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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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hi, everybody. good to have you with us. this is the news. it is the first of december and? it's chilly. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. december ??coming in with a let's get over to ashton. you'>> next week absolutely. . this december is starting off more seasonable than november. last month we were talking about record high temperatures and days and days of above normal temperatures. of course it's different as we start the month ??of december. it's chilly outside. 24 degrees. sun will be up at 7:02 this morning. we're not going to have ??as mu sunshine today as yesterday. and it's very cold in the
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7. leadville the same. avon and aspen 13. boulder at 25 now. greeley, ??weld county, it's co there, 12 to get this day started. doppler 4000 showing clouds on the increase today. as the day ??goes on i think we'll see more and more cloud cover and temperatures will stay chilly. with the extra clouds ??i don't think we'll be able to quite crack 40. i think the best today will be the upper 30s. snow on ??the way tomorrow. not much, but a little bit. then a big storm systex let's check in with?joel for a first check on traffic. good!]orning. still have crunchy spots. i-70 and vail pass. across ??town an accident northbound i-25 to the approach to the mousetrap ??at i-70. and an accident southbound at 6th that's blocked off a portion of that ??ramp.
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heavy hearts in tacoma, washington, where officers are mourning the loss of one ??of their own and working a standoff with the suspect who apparently shot the police officer. that police officer died last ?? night around 9:00 our time. this began around 5:00 when ?? police ??were called out to a domestic violence situation. the woman and children got out safely. the police offi to the hospital and died during surgery. >> gunfire rang ??out. i will say very clearly the police officers identified themselves. they were very humane in the ?? manner in which they approached the situation. they just said that they wanted to talk ??to him and gunfire started and it wasn't them that started it. >> last night at about ??11:00 police lined the entry of the
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to the ??fallen officer. aurora police and city leaders are speaking out now. one woman who asked not to be identified told us ??her home h been attacked now for the second time in two weeks. we told you about the first ast tuesday when hateful messages were spray painted on her door. now city ??fishes want it -- officials want it stop. >> hateful graffiti and other crimes have ??no place in ou city. >> aurora police say african- american citizens have been ?? subjected to comments about slavery and other racial slurs. also in aurora, new video of a man who ??tried a rob a bank. police say he did not realize that bank was closed ??when he demanded money from tellers. inside a wal-mart earlier this
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community volunteers went door to door in the capitol hill ?? neighborhood handing out light bulbs where porches needed extra light and this came after? an experiment in the highlands neighborhood that was inexpensive and apparently effective. >> a lot of types the crimina?s? or bad guys lurk in the darkness. if you have your porch light on them. >> i like that we live close to the police the neighbors know each other and talk to each ??other, so i feel like it's a pretty safe neighborhood, but we probably will leave the ??light on. >> they're hoping having a better relationship in some neighborhoods ??will change cri rates. search and rescue teams trying to find ?qnybody left in the rubble after storms in the south yesterday. so far five people are dead.
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>> reporter: search and rescue teams spanned out across parts of the southeast into the night. >> we have ??crews out doing ho searches, making sure everybody is okay. >> reporter: as residents in alabama took stock of the ?? devastation around them. in rosa lee yesterday, a tornado ripped apart homes and businesses and killed ??three people waiting out the storm inside their mobile home. jim smith knew one of them. >> it was a friend ??of mine's daughter. that's why my business is gone. no big deal. i'll get it restart. >> reporter: 100 miles north, mark faulk,, jr., a georgia firefighter and his wife were killed when ??a tornado struck polk county in tennessee. >> he loved the fire department, he loved what it represented. he loved ??to work with the neighbors and kids. >> reporter: at least five other counties in the state were hit. the mayor of one of them was ?? moved to tears, sharing the story of a family who escaped
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destroyed. >> reporter: the twisters ??wer part of severe weather that also plagued parts of georgia, ? louisiana and mississippi, where powerful winds flipped even 18wheelers. >> we're lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. it ??could be the other way. >> reporter: the storm system also moved through the carolinas bringing down trees ?? and closing roads. roxana saberi, cbs news. >> the storms tore through just as crews in eastern tennessee were ai wildfire that destroyed oh 6cj% hundreds of structures. dolly parton's theme park plans to giver $1,000 a month to families who lost their ??homes a stock ??surge yesterday h investors yearning for another positive today. >> things seem cooler today, don't they, jill? >> reporter: ??yeah, good morning. investors are keeping an eye on
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report. yesterday the dow rose ??about point. the nasdaq fell 56. opec reached a deal to cut production by 1 .2 ??million- barrels a day. an oversupply has led to lower prices. this is the first time in ??15 years the oil cartel and -- oil prices shot up by ??8% that cou mean drivers will be paying more. more than a million google ?? accounts malware. it was traced back to ??dozens legitimate looking apps. it steals e-mail addresses ??an can access users' data. from ride sharing to ??laundry sharing. the company is testing a laundry uber. you can basically pay to use a there isn't a timetable when a this will be available, but it could help offset the cost of a
