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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> reporter: it is another windy start to the morning.
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spread quickly yesterday. evacuation orders have been lifted, but it was definitely a long and stressful night for people living in this area. this is incredible video. this was one of the first pictures from our rooftop camera, that fire lit up the skies when it sparked on green mountain and quickly spread due to all the high winds. wind from 5 acres up to 300 in an hour. people living nearby scrambled to to needed to get anything they might need initially in case they had to evacuate. anyone with livestock needing additional time, they were told to evacuate immediately. that notice went on to say that it could be the last notice they receive, so definitely frantic moments for some residents. one man was checking out his son's home and said the fire was a close call. >> had that fire about three years ago when they brought in the slurry bombers. and that was quite frightening.
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the fire on the different news channels and what not and you see the winds coming up, so you think about colorado springs a little bit, what happened several years ago. >> reporter: fire consumed a total of 300 acres. it's 90% contained at last check. definitely with this wind fire crews are going to be keeping a close eye on any hot spots that have the potential to flare up. the cause is still under investigation. live in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thank you so much. we're not the only ones de people are packing up what they can and fleeing their homes in gatlinburg, tennessee. flames are burning next to one of the main roads out of that town. >> oh, my gosh. this is not good. >> abridge orange sky lit up the abandoned and smoky streets last night. wildfires have damaged or impacted at least 30 buildings
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a person shot video inside a park vista hilton hotel as flames burned outside the doors. people at that hotel were kept inside. the national guard has been activated. the incident at ohio state university is being looked into as a possible case of terrorism. classes are back on today artan intentionally ran his car into a group of people and used a butcher knife to stab people. >> we were moved to a classroom in the basement. kind of scary because we couldn't get service in the basement. >> university police officer shot and killed artan. artan recently transferred to ohio state from a community college. investigators are looking into a post he reportedly made on facebook saying he was sick of
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treated. let's get a check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. and ashton is here with a chilly forecast. >> yes, chilly and windy forecast. now fort collins 18 miles per hour. berthoud pass wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour. you can see the wind a little bit stronger where jamie leary was live in lakewood. let's look up into the foothills. this is where the strongest wind is at this kenosha pass 35 miles per hour. alence park, 22 miles per hour -- allenspark. highs will be near 40, but will feel colder than that. few light snow showers in the colorado high country. but it will be dry for the bus stop in the metro area. breezy and chilly for the kids this morning. 26. by noon today, 38and there's that high of 41. again, factor in the wind, it won't feel 41 this afternoon. let's get over to joel.
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tuesday morning commute. traffic alert we're following. i've counted 12 police cars that are here at the scene of this accident, plus an ambulance and fire truck. looks like there are two cars involved in this accident. southbound along quebec as you go near highway 2, or just to the north of highway 2. southbound along quebec. live pictures coming in from copter 4. obviously with the darkness, hard to make out what exactly has happened. right hand portion of your screen, if you focus hard enough you can working around two separate cars. no word on any injuries involved in this accident. with the amount of police that we see, i would expect this closure to be in place for some time until they get this cleared out of the way. let me go to the map. near irondale. southbound along quebec parkway on the approach to highway 2. not our only trouble spot. lights malfunctioning along alameda as you get to kalamath.
