppo, sya,4z?u hospital care. a neurosurgeon says, que, we e living in? hell.r?d e bonmbings in that area have destyed the hospit. %'styed the hospit. "te" reports that crews
7:32 am
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>> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not the performance and said he was not offend i about the friday's speech. he added mr. trump wou be ?? quote, president of all the pople onited . "hamilton" actor brandon victor dixon is herd?lirst oncbs this
7:34 am
elecon. >> when donaldrump tweeted this was harassment of his vice president-elect your response was? >> harassment or rather conversation is not harassment. you know?w?? and i was really appreciative stoore anddhe lped to what we had to stay. i know some people have said that a one-sided conversation or lecture is not a conversation but it was the beginnings of a conversation, i hope, that we can continue to have.
7:35 am
says -- ? ? talk less smile more ? i'm not doing it justice but a lot of people are criticizing you and the cast. they said that was not the place to do it. one member of bruce springsteen's band said you want to protect the guest and no single them out on. some say you could have asked him to come back stage and had a conversation on him and reported on that. how do you feel about that? >> he was w stage. all of the guests we have are welcome to come back stage and speak to us. >> i realize that but he wasn't given the option, though. >> oh, no. he certainly hat option. i think -- >> you all invited him back stage and he didn't come? >> i don't know what conversations happened before the show with the producers but i do know on a regular basis, political figures, celebrities, people who want to come to the show, we know they are coming and we know it's an option they can come back and speak to the cast and talk to us and take pictures. he absolutely could have done that and if he was unaware at
7:36 am
president-elect mike pence, please come and have a conversation with us. you know? >> why you? in other words, did you ask to do it, to deliver the message? >> no, i did not. the producer jeffrey sellers called me an hour, hour and a half before curtain and said this is something that we thought we wanted to do and asked me if i would be willing to do it. i'm not sure why they decided to ask me but i was happy to. i was honored to represent our cast and our show in that way. and, you know, for me, i t respect to all of the emotions that everybody is feeling after this election is to make sure that people recognize that we are not alone. we are here together and we need to listen to one another and speak to one another and those of us who feel their voice is marginalized or might become marginalized need to recognize there are allies all over the place. >> you didn't know he was coming an hour or two hours before the show.
7:37 am
in crafting this statement? >> yes. >> how did tha about? >> before jeffre called me, our director and jeffrey, himself, they collaborated on what they thought the message should be and shared it with me and i read it to the cast and myself -- >> they wrote it and you shared it with the cast and says does everybody stand behind this? >> after that, me and some other cast members made adjustments to it and after that we went out show. de the statement to the >> the president-elect is demanding an >> we assume no apology is forthcoming? >> there is nothing to apologize for. >> there is reports that someone disrupted the show in chicago on saturday. a trump protester and said something along the lines get over it, we won and let's move forward. are you worried now you've set a precedent for people now disrupting shows and speaking out in this manner? be the lt that sody went it
7:38 am
interrupt a show. >>q+?; before yomade?o?st statemu did ask the audience to bring out their phones to record the message? >> yes. >> why did you do that? >> iwas important fous. >> you wanted it? e ntedit.
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i think it's cutthroat. >> in the garage? ahead, first oncbs this morning," watch out! the new warning about the dangers that led to hundreds of deaths every year. serious stuff. we invite you, this is a personal invitation to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews, and what, norah? the best of all podcast? >> oh, yes! download it. over a million and a half times. >> all of the originals find
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? first on "cbs this morning," surprising new numbers show how dangerous it can be to walk through a parking lot. wow. more than 137 million americans plan to go out shopping between wednesday and monday. the national safety council says up to two-thirds of drivers may be distracted as they look for a the insurance industry says 1 out of every 5 accidents actually happens in a parking lot. kris van cleave is at a crowded station at a metro station in arlington, virginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no surprise here. the number one call for a distraction in a parking lot is the cell phone. experts say we all have a false sense of security because of the slow speeds cars are traveling in parking lots, but the consequences of distraction can still be deadly.
