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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 22, 2016 4:00am-4:26am MST

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? tuesdaynovemb 22nd, 2016 >> this is an absoluightmare for breaking overght, achool bus driver is chargewith th left sel students dead and many me hospitalized hailour people! thateaed p-elect t gro ump. now e pridenelecis speakingut about the dth threat wintike blas bying parts of theorthea and mor
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reck drive. therash was so b the bus was nearly cuttwo. rescue cws werstl going through the wrecge, tws afteash. >> is myrivilegeo rve bad d they't really get d much wse than they aoday. >> reporr: tite of the ac scene itself isnough send chillny the school busarrying
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>> reporter: the b was theonly . 35tudents from kindergarer?g to fifth graders weron board. we rushed to e hospal.ief said woman arounese rner fm where e cident haened >> i just heard a big om. i was watchi tv and the power wentut. >> reportehile speed i thought to have played a role in the accident, the cause i't n. stigators y e condit >> a warra has been issued t remo the black box from bus. videm or camas othe bus. >> reporhe nb has ched ao team investigate, theto wy t k >>now he holid wk weather. for some f it means ld and ustery wds andea sno nos intoarts of the ast. some parts of western newk statrecoed over two feef sn. sn is alxpecteew
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rochr area to new yoity swerved in nr wheout coions a ten stunts and the b dverred minor through but notike the ef stk. nohefor thanksvi, a a light wintry mixur with the storatheest weis here in the pacinorthwest. orainndw are looks inwashin, dogday, 'p?oj:u ecasc.and evntothern calirns wee a okt
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northwt.?i eserutt anuthe soornia. statndn thnohern ly wthat winy x in . fows.l eveonmeteiks her t-elt dorump sithe tionast niosd a video tot< theyluderawi m a major tre . ann busi.d ving
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bring jobs back to the. hiea or d olrade d thtranspacparstif t see apoach in ch his licy pls m
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>> t i'm theeson t the are emdous pple >>eporter: and oahoma governor, mary falon, a candate for interior
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ring dinner performing the naalut s the next day the national policy instute held a conference to cebre donald trump's election. >>ail, trump! hail, our people! hail, victory! >> the gro's website says it advocates for the heritage and identity of european descent in the s. yesterday,he trump transition esident-elect trump has saying inued to denoura of y kind ands el he wated because he wilbe a leader for every american. coming upn "cbs is moing," we willake a lk at donald trump business holdings interest as he prepares to take offi. a man acced of gunning a san antonio polic officer is unr arrest.
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this morning's quakeriggered small tsunami waves, but there are no reporf significant es oinjurimajodamage. authorities in north dakota water cannons again against pipeline pro use the water caons in to subfezing weather and tear g sunday night into monday. some 400 protesters tried to
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hiway. were injud. the demstrs claim the da tote that pipele would be bad for the environment. d kanye west is bein evalted for exhaustion at a los angeles hospital. multip reports s he was sterday afternoo after reonding to an emergency medical call. thrapper ended the show on saturday night after three members d cancelled the rest of his current tour. the recent shows have been marked by rant rivals and potics, including praise for nald trump. coming onhe "mornin ws," a judommege's cs trigger protest. >> he is your president anhe will be your president. and ifou do not -- >> a federal judge has tough advice f immigrants who don't like m trump. and a drunk driver is caught on video falling out of his truck before running over his leg. this is the "cbs morning news." i
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a flora man faces charges after a night of partying end badly. he fell out of hkup while leaving an orlando strip club late last month. thman hit a house and into a won. the man fled but pole tracked m down bece driver's license at the bar. chipotle is wrapped up in a towering controversy and a texas judge is under fire. those are some of the headlines on the morng newsstand. my san antio says a federal judge is being reviewed for remarks made to immigrants abt donald trump. >> and he wille your president. and if you do not like that,ou need to go to another country. >> john primomo had just sworn in the immigrants, citizens last week. judges will discuss his fate
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he said his comments were sconstrued. "theew york times" reports that a brooklyn man was acsed of trying to support isis. mohammed naji is a resident d a citizeof yemen. authorities say he has family in yemen. the detroit free press reports that a former us gymnastics team doctor is charged with sexual abuse. prosecutors say the thre charges against larry nassar nassar has denied wrongdoing. face mulple laws claing abuse was ignore the los angeles mes says the coach of the u.s. men's soccer tm was given the boot. jurg klinsmann is expected to replaced by l.a. galaoach brucarena. the team is in dger of missing the world cup for the first time in more than three decades. fortune said tee chipotle customers fed a cla action lawsuit against the tex-mex chain.