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that's the case eastbound along i-270 as well. up into the high country, chain and passenger traction restrictions in place u.s. 6 over loveland pass. chain restrictions eisenhower and johnson tunnels. major delays on i-70 today. it's not due to the weather. crews will be doing rock scaling work in the clear creek county area between lawson and empire junction. they say drivers should budget an extra two hours on that drive. through tomorrow. the man who hit and killed a colorado state patrol cadet is expected to learn his punishment today. a jury found him guilty of that crash that killed one trooper and seriously injured the other. he was driving high and recklessly. rushing is now working as a sergeant. a funeral is planned for
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killed on i-25. a service for trooper cody donahue is scheduled for this friday at 11:00 at the denver first church of the nazarene in englewood. friends describe the driver accused of killing donahue as beyond distraught. trooper donahue was investigating a previous crash friday when police say noe gamez-ruiz swerved out of the driving lane and onto the shoulder. ruiz is traffic charges. the arapahoe county d.a. is sharing his thoughts on these charges. >> the way our laws are set up, had the conduct we believe had it exceeded careless and become even reckless, then the potential could be vehicular homicide. we don't believe we have that. the laws make no exception whether the person killed is a civilian or law enforcement in
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it makes no distinction. >> the investigation is not yet over. police are looking at video from cameras from the state patrol and on the truck itself. mike pence says big announcements are coming today, this comes as donald trump is expected to reveal more cabinet picks. trump has picked tom price to head the department of health and human services. the president-elect could also announce his secretary of state. yesterday mr. turn spent an retired general david petraeus. the units would be available to people who have been chronically homeless. lawmakers will have to approve the housing money. new data confirms denver's housing market is hot. zillow revealed its october market report. home values jumped more than
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more than $350,000. rents are up 3%. median price is $2,000 a month. a zillow survey finds the majority of experts thinks the market will start to favor buyers by 2019. still quite a ways out. 6:10now. next up on the cbs4 morning news, buckle up, big changes for seat belts. have something negative to say online about a
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,, ,, good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. this is the news in health. texas is now reporting its first case of the zika virus. doctors are treating a woman from brownsville, located in the tail of texas, right on the u.s./mexico border. she says she didn't recently travel to mexico or any other country. florida is the only other state
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locally spread zika. three people in the san francisco bay area died after a community thanksgiving meal. now doctors want to know why. they hospitalized several people with symptoms of food poisoning. >> we're interviewing people that we know are ill and we're also trying to find people who may have been, had some symptoms but maybe didn't seek health care. >> it is believed the three people who died also lid that same assisted living facility. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. we're going to start off with joel, because this looks like a serious situation. >> we just got confirmation this is in fact a deadly accident investigation now going on. this has blocked off southbound quebec near highway 2. you've got all the lanes blocked off along there. we've counted like 12 police cars, so heavy police presence. expect delays in that area if you are traveling northbound
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highway 2, expect delays as well as there will be curiosity slowing. fire truck and ambulance that were there. no word on the total number of injuries, just that it was, it is being investigated as a deadly accident. as we get a little more sunlight we can see the cars and the damage to the cars, which are there along the roadway still. that means this area will be closed for a couple of hours. let me show you where we're talking. this is soh it's showing up as two separate accidents. it's along quebec, the south of highway 2, runs here and parallel to i-76. a lot of folks use this in that southbound direction. you're not going to be able to use that cutoff for the morning commute. across the denver metro area it's been a pretty good looking drive. i just lost my capability to
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for evidence. across the denver metro looks like a great drive. loading up east along i-270. in the high country, chain and passenger restrictions in place u.s. 6 over loveland pass. later today, you've been tracking the winds, mix that with snow, will be a nasty drive. will be a tough go in the high country. snow stake at winter park, 7 inches. 7 degrees also there. normal high temperature this timeye last couple of days we've been at or a little above normal. 52 back on sunday. yesterday's high was 45. we actually stayed 1-degree below normal. high today 41. tomorrow 42. and similar temperatures on thursday. we're now going to be either at or below normal for at least the next seven to 10 days. gone is all of that unusually warm weather we experienced for so long. temperatures in the 20s this
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colorado high country. as we take a look at winds, you can see they're in the mid-20s for wind speeds in southeast wyoming around cheyenne, 24 miles per hour. the wind will translate south through the day. clouds moving in from the north. we'll call it mostly cloudy. winter weather advisories and warnings that had been posted east of vail pass have been canceled. still in effect until noon out west of vail pass and down into aspen and crested butte. 2to 4 inches of additional snowfall there. and combine that snow with some driving in the mountains for today. here's the storm system that brought all the active weather. it's up in minnesota. you can see the front way out to the east of us. the cold air behind the front stays and on the back side of the low those white lines represent the wind streaming in from the north today. highs will climb up to around 40 around denver, boulder and fort collins, when you factor in the wind it will feel colder. 41 the high.
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to32 friday. dry for the weekend, highs only in the 40s. pretty big storm system for the middle of next week. we need a good snow here in denver. thank you. thousands of workers plan to strike today and good news if you want to post a bad review about a company. this is the news on wall street. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good mo the postelection wall street rally took a breather. futures are pointing to a higher open. thousands of workers across the country are expected to strike today. employees at fast food restaurants, airports and some hospitals will walk off the job in what organizers are calling a nation-wide day of disruption. more people shopped on their smartphones this weekend. black friday was the first
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u.s. history. online shoppers spent $1.2 billion through their phones and tablets. about 33% more than last year. and soon you'll be able to post negative reviews on yelp without fear of retribution. congress passed legislation to ensure that customers won't get sued for writing something negative about a company. the bill now goes to president obama. britt. >> jill, thank you so much for that report. check in on tuesday's top stories right now. jury selection resumes today for the accused church shooter, dylann roof is now representing himself. he in this cases 33 federal charges, including hate crime and murder for the killings of nine people. this is a death penalty trial. the governor of north dakota is ordering an emergency evacuation of dakota access pipeline protestors. he signed that order because of what he calls harsh winter conditions coming. law enforcement says they probably won't enforce the order.
