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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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lottery. live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i am britt moreno. this is the news on wednesday, november 23rd. of course, the day before thanksgiving. >> so today you probably not want to eat much so you have plenty of room for tomorrow.
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river, through the woods, and to dia where jamie is live. >> reporter: a live look at the security line growing right now at dia. we are keeping an eye on holiday travel on one of the busiest days of the year. details coming up on cbs4 morning news. she deleted the emails. she has to go to jail. >> president-elect donald trump talking tough during the campaign about the clinton email scandal, but ahead could he be changing his tone on that issue now? and good morning fr colorado's weather center. 29 degrees outside in denver, and dry weather has returned statewide. but some snow is on the way for parts of the state. we will explain straight ahead. it's been a tough drive in the high country yesterday, all throughout the day. we will look at that drive, what it looks like up into the high country now, and also across the denver metro area. britt. we have thanksgiving tomorrow. many people are heading out of town to give thanks with family and friends.
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of passengers this year. cbs4's jamie leary is live from the airport this morning. jamie, i already see the crowd gathered behind you trying to get through tsa. >> reporter: yeah, things are moving. that's the good news. however, the south line, that's about 27 minutes. that's a real-time estimate. we are counting about 15 minutes here. but you weren't wrong when you said those numbers were up this year. they are up all around for holiday travel. at dia we are told 1.1 million passengers are expected to pass th 22nd to november 28th. that's the monday after thanksgiving. and that is a record number, if indeed dia sees that. that's up 10%. in general, holiday travelers, those numbers are up across the country. aaa predicting a number they haven't seen since searches. 48.7million people traveling by land or by air this holiday season. so right now things are moving, but that line is definitely growing.
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security. that's at five minutes f you are stuck in this line, i would head to bridge security. more good news. the parking lots are open this morning. mount albert is closed, but it's not full. plenty of parking as of right now. you are going to want to allow for extra time because this is probably the last we can see of the small security line. live at dia, jamie leary. we have breaking news we want to bring you this morning. sources say donald trump tapped haley to be u.n. ambassador. this is the first woman he has picked thus far. haley was an outspoken trump critic throughout the race. if confirmed, she would become the first female and non-white cabinet-level official in the trump administration. she is the second asian- american to serve as a u.s. governor. president-elect trump is expected to deliver new online messages to supporters today. this time with a focus on
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times" where he rounded off some of his sharper points, including his calls during the campaign to prosecute hillary clinton. here is reed binnion. >> we are going to get a special prosecutor and we are going to look through it. >> reporter: it's a line he repeated over and over again during the campaign. >> she deleted the emails. she has to go to jail. >> reporter: the threat energizing trump's base and fueling fiery exchanges with hillary clinton. >> it's awfully good donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> reporter: the bold campaign promise one of several issues which trump is striking a different tone. he told "the new york times" he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. former new york mayor and top trump advise advisor rudy giuliani defended him.
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consensus that humans play a role in climate change. >> i am not a believer in chime change. >> reporter: tuesday he said he has a totally open mind on the issue, saying he thinks there is connectivity between climate change and human connectivity. on watt boarder, he said his stance on torture has changed. james n. mattis told him he never found the technique to be useful. weather and traffi get a check on this thursday morning. sun will be up at 6:54. unlike yesterday, we will get to enjoy sunshine all day long today. it is a bit colder this morning than this was yesterday at this time. mostly clear skies. light winds will do that. stapleton 37. lewisville 31. 27 degrees in douglas county at castle rock and sedaila this morning. compare the current temperatures to where they were
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we do have clear skies statewide. so no weather-related issues on any of our roadways for today. a bit of a different situation tonight as a weather maker out on the west coast makes its way towards the mountains of colorado. we will see snow back in the high country tonight. meanwhile, yesterday's storm is right there making its way out of the midwest and towards the east coast here this morning. so by 9 a.m. we will be at 34. noon 49. then a high 53. let's check for anything else going on on the roads. that drive to the high country was tough yesterday. it's going to be easier today. maybe some mountain snow tonight. keep that in mind if you have relatives that are coming over the hills. this is to the west of vail pass. you can see de beque, rifle,
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index. it's nice and wide open. that's the same over vail pass and down into denver. it's going to be slick. that's what the icon means close to the eisenhauer and johnson tunnel. a lot of green on the map. we are expecting to see a substantial portion of green this morning. we are at or near posted speed limits. president obama awards 21 people of presidential medal of freedom. it is the nation's highest honor for a civilian. it's given to people who major contributions to american culture, security, or world peace. this year's recipients included tom hanks, ellen degeneres, kareem abdul-jabbar, and bill and melinda gates. it's his final ceremony. he has handed out the award 114 times. more than any other president. the consumer watchdog group