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instagram introduces watch," dippearing vid. chees caters to the crust with cheesy mercndise. ji wner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morng, jill >> good morning, anne-marie. u.s. stocks closed at record highin part hopinghat opec will soon reach oil production. highest pot this month. just underthe dojumped 88 points the s&p fini 16 ts higher. apis replacing faulty batteries on its iphone 6s smartphones. some have unexpectedly shut down even though half of the battery life remains. apple says there is safy issues and only phones from
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there will be no charge for battery replacement. >>amazon could be working on a deal to liv streamports prograing. "the wall street journal" premium sports programming e a package for its prime subscribers and is currently talks to the national football league, mor league label and the national basketball aociation. instagrams introducing a live video fre with a twist. designed to disaear after being vied. visitoill find it at the top he the dital disappearing feature is eected to roll out in t next few weeks. us will a have thebility send photoat disappear in private messages. a pating by norman at ation.sold for6.lln which one? itws a man pondering w to h. voteorn the 1944 presidenal election. by theay, franklin rooselt seeking his ur term beat omas dewey
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what toys will be the hottest sellers this holiday season? our marlie hall channels her inner child to find out. >> whoa! my aim is awesome. >> awesome! >> reporter: for the young and young at heart, there are plenty of holiday toys that hit the mark. death trooper blaster. >> this is robotic dog. >> reporter: lori schhat is at the chief toy officer at toy world. >> we know that the "star wars" toys are going to get on the shelf and fly right off. >> reporter: from oversized action figures to this customizable light sabre, "star wars" toys come in all shapes
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and you can use this on your kids, too. do your homework. >> reporter: and there's also a flying millennium falcon, one of many drones on the market. this one is voice activated. but the breakout toy this holiday season is hatchimal. the small interactive creatures hatch, grow up and eventually learn how to walk, talk and play games. the toys which retail around $50 are sold out at most stor for well over $100. >> there's going to be a shortage. if you see this on say itdon't think twice. in fact buy as many as they have and tonight think twice. >> reporter: with soany popular toys on kids' wish lists, the industry is expected to have its best year in more than a decade. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> i think marlie wants to take a few of those home. coming up after your "cbs
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the far right new movement known as alt-right latched on the trump campaign. and some say his victory has given them a boost. jericka duncan has more. >> reporter: since 2008 the alt-right or alternate right movement lived mostly on message boards. it gained me momentum after trump appointed steve bannon. seen as the lgest platfor for?' the alt-right message with more than 300illion views in the last month. 38-year-old richard spencer president of the national policy
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bannon acting as the strategist for donald trump because breitbart has been an open place for a lot of ideas that i care about. >> reporter: ben has denied being alt-right. it's members are usually educated right wing males with th're difficult to find because of wide range of members thoswh believe america will ?+ look out for itself and those >> instead of asking what's good good for us.they ask what's >> reporter: thomas mane at baruch clege inew yk city has been following the movement for years. he said after the great cession that the country's increasing minority polation, many white men begin to feel left out of the political process. >> i thi what happened is, all of those shocks to the sysm
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thinking is not working for pus. >> what do you s to people who roups lik yours racist >> the word "racist" doesn't have any?o meaning anymore. 's basically calling me a mn old gu >> dyou discriminate against peop because of the color of their skin? >> we'reiscr dinating in all sorts of things of life. i discriminate all the time. discriminating is living. >> that was?. re62?+?dporting. cing up on yr local news on "cbs this morning," febook under fire for?? >> that'she "cbs morning news"
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jourlist. pelleyas reporte on politics and from war zones in his 37-year career at cbs. thank you so much for watching. and congratulations to scott. i'm anne-marie green.
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mornin taok tside. wedo have a serious round of


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