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months. people in cuba paying their final respects to fidel castro. workers setting up for a ceremony in revolution square. his death comes more than a year after the u.s. and cuba reached an historic agreement to fully restore diplomatic relations. in a tweet yesterday president- elect donald trump threatened to terminate that arrangement if cuba is unwilling to make colder weather later this week. >> that's right. highs at the end of the week will struggle to reach freezing. for now, paul in westminster has 24 degrees. we have some wind around the metro area, especially on the west side of town closer to the foothills. we'll all experience wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour later
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,, ,, weather and traffic together on the 4's. we start with a traffic alert. live pictures coming in from copter 4. southbound quebec blocked off near highway 2 due to a serious accident. investigating what looks like a probable fatality and that means this closure will be in place for some time. we're going to continue to watch this situation.
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accident at 70th and washington. this is where that accident is. if you take highway 2 in that southbound direction, it is closed right now. we're seeing slowing develop in the westbound direction of i-70 out to i-270. but in the eastbound direction if you're heading out to the airport, we should have speeds into the 50s. once you get to the airport no major issues expected. in fact, travel around colorado today could be complicated because of wind. d west coast in good shape today. in texas delaying in houston because of thunderstorms. meanwhile, expect a lot of snow in the dakotas and minnesota today. rain along the east coast could cause delays there later on today. for now, east coast airports are in good shape. all major hubs across the country are in good shape. days of one size fits all seat belts may be over. researchers are studying the
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smaller and older drivers. the goal is to have seat belts that one day automatically size adjust to the person they are protecting. 45,000 shoe boxes filled with gifts are on their way to children in need in mexico. this is all part of operation christmas child. we stopped by the denver processing center where volunteers are packing the boxes with toys, school supplies and hygi boxes as an 11-year-old after he and his family escaped rwanda. he said the box gave him hope. >> the same shoe box i got allowed me to understand what it meant to be loved by god, not only that, but that i had a family of believers across the world who loved me enough to send me something i desperately needed. >> what a beautiful thing. we have more information on how you can help operation christmas child on
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section. i love how the community always comes together during the holiday season. 26 degrees in denver. >> great example there and a lot of folks that need help. it is chilly out there. coming up, the new round of homeless sweeps and how people are on the move in downtown denver. von miller is sharing his thoughts on that 62-yard f
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,, ,, this is the news on cbs4 as we get you going at 6:30. a look at two very different scenes. we are keeping an eye on snow in the high country now. live look on the left side of the screen at the eisenhower tunnel there and there's the
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fully contain that fire on green mountain, as we look at that fire last night as it tore across the dry grass. incredible pictures. yes, that's the same state. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. it is cold this morning. and that leaves many in the metro area anxious for a whopper snowstorm. it could be coming next week. ashton altieri has the weather story for us. good morning. >> yes, that's right. that's next tuesday into next wednesday. certainly the biggest snow event we've had so far this season in denver. at we'll keep you posted. it's still a week away. between now and then, cold will be the big story. now we're in the 20s in the denver metro area. morrison 15 miles per hour, golden about the same. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. we're following a couple of traffic alerts. copter 4 arriving over this,
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report of an auto/pedestrian accident. no report of injuries. another accident closed off a southbound portion of quebec, probable fatal accident. people living near green mountain are probably breathing a sigh of relief because evacuation orders are over in lakewood. firefighters have gained the upper hand on a fast moving grass fire that threatened homes. the blaze lit up the colorado night shows how fast that fire spread and our jamie leary is live near the mountain this morning to update us on what's happening. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, britt. residents are back home, but the wind is fierce this morning. it was this wind that caused the fire to spread so quickly. residents, the evacuation order was lifted around 9:20 last night, but still fire crews will be battling this wind again this morning.
