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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:29am MST

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,, ,, thanks for joining us on this chilly morning. i am britt moreno. good morning. happening now on the cbs4 morning news, the tennessee wildfire is now responsible for at least three deaths. we'll see some of this dramatic video as people had little time to escape the flames.
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people who board their dogs. why you should ask questions about security. we are days away from a deadline for protestors to leave the north dakota pipeline demonstration site. coming up, what protestors are asking of president obama. and good morning from colorado's weather center. clear skies, lighter winds means it's a cold morning. we'll check the temperatures and the forecast straight ahead. we're watching that road/weather index along i-70 up into the high country. no chain and passenger traction restrictions iac i'll break down where those are coming up. we start off here with breaking news. a highlands ranch mom and her two young sons are missing. the douglas county sheriff's office says she is missing from north hampton court and hibiscus drive. she was last seen picking up her two kids from school yesterday afternoon.
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5'6" with brown hair and blue eyes. her sons are just 3 and 5 years old. if you have seen this family, please call police. take a look at this, this is what it was like for two step brothers escaping the fires in gatlinburg, tennessee monday night as they moved down the mountain. they dealt with fire all around them. >> reporter: hot spots are still burning in gatlinburg. >> you can see the damage that has been done right here. >> reporter: the city's mayor says the massive wildfire swept through half of this tourist city, destroying at least 150 homes and businesses. in this video posted to twitter, an officer with the tennessee department of transportation surveys one area of the damage. >> you can just see what this fire has done to this area. it is absolutely devastating. >> reporter: more than 14,000 visitors and residents were forced to flee late monday
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from all the fires, and we can see probably 20 cabins on fire just from our front deck. >> everything is on fire. every single cabin. >> reporter: this driver was one of them. he documented his escape as flames blazeed outside his window. >> never seen anything this bad. ever. >> reporter: around 2,000 people found safety in shelters, including gregory pelk, who says he barely got out with his two l-l. and there were 15, 20 feet high flames on each side of us. >> reporter: as authorities conduct search and rescue missions to check on residents, fire crews continue to fight what they call the perfect storm. a dog owner has a consumer alert for people who board their dogs. she says ask questions about security. she was out of town for thanksgiving when her dog got
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now she needs help finding lola with her pink collar. >> reporter: pictures of brown eyed lola is all megan has to hold onto. >> my dog had gone missing from the kennel. >> reporter: she boarded her 2- year-old pup for the first time at the doggie day care in denver. on sunday she got a devastating call. lola is missing. >> at first i almost felt bad for them, and then it all sunk in and 1200 miles away and my flight doesn't get in until tomorrow morning. >> it's been sad, tough. >> reporter: the coowner calls it a fluke. >> we've been in business for almost five years, and haven't had this happen. >> reporter: but how could this happen? the dogs were coming down these stairs? >> that's correct. relocating the dogs to go to a different play area. >> reporter: it's when his business partner opened the
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allows for maximum radiational cooling and makes for a cold start to the day. these numbers are actually close to normal for the final among of november. dia is at 10 degrees now. we have 18 in highlands ranch. not quite as cold in louisville, but still chilly there, you're at 21. you can see the clear skies overhead. we're going to keep it mostly sunny today. in the mountains of summit county and up into grand county we have a few clouds this morning. it's possible there could be a few light sn mountains. it's not going to amount to much. any accumulation would be under an inch in the mountains today. at the bus stop, make sure the kids are prepared for the cold. 18 degrees as the kids are waiting for the bus this morning. by 9:00 a.m. we'll be at 23. noon 37. and a high of 40. coming up we'll check the weekend forecast and talk about a big snowstorm on the way for next week. let's get straight over to joel. prepare for that mentally. take a look up to the eisenhower and johnson tunnels
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camera, along i-70. you can see the icy conditions there. maybe lower visibility as well. you have to be prepared for that this time of year. we have chain and passenger traction restrictions in places, u.s. 6 over loveland pass. along i-70 you're just fine. you should be winter driving ready because those conditions can change quickly. seeing a little bit of slowing heading southbound along i-25 past i-76. nothing that will slow you down too bad. slowing along c-470, but when we look at the camera it looks and cars moving. great news there. in north dakota winter has really rolled in and it comes just days before a deadline for protestors at the site of the dakota access pipeline. here's the latest. >> reporter: after nearly five months of protests, officials are turning up the pressure, telling demonstrators to leave now or face the consequences. but neither the official
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weather seem convincing. the morton county sheriff's department warned protestors tuesday they'll start blocking supplies and people from entering the camp site. a spokesman for the department later clarified they'd only punish trespassers. the tribe says they're not budging. >> water is sacred, but it's good business to protect your water resource. >> reporter: the governor warned the protestors about the winter weather. he no longer be responsible for rendering aid to those who stay. 17 native americans who served under the obama administration signed a letter asking the president to step in and allow protestors to stay. the ceo of the company building the pipeline is also weighing in, trying to convince protestors the pipeline will be safe. >> this pipeline is being built where two existing pipelines exist today that were built in your state in 1982.
