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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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were angry about the recent release. good evening matt. >> reporter: good evening jim and karen. we tracked her down to a sandwich shop where she has been working the last several months. she is breaking her silence because she thinks it will help in the healing process. it happened four years ago. she left her kids in the suv e his truck leaveing the boys alone over an hour. both overheated and died. she was sentenced to a decade behind bars but three years later she is out. in a halfway house community corrections program. she says this has changed her life. while her inlaws cannot understand why she isn't looked up no the first place. >> it is a light sentence.
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i don't get to watch them grow up or teach them how to drive, ground them when they are in trouble. i would do anything to get that back. >> my wife is still hurt. it bothered her really bad. any other children are upset that she is getting out. they can't believe she has been out. it is just heart ache. >> reporter: jensen tells us she next year. coming up tonight at 6:00, we are going to talk about how this whole sentencing thing happened and the reaction we are hearing from folks on the western slope. reporting live in steamboat springs, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. developing now, federal investigators are on the scene of the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga. investigators now say five elementary school kids died in yesterday's crash. the bus was carrying 35 kids
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this hour. jasmine matin had three children on the bus. one of them died and she made serious allegations about that driver. >> my daughter said ... right before the bus flipped ... that he was speeding around the curb. and asked them are you y'all ready to die? >> police arrested the driver, johnthony walker. police say he was going well above thed hour speed limit. the crash has brought up attention to school bus safety and the issue of whether school buses should have seat belts on them. rick sallinger is live tonight in denver for us. there are safety measures in place here. >> yes, karen, it was a terrible school bus crash. here in colorado many years ago that led to safety changes in these buses and others around the country. what happened in tennessee
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taken. it was 1971 when brake failure led to a school bus crash on monarch pass killing eight students and a coach. that led to what is known as the colorado rack and load test. jennifer oats with the colorado department of education says this is important. >> school buses sold and operated in colorado for our students have an extra safety measure to ensure that the frame of the intact. >> reporter: that was in place in 1989 when this boulder valley school bus crashed also due to brake failure. one student was killed but you can see while the frame wrinkled it did not lapse. the safety of school buses has been hotly debated for years. this video from a proponent of
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together serve as compartmentization. >> is seemed safer than the seat belts. >> reporter: we asked the cherry creek district what they thought. >> i think they should have the belts on the bus. >> reporter: last year, a bus overturned in boulder. all survived. the last fatality was the crash at dia when the killed. reporting now in colorado, seat belts are only required for the driver on smaller school buses under 10,000 pounds, they can be used for all seats but, it is up to each district to decide. well, an update now as investigators arrest a man nor arson after a fire in an apartment complex in thornton broke out at the sunset peak apartments. a couch caught fire. now a roommate in that apartment, juan perez, is under
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evacuated. no one was hurt. the fire did extensive damage to that one unit. good job by the crews to keep it spreading beyond that. a truck carrying hay catches fire along i-25 year berthoud. the fire around noon set out a lot of smoke and that had traffic down to a crawl in the northbound lanes of the highway. a hazmat crew had to mop up spilled fuel. developing tonight, the investigation for a deadly stabbing in fort collins, a man who trie was able to get video of police arresting that suspect. this happened last night on parker street in fort collins. not too far from the csu campus. our kelly werthmann joins us live now in fort collins tonight. kelly, you talked to the neighbor who tried to help. >> reporter: and, karen, he lives just a few feet away from where that man was murdered here yesterday evening and when he hustled out to help, he wasn't sure if he would be attacked too.
