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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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avenue and 240th street i buchanan county winthrop firefhters were called there justt before one this afternoon. and grundy county dispatch says farmers were in a field near l avenue and 290th street just after noon today when that field caught on fire. five departments werecalled to help put outhe flames. there was also a large fire in washington county this morning. kcrg-tv9's mark carlson joins us live. mark, you were at the washington county fire today? yes, beth.and these fis are very smoky, they spread quickly and can be very dangerous. the fire in washington county was the result of a weekend burn, rekindled by the high winds. so "they were burning trash, they said it was saturday when they burnt, aa with the wind blowinin and whatever,,it must have re ignititd some embers that was in the trash. "
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a baban was also destroyed. and smoke from this fire could be seen and smelled throughout much of washington county today as a result. washington fire chief tom wide says a fire like this is exactly the reason why it is so dangerous to be urning right now, because it is just so ddy out there. "it's obvious, don't be burning, especially on a windy day, but until we get some rain, i wouldn't recommend any burneng at all." again, this fire in washinon conty was the result of a controlled weekend trash fire. so if you did any recent burning, fire officials are urging you to keep a close eye on the area ere the burn was conducted again, right now the best advise is just to not burn at all. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. as our dry weather conditions continue, dubuque and laware counties
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are the latest to issue burn bans. some burning is allowed, like those who have a burning permit or use a grill. and it's a very windy day. this is what it looked like in dubuque earlier. so joe, with the windy ather& we saw#today, will hat last through the night? back to you. city and county officials met in oelwein today to discuss zoning issues regarding the possibility of windmillsnear the oelwein airport.
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city and county officia met in oelwein today to discuss zoningngissues regarding the possibility of windmills near the oelwein airport. a wind energy company approached fayette county with interest in building three windmills within two miles of the oelwein municipal airport. theirport is wes of the city and falls within county lines. oelwein city ofoficials invitt ththcounty's board of supervisors to provide information on how the windmills would affect the airport, if the city agrees to allow them. pleasant creek lake is now down 8 and a half feet as the restoration project continue. ccews are lowering the water by up to 15 feet to fix erosion problems. c as you can see, it's uncovered tires, cinder blocks and garbage, but officials sy it's nothin unusual. three and a halalmillion dollars of f tate tax payer money s paying for the project. the man convicted of hitting a
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school bus after leading linn county sheriff's deputies on a high speed chase ws sentenced today. 46 year old jmes surrett had asd the judge to place him in a resideetial faciliiy becacase of his mental illness and substance abuse problem. but during today's sentencing, the judge said quote "you're a`criminal who abuses substances and who happens to have mental health issues." he sentenced surretttto 15 years in prison or attempting to elude and being a habitual offender. as part of a plea agreement, surrett admitted to leading deputies on a chase on february 10th with speeds more than 100 miles per hour. it t nded on firssstreet southwest in downtown cedar rapids, when he hit a cedar rapids school bus and a pickup with a pregnant woman behind the wheel. state environmental officials spotted the emerald ash borer, insect that feeds on and killash trees, n southern linn cocoty. a state department of ag official spotted infested trees at this rest stop
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cedar rapids. the three trees were already scheduled for removal next spring. state officials will now est oter trees in the area o see how far the infestation goes. cedar rapids' city arborist says the discovery won't have much impact on their ongoing e-a-b resnse. "we're still somewhat business as usual aso what we've been doioig in the pass. e're gearing p toward lloking at chemical treatments and all the other parts of our plan, but in terms of this winter we still have ash trees we're going to take down." state officials say it's possible to treat ash trees to protect them from infestatioio, buttutting them ddwn and re-planting is more cost-effective. today governor terry branstad and lieutenant governor kim reynoldm announe a program to help small communies that are quickly expanding. the workforce housing loan programm would provide financial assistance to help build more rental housing as a result of local employment growth. right now it has 5 million
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dollars available through low cost repayable loans to cities and counties. the governor and lieutenantt governor say the loans will have a one percent interest rate, and the housing units will not be age restricted. a state senator from cedar rapids is skeptical about the governor's estimated 1-million dollars in cost savings regrding iowa's medicaid health care program. that's according to the des moines register. branstad wants to shift the program from state government oversight to private management. right now 560-housand iowans are on medicaid. senator robert hogg is the charman of the iowa sesete governmenen oversight committee. he's asking for information that documents the claims privatizing the program will save money without hurting services. duting the press conference today, branstad sad the number is from the department of human services estimate. in our vote 2016 coverage... when former president bill clinton headlines his first rally for his wife's presidential campaign, he'll do it in iowa. bll clinton