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to fold i think we'd be good. >> there we go. >> reporter: if ??it could do o laundry. >> exactly. jill, thanks. family in longmont says a dream home was ??become a nightmare. they have a mold problem they say is being ignored by ??the builder. here's our kelly werthmann. >> we've had problems since the first day we moved in. >> reporter: they ?vidn't expec their dream home would become a nightmare. >> two and a half months in it we had another ??water leak upstairs, we noticed because water was dripping into our kitchen. >> reporter: they contacted ??t builders who discovered shoddy plumbing upstairs. contractors made repairs, but the problem was far from fixed. it ??was making the family sick >> i pulled up the carpet in her bedroom, near where she ?? sleeps next to where the copper pipe was leaking and i found mold on the floor. >> reporter: contractors came
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an independent mold inspector who confirmed ??mold was still problem. john says the contractor is ignoring ??the issue. >> it's been months and we've given them everything they've the mold is a problem. >> reporter: the health issues have forced them to move into a temporary apartment. at times they even2slept outside in a tent. they want future homeowners to be aware. >> i think the construction defects ??we've se make us worry that there's time bombing behind the wall. >> reporter: in ??longmont, kel werthmann, cbs4 news. >> the builders say the two air? quality tests confirmed there was no mold or further action needed. you can read their entire ?? response on she said her son was
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neglected to ??death. cbs4 investigator brian maass has a preview. >> reporter: he had the mental capacity of an 8-year-old, and physical problems that"?were disabling. >> he couldn't even hold the phone without shaking. >> reporter: but he ??had a special device that could save his life. we found, though, in his last hours he was not allowed access? to that device. >> ??my son wasn't care the right way. he wasn't cared for at all. >> be ??sure to watch brian maass' investigation neglected to death tonight at 10:00. this morning ?nother chilly one, 23 degrees in denver. >> wait until you hear what's coming. ashton has that just ahead. also coming up ??in health watc a link potentially between white wine and ??an increased
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good ??morning, everyone. this is the news in health. new research on why people with type two diabetes need to keep sitting a little less may help people with type two diabetes control their blood sugq) levels. researchers found standing and light walking are an effective alternative to traditional exercise to keep ??diabetes und control. a ne university links white wine ?? with an increased risk of melanoma. each glass per day was "associa risk of melanoma. beer, red wine ??and liquor did not significantly affect skin cancer risk. that one is amazing. new evidence that ??aspirin can help older adults live longer. research at the university of
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reduce of risk of a heart attack and even prevent certain cancers. so many ??weather lines goi on now, so many different stories of what's happening. first we have the cold that's happening now. let's go to ??ashton. >> it is definitely chilly this morning, no doubt about that. temperatures in the teens and 20s as we get this first day of? december underway. sun will be up at 7:02. unlike yesterday, we're not going to enjoy sunshine all day. clouds will be ??on the increas as the day goes on. temperatures in the 20s for the area. 23 at dia. 23 currently in boulder. colder in larimer and weld counties, mid- ??to upper teens greeley and fort collins. most mountain towns either in the single digits ??or lower teens. steamboat at 18. factor in the wind, feels like 8 in steamboat. 14 the w[ndchill at dia. you can see the clouds moving in. even a few very light snow showers over the colorado ??hig
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mountains will be minor. a different situation tomorrow. there will be an uptick of snow in the mountains ine we will likely see at least a few snowflakes flying around in the metro area coming up tomorrow as that next front to ??the wes of us moves in our direction. i'll start our futurecast at 9:00 a.m. today. as we roll through time, notice a few ??snow showers in the mountains. not much in terms of accumulation. i don't think there will be major travel ??disruptions in t mountains today. tomorrow we'll start at 9:00 a.m., maybe a few flurries in thun as we??go through the day tomorrow we may see an actual snow shower or two in the metro area, enough maybe to create a dusting on ??grassy surfaces an we'll see scattered snow showers throughout the mountains tomorrow as well. everything is still on track for a brstorm system next week as all this cold air moves out of russia and straight this is next wednesday. that arctic air mass will be in place over the rocky mountain region. highs next ??tuesday and wednesday the teens and maybe
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still looking at 5 to 10 inches of snow. models ird all over the place. some suggesting more than that, some suggesting a little ??less average is about 5 to 10 inches and we'll keep you posted. 39 for the ??high temperature today. and tomorrow 34 with light snow possible. for the weekend, sunny, highs in the 40s. monday should be dry during ??t day. it will be after dark monday night, maybe for the commute, we'll start to see that snow develop and the big snow monday? night into dark is like 4:30. >> that's true. >> take ??a look i-70 up at tha mountain corridor now. you can see the icy conditions we have up that direction. it's a little ??bit of a crunch drive. you can almost hear it crackling underneath the ??towe -- tires. no chain and passenger traction restrictions. couple of trouble spots along i- 25, south of ??i-70. and another one as you make your way to the ramp at 6th
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just blocking off one lane while they continue to do cleanup. slowing southbound 25 past ?? colorado, and along c-470 both directions on the approach to ?? university. people still talking about being upclose with bruce springsteen. and i guess he had to do a lot of ??hugging yesterday. our kathy walsh ??was up at early, snaking through the ?poo store. everybody had a hungry heart,. >> i'm here to see the boss. >> bruce has been a big ??part my life for 43 years. >> i'm just in love with him. >> ??why? >> because he's so hot. >> reporter: 1,050 of his fans scored tickets that sold out in under ??three minutes. this mom and baby first in line flew in from new jersey.