7:45 am
puing her 15-month-old baby's stroller last month. 24-year-old maria cruz gonzalez cortez died. her baby survived. wisconsin police released this video of a driver who lost control of his vehicle, slamming into nine cars before coming to a stop. amazingly, none waseriously injured. but the national safety council found, on average, at least 60,000 are injured and 500 or on accidents in parking lots and crashes every year. >> it's as dangerous to be distracted in a parking lot going 5 miles an hour as it is to be going 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: deborah hersman runs the national safety council. >> people have their heads down and they are in their fonds whether they are behind the wheel or whether they are pedestrians. there is a lot of inattention out there. >> reporter: a recent survey found 66% felt comfortable making calls while driving in a parking lot.
7:46 am
okay with sending e-mails, using social media, taking pictures, or watching video. 42% said they would video chat. joys was more focused on her phone than the cars around her. do you think you give the parking lot the same amount of attention as you, like, give the road? >> not really. >> reporter: why do you think that is? >> we think there is not a lot of traffic in the parking lot, pbut actually, there is. i think people should be more aware >> reporter: on average every year, 51 people die in parking lot accidents that involve cars backing you. experts say particularly this time of year where it's getting dark earlier and people are increasingly wearing dark winter coats, it's worth taking a second to double-check before you backup or use that backup camera. >> boy, that is such important information. everybody is busy. you're rushing to get out of the store, get home. >> you think you're driving slow in the parking lot so it's okay. >> i am grateful for that camera
7:47 am
>> and when it beeps when you're about to hit another car! >> that happens to you a lot? >> double parking a lot in the new york city area. >> i get it. i get it. police call protecting donald trump's home an unprecedented challenge. ahead a look inside of the challenge of securing a skyscraper from the nypd computer commissioner of intelligence and counterintelligence. you know john miller. he is back and he'll be with us. how one of the biggest hits in the nfl happened before the
7:48 am
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good morning everyone, 7:56 right now. i'm alan gionet. happening this morning, a man accused of shooting his wife and killing his neighbor is going to be in court for an arraignment. 46-year-old kevin lyons is facing 12 felony counts hen not two -- then shot two neighbors who tried to help. dr. kenneth atkinson died. they're considering the depth in this case. now the morning commute on this monday, here's joel. alan off and on slowing southbound i-25 going down 20th here. and then it just backs up and of course we get that accordion that stretches is back this is actually a side street accident on 15th we have an accident as you travel along sheridan as
7:57 am
heavy we've got slowing both directions along i-270 going club commerce city -- through commerce city and westbound along i-70 and as you're making the curve there to highway 58. up into the high country pretty good driving conditions until you get west of vail pass. that's where you may see some icy conditions for glenwood ,,
7:58 am
,, hey good monday morning everyone. we have 43 degrees outside. it's mild for a november morning. of course it's cloudy as well. day long and and this afternoon will start to see a few rain showers, it's too warm for snow in denver. 47 right now over in city park. 50 in centennial d litt?4le cool of cour over hein the foothills ever groan currently is at -- evergreen currently is at 43. u can see the cloud cover overheadli and doppler 4000 is showing rain and snow on the western slope. getting clancler vail and aspen this point. going to take a whilfor that to happen. t eventually we're going to see a big surge of snoall in the mountains. five to ten inches for the mountains of summit county and
7:59 am
juans. for us, just some rain that will mix with some snow ,,
8:00 am
? it is monday, november 21st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? three days before thanksgiving. there is more real news ahead, including the massive security effort around the president-elect and his trump tower home. john miller is in studio 57 to is with millions visiting the city. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the snow is falling and half a foot on the ground and million of americans facing the prospect of a white thanksgiving. >> winter is one month away. this is a pre-winter snowstorm we are dealing with. >> a growing memorial outside of police headquarters for detective marconi who was conducting a traffic stop when he was shot and killed.
