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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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,, good morning everyone and welcome to the cbs morning news at 4:30. this is monday, november 28 and i am . thank you for joining us. waking up on the wrong side of the bed last night. it was bird -- brutal against the chiefs. 30-27. the high country shot that saw its share of snow last night . keystone resort said that it was snowing so hard that you could not see the gondolas. and, this video was taken from downtown breckenridge where it looks like a ghost town worth all of that heavy fog.
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let's get right over to chris spears who joins us this morning. chris, what are we dealing with this morning.>> more of this game -- of the same. high country travel is mostly in the 30s. 34 in the front range foothills. breezy across the region and there is a chill if you step out this morning. you will need a jacket. 2 inches of fresh small -- fresh snow from our weather watcher down in your ray. -- it is light and will pick up . the other thing that will
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miles per hour. gusty wind even out on the far eastern plains. we will check the forecast in just a minute, let's get a check of the weather first. we start with the drive around i-70 as chris just mentioned. those high passes will have tough driving conditions today. the east half of loveland pass is closed. there is one problem cause delays as we get later into the morning, there's a pothole in the right lane of eastbound i-76 after the 270 evident -- exit. i feel your pain this morning. a sad loss for the broncos. the boys could not finish strong against the chiefs. they fell 30-27. here is the terrible recap. the broncos trying to get some magic out of their hat.
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through. it is good. the chiefs on the final play of overtime have beaten the broncos 30-27. i am michael bliss -- michael spencer's and the broncos falling in overtime in kansas city. this is a game they will look back out and say, we have a chanced to win.>> the chiefs un they give up a game time drive in the final couple of minutes. we don't see that in the defense. the broncos did not play their best tonight and it cost them. >> we have to close and there is no way we can let them drive down there and get a touchdown. we will call it the same as any situation. he always calls in those
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as much of our -- or covering as well. i think we all had coverage mishaps today.>> i think when we look at that last drive, we hold ourselves accountable for that. you know, it is tough. i haven't been apart of so many games like that. we still have our heads up an board.>> we beat ourselves. we had perfect calls and we didn't executes them right -- execute them right. we beat ourselves.>> reporter: they are tied with the dolphins for the wild-card spot and otherwise the broncos won't make the playoffs.>> now they had to jacksonville for next
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sports. of fire in brighton yesterday. andrea florez reports that i'm not -- that a family had to find another place to call home.>> the fire started around 5:00 on sunday near 100>> the fire started around 5:00 on sunday near 135 avenue -- 136th avenue and yosemite street. >> repor t safely before crews arrived on scene. >> it was a double wide trailer that was fully engulfed.>> reporter: they believe the fire started on their back porch. rights and fire says that the home is a complete loss. >> luckily nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is under
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monday . some consumers are checking out hotel and resort websites in hopes of working their next vacation while saving cash. marriott and smaller hotels and standalone properties are offering up to 50% off of room rates. some wonder if cyber monday is a thing of the past. many discounts were offered days or weeks ago. experte today along with cheaper flights to havana, cuba. we had jill with the money watch report. >> reporter: good morning. markets open after the holiday in record high territory. the nasdaq rose 18 and the futures with a lower open. online sales could hit at least $3.3 billion which is 9% more
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than 2014. retailers are offering big discounts today. resorts like marriott and starwood are offering discounts. there are commercial account -- flights to havana. american will have a one hour flight from miami to havana. other airlines like united and jet blue will fly to and from havana from various cities in the united states. disney was box office this weekend. they could not melt frozen's record from the thanksgiving weekend. jill, thank you for that. tonight is a special ceremony for colorado springs officer that was killed in the
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tonight at 7:30. the shooting was one year ago today on a cold and snowy day. three people died. they were jennifer markovsky , ke'arre stewart and officer garrett swasey. karen miller with pro-choice colorado says the shooter, robert dear, is competent to stand trial.>> he collected propane and that are premeditated. so, i think he knew what he was doing and there is concern and i think he should be standing trial.>> reporter: he was once again found not competent for standing trial. it is chilly and 35 outside. there is controversy again about a treat -- a tweet. plus a count -- a push to
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,, the news and health. can some medications cause seniors to fall. there is a link between high risk medications to treat anxiety and people falling. some doses are too high for the patients in more than half of the cases. scientists in britain who say that lab mice have certain receptor drains -- genes were protected against obesity when fed a high-fat diet.
