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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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tonight, our latest blast of snow and rain moves. >> >> the police are calling it a crime scene. striver. we are on storm watch as the snow returns to colorado. mobile weather lab found it coming down on vail pass right now. the moisture is moving towards the metro area. let's get to our meteorologist, now, this one might effect the morning
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the way up into the red feather lakes area. south of dver you can see near more snow developing in the mountain areas, picking up more. here in den verbimidnight. probably still on the dry side. heading towards the early morning hours and into the rush hour it will start as rain and quickly ch over to snow. so, there is the potential for kind of a messy commute to work towas tomorrow morning, may have to plan to get up earlier tomorrow.
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find chris at vail pass, chris those are big fat flakes wru are at. >> reporter: yes, we had to come all of the way to vail pass to find snow. we spent a better part of the evening on the i-70 corridor. here, the cars are making it over. you can see over my shoulder there, tail lights in the distance. one semi truck there with flashers on. we have a chain law in effect on vail pass both fallen up here. most of the precipitation, so far, has been in southwestern colorado evident by higher humidity, pegatory had snow. you heard lauren say it will take a bit for that air to sat right. the other thing that we are watching here. the storm system does not have a lot of air. i am at 10,500 feet. it is 30 degrees here on vail
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make its way towards you guys overnight and it looks like it will be messy. stay with us. lauren and ed will ?break down the forecast in just a little bit. >> all right, chris, thank you. we are following a developing story in tennessee where at least 6 young students were killed in a school bus crash. 35 elementary school kids were on the bus when it turned on its side, wrapped around this tree. 23 student his to go to the hospital. >> every public safety official's absolute worst nightmare. that is nothing in comparison to the nightmare that families and friends and our community is going through. >> the bus driver surverified the crash. said to be cooperating with the
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survived the crash. it is said he is cooperating with the investigators. they suspect that he was speeding. kids and parentare shaken up. angry and frightened over what happened. the suspect in this told the ce his minivan parked outside of this church whenthe snowball struck his vehicle. >>orter:u] 55-year-old richard startled awake by a snowball hitting a van. he pulled a gun on the kids. one of the fathers of the kids said he pointed the gun at each child. his daughter translated as he explained he and the boys were terrified. [speaking in spanish] >> they were scared. they were nervous and he should not have done that because they were kids.
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four of threvolves's chambers. one boy told the police he heard m pull thigger but the gun did not go off. [speaking in spanish] >> thank god nothing happened and that they are just kids being kids. playing around with snowballs. and that their intentions were not to disturb the man. >> reporter: he faces potential charges that include felony menissing, reckless endangerment we are live, back to you. >> thank you, lauren. now, the latest on a deadly shooting in san antonio where a police detective was ambushed while in his squad car yesterday. this evening the police arrested the suspected shooter. the incidentas one of four attacks on law enforcemen yesterday. officers we shotin florida and missouri as we. now, at least one local police department is taking extra precautions to keep officers safe. we are live it in breckenridge tonight.
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sure his officers are not targets. >> reporter: karen, for the past two years the breckenridge police department has been going on facebook saying where they are doing extra traffic enforcement and what time they are doing it. accidents are down since the police department started posting them on facebook but now the communication with the community is being put on hold. >> we thought by notifying people where we were it would remind them to drive safely and reduce accidents. >> reporte basis the police have used facebook posts like this one. letting citizens know where they would be stepping up traffic tickets. >> we did not want anyone think we are just out enforcing traffic to generate revenue. also, public safety is our number one concern. >> reporter: after posting today, the chief said no more. >> i would like to say it is a strike on safety before anything does happen. >> reporter: they posted it had statement to facebook
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the ambushes and the rand killings for no reason we thought this was the best thing for offir's safety. >> reporter: they have not had any threats. he said the posts made his officers easy targets and with four police shootings over the weekend he ispicking officer safety so they can continue to keep the community safe. >> i hope to start it again one of these days. i really do. >> reporter: now, we talked to the chief and he said he got thissed his time in texas. we asked him if other departments were doing this, he said he had not heard of any, yet. we are live in breckenridge, cbs 4 news. now, the police in north dakota are defending their decision to hose down protectors in bitter cold weather at the oil pipeline. the sheriff says the protesters were being aggressive towards his deputies. he describes the protest as an ongoing riot.