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some 2,000 veterans are planning to be at that protest site at the time of the
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there was an outbreak of broncos fever at the university of colorado hospital yesterday. a group of players and cheerleaders dropped by to visit patients. our health specialist kathy walsh shows us the surprise visit for a big fan. >> incredible. i did not expect this. >> reporter: devoted broncos' fan gary bowman found himself gushing. >> you guys are my favorite
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little kid growing up. >> reporter: broncos singled him out as they spread broncos fever throughout the hospital. >> you guys have done more than i could ever imagine. >> reporter: gary is 61 and fighting bladder cancer. it was discovered at his annual physical, a practice he started 15 years ago when his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. >> typical blood work and everything they can do, it's all there for a reason. if you catch it early, you can beat it. >> reporter: gary joins uc health and the broncos in commitment to men's health awareness. >> hello. i was just reading my mantenence is key manual. >> reporter: men often see doctors at the urging of their spouses. >> i think what we'd like to do is encourage men they feel to come forward and start a dialogue with their physicians about men's health. >> go broncos. >> go broncos! >> reporter: gary is on his
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he's got his family and now his favorite team rooting for him. >> all i can say is let's go to the super bowl again. i want to go back to back. >> we all agree. that was kathy walsh reporting. you may have noticed some denver sports fan buildings are lit up in blue. it's the national color of the men's health movement. ashton is starting us off with a live look outside. there's an image of holidays, ashton. yes, indeed. not only looks like the holidays, it feels like the holidays. teens and 20s south side this morning. sun will be up at 7:01. unlike yesterday we'll get to enjoy a lot of sunshine today. in the mountains it's possible there could be a light snow shower or two. but won't amount to much. any accumulations less than an inch. ten at dia this morning. yes, 10 degrees at the airport. 21 in boulder, the same in fort
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meanwhile in the mountains, single digits above and below zero. compare our current temperatures to 24 hours ago, we're about 15 degrees colder on average. yes, if you thought yesterday morning was cold, get ready for this morning. you can see a few clouds in the colorado high country. i want to zoom down into the deep south. 27 reports of tornadoes over the last 24 hours in louisiana, mississippi, alabama and tennessee. this line is being caused by the same cold front that rolled through here a couple of days ago, startith below normal temperatures, which will now continue all the way through flex -- next week. the clouds have moved to the east of us and less wind today because the actual storm system is a little farther to the east up there in minnesota moving towards wisconsin. the strongest wind will now be to the east of us, nebraska, kansas, they'll experience the same type of wind we had here yesterday today. meanwhile, high temperatures today in the mountains in the
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plains in the 40s. and we'll top out around 40 here in denver as well. that's about where we were yesterday. with less wind and more sunshine it won't feel quite as cold this afternoon. tomorrow clouds come back and it will be chilly. 39. friday we struggle to reach freezing. few flurries possible for the morning commute friday. very cold air arrives next week. it will be cold and we'll see snow next week as well. through the weekend, not too bad i suppose. >> these lows feel like really cold, so i don't know if i'm prepared for next week. up into the high country now, up over vail pass, and you saw the car pass by. you could see the conditions we have along the ramps and that's pretty much what we're seeing on the highways as well. snow plows out there today clearing this. up into the high country, all these chain and passenger traction restrictions have been lifted, except for u.s. 6 over loveland pass.