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argument was happening. >> reporter: from inside his apartment, jeremy keltner heard a couple arguing outside. >> i heard a man's voice say you better stop threatening her. >> reporter: that is when things took a violent turn. >> the first male arguing with the woman, i heard him start screaming i just stabbed him. i just stabbed him. >> reporter: as jeremy called 911, he ran outside to help. >> and, i found the first man holding the second man out on the pavement right in front of his apartment and he rocking him. he was covered in blood. >> reporter: it just so happened jeremy is a cardiac tech in a local hospital. he ran back home to get towels to help the man who was brutally stabbed while the couple went inside trying to hide. >> and so, when he was pacing in his apartment looking out at us while we were trying to help the victim, i was a little worried he might try to do something. but, he seemed remorseful enough where i don't think he was going to attack us. >> reporter: fort collins
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capture this video showing the bloodstained suspect, 48-year- old david strunk and the victim laying lifeless in the apartment. >> you always think you could have maybe jumped in sooner. but it is marred to know what he would have done. >> reporter: and, the name of the man killed here has not yet been released but we are told by fort collins police, this is a very active investigation. live in fort collins, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> thank you kelly. >> trump disavows white nationalists celebrating his presidency. shaun boyd weighs in now. that is just one of the issues that happened to come up when he met with the new york times. >> reporter: a newspaper he has had a very tense relationship with over the last year. he was asked about whether he is energized the alt-right. a term used as code for white supremacists. he disavowed the group and
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steve bannon who has been linked to the group saying he wouldn't hire him if he was racist. a crowd cheered and boo as president-elect trump left the offices of a newspaper he has repeatedly referred to as the failing new york times. he berated them for how badly they treated him and said prosecuting hillary clinton is something he does not feel strongly about. admitted, there is co change and says while a formal position for his son-in-law was unlikely, he could help make peace between the israelis and the pastinians. he dropped hints saying he is considering dr. ben carson for secretary of housing and urban development. president obama has been in contact with him. >> president obama has committed to a smooth transition. and as a result, they have
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>> reporter: the times pressed trump today on potential conflicts of interest. he reportedly told them he can run his business perfectly and run the country perfectly. and said while he could continue signing checks at his company, he is phasing that out and giving control to his children. jim? >> thank you shaun boyd. well, since the election, shaun boyd has been reporting on the president-elect's transition to the white house. you can check out those reports at the politics section on coming up, a newb found dead in kansas. now, find out why the suspect says she was supposed to have that child all along. >> a colorado consumer group has released its annual list of toys parents might want to avoid this holiday season. we will check out the trouble in toy land report coming up. >> and a quick moving storm just out of colorado. you can see more moisture is moving into the pacific coast from the west.
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activity. president obama awards 21 people with the medal of freedom. why one recipient had a hard time getting into the ceremony. >> cdot is starting work on two new express lanes on c470 but people who live along the road say they are going against their word by refusing to build a sound barrier. i'm tom mustin. all new at 6:00, how they are now asking a judge to intervene. this is the news on cbs4.
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? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites. hoppy holidays from blue bunny. >> now, to the latest on the woman accused of mudding a her newborn baby. police arrested 34 yield esinia cespes. she faked a regular pregnancy for months. she said the victim had agreed to give her the baby but backed down in the last minute. the baby girl was found safe and returned to the victim's family. a post election rally
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into record territory. >> the dow jones closes at 19,023. and, the nasdaq and the s&p saw gains today. this marked the sixth record high closed for the dow in just the past two weeks. >> and new tonight, president obama awards 21 people the presidential medal of freedom. it is the highest honor for a civilian. it is given to people who make major contributions culture, security, or world peace. today's recipients included tom hanks and bill and melinda gates. >> everybody on this stage has touched me in a very powerful personal way. in ways that they probably couldn't imagine. >> recipient ellen degeneres was temp rayly delayed getting into the white house because
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land. that's the name of an annual report alerting parents in colorado to potentially hazardous toys. >> the consumer watchdog group is out with this year's list. our jennifer brice has more. and they really want to get the word out about certain toys. >> reporter: yes, absolutely. this is the report we are talking about. it is a pretty good report. it focuses on recalled toys. and, some of them can still be found for sale online. now, these are toys that are failing basic safety standards. some of the toys have been recalled for lead, magnets, many other hazards. toys that can cut, burn, or suffocate your children. the report was released by the watchdog group that profiled 44 toys recalled and 16 of those toys they say are still being sold online. now, the group showed us some of the recalls that care givers should pay attention to. because, it could be in your
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because the usb cord overheats and is a burning hazard. this bean bag chair was recalled because there used to be a very easy zipper so just open this up. two kids actually suffocated to death because they recalled in and they got some of the foam inside in their mouths. >> reporter: and the bottom line is if you shop online, you cannot assume the toys are as safe as when you buy them in the store because the stores will grab them make sure this stuff is not around your home. >> the kids will probably figure it out. >> reporter: it is tough to keep up with recalls. >> thanks. and if you are looking for something to get into the holiday spirit, how about checking tout ice skating rink that has opened in downtown denver? this is the seventh year for the southwest rink at skyline park. skating is free and you can bring your own skates or rent a pair for two dollars. the rink is open daily through
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11:00 and 6:00. for more, visit the mile high holiday section on and ice skating weather today. >> yeah, very cool day today. we have snow in the northeast. that is the storm we had a couple of days ago. here is the storm with a lot of snow an then down into showers an thunderstorms that we had just yesterday and this morning pushing out of the state. you can see a few scattered showers out of the southeast, we have also seen clearing skies as we take a look at the big picture. there's the cool front that that is pretty close to normal. and you can see the snow and the rain off to the east. if you look off to the west, here comes another system in the pacific northwest. good rain and snow at higher elevations. let's go to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center. >> we may see a little snow thanksgiving but not much. early in the morning this is the futurecast at 1:00 a.m. there is the chance for some snow to blanket parts of the
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mountains. a lot of people you wake up early to get the turkeys going. maybe you have a turkey bowl planned with your friends. there may be snow on the high country. in denver, we will stay on the dry side. cooler in the afternoon hours on thursday. so, by noon, maybe in the afternoon, you are eating dinner. by 7:00, when you are trying to recover from thanksgiving it should be a nice night. black friday shopping overnight into friday, clear skies and a bit on the lit bring the mountain areas a quick couple of inches of snow and it is gone fast. thanksgiving here in denver, 47 degrees afternoon high. sunshine mild. cold in the morning if you are turkey trotting or doing anything like that. and there is the chance for the early mountain snow. thanksgiving is looking pretty nice. if you are traveling thanksgiving morning watch out for the snow. it should be a nice day. >> i think it should be. and look. 42 and 46 is what we did today.
