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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a tragic end to the hunt for a mother and two children who went missing yesterday evening. police confirm all three were found dead in the mother's van in lone tree. this is the news. i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. police released this picture of
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the family was leaving bear canyon elementary school in littleton. her husband reported them missing about six hours later when they didn't come home. our jamie leary is on the scene in lone tree. this discovery upsetting to the community, but what is the tone you're getting from investigators today? >> reporter: they're completely in shock, britt. they said when she was reported missing yesterday they had no idea that it would come this. her family obviously in shock as well. we spoke with her mother recently who told us she had a great relationship with her husband and she even recently spoke with jennifer about what they were going to cook for christmas dinner. sadly, this picture is the last image of the 36-year-old mother and her two sons. it was taken from surveillance footage outside of bear canyon elementary school where for unknown reasons, jennifer
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early out of school. the search ended this morning. it was just after 7:00 when a passerby saw the van reported missing, outside of a loading dock area inside the former sports authority in lone tree. jennifer and her sons were found dead inside. her mother told us the three died from gunshot wounds. we asked investigators why an amber alert wasn't put out for the children and s they were in danger. >> we did not see this horrific ending this case has come to today. will allow us and the lone tree police department to piece this together and gave this father the answers that he so desperately is going to need as he faces just this real hollow time in his life. >> reporter: police are not calling this a murder-suicide at this time.
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too early in the investigation. this is obviously a very unfortunately incident. we're going to continue to follow this. they still have to piece together the time line events that led to this and they have to figure out why she pulled her sons out of school early and what happened after. we'll continue to follow this story. jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> so sad. thank you so much. details about the arrest of a security guard at ponderosa high school who was arrested for 49-year-old gary postel assaulted the woman in a bathroom. postel is due in court friday. the victim also reported being molested by family members. at least two tornadoes hit alabama as severe weather moved across the southern portion of that state. the storms killed at least five people. they brought much needed
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the national weather service says it is possible as many as four twisters hit in that area as the storm moved through. winston county in northeast alabama was hit the hardest. let's check in with meteorologist ashton altieri in colorado's weather center because the sun is out, but it is pretty cold out. >> yes, indeed. the same cold front responsible for the tornadoes in the southeast portion of the country is the front that brought this cold air to colorado still there's a lot less wind outside yesterday than yesterday at this time. this morning was very cold. ten degrees at dia, the coldest we've been there so far this season. 38 city park. 35 golden. 39at the airport. here's the plan for the rest of today, topping out around 40, similar to where we were yesterday. again, with more sunshine and less wind, it will feel a little warmer outside this
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yesterday. sun goes down at 4:30 and we'll be in the 20s for any wednesday evening plans you have. coming up we're going to talk about our next cold front when it arrives and what it will bring with it, and a big artic blast for next week. the full forecast is straight ahead. >> it will feel balmy this week compared to next week. thank you. we have a mandatory evacuation order that is in place for the entire town of gatlinburg in tennessee. that is after a fire killed four people and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. >> reporter: parts of gatlinburg, tennessee look like a scorched ghost town with homes burnt to the ground. >> we're still having, because of the wind, trees that are falling, they're taking down power lines. that's limiting our access into some of these areas. >> reporter: the flames hollowed out homes and buildings.