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like coloradans are making the trip to join the protesters? >> reporter: it is hard for us to realize but it has been going on since john. inact, a judge ruled if favor of the company building that pipeline but that only flared the situion. now, coloradans are joining in as the protesting becomes increasingly dangerous. some were hospitalized. law enforcement says they were just trying to put out camp fires. >> you can see them spraying humans, no fire. >> reporter: the state representative says he plans to join the protest this week. the proplg ebgt -- the project wamoved there after it was rejected somewhere else. >> it makes me upset they e racist but we are talking about a water source that provides water for millions of people. >> reporter: allen was at the
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he says law enforcement ther it is like who can continue to march in advance when there is prepper spray in your eyes. >> -- pepper spray in your eyes. >> now, demonstrations are more intention. >> people are getting hurt now. like seriously hurt. and i hope that somebody doesn't have to die. >> reporter: the company's ceo says the project is safe parallels an existing pipeline. they are waiting on an eavesment but they are confident it will go through. >> all right, thank you. a man who shot a police officer will spend 32 years in prison. a judge handed down that lengthy sentence earlier today. we are live for this. karen, the officer was hit more than once. >> exactly, karen. the shots hit the officer in his vest that likely saved his life. now, a year after this shooting
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that he will spend decades behind bars. >> a mple traffic stop turned into a violent shootout. adrian was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over by north en police last december. he was wanted on a felony warrant and tried to run from the scene. he fired several rounds as he ned from the vehicle hitting one -- fled from the vehicle hitting one at a time. the shots landed in the officer's vest. >> it that may of just saved handwriting life. >> reporter: the officer fired shots. hitting him multiple times, he was treated and arrested. after phroeding guilty to attempted -- after pleading guilty the judge handdown the longest judgment allowed. 32 years. >> the officer suffered minor
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developing tonight, a nazi absolute to trump. >> hail trump! hail our people, hail victory! >> coming up, what the trump team is saying about these supporters. a close call for kids when a cop loses control during a chase. new tonight, watch out for phony reviews while watching on- line. >> spring rolls, go, just go. >> where rick found fake re truck. and we have snow in colorado. it is going to stick around for awhile. we will let you know when it leaves and if it impacts your travel for the holidays. the avs get their leading scorer back.
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,, developing now, trump's transition team responding his victory. the event was put on by the national policy institute. a nonprofit arm of the so- called alt right. >> hail trump. il our people! hail victory. [cheers and applause] . >> reporter: to be white is to be a striver. a crusader, an explorer and a concourier. we build, we pro duce, we go upward. sthao
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president. it was recorded for a documentary. he calls for what he describes as peaceful ethnic cleansing in the u.s. trump spokesperson released a statement to cnn quote president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind and he was elected because he was be a leader for every american. now, new video to a close call for a group of kids almost hit by an out of control police cruiser. the cruiser had hit during the after missing the children, the car hit a parked minivan. the officer suffered minor injuries but none of the kiddos were hurt. developing right now, toys 'r us pulled a toy truck from its shelves after a fire in the bed of a real truck. a couple just bought the gift for their grandson when it caught fire on the way home. >> this toy was literally melting inside of the box. amazing. >> the tonka mighty wheels.
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sell anymore while they investigate. now, the next blast of moisture moving in. we want to get the latest from ed. yes, a lot of moisture coming in. here is the moisture we had a couple of days ago. now, northeast. heavy snow. lake-effect snow, two feet of snow there. here is the system pushing through right now. it is going to be enhancing the moisture in our area. another one off of the coast and another one behind that. wor the track now where we are seeing the system comes through. back here at hand, cooler air coming in. as chrme have that arctic component the last storm had. we will see the temperatures milder, not the 60s we saw day but the temperatures in the 40s but mountains get snow. let's go back to lauren in the colorado ather center, another storm, more good news for the mountains. >> great news for the mountains. a lot of people want to go skiing this weekend because it is thanksgiving and you have the time and the mountains are going to get a good shot of snow. now, head towards the north western corner, 5-10 inches
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up to a foot in some areas. really, the hardest hit areas will be in the san juans where the winter storm warning is in place 8-14 inches of snow. if you are traveling today or -- not today, you should not be driving this late in the snow. if you are looking for a lot of snow tomorrow morning and throughout parts of the day tomorrow. now, on wednesday, it will be chilly overnight. early driving maybe a bit icy. it will get better for r expecting to see a ton from this system. most of it staying off to our west. here in denver some of the models showing that 1-2 inches of snow. some areas down south. you may pick more than at. it may be snowinfor awhile tomorrow morn and into the early morning. tomorrow morning's commute has potential to be treacherous at times. make sure you are prepared. add a couple inches in the denver area. and we also have nice weather