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that often. >> reporter: they got to meet the ??boss and snap a photo. >> i'm going to shake his hand, freak out a little bit. it will be fun. >> reporter: the rock ??star shook hands, got hugs, even smooched. and patiently posed for picture after picture in hir0 significant leather jacket. >> oh, my gosh. it was amazing. >> reporter: people left(? beaming, clutching their autographed books. four guys from boulder admitted >> meeting your icon, hero. >> fulfilling a life long dream. >> he's an inspiration ??to musicians around the world. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: in all, it ??was much like a springsteen concert. >> kathy walsh reporting. she said she ??was thankful jus to be 10 feet away from the boss and kathy did manage to we are awaiting word from
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quarterback will start sunday. we did ??find out yesterday trevor siemian sat out with a foot sprain. he was even wearing a ??boot on his injured left foot. kubiak said it happened on this play in overtime when he was ?? sacked before the broncos kicked that field goal. he played the next drive but is listed as day-t]-day. for the second time this year, his status is in doubt. he was not ruled out of the falcons' game until the hurry to make a call for this sunday. but he sounds optimistic. >> i think i'll be fine. i v?k at this point in the season you're not getting too many live reps in practice as it is. mentally ??you have to maximize that aspect as best you can. i think i'll be fine. really not looking too ??far ahead, want to take it one day at a time. put as much into each day ?? getting better as i can.
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andy genovich hurt ??his ankle it required surgery and he is headed to injury reserve. a big loss for the broncos' offense. ?? talking nba and the nuggets have had their share of several have been disappointing. last night was down ?? embarrassing. hosting the heat. they dominated in ??the second quarter. nuggets looked like they had pulled things together in the third. chandler a ??big dunk. denver took a five-point lead to the fourth. nuggets played maybe their wors?hquarter of the year. the nuggets couldn't get a stop and couldn't buy a bucket. final ??score 106-98. michael malone called it a huge step backwards for his team.
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.??...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? here's pepto bismol! ah. ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? you may not know his name, but you know his 7zut8urjnr0@6c% the man who came up with the big mac ??has died. yesterday michael jim ti here's our jeanne moos with the? legacy of the famous burger. >> reporter: the creator the big mac did not die from a big mac attack. >> ??it's not really that unhealthy. >> reporter: big mac's maker ?? lived to the age of 98. it was nearly 50 years ago he first served a big mac at ??his mcdonald's franchise near pittsburgh. it was an instant success. went national, immortalized by
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>> two all beef patties special sauce, lettuce cheese. >> reporter: ??where is the special sauce? there's the special sauce. the original sold for ??-- >> forty-nine cents. >> reporter: now it's as much as five bucks and sold world wide. in paris. >> what do ?,!ey call a big mac >> a big mac is a big mac, but they call it a la ??big mac. >> reporter: they say only one have tried a big mac. they tweeted, we will thank ??a ever remember you. one person suggested, why not return the big ??mac to its former size? it's so small ??it's pathetic. not true, says mcdonald's. another fan suggested if they
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even the guy ??who invented it, jumbled the jingle -- >> ??i say on a toasted sesame seed bun. >> reporter: his family still owns an? operates 21 mcdonald's in pennsylvania. for jim's business, the big mac itself was -- >> our ??own secret sauce. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> onions, pickles a seed bun. >> reporter: new york. we know coloradians are really getting into the spirit when we see homes decked out with@oholiday lights. now is your chance to show us what you've got. enter your decorated home at on our ??contest page for a chance at a $500 gift card from mike's camera. if you want to vote for your favorite house, check out the entries on our facebook page and like the lights. we're going to feature some of the most popular duses on cbs4
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good morning, e,aryone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on thursday, already december 1st. >> unfortunately the rent is due today. i'm alan gionet."#kdvym??j it's cold out there. here's what's going in the ??line of duty. this happened last night in tacoma, washington, and there is still a standoff with the suspect going on now. coming up, the devastation the severe weather has left behind.? >> reporter: the moveover law has been in place since 2005, but law enforcement ??out this morning stopping drivers who break it. we'll explain why now coming up. good morning from colorado's weather center.


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