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sought refuge in shelters like this one run by the red cross. this man and his family spent the night here. >> looking out of every window you can, you're watching for a glow in the distance. smoke everywhere. >> reporter: this man moved here from mississippi about a month and a half ago. they only had time to grab their 14-month-old son and his diaper bag. >> we don't know what where to go. >> reporter: officials say more than 400 emergency workers from multiple departments are working on putting out the fire, and clearing debris. >> i've gotten calls from the governor of every surrounding state saying how can we help? >> reporter: the mayor is trying to aid his community while dealing with his own devastation. >> had an opportunity to drive through town and confirm that my house was gone and my
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heavy rain moved throughout the night, possibly helping firefighters fight what's left. forecasters are predicting even more rain before the day is over. still so many people have yet to make it back to see if their places survived or not. de marco morgan, cbs news, pigeon forge, tennessee. an update on a deadly accident at a cirque du soleil show in san francisco. police are calling this an industrial accident. a technician was hurt in the preset of the show and the company says he was struck by a lift. both the city and the state are investigating this one. president-elect donald trump tweeted this morning that he will leave his business to focus on his presidency. he says the legal documents are being written and he will hold a news conference with his children on december 15th to explain what will happen with all the businesses. mr.trump continues to work on
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goldman sachs executive steve minute ouch in-- mnuchin is his pick for -- >> he's picked wilbur ross for congress secretary. mr.trump had dinner last night with mitt romney and reince priebus. mitt romney was meeting interesting and enlightening. rudy giuliani is also a candidate for secretary of state as well as david petraeus. carrier is a manufacturing company in indiana. nine months ago the 101-year- old company was going to close the factory in indianapolis and move jobs to mexico. now the company's parent company, united technologies,
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thousand jobs in indiana. communicate details aren't known -- exact details aren't known, but we should know more when trump visits tomorrow. house democrats have reelected nancy pelosi as their leader, despite widespread frustration. 63 representatives supported ohio lawmaker tim ryan over the incumbent from california. that is the largest defection from nancy pelosi since she the role in 2002. coming up next, fans line up to see the boss in denver. why people are willing to stand in line for hours just to see bruce springsteen. plus, why the white house is concerned about how much
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happening now, believe it or not, hundreds of bruce springsteen fans are getting a chance to meet their hero. they are picking up autographed copies of his autobiography of "born to run." our kathy walsh is one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: 155 people are expected to be here through the tattered cover to see bruce springsteen. these are the lucky ones. tickets sold out in under three
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maybe shake his hand, get one photo, not a selfie, get his book and be on their way. they think it's worth it. >> absolutely. i got up early, shoved my kids out the door and here with my friend. >> i worked all night and i'm staying here to see bruce. >> reporter: why? what is it about bruce? >> i've been a fan since college. it's kind of how i met my husband, was a bruce connection. we've been to a i just love him. i love all his music. >> his heart, his soul. his morality. his ethics are right. >> reporter: can't say enough about him, he's the boss? >> he's the boss. >> reporter: love it. the members of the media get a few minutes to take pictures, watch what's going on, no
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kathy walsh, cbs4. >> pretty cool the boss is in town. >> going to head over there after the show? >> i would like to, but i don't think i could get a ticket. next week we're talking about our first arctic blast of the season. high temperatures will stay low next week. this is a new phenomenon for us. most of november has been very warm. as we wrap up the month it's cold at the end of the month, but most of this above normal and now we're on track for this to end up being the seventh warmest november on record. there's only been six days with below normal temperatures so far. today will likely be the seventh. impressive considering how warm it was earlier this month. temperatures in the 30s around the denver, boulder and fort collins areas. 20s in the colorado high country. a little bit of wind, not a lot, but enough to make a difference. feels like minus 4 when you
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leadville. feels like 31 on the csu campus in fort collins. a few clouds over the northern mountains and a few light snow showers along and north of i-70 in the high country. up to an inch of accumulation possible for a few mountain areas. britt was talking about the tornado outbreak in the deep south yesterday. there's more severe weather today. in fact, that red box you see from the panhandle of florida up to atlanta, georgia, that's a tornado watch and more severe weather obviously for that part of the country ahead of the same cold front responsible for the chill we're feeling colorado. meanwhile, on the west slope, excuse me, how about the west coast, our next storm system, a cold front. as it moves in our direction we'll see snow back in the mountains the next couple of days. today light snow up there. it won't amount to much. as we get into friday i think we will see a couple of inches of accumulation, and friday morning a few flurries are possible in denver and our weather models want to produce a few more snow showers around denver in the afternoon and evening friday.