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video. we got a time lapse of that fire as it spread down the mountain. residents were advised to ev as quickly as possible and while the evacuations weren't mandatory, it left neighbors scrambling. crews worked quickly. it was about 5 acres initially and spread to about 300 acres within an hour. the order eventually lifted after 9:00. the fire currently 90% contained. with this wind, fire crews will likely be keeping a on the fire to make sure no hot spots flare up. live in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. family members are begging for people help solve a murder in the capitol hill neighborhood. 77-year-old lewis easterday was found stabbed to death inside his car last tuesday. that car was in the middle of the street near 13th and marion, not far from cheesman park. the drive's side window was
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his granddaughter thinks the attack was random. >> if anybody, they seen what happened, if they'll have the courage to come forward and say something. there had to be somebody out there that seen something. he didn't deserve this. >> police posted a crimestoppers alert, that could mean an award. an update on a police shooting that injured a teenager. that officer will not be charged. year-old boy near tenth and federal in august. police say the teenager had a gun. the boy and two other teens were accused of being in a stolen car. the district attorney investigated the shooting and says it was legally justified. weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's now. ashton, way out there you're talking about storm. i think it sounds big. >> it would be the middle to end of next week. most likely next wednesday, thursday and friday. it would certainly be the
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far this season here in the metro area. of course, we'll keep you posted on that. live look outside from lookout mountain. temperatures in the 20s this morning. you can see the clouds rolling in from the north. we will expect to see mostly cloudy skies here as we go through the course of today. temperatures this morning are in the 20s all around the denver boulder areas. warmer fort collins and greeley. 2 degrees above freezing. the reason is because the clouds are moving in from the north and helping to keep temperatures slightly warmer than th larimer and weld counties. southeast wyoming you can see the wind is pretty gusty. gusting up near 30 miles per hour and that wind will translate south through the day. in the mountains we still have winter weather advisories and warnings west of -- snow will combine with wind to create
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and through aspen, crested butte and telluride. here's the storm system responsible. it's spinning in minnesota, it's where the area of low pressure is. here's the cold front, goes out to cincinnati, ohio. but the cold air behind that front is settled in over colorado and it will stay in place for the foreseeable future. we expect temperatures to stay at or below normal for at least the next seven to 10 days. on the back side of that low you see the white streaming lines, they represent the wind and the wind will be coming due north temperatures will be deceiving. the thermometer will likely say 40 this afternoon, but windchill values in the 20s and 30s. most mountain towns in the 20s today. gusts 30 miles per hour, making it feel colder than our 41. tomorrow, sunny, less wind. high of 42. thursday 40. friday 32. for the weekend, mostly sunny skies with high temperatures in the 40s. let's get over to joel. tis the season for
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yesterday and we're getting another set today. this is not a possible fatal crash. live pictures. this is a separate location, southbound along i-25. this is blocking off the right lane and you can see the acceleration lane on the far side. this is southbound near i-76. unfortunately, not our only accident. here's the possible fatal accident we've been talking about, which has shut down southbound quebec as you get tor i know a lot of folks will take highway 2 in the southbound direction. you'll be okay, but you're not going to be able to get off onto quebec in the southbound direction if you like to carry that to 56 maybe or havana and make your way over to either direction. keep that in mind. unfortunately not our only trouble spot. that's where copter was over there. we have a new accident as you get eastbound along highway 6 at colfax.
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malfunctioning kalamath and alameda. stall in the tech center. and word of a new accident along c-470 on lucent over c- 470 up into the high country a different situation as we have chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. thank you. a lawsuit filed against the state of colorado is moving forward in the u.s. supreme court. new mexico sued the state over the gold king mine spill. epa crew accidently caused that spill which polluted lives in colorado, new mexico -- rivers in colorado, new mexico and utah. new mexico argues our state is mostly responsible. new mexico sued the epa. the supreme court is asking the obama administration to submit its views before the lawsuit moves forward. more homeless camp sweeps send people to camp out in
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building overnight. about 20 people showed up. denver police have been there all night telling them they can't stay. reverend amanda henderson with the interfaith alliance shared this video with us. the last big sweep was earlier this month. when our crews stopped by this morning, there were about 10 people still there. all seem to be reluctantly cooperating and slowly packing up. people are shifting their focus from receiving gifts today to giving to charity, all part of campaign called giving tuesday. we talked with cbs4 news business analyst jill schlesinger earlier this morning. she says there's some ways to ensure your money goes to your desired organizations. >> there's a nice rating system that includes a view of the charity's fiscal performance, helping you understand what portion of your donation goes to support overhead versus what's going to support the cause itself. that's the important
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year's record of $117 million in donations. it is followed by colorado gives day coming up on tuesday the 6th of december. all right. coming up next, what we're learning about the plane that crashed with a brazilian soccer team on board. the big announcements expected from president-elect trump today coming up. broncos fans pointing fingers in every direction possible after sunday's overtime loss to kansas city. full effect yesterday. many fans wondering whether or not attempting a 62-yard field goal in overtime was a smart idea. the broncos would have won the game had they made that. instead, the chiefs got another shot and you know the rest. question kubiak if you want, but his players stand by his decision. >> one of the best kickers in the national football league.