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found for sale online. some of the toys have been recalled for lead or powerful magnets. some can cut, burn, even potentially suffocate children. the group shoaled us some of the recall that caregivers should pay attention to because they could be in your home or daycare. >> this beanbag chair was recalled because there used to be a ziptory open -- zipper to open this up. two kids suffocated to dea the foam in their mouths. >> if you want to read the full report, including pictures and names of those toys, go to the links and info section at our snow and rain did not stop members of the denver broncos from helping the denver rescue mission. yesterday out in the parking lot at sports authority field at mile high the players helped hand out turkeys and meal boxes for needy families. nearly 2,500 families will have holiday meals from the event
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if you are looking for something to welcome the holiday spirit, check out the ice skating rink open in downtown denver. this is the seventh year for the rink at skyline park. skating is free. it's open daily flew february 14. thanksgiving hours are 11:00 a.m. to 6 at night. for more holiday fun in denver go to the mile high holiday section of a doctor at the university of colorado hospital is the only e state. coming up her crucial role in helping cancer patients. how to avoid devastating
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welcome back. battling cancer can certainly take a toll on your heart. some powerful cancer-fighting drugs can cause long-term cardiac problems. kathy walsh shows us how one hospital is keeping the hearts of cancer patients healthy. >> reporter: she is getting an infusion at the university of colorado hospital. it is medicine to fight bone loss. a side effect of cancer it has been a long year for the mother of three. >> what you are feeling is scared? >> reporter: it started last fall when her twins wouldn't nurse from her left breast. a biopsy showed an aggressive tumor. stage 3 cancer. >> i have never taken so many medications in my life. >> reporter: chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments. but one drug was attacking ellen's heart. >> i had a breakdown because i was nearing the end of my
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infusions left and i thought i wasn't going to be able to continue treatment. >> reporter: turns out her heart was in the right place. >> this looks very normal. >> reporter: a specially trained cardio oncologist, the only one in colorado, she monitored ellen with echocardiograms and medicines. >> i started her on the medicines to help her heart rebuild. >> reporter: and ellen was able to >> it will save her life. >> reporter: she is now cancer free. she will continue to see the doctor so she can follow her heart for the long term. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s. >> a real big travel day. the weather will cooperate. that doesn't always happen the day before thanksgiving, but this year looks good. 21 degrees the temperature right now at lookout mountain. yes, it is a cold start to the day.
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be our official sunrise this morning. leadville at 8 degrees. most areas across colorado for the 20s regardless are whether you are on a the eastern plains, mountains, or western slope. fort collins 28. it's 21 in greeley. now, overall it will be a warmer day today compared to yesterday. we are going to top out in the lower 50s today for the denver, boulder, and fort collins areas. most mountain towns will top out in the 40s, and it will be dry statewide during thy we will start to see some ?tsno come back into the colorado high country. doppler 4000 showing a few clouds overhead. here is the storm system that impacted our state yesterday. it's moving out of the midwest, heading to the east coast. places like memphis, cincinnati, cleveland, detroit, there could be weather-related delays there if your flight takes you that direction. in the east coast by this evening tonight there could be some problems. out west a little bit of rain for northern california and
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it's this weather maker that's on the west coast that will race into the colorado high country tonight producing some snow. let me show you the futurecast now. i want to emphasize during the daytime there won't be any snow in the mountains. it's not until tonight. it's going to be late tonight, after 11 p.m. we expect to start seeing snow develop over the northern mountains. by midnight that snow should spread to the i-70 corridor. that is going to be late tonight after midnight. then the heaviest snow should be over with in the high coby going through the day tomorrow that snow will end in the mountains before lunchtime tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon should be sunny statewide. your forecast 53 with mostly sunny skies today. tomorrow 48 for thanksgiving. then on friday 60 with sunny skies. we stay right around 60 on saturday, and then colder weather arrives for the broncos game on sunday. kickoff temperature just been freezing. joel. that's more like football weather. >> that is a broncos game in november. indeed. >> it's going to be good for
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summit at vail pass. cars have been moving along. that wasn't the case yesterday where we had several closures in place. some cars not winter ready for the conditions up there, and it makes it tough for everybody else as well. take a look. this is to the west of vail pass, glenwood springs, rifle, due beck. we are crash and stall free. a lot of the overnight construction and moved out of the way. 6th avenue, i-225, you name it, and we are at or near posted speed limits. this thanksgiving we are talking about safety. a big problem. your goose could be cooked. there are more cooking fires this holiday than any other day of the year. what you need to do to stay safe as you prepare the holiday meal. >> reporter: this is one of the many turkey mishaps fire safety