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take a look at what we did today. back in the middle 60s once again. 49 in the normal, 40s. should be 22 degrees for the weather watchers, a nice day. now, 65 in arvad skparbgs centennial. 68. -- arvada and centennial. now, 58% humidity. the cold air has not yet. now, purgatory got a foot of snow. they are now open. so, slopes are being groomed. here we go with a closer view of our hour by hour forecast. den verin the clear -- denver in the clear here. it starts with rain and quickly changes over to snow. at 11:00 it is over and everything cheers out. could see sun by late in the afternoon tomorrow. wednesday looks good around here. getting into thursday here
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areas as we are sunny on the eastern plains, an inch or two mostly in grassyareas. the temperatures will be mild. 20s out west, tomorrow, cooler than the 60s, 30s, 40s, 50s out west. and here is your forecast. tonight, we all have rain changing to snow. 35 and 34. could be a wet snowy rush hour. then, tomorrow, rain and snow early. 44 and 45 for the highs. then, it begins to cheer out. -- clear out. sunshine for wednesday. early snow on wednesday, cool on thanksgiving day. sunny, keeping the sunshine through the weekend. cooler with 30s and 40s, but we are staying dry. >> beautiful. >> okay. >> thanks. do you believe the reviews you read on-line some you may
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now, we created a fake product to see how easily he can buy reviews for something that does not exist. >> reporter: online reviews help us decide where it to eat, where to stay, which company to hire. should we trust those reviews? >> think of me as your average joe in his average home talking about your extraordinary product. >> reporter: we decided to hire th product. a food truck. let's call itric's 4 it -- rick's 4 food. get it. then we went to a web site called for $5 each we can hire people willing to provide
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rick's 4 food i have no words. >> that is great but he never tried our food because our truck does not even exist. here is another. >> i will do for you, okay. naturally sounding video to help push your product and to help reach your target audience. >> reporter: okay you are on. >> it is outstanding. and get this. it is affordable. okay. my personal favorite items, the fresh spring ros spicy thai chicken wings, love them. >> reporter: the bbb has been reviewing companies for 100 years so we asked. >> would we surprise you we are able to hire people to write fake reviews? >> absolutely not. we hear about it and we have seen examples. >> my name is stephanie and i am here to tell you about rick's 4 food asian street food. they have delicious spring roles. >> she offered to do it in a
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now we had our testimonials and reviews we posted them on our web site. naturally, with 4 and 5 stars. how can you tell if reviews are fake? there are sites like that will an lice what is written and give you their opinion. would you doubt someone like this? >> just rick's 4 food spring >> they issued a response saying it came from actors and it is the responsibility of the
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when he is in a good mood he never most a microphone he did not like. he wanted everyone to know he was back today. this morning talib and wolf back out at practice today. there was a different vibe around the team. they were ener gettic, well rested. they are healthy and they think their best football is still to come.
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notch. it is our -- it is our time. we have to turn it up another notch. a lot of teams fall and they can not stay on that ride and continue to get better. this is one we know where we have to turn our game up another notch. [speaking in spanish] just seeing if you are still paying attention. now, 4th quarter, tied at 20, carr finds cooper. cooper does the rest. 35 yards, raiders up by 7 at that point. they would go on to win it not doing the broncos favors. the avs going to win back- to-back games for the second time. probably helped they got their leading goal scorer, matt duchene. now, avs up by a goal. boy, you can not do anything about that. blue jackets tie it up. but then in overtime. johnson, a beautiful pass to
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now, fisher named player of the week. first time since 1995 they won over fencive and defensive awards. they had to the pac-12 game. notre dame up in brooklyn, neither team with a loss entering today. you will see this highlight for awhile. driving baseline, boy, ouch, bucket and the foul. ss he now, johnson, leading all scores, not enough. cu falls 89-83. when we come back, von miller, football player, sports person of the with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan.
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this is a good picture of the day. >> yes. this is near steamboat. a couple days before we got snow. and they are opening up. just skis? >> oh, no, more than skis as you can see. it is the tale of a turkey pulling a cowboy in >> captioning sponsored by cbs rent e mce penht, nt to e musical "hamilton." the next day hesaw "the lion king." ( applause ) >> stephen: we had a guest in the audience this evening.


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