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we trying to win the game? i'm 100% behind kube there. >> broncos have the day off. they'll be back on the practice field wednesday morning getting ready for sunday's game in jacksonville.
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,, ,, welcome back. the time now 6:44 here on this tuesday morning. it is chilly. most of us are in the 20s.
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28 wheat ridge. 24 now in brighton. also there is some wind this morning. it's generally around 10 to 15 miles per hour in most of the metro area. little stronger closer to the foothills, including where that wildfire has been. evergreen now 17-mile-per-hour wind speeds. similar situation in genesee. the winds will pick up as the day goes on. that means this afternoon windchill values will be in the 20s and 30s under mostly cloudy skies. joel, seems like we went from summer to indeed. we have a tough drive this morning. we have a couple of accidents we're watching. here is the latest, copter 4 live pictures coming in, northbound along i-2 at erie. do you see the smoke from that car? left shoulder blocked in the southbound direction making your way into town. there is a car fire underway. you can see the left lane is blocked off there. we've got another accident we're following that we have received confirmation it is a
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the morning, about 15 minutes ago. you can see southbound quebec completely blocked off near highway 2. highway 2 itself not blocked off, but there's obviously going to be curiosity slowing. you can see exactly where this is at and you can see the slowing starting to develop southbound along highway 2. another accident southbound along i-25 as you get to i-76. that is a struggle out there. thank you, joel. breaking news now, we know at least five people are alive after a into colombia with members of a brazilian first division soccer team on board. rescue crews worked in the dark to find survivors were this were 81 people on board in all and dozens are feared dead. the plane stopped in santa cruz shortly before taking off. it crashed into a mountous area. the crew declared an electrical emergency before it went down.
6:47 am
into the possibility of weather issues. a man is dead after a shooting in adams county. it happened last night near the 5700 block of logan street. deputies say that man died at the hospital and they are investigating this as a homicide. happening now, crews are hoping for good progress on that 3 high pressure acre fire on green -- 400-acre fire on green mountains. this is what it looked like at times last night. let's go to our ja live, get the latest on what's happening. much different story i guess out there this morning, jamie. >> reporter: much different story. residents able to return home yesterday evening and that fire mostly contained this morning. it was that wind that caused it to flare up yesterday and again this morning. that wind is pretty fierce. fire crews likely will be monitoring the perimeter for any hot spots. it was yesterday that residents were advised to leave as quickly as possible. they got a frightening phone
6:48 am
take a listen to what some of them heard. >> if you feel danger, have pets or livestock to move or need additional time to evacuate, leave now. this may be the only notice you receive. >> reporter: the fire could be seen for miles along the front range as the flames lit up the night sky. what was initially reported as five to 7 acres was up to 300 acres within an hour. people living nearby re scrambling to grab enough belongings in case they had to leave. >> are you thinking about loading these trucks up here getting stuff out of the house now? what's going through your mind? >> i don't know. i haven't heard anything from anybody. i don't know what's going on. how close it is or -- >> have you seen the flames? >> oh, yeah. they're all over. >> reporter: very frightening moment for some of the folks in the neighborhood. crews worked quickly to get that fire contained.
6:49 am
it's something that as individuals we should be aware of. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> thank you so much. now there is a state of emergency in eastern tennessee. several wildfires there are on the move from the smoky mountains down to neighborhoods. video shows us what it looked like last night in the town of gatlinburg. many people have evacuated their homes and we just learned crews estimate the wildfires have damaged or least 100 homes. one man got caught inside the park vista hilton hotel as the flames burned just outside the doors. >> it's so much worse outside. smoke in here. so-- [sirens]-- they're keeping us in here for now. >> people stayed inside until they could be safely evacuated. the fire burned near country star dolly parton's theme park, dollywood.