8:01 am
open administration spots came calling. so far the trump cabinet is stocked with loyalists. >> there are other jobs out there. the problem rudy giuliani has made it clear the only job he wants is secretary of state that is a difficult situation but i think romney may be the front-runner. >> conversation is not harassment and i was appreciative that vice president-elect pence sat there and listened to what we had to say. >> he's in tle touchdown. >> he throws under pressure. >> give him a ten on the pass and, i don't know, maybe a five on the front. >> the judge says that's going to go long. >> boy. >> touchdown! >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the northeast is getting blasted this morning with the first major snowstorm of the
8:02 am
new england could receive nearly 20 inches of snow today. >> oh, boy. get ready. high winds and heavy snow hit overnight across new york state. the storm created dangerous conditions on the roads. watertown, new york, could end up buried under two feet of snow. other parts of the region are seeing more than a foot from t lake-effect system. over the weekend the storm also blanketed much of the midwest. another round of wintry weather could spread from the rockies to the per midwest before president-elect donald trump is expected to announce more cabinet picks this week after weekenmeetin. he met with several potential nominees including james mattis a leading candidate for defense secretary, and he met with mitt romney, who was a harsh critic of mr. trump and now is in the running for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is still the favorite for that post. other top candidates is the trump's campaign financial chairman steve mnuchin for treasury secretary and wilbur ross for commerce secretary.
8:03 am
called, a quote, unprecedented challenge. police officers now surround the skyscraper on fifth avenue. it sits in one of the busiest parts of new york city. an area visited by millions of tourists every year. john miller is the nypd's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism. he also, as you probably know, is a formesenior correspondente returns to the table.r b?w my 7y ti>>??w?1s ?w?w3?>?xhyyo?. >> good morning. that there ihis s nn a huge cha. what is the biggest challenge for gu >> well, the biggest challenge is trying to blend the two things tweto me work as a police department. one is securing the president of the united states when he's in new york or right now the president-elect. and the other is doing it on o'?
8:04 am
earth, which is 57th street and fth avenue. >> a big shopping area. i'm thinking about the stores. the people who want to go there and people that live in the area. f area! >> right. >> so, yeah, the president-elect has complained about some of the neighbors, one in particular! >> how do you balance it, though, john????wwa?1 pictures of trump tower. >> well, people have been taking pictures on fifth avenue at 57th street, you know, since the beginning of time. but first thing you got to do it no commercial trfic ?? it just wasn't very enforced because it's kind of a live and let live environment. so you're going to see strict enforcement there. we are going to lose a block of
8:05 am
we have lost a block for water main explosions and, you know, we always work around it. >> water main explosions are temporary, though, john. >> president-elect trump has announced that melania and barron trump will not immediately move to the white does tohat chan theecur >> not there. they all have -- the trump family is spread out in different residences and there's a program with the secret of the desied to secure eac?qh foprinhere i?1s the president-elect, or the president, whoever that is, wh thove, it comes with a lot ing >> i want to talk about isis and some of the threats mwmagaziada thanksgiving day parade.
8:06 am
a larg argument based on the nice, france, attack where the terrorists used a large truck to low-tech, low-cost and potentially high impact. the idea of renting a big truck and raing it into crd is something they find attractive. from our standpoint for the thanksgiving day parade, it was pictured and they had a caption saying excellent target. this isn't something we though of last weekend. for the last several years, we have had blocker cars at every intersection on that route very: much the way we do when the president of the united states
8:07 am
>> you put a police car in the middle of the road? >>t's more than a police car. you take vehics en to-end across treet. you take the route and you make it basically sterile to outside traffic. in this case, you know, kind of reviewinit, bad on t article, we have ordered up 81 ? sand trucks which you can ram a new york city sanitation sand truck with a lot of things but yore >> let me ask you something jeff morning. cbs news has learned law enforcement across the country warned of an attack ahead of thanksgiving and the upcoming inauguration. what a some of the concerns? >> i tnk what you're see there is a little bit of what we just talked about, norah, which l with gazine calling on t what thecould with whas front of them. e same weekend, al qaeda came up with its magazine with its kind of review of the chelsea bombing that occurred here in new york city in september.