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friday, it won't amount to much. until next week. that's when it big washingtonic air mass will make -- arctic air mass will make its way to the rocky mountain region. highs in the teens and 20s and anticipating snow. it's really early to pinpoint exactly how much. at this point the models are suggesting between 5 and 10 inches of snow through the denver metro area and this would be next tuesday and well. today dry the rest of the day. high 40. tomorrow 39 with mostly cloudy skies. and then as we look ahead to friday, a few flurries in the morning. maybe a few light snow showers in the afternoon, but very little, if any, accumulation. after that the weekend looks brighter. sunny and a little warmer. close to 50 on sunday. that will definitely be the warm before the big arctic air mass gets here. of course, we're saying 49 is warm, we're talking about a chilly forecast.
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thank you, ashton, for that. things are beginning to look a lot like christmas. this goes hand in hand with ashton's forecast. you can like our lights contest page. head to to enter a picture of your decorations on your home and then vote for the best setup on our facebook page. the winner gets a $500 gift certificate to mike's camera. coming up next, she has a song in her heart. we'll meet this week's wednesday's child just ahead. the dow is heading this afternoon.
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,, ,, ,, the white house has a consumer alert about the diaper gap. the obama administration says
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higher income families. that's because many of those lower income families have limited internet access and they don't often have access to big box stores with cheaper prices. >> it's hard to go to your local grocery store and expect to get a five dollars pack of diapers. that's not realistic. >> that prompted the white house to launch a program to get cheaper diapers to those families. online discounter is now selling them at st community organizations and get this, shipping them for free. music elicits emotion from us, makes us smile or cry. for our wednesday's child la shay, the right song gives her hope. ? >> no biggie, right? want to do it together a couple of times? ? >> reporter: 13-year-old la shay warms up her vocal chords. >> you always have to do it or
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>> uh-huh. >> wow. >> it's like stretching before you run a marathon. you're starting on the bottom floor. want to get to the top floor. but you have to pass all the floors on the way there. >> reporter: we're here for her first voice lesson. la shay feels an emotional connection to music. >> that was really good. >> that makes me really happy and sometimes really sad sometimes. >> singing is so personal and to convey text and tell stories. ? >> reporter: amazingly, vocal coach molly can both play and sing any song. ? >> reporter: she works with la shay on a song of her choice. the teen chooses "let it go," from the movie "frozen." she finds working with horses is therapeutic. she was learning to ride and
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chapter books and is known to take care of others. >> i really want to get adopted. i'm waiting for a long time. but i can handle it. have to wait a little bit longer. >> reporter: she is patient and hopeful the right family is in her future. >> want it try it? >> that they would love me like their own. >> you have a lot of love to give. >> yes, i do. story before. la shay still needs a family. she's a wonderful child. you can find out more about her or any of the children looking for adoptive families. please call the adoption
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, today dr. phil sits down with jackie and darrin who says
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he is currently facing two felony dui's but says he doesn't always believe just because something is illegal it is wrong. >> certain things i don't see that being a problem. >> i understand that. they seem to have an on, off switch. you've either transgressed and you don't see different degrees, right? >> yes. >> where would you draw the line on flipping the switch? where would you put running over a man in the street? >> how does bo justify his behavior? can dr. phil make him see how dangerous his choices are? today at 4:00. we are following a developing story for cbs4 news at 5:00. the aurora police chief and mayor are preparing to address the investigation into two recent property crimes. why they believe they are motivated by bias today at
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forecast. it's all you. >> it's warm outside now compared to next week, i'm afraid to say that. already up to 39 degrees at cbs4. we're going to climb a few more degrees this afternoon. it will feel warmer compared to yesterday with less wind. tomorrow 39 and 32 friday ,, ,,
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? >> brooke: [ sighs ] ridge. what have you done? >> ridge: you're not leaving me. i'm not gonna let that happen again. >> brooke: [ chuckles ] >> bill: it's a done deal, steffy. as soon as brooke walks through that door, we'll be headed for the stella maris and a lifetime of wedded bliss. >> steffy: you're not married yet. brooke is still with my dad. and she's been with him for a while. >> bill: she's saying a final goodbye. leave it to mr. drama to drag out his final curtain call. >> nicole: i can't do this anymore. [ door closes ]


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