6:50 am
rain is expected today. investigators are looking into that attack at ohio state university as a possible terror attack. police say somali refugee abdul razak ali artan intentionally rammed his car into a group of people yesterday, then used a butcher knife to stab people. 11 are hurt. a university police officer shot and killed the man. investigators are looking into a post the attacker as you see here, reportedly made on facebook. seems he was sick of muslims were being treated. students came together for a prayer vigil last night. class is on today. today a judge will sentence the man convicted of killing a colorado state patrol cadet near longmont. a jury found him guilty of that crash that killed the one officer and seriously injured the other. prosecutors say he was driving high and recklessly as he took
6:51 am
year. the funeral for the colorado state trooper killed friday -- his service is scheduled at 11:00 at the denver first church of the nazarene in englewood. friends describe the man accused of higdon hue as distraught. donahue was investigating another crash when police believe noe gamez-ruiz swerved the shoulder area. ruiz is facing a misdemeanor traffic charge so far of careless driving resulting in death, and failure to yield for an emergency vehicle. we are expecting to learn some of donald trump's new cabinet picks today, and this comes as the president-elect asks tom price to head the department of health and human services. he is a former orthopedic surgeon and an obamacare critic. >> ever since president obama
6:52 am
failures have been piling up. >> the appointment could help trump move forward on his promise to reveal the affordable care act. trump is still meeting with contenders for secretary of state, including retired general david petraeus. south korea's president says she will resign if parliament comes up with a safe plan for transfer of power. she's involved in a corrupt scandal in prosecutors claim she joined aides in extorting millions of dollars from big business. police say a woman who jumped out of a plane while taxiing in houston won't face charges, but it's unclear why she did it. the woman apparently opened the door, stepped onto the wing and made the 15-foot jump to the
6:53 am
started running toward the terminal. >> we just landed. we were about to taxi to the tarmac, and when she popped that window, or popped that exit door, and so we had to stay right there i guess until the plane was mobilized and they had to tow us in. >> police officers filled the plane and eventually detained the woman. testimony resumes today in the second trial for man accused of murdering a life. lest sister jones's trial for the -- lester jones's trial is back on. she worked as a paid escort at the time of her death. her remains were found in 2012. prosecutors say jones was a client. 2 cu buffs players will sit out friday's pac 12 game after
6:54 am
other. police arrested christopher hill and abdul awini early sunday morning outside a local bar. police say hill punched awini hours after their win against utah. police say they found cocaine in awini's wallet. the defensive coordinator for the buffs is among five college coaches up the local coach is a finalist and we'll learn the winner december 6th. what the buffs really want is to win the pac 12 title. cu has gone from worst to first and will be in unchartered territory friday night. coach mack is doing his best to help his guys keep a level head as they get set for their first pac 12 championship game. the buffs face the washington
6:55 am
california. kickoffat 7:00. copter has been going from place to place. we have accidents all over the denver metro area. a car fire, actually a truck fire, northbound direction of i- 25 at erie. you can see the left shoulder and lane blocked off. fire is under control. no word on injuries associated with this. video from earlier, copter 4 was over this deadly accident, accident investigation, 12 police cars, fire truck. understanding, i thought this was on understanding from cdot highway 2 closed in both directions to quebec. you can see all the slowing we have now behind this because of that. it's going to be tough. they're taking people off on quebec it looks like. new accident along i-70 at i- 270. accident southbound along i-25. one at 76th and the other at 70th and washington. accident near i-25 and i-225 northbound along i-225 as you
6:56 am
well. that's on lucent over c-470 into the high country, chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. snow falling, a trace to 3 inches of additional snow in the high country today. temperatures in the 20s to get the day started. we are going to experience wind through the day. you can see the wind around cheyenne at 24 miles per hour. that will move south. storm system responsible for all this is over here in nn we'll have the wind today and coming out of the north gusting as high as 30 miles per hour will make it feel colder than these numbers would otherwise suggest. 41 where the thermometer will be this afternoon. with the gusty wind it will feel colder than that. tomorrow, sunny. much less wind. still chilly, high 42. thursday around 40. friday a few flurries are possible with highs only near freezing. for the weekend, mostly sunny, high temperatures in the 40s. we are tracking a storm system
6:57 am
biggest snow we've had so far. >> way out there. no way to figure out how much we're going to get. >> looking like at least 10 inches. ,,
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choosing an obamacare opponent, and he's meeting with


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