8:08 am
so i think what the fbi and the department of homeland security is reacting to is there is a churning in the terrorist world, asking people to act on their own. >> given president-elect trump's comments about muslims and banning them, he has changed that position a bit and some of his advisers. have we seen any uptick in chatter? >> no. i wouldn't con t things. what we have seen is kind of a discomfort in muslim communities. we as the nypd have reached out and so has mayor de blasio's office. it was said on this show when candidate trump made those comments, both police commissioner bratton and myself and the mayor separated new york city from those comments immediately to reassure those
8:09 am
>> john miller, thank you very much. >> good to be here and i'll get back to you on the secret service. >> you know my number. pop star bruno mars is known for his style as much as his music. he talked about his unique fashion and a clip from "6
8:10 am
the catholic church is taking television to a new level to reach a modern day audien >> one the oldest institutions in the world use some of the we will take you behind the scenes of vatican television coming up on "cbs this morning." ? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- breakthrough medicine that can help make more brtorrows
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8:14 am
? pope francis elevated three american bishops to the prestigious post of cardinal over the weekend and their responsibilities include electing the next pope. news of the prohe images coming out of vatican
8:15 am
when the new american cardinals joined pope francis for mass in st. peters squaring sunday, it was covered by 12 cameras, including two sweeping jibs. the cameras had long arms. specific moments including the closing of the holy door were carefully choreographed and all transmitted to the world at the highest quality possible. you're broadcasting at a quality level that most of us imagine. most of us have never seen because our tvs aren't that good. >> it's the very first time. >> reporter: a first for the vatican. stephone is the head of vatican tv. he explained the technology they used 44k-hdr. >> it is more broad and more
8:16 am
>> reporter: workers from sony in japan were there for the debut and we peeked into the high production mobile vans parked in the shadow of st. peters basilica. you describe vatican tv almost like a all about rlab for telev >> because it's easier for the factories and to work with us. full-time employees. >> vatican television is like the mouse that roared. okay? it's a tiny operation, if you look at the number of people, but the quality is really great. this is one place -- >> reporter: greg burke is a former fox news correspondent. he now runs the vatican press office. you're a tv guy. when you see that operation at vatican television, what do you think? >> i think, wow!
8:17 am
access allows viewers a chance to see the world and the crowds as the pontiff does. vatican tv is hardly an independent observer. rather, it's part of the church's massive pr apparatus. reminders of its mission are on screen and off. the material is hard to beat at setting, scale, and theatrics. vatican tv is digitizing and archiving decade of material. >> you see some -- >> reporter: this room holds enough memory to?c store 28,000 video cassettes. this is an expensive operation, vatican tv is. why dedicate so manyesources to tv? >> i think the answer is this
8:18 am
out, you know? the better you can tell that?+? >> seth has brought the same curiosity to the vatican that he had in beijing. >> he is multitalented, that seth doane. thank you again, seth. always good to see. pop superstar bruno mars takes "60 minutes" on a trip back to his childhood. ahead, in part of the interview you did not see last my on "60 minutes" how his dad helped shape the man we see today. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back.
8:19 am
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,, ? ? ? ?? ? i'm a dangerous man with money in my pocket keep up ?
8:23 am
there he was on stage last my at the american music awards. he has six number one hits and sold more than 170 million singles. >> wow. >> wow is right. he released his third album called 24 carat magic over the weekend and four years since his last one. he took lara logan back to where it began on "60 minutes." part of the story you did not see last night he traces a sense of his style to his hawaiian >> reporter: where does your personal style come from? >> my personal style? from my father, my dad. patton leather pete. >> reporter: patent leather pete? >> right. >> reporter: that is so cute. is that where you get the hair? >> everything. you know? >> reporter: what? the pinkie ring? >> the pinkie rings. >> reporter: >> reporter: the suits? >> the suits. >> reporter: shiny shoes? >> the patent leather shoes.
8:24 am
up watching my dad do and he stood out like a sore thumb in hawaii. nobody dresses like that in hawaii. but my father will be silk everything. and that is just who he was coming from brooklyn, you know? and making some money out here. he was -- he was flashy. a little extra razzle dazzle. >> reporter: yeah. >> and i just remr it's so weird because when i was a kid, dad, why do you dress like that? nobody else parents dress like that! and here i am today! >> it looks like patent leather pete taught him well. i love lara's piece. he says as good as he is right now, the people say he still is not where he wants to be. i think is awesome. >> "24 carat magic" is a good album. >> it is catchy. the new movie "patriots day"
8:25 am
good morning everyone, happy monday. it's 8:25. i'm britt moreno. former broncos' quarterback peyton manning is reminiscing about one of his football career highlights. he joined some of his former colts' players yesterday for a super bowl xli reunion at cas lu oil stadium. >> i really don't miss being on field because i feel like i kind of left it all out there. i did it for a long time but just the relationships are the greatest part of my 18 years of there's not a gameor a throw that you know, that was the greatest part about it. for me it was the relationships and fortunately, those are never taken away. those are permanent. so feel very fortunate. >> fans celebrated the colts' super bowl champions during a halftime ceremony but let us not forget. peyton manning has two super
8:26 am
the bears 29-17 in super bowl xli. but last year, of course paiston won with the broncos beating the panthers in super bowl 50. a sound guy is probably really sore after a vikings' player nailed him before yesterday's game. this is video and so hard to watch. they were coming out of the tunnel when it happened. joseph 340 pounds of pure muscle ran the guy over. while crossing at the wrong time. and you just fe let's get over to joel. it's like me every monday. you just running along for the weekend and them all of a sudden comes the tunnel of monday. i-70 and wadsworth we have some slowing with an accident in the westbound direction at kipling. a couple of other side street accidents out there. the other one on highway is i- 76 and i-25. slow still southbound along i- 225 but northbound along i-225
8:27 am
,, ,, ,, ? sfx: laughter ?