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medicines for humans. scientist say that giving thanks long after the hyatt -- the holiday can be beneficial. it can boost physical and psychological health, improve relationships and even help you sell -- the better. do you remember how many people were driving to the airport to leave for the holiday. take a look at how many people are there now picking up and this was around 6:00 last night. it is just a parking lot. post holiday traffic is better in the high country than it was last night. trucks along i-70 chained up to get through the snow packed and i see roads. temperatures drop to the teens from silverthorne to georgetown and keystone and in between. there has been a lot of fresh snow which is fantastic news
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something we have to talk about . the avalanche centers says that the san juan mountains, sangre de cristo mountains and other parts are at high risk for avalanche. it is something for us to watch. let's get over to chris spears . good morning. good morning to you. we are starting off chilly this morning with robelot at 40 which is an exception. alamosa drop down to 3. mid-20s and 30s on the slopes. 17 just north of breckenridge. it is breezy out there which is adding chill to the air. along the continental divide, 53 mile-per-hour wind gusts at monarch pass. also eastern colorado and the southeastern lane
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the southeastern plains. snow in the high country. we will keep snow in the high country off and on all day today complements of the big low spent -- spreading north and northeast. it is bringing cold batter and moisture down its backside and into colorado. snow showers all day long. in fact into early tomorrow. eastern colorado, denver, stays on the dry side. we could see a stray shower sneaking through, but mostly this will stay in the high country where there are advisories in effect. some places taking out -- picking up enough snow to break out and keep those shovels out all weekend long -- all week long. 20s is the best we can do up high due to cloud cover and
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it has been a long time since we have seen a week with below normal weather, but that's what we have coming up in denver. we could have snow showers by early friday. also the cold being brought in which may be an unwelcome site for some of us. here is a look at the around vail pass. you can see that -- cdot camera around vail pass. it will if you travel around the high country. you can see along they'll and around idaho springs, conditions are worse than the high mountain passes that you get. there is a problem we are
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pothole in the right lane that could cause problems. donald trump claims that millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election. he tweeted yesterday saying, i won the popular vote if you detect millions of illegal votes. trump offered no evidence to back his claims and the message was part of a series of tweets criticizing the recount effort and wisconsin. more -- we have more on the fallout. >> reporter: there was a tweet storm over the impending recount in hillary clinton conceded, he wrote, saying that the democratic nominee says we owe him a chance to lead. linnton's general counsel said on saturday that they would participate in the recount initiated by green party candidate jill stein. she has raised $6 million for the effort and may pursue recounts in michigan and
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further. >> this is ridiculous by a person in one 33,000 votes in wisconsin. president. trump 11 's chief of staff went further. >> this is ridiculous by a person in one 33,000 votes in wisconsin. president. trump 11.4 million. >> reporter: -- 1.4 million.>> reporter: the trump campaign manager turned advisor, kelly and conway, was on several problem mitt romney. >> he gave speeches against mr. trump and attacked his character. did he offer to help? has he been helpful to mr. netanyahu? >> reporter: trump instance vacation with his family and he is expected to name or cabinet members today. at a california animal sanctuary, otters and children are swimming together, but this
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the pool. it is actually a form of therapy. chris martinez explains. >> reporter: seven-year-old hannah evans is having a great time with her two new friends.>> we were at the pool having fun and they are so cute. >> reporter: hannah has said life-threatening gastrointestinal disorder. they are there be animals trained to work with children have the make-a-wish foundation arrange the visit to the animal sanctuary, nurtured by nature. kevin yates is one of the founders. >> it is a positive day where they can be free of thinking of the pain or illness or the treatment they are going through. it is important to treat the psyche and have a good outlook especially when you are in pain or scared. >> reporter: he gave hannah a
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her parents say she will carry close to her heart on days that are harder. chris martinez, cbs news, california. anybody can swim with the otters at nurtured by nature for a price. it pays for them to do their make-a-wvi on sunday night for the broncos offense. the first half was simply okay and the passing game got going in the second half. trevor simeon with 368 yards and three touchdowns. back to back drives put the broncos into a position to win the 76 yard pass. broncos up with eight minutes to go. the broncos offense struggled again and simeon's numbers were
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stinks to lose. especially going back and forth like that a couple of times. so i had to talk to kansas city . they battled and battled and played a good game. >> we struggled in the first half. you know, we found a way to muster it up, but i think the trevor's play was great across- the-board with throws. part of being a pro is you have to battle through it.>> reporter: the broncos fall and they have lost three games in the afc west. they need to finish strong with five games remaining, including back-to-back road trips. up next, a division game on the road against jacksonville. at michael hike -- mile hi, i am michael spencer's.
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happening today. the boulder county fire officials will have a prescribed burn, that is if weather cooperates. it will have the -- happened at the if it doesn't happen today, it will happen before december 14. 16 boys and girls clubs in the metro areas served about 5000 kids every day. the kids can count on a hot meal and opportunities in sports as well as caring staff members. the care 4 colorado toy drive runs through december 24 at the cbs studios and the
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we have the wish list online at a new romantic thriller. daniel nottingham has your details on eye on entertainment. threw stands can buy presale tickets today. felicity jones stars first star wars anthology. joan's character takes on a desperate character. james earl jones has his voice as darth vader. rogue 1 opens december 16. frank and lola revolves around an intense relationship of love, sex and betrayal. michael shannon plays a chef
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i was drawn to it as a love story, or as a story of romantic obsession. >> reporter: her past gets in the way of her future with frank after she treats on him. frank and lola hits theaters on december 9. new kids on the block are back. there's an upcoming to her next year. it is a return 25 years. 25 years. >> i have been itching 25 years. >> iat ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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at ikea, we believe that making room for one more
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good morning everyone, i am britt moreno and this is the news on monday , as november 28. happening right now is a terrible loss for the broncos at home. even after the game went into overtime, the broncos first -- are now tied for the miami dolphins for the wildcard. we have more on this coming up. it is cyber monday and those who waited on the crowds could see some prevent porch pirates from stealing your holiday spirit. a breezy and cold start. we will have a look at your forecast coming up. this is i-76, highway 285 and eastbound 470 looking nice. i will have the full traffic report coming up. the broncos are 7 and 4 after losing to the chiefs last night in overtime.


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