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thanksgiving. firefighters respond to as many as fur teen hundred cooking -- 1400 cooking fires on thanksgiving. that's three times more the average. >> this is my skin graft. it's in the process of healing right now. >> reporter: it's a lesson evelyn fernandez learned the hard way when she left a combustible can between her stove burners while making dinner for her family. >> the panel spray exploded, which caused the stove to face. >> reporter: after multiple surgeries and a month in the hospital, evelyn says she is still dealing with physical and emotional scars that will also a lifetime. so let's talk turkey safety. no matter how distracted you are this holiday, experts say when in the kitchen, always pay attention. unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires. >> if you have to leave the kitchen, call in
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>> reporter: never douse a cooking fire with water or flour. instead, this firefighter placed another pan on top of the fire to extinguish the flames. and if you like to deep fry your turkey, make sure it's away from your house. don't put it on a porch or in a garage. the turkey should be defrosted and patted dry. do not overfill the oil, and make sure to check the temperature frequently. the golden rule, say experts, never walk away cooking. hena daniels, cbs news. the latest on general motors' investigation of its potentially defective airbags and find out how to save money
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turning to breaking news right now out of southern colorado. a hostage situation happening in the security-widefield area on harrington drive. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along. stocks are mixed this morning before the holiday, and there is a delay involving a recall on airbags motors vehicles. >> reporter: the dow hit a record high tuesday closing above 19,000 for the first time ever. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also closed as record highs. the dow gained 67 points. the nasdaq closed up 17. u.s. regulators are letting general motors delay a recall of potentially defective airbags.
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if gm approves them, it could stop the recall of 2.5 million vehicles it agreed to earlier this year. the holidays are fun, but they can be financially stressful. experian found that 48% of americans surveyed said they spend more than expected over the holidays, and 44% feel obligated to spend more than they can afford. they suggest for deals and save money. for more log on to traffic every ten minutes on the 4s. ashton, good morning. >> the travel forecast always important on a day like today ahead of thanksgiving. live in washington, d.c., look at that, 35. beautiful conditions there. they will have rain in d.c. and along the east coast by tonight. in terms of traveling this morning, maybe a few problems going to the pacific northwest. portland and seattle
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in our region, nothing weather- related will slow you down today. houston has some problems this morning because of thunderstorms, and there could be delays today in memphis, nashville, cincinnati, cleveland, detroit, chicago. that's where the storm system we had yesterday is right now. and then again it's going to be the east coast where there could be problems by tonight. the only major airport having problems right now is houston. they are having major delays because of thunderstorms in the area. if your flight goes through or to houston, there could be problems. let's go over to maybe you are taking a friend out to dia. your good friend this morning. i-25 and arapahoe road, they owe you, it's nice and wide open through the tech center. here is that drive along i-70. we have something in the road inbound along pena boulevard. no slowing behind that. 25 degrees this morning. great to have you with us on this day before thanksgiving. hope your travels are safe. >> we are thankful for you.
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of this world video as hundreds see this flash across the night sky monday night. president-elect donald trump is backing away from some of his campaign rhetoric. i am hena daniels in new york. i will have more on his transition to the white house coming up. time now for the stihl sports break. >> entering last night, the nuggets had won nine straight home games against looking to make it ten in a row. dwyane wade had 22 points. the nuggets said why do we need dwyane wade when we have jamal murray? scored 24 points. the nuggets went on a 24-0 run in the first half. this was close down the stretch. how about gallo? beautiful move there. denver up by 4. then gallo adding on with a three-pointer.
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free-throws in the final minute. the nuggets with a 110-107 win. after the game, everybody talking about jamal murray. >> he is shoot nothing a hula hoop right now. he is feeling very, very confident. the guys are finding him. i want him to shoot it. he is playing at a high level. >> got to get in the cold tub. the nuggets at utah later tonight. >> this has been the stihl sports break brought to
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,, ,, live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. >> getting busy with it this morning. there are your families, your people traveling for the
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look at that little girl. she is ready to go. i am ready to eat. i don't know about you? great to have you with us wednesday, november 23. i'm alan ginot. >> i am britt moreno. i tried to make a pumpkin pie yesterday. didn't go so well. i didn't bring it? >> i think about my co-workers and didn't impose that pie on you. >> we would have tried it, britt, and then given you our honest opinion. 27 degrees the currently in denver. 6:54 official sunrise. we will get to enjoy a lot of sunshine. our weather watchers reporting cold temperatures in southwest aurora. corey has 28. in the san luis valley 18 degrees in south central colorado. we will take a closer look at today's forecast and the thanksgiving day forecast


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