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didn't bring that cold component of air that the last storm did. 74 and two below are the roads for this day. 41 in kiowa and peetz. 46 in colorado springs. 41 and 36 right now. north 8 for the winds. 73% humidity. winter park, they are grooming the slopes, they open tomorrow. wolf creek, a lot of snow. they open up on thanksgiving day. as does aspen opening up thanksng got intoed snow. temperatures in the 20s overnight. 20s to the low 30s outed west. tomorrow, the highs, a little bit warmer. we will find 40s and 50s nearing 60 degrees over the east. 40s for the mountains. out west, temperatures mostly in the 40s to the mid 50s . here is the denver forecast. tonight, clearing skies. and, with that lows by morning in the mid 20s . then, tomorrow, fair and warmer into the lower 50s . there's the thanksgiving forecast coming up thursday with the sunny skies
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back in the 50s to near 60s , we head into the weekend. isolated showers on sunday with a high of 46. that is another system coming in. and, we have some cold weather coming in with that. early next week. >> it is about time. >> yeah. >> thanks. when the broncos watch the chiefs is it look looking in the mirror? >> also coming up, did you watch the game? did brock osweiler have to overcome more than
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? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth my name is tammy plumley,
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3 record. great deally good defense, offense not a that great and has a prime time game scheduled this sunday night. i could be talking object the chiefs or the broncos as they prepare for sunday's game. it is like looking in the min mirror mirror. both of them are relying on their defense to carry the load. the broncos expect that to be the case sunday night. >> they have been on defense and had a manageable offense since i have been here. that is what it meant. it will go down. whoever play it is best defense is going to win. >> best tight ends, running bags, our receiver is better. everything is better than theirs. but, they just, they got similar stars. their defense plays tough. always usually a low scoring game. >> crazy things can happen south of the border not that i would know. i have heard. how about brock osweiler getting a laser shined in his
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the texans ended up losing to the razors. could you see the green laser? could it have been part of the reason for the loss? >> it is hard to tell. i never want to say one thing is a difference maker, but certainly, having a laser, you know, zoomed in on your eyeball definitely affects how you play the game. the pack 12 is trying to make cu and utah bitter rivals but they have played just a few times since 1962 so we will have not built up the animosity of a traditional rivalry. the buffs really want and need to beat utah though. after all, their pack 12 title hopes hang in the balancement it is not the rivalry they had back in the day, but it is the biggest game of the season for cu. >> i blame them as the next game cooling up. it is the biggest game of the season. yeah. >> we will be asking it a
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despise the most? utah or nebraska? >> i would say nebraska. [ laughter ] my dad still doesn't let anyone wear red when i go home. not even my mom. [ laughter ] >> what a funny kid too! ,,
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,, ,, >> weather will not mess up things. >> no. getting around or getting in and out. let's take a look. you can see 51 tomorrow. a little shot of snow in the
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>> as long as i can get to the tu captioning sponsored by cbs .>> pelley: now his positions are in transition. the president-elect says he won't prosecute hillary clinton. and denying climate change? well, that's changing, too. also tonight, the driver who wrapped a school bus around a tree killing at least five vehicular homicide. >> and my daughter said, right before the bus flipped, he asked them, "are you all ready to die?" >> pelley: the billionaire who's bringing jobs to america. >> reporter: mr. cho, are you making america great again? >> yes. >> pelley: and the president honors some of america's greatest stars. >> talkin 'to me?


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