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clicker decides not to work. i can paint the picture for you. across the denver metro area, you'll notice that we're at or near posted speed limits pretty much everywhere. we have seen patches of slowing along c-470 between quebec out to university this morning, both directions. then southbound coming down into town getting pasted i-76. more work set today as rock scaling is planned our matt kroschel shows us the work taking place. >> reporter: braving bone chilling wind -- >> i feel bad for the guys up there at 20 degrees. >> reporter: three rock scalers use crowbars to finish what mother nature already started here. >> when we looked at this we saw additional rock features that could come down and we've been doing scaling operations throughout the summer. >> reporter: cdot officials telling us they'll hopefully
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[ sound of rocks falling ] >> that will probably do it for this season and take it off again next summer. >> reporter: they're on safety harnesses as rocks crumble beneath their boots. >> rocks are making it onto the road, and safety first. a family is devastated after losing a father and a husband in an apparent road rage shooting. he was killed kentucky and federal. police say he had stopped at a stopsign when another driver honked at him. he gave him the middle finger and the driver shot him and killed him. >> you're supposed to go to work, work hard, and do overtime right thing and everything will be okay. that's not what happened to
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record. he is now facing a new charge of first degree murder and police say he's also a person of interest in a murder that happened on thanksgiving. ,,
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,, ,, investors are hoping to keep up the rally on wall street, and what you need to find to get a free trip to the super bowl. here's today's moneywatch. >> reporter: wall street will wait to see if stocks can continue to rally. on tuesday the dow added 23 points and the nasdaq gained 11.
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that's according to the latest index indicating the average home price for september was slightly higher than the peak set in july 2006. home prices have jumped about5.5% over the past year. the owner of new jersey's former revel casino is suing the state's casino control commission. they're planning to reopen next spring under the new name 10. regulators say he must obtain a casino license he says he'll only be the landlord renting the space and shouldn't need to acquire a license. football fans could score big thanks to a promotion on tap from bud light, the official beer sponsor of the nfl. 37,000 golden beer cans will be randomly placed in limited edition super bowl theme packaging nationwide, except in california. those entering the sweepstakes could win a pair of super bowl
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years. that's your moneywatch. for more log onto time now for a check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. if you're just now joining us, it is chilly outside. good morning, ashton. >> it sure is. teens and 20s up and down the front range and in the mountains single digits above and below zero. nothing weather-related to slow you down. though we have chain we'll talk about that. upper midwest there will be rain and snow across the dakotas and into minnesota today. and severe weather has impacted the deep south from louisiana to mississippi and alabama to tennessee. 27 reports of tornadoes across those states since yesterday. that severe weather will move east today into places like atlanta, where there could be delays later on today. philadelphia also reporting slowdowns this morning. all other airports at this time
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latest on what's going on with the roads. we have the chain and passenger traction restrictions in place, u.s. 6 over loveland pass. expired over i-70. still, a little icy up there if that's where you're traveling today. if you're taking a trip to the airport, little trouble spot past i-270 along i-70, inbound along pena boulevard should be a good drive. speeds into the 60s eastbound along i-70. perfect, thank you, joel. this is the video that what it was like, a route to escape the wildfires in tennessee for two brothers. reaction from people who almost didn't make it to safety. >> reporter: president-elect trump makes more decisions on his cabinet. i'm roxana saberi with more on that story coming up. colorado avalanche ending the month of november the same way they started, a home game
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nashville won the first meeting. we pick this up in the second. we didn't edit this. tied at one, it only took 7 seconds for nashville to take a 2-1 lead. that became a trend. in the third took them a little bit longer. 24 seconds. nashville up 4-2. the av's scored later in the 3rd, but it was too little too late. dating back to last season denver, nashville has outscored colorado 15-6. >> it's a scary thing right now, because it's like the stuff from last year that cost us at the end, being afraid to step up and make a difference, instead of trying to not to be the goat, i think that's creeping in now. we're on our heels. we don't want to make mistakes, we want to win it. >> they continue their home
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,, good morning, everyone. we start off with breaking news. a highlands ranch mom and her two young sons are missing this morning, and douglas county needs you to be on the lookout and try to cbs4's jamie leary is live from bear canyon elementary, where this family was last seen. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning. jennifer labor was last seen picking up her two young children from here, bear canyon elementary school. i want to show you an image captured from the school's cameras. it shows the 36-year-old mother walking out the main entrance with her two boys who
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all three were reported missing yesterday around 8:00 p.m. jennifer is 5'6" tall, she weighs 250 pounds. she has brown hair and blue eyes. the car she was driving at the time she and her boys went missing was a silver 2011 chrysler town car with colorado plates 300 rqq. her eldest son, ethan, he's five, brown hair, blue eyes and 42 inches tall. his adam. blond hair and blue eyes and he's 40 inches tall. family from highlands ranch area. no other information was provided regarding the circumstances of this -- their disappearance. but they have been reported missing, 8:00 p.m. was the last time that authorities heard about their disappearance. if you have any information you're asked to call the denver county sheriff's office or 911. we're going to continue to follow this story.


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