8:28 am
one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. ? hey, good morning it's 8:28 here on monday morning, we're in the -- on this monday morning, we're in the 40s and 50s outside for the denver area. highlands ranch 50 right now. and 49 in westminster. colder up in the foothills and 48 fr it's going to be cloudy all day and witching rain and snow on the western slope gradually coming east through the day. now later today, this afternoon, we'll start to see some rain around denver. tonight a few snow flakes mix in with the rain and a rain/snow miexpected for the ? to me the holidays are special,
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? get out your coats, your hats, your long johns and your hand warmers and toe things, charlie. your long underwear, norah. look at those pictures from watertown, new york. >> it's beautiful. >> snow has arrived. ev winter is here. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, the dramatic new movie about the boston marathon bombings that is called "patriots day." the star and producer mark wall wahlberg has just arrived and the director is here in the toyota green room to talk about the pressure. there they are. where are you going, mark? >> i'm here. sorry. >> the pressure they both felt to get the story going.
8:31 am
assassination of john f. kennedy could be one of the first journalists. his daughter how he changed the way we understand news. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. toys "r" us stopped selling a tonka dump truck after one caught fire. it burst into flames friday as a washington state couple took it home in their truck. they were not hurt but their pickup is a total loss. the store are investigating. "people" says gigi hadid is getting mixed reviews for her immigration of the first lady. >> melania trump impression. i got to get the face right. >> okay. >> i love my husband! president barack obama. >> the model mocked mrs. trump for plagiarizing a speech from
8:32 am
hadid was a co-host of the american music awards last night in los angeles. >> she is getting some hits this morning. not so nice. "the new york times" reports on how frozen fruits and vegetables compare with fresh produce. researchers say when it comes to nutritional value, there are no consistent differences. the impact of freezing varies by plant. for the best of quality frozen produce look for fruits undergone individually quick a humpback whale was seen in hudson river eating fish near a manhattan pier and the third such sight in less than a week and officials don't know if it's the same whale. more than a hundred whales have been spotted around new york city this year. >> how about this? "the washington post" reports on two young pandas born in the united states. struggling to adjust to their new home in china. this month, the 3-year-old sisters were returned from atlanta. state media in china says the pandas respond better to english
8:33 am
crackers! they are replacing the homesick panda's american food with chinese bread. >> our crackers are pretty good! buttery and put a little peanut butter on them and a banana, good to go. actor mark tried to catch the terrorists behind the attack. >> how many total wounded? >> three fatalities that we know. one is a child. >> what are they doing? >> that is an 8-year-old skid under there. >> we can't move the body. tell them to clear out of there. >> you. >> bomb residue on the boy's body we can't afford to move
8:34 am
>> he is upset. "patriots day" is distributed by a division of the cbs corporation. mark wahlberg is in the mov anr with this movie? >> pardon me? what do i do? i'm a director. >> that was a trick question. >> you got me. >> he is already an honorary bostonian after making this movie. >> i get it. i understand a lot of conversation between the two of you how and why toel story and why are you wondering whether it's too soon to tell it was aateeb going back and forth. we felt like everybody that is happening all over the world it's not soon enough because this is aessage of love and people coming togeth. and so we felt like, you know, it was -- it was very important to do this. but do it right and of course, me being from boston and knowing i would be held accountable personally, a lot of pressure. certainly more pressure than i ever felt. >> was it added pressure? >> oh, absolutely.
8:35 am
show face and be welcomed with open arms.s somebody who was directly affected by this. it's such a so, yeah, i felt an enormous amount of pressure but i knew, based on my work and experience with pete, that he was the righ much he cares. >> it said you chaled hlenged h all along? >> yes, yes. i was extremely worried. i would calm him at 4:00 in the morning and be at his hotel door. >> the third film that we have worked on and mark, you know, is one of the hardest working people i know and he always works hard. i think on this one he and all of us worked a lot harder. i felt his pressure and all of us wanted so much to get it right for the men and women of that boston community, the police officers. >> did you appreciate the pressure? >> very much so. yes. >> sounds like it was a lot of pressure. >> when you meet the men and
8:36 am
immigrant who escaped from those brothers and quite possibly saved a similar explosion in new york or the police officers that worked, we meet these people and the victims and the survivors. you meet those families, you can't help but feel it. >> you also said you wanted to be unapologetic in its support for law enforcement? >> i think something we both feel sprtrongly about. i think the brush is a bit wide of late and happy to push back and remind people what we saw in boston or what we ve here in new york and we saw in tampa or san bernardino are examples of the very best of law enforcement and reminder when we are in trouble, these are the men and women we call and i think we both feel very thankful and appreciative and we are not ashamed of that message at all. >> mark, your character, a cop is a composite but a lot of the other characters are based on real people. in that scene we just saw is a really emotional seen. martin richard, the story of the
8:37 am
parents were also injured. did you meet with them? did you talk with them? >> absolutely. you know, we met with bill and his wife and pete, and, you know, he was very clear about what he was comfortable with and not comfortable with and he didn't want anybody depicting his children and initially it was part of the script and pete and i said, absolutely, whatever you wish. we took it right out of the script. we wanted to honor exactly what he was asking and it was -- >> how did you know that story? i didn't know, having covered it, you know, that the fbi wanted to clear the scene and b stay he. >> these just horrific situations.yo, what -- at the ed the day, theos police, you ow, i veand stood vigil over
8:38 am
the time for his body to be eree debate in the movie between the local boston officials and the fbi who said, no, you can't show a picture of these two suspects. the boston police went hard-cor and how them now. mark, it was very key scene for you. happened., that all really there were two extraordinary men who, you know, and everyone talks about when something bad happens, say it didn't happen on mych watch. for ed davis who was a commissioner of the boston police department, the top cop and ricke lowerian, top fbi agt it did hpe watch. these were the two guy at the end of the day, a horrific explosion goes off and the governor?0 and they call and sa what do you need and you have to solve it. there was a lot of pressure but at the end of the day we i just with them at a screening in los angeles and they are like
8:39 am
aside tseferencesnd worked together and it was an extraordinary they did. >> what do you hope people leave the theater with? >> you know, just hope, optimism, you know? i think we are living in a crazy time but, you know, these things may continue to happen. but, you know, if people continue to come together, love will always be, you know, the outcome. >> love beats hate. >> the movie sums that up beautifully at the end when you talk to the real people. i was so glad that we got had actually lived it and i thought that was ry, very powerful. >> it was great to have them and a reminder to us and, you know, really what this film is about is about those realand, you know, as great as everything think is i film and the rformancesre really strong and there is a lot of intensity, you just can't beat these real peopl who went through it and we are really
8:40 am
>> it proves, boston strong. thank you. >> thank you. >> mark wahlberg and peter berg, thank you. "pats opens in select cities december 21st and nationwide january 13th. ahead how a 26-second film changes the way the wor sees
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
? it has been called the most important 26 seconds of film ever recorded. a dallas dressmaker captured the 1963 assassination of president john f. kennedy in horrific detail. his granddaughter is sharing the story behind the lens. jan crawford is at the museum in washington with the short film that shaped how the world sees news unfold. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are examples here of regular people,ding recor key moments in our nation's history but one of the first citizen journalist andis granddaughter told us that film an accident of fate but it shaped a nation
8:45 am
shooting of a president from beginning to end. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> reporter: the zapruder was the first of its kind. >> reporter: alexandria grew up with it. her grandfather loved m the president's visit for his wife and children. with an eight millimeter came he stood on this concrete ledge on the grassy knoll. >> when he saw them come around the corner, he started film. >> reporter: he was the eyes for america on that horrible day. >> that's right. in many ways, the film, in many ways, is america's memory of this event. >> reporter: but the story of the zapruder film is far more
8:46 am
alexandra rekrounts in hcounts new book. her father was thrust into a media storm. >> opened it up and i kept it like this. >> reporter: the government took copies of the film but left zapruder with the original and he wanted the film to be protected out of respect to the kennedys and released itife" it shouldn't be sensationalized. >> their role was to protect the american people and the kennedy's which in today's world is unfathomable. nobody protectanody. the whole concept of privacy is practically obsolete. >> reporter: the next 12 years ago, "life" kept the original under wraps. >> if you're at all queasy, then don't watch this film.
8:47 am
public fueled conspiracy theories thae government hadsome a wa?1 >> he was. i think the black lives matter movement and a use of the cell phone as a way to record resistance and becomeomething even more powerful. >> reporter: but still the zapruder film carries with it its own power. by accident or fate, it changed how we saw the worl.
8:48 am
smiling on a beautiful day and jackie lks to beautiful. >> and in a matter of seconds, it's over. and everything is over. >> reporte everything is different. >> their lives changed. my grandfather's life change the culture changed and the society. >> reorter: america. >> america, the world, erything changed andre it is on film. >> reporter: 26 seconds. >> 26 seconds. >> that is what is so powerful about the film which, of course, is also extremely valuable. in 1990 the family pay $16 million and now preserved in the national archives. if you do a quick search on the internet you can find that film. it is almost, i think, inconceivable to think that today, a video like that could be kept out of the public view for so long. gayle? >> alexandria is right. that would never happen today and kept in secret and in privacy. thank you, jan. >> reminded me of clint hill who was in the secret service agency
8:49 am
enough. >> traumatized his life for a long time. >> a big piece of our y. histor > the aheadorld record atmpt ? ?%never en bef basketball. you're watching "cbs this mornin" ,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
,, ,,
8:52 am
they took a shot from the top of the dam in switzerland and the ball fell nearly 600 feet and hit nothing but net. the group is well known on youtube under "how ridiculous." they made the shot on the third try and that is a new guinness record. >> nicely done. nothing but net is pretty good. >> that does it for us. tune into the "cbs evening news"
8:53 am
this morning." >> take it easy. ,, ,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, everyone, it's 8:55. happy monday, i'm britt moreno. and this story an elementary school in stapleton is scrubbed clean of a swastika on its door and denver police hope security cameras at the school will offer some clues into ho who did it. maof community learned about the incident on social media. when a watch group for the stapleton neighborhood shared a photo. parents of isabella bird elementary school and other in the community were concerned. they washed the door and then covered it and the wall with hearts and messages of hope and love. the community will also have solidarity parade led by the this takes place on december 27th the same day of a public menorah lighting at founders
8:56 am
with killing a popular doctor is due in court. kevin lyons is scheduled to enter a plea on murder charges today. we will update the case including any decision by prosecutors to seek the death penalty. plus the morning -- about car break-ins and auto theft as the holiday shopping season arrive workafter the bye week. to how ey lookethis morning and joel hlan is watching the ay highway accidents right that got in our way in the morning commute. some of those getting cleared out of the way. here's a look i-25 and 20th. just slow going southbound coming down into town. we have that earlier accident i- 76 in the weld direction at i- 25. -- westbound direction at i-25. now cleared ouof the way. colfax at i-225 we have an accident. and then we had an earlier accident southbound along i-25 at hampden. that has been cleared out of
8:58 am
,, it's 8:58. hope your monday is going well so far. it's not that cold outside. 46 degrees. cloudy skies of course on top of us it's cloudy throughout the state. watching some rain down in southeast colorado colorado. it's snowing right now around telluride and the san juan mountains, the snow almost spread east through the high country as the day goes on. and by tomorrowmorning, we anticipate 5 to 10-inches of snow through the mountains of around vail and aspen. 12 that's by tomorrow moing again. here in denver some rain develops later on tonigha mix of rain and snow and maybe some slushy accumulation on the grass tomorrow morning.
8:59 am
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