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fferson-jackson dinner on saturday in des moines. the event is an important stop for presidential candidates looking for support. he'll be joined by pop star katy perry, who endorsed hillary clinton earlier this year. this is video of the two of them at the final harkin steakk frfrlast year. bill clinton has taken a more active role in recent weeks in his wife's campaign. the city of cedar rapids gave one of its smartphone !pps a refresh. we'll look at the relaunchi of the ivil rights commission smartphoneeapp, and how itit can help people file a claim. and very soon people will be able to avoid the cold, rain, snow and wind when they make a visit to the university
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the city f cedar raps relaunched ne of its smartphonepps that city leaders say will provide a better service to resididnts. it's with the city's civil rights commission. the app was first made public in the spring of 2013, but now it has new features. it allows people to easily file a civil rights complaint as well as upload pictues and video. "one of the maman things we dd is investigate any issues where someone feels they were treated differently based on a class, such as age, race, etc in the areas of employment, which is where we receive most of our complaints, housing, which is the second most common, public accommodation, credit nd education." the app also shares information
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civil rights protections and has contact information for the civil rights commission. this year t tansgender ssdents tending onn college in iowa had the option to choose where they wanted to live based on what made them feel the most comfortable. iowa western community college in council bluffs offered the pilot housing program. students were assigned roommates based o thei gender identity or expression rather than ththir legal sex. last year thehe u-s department of education issued a guidance clarifying that transgender students are protected from discrimination under title 9. parking is about to get easier for visitors to the universit\ of iowa hospitals and clinics andu-i children's hospital. . fficials expect to open a new underground parking ramp right outside e main hospital in the next couple of weeks. work is nearly complete on the 10-million dollar project, and officials expect inspections to begin soon. they say it will likely open by the end of the month or early next 700 parking spots. the iowa hawkeyes are looking forward to
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but those injuries are letting some players com off the bench and to the spotlight. stay with your 24 hour news
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monday provided plenty of wind across the state. those winds back down overnight and tomorrow. as a cold front approaches the wind
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very mild conditions in place. the weather system itself does not have much moisture to work so any rainfall will remain scattered and on the light side. later in the week highs fall intoothe middle to upper 60s which is still above normal for the late part of october. have a great night! tonight: partly cloudy low: 49-55 winds: sw 10-15tomorrow: isolatedshowers late high: 71-77 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow night: isolated showers low: 50-56 winds: s 5-15wednesday: partly cloudy high: 74 - low: 53 thursday: mostly sunny high: 64 - low: 45 friday: chance of rain late high: 67 - low: 46 saturday: gradual clearing high: 64 - low: 54 sunday: motly sunny high: 59 - low: 39
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low: 35 thanks oe. ge're live at vito's for on iowa
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joined by t te alburnett foooball team. we'll check oututtheir season this year. and some kids show us they can
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adults in john's big ol' fish.
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we are getting ready for on iowa live in just a few minutes over on kcrg tv-9. hawkeye legend chuck long will be back again and we have a lot to talk about. for the seeond week in a roan iowa running back has been big 10 offensiveeplayer of the week. akrum wadley replaced an injured jordan canzeri and torched the northwestern defense for 204 yards rushing and school record tieing four touchdowns in a 40-10 win over the wildcats and he didn't fumble. fumbling keep the ball higig and ttght no fumbling they don't care as long as i don't turn the ball over i struggled with at the beginning of the season that is all they told me. i
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nds over the balwhen you went down. that is when most fumbles occur when i am sloppy with the ball but this time i used two hands. it was a great experience i just want to keep it up keep the momentum this was a huge confidence builder we have a bye week and the next week we will see what happens. that was great to see akrum step up. he has been doing really good in practice and dedeick the sammway scary to think what would of happened if they hadn't played as well as they did. he has done before he did last year against northwestern to e him come out andrun like tha is realaly no surpriseewe know what kind of back he is and he came out and showed it today. vtr 1:04 oc: "showed it today " it was great to see tevaun smith back in the lineup against northwestern saturday. he did make two
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big catches but they wer called back. with the bye wwek he shouldde 100 perceet for maryland and gives iowa another weapon in the passing game. i was kind of 50-50 during warmups but i was feeling pretty good it was nice to be out their with my teammates d get this winin it came aalot confidence after two weeks of rehab i feeling better and better and i will for sure be 100 percent after the bye week. vtr :18 oc: "after the bye wee " and you can tch the iowa-maryland game october 31t at 2:30 riht here on n crg tv-9. the alburnett football team will also join us tonight for on iowa live. the pirates are having a great season at 7-1 led by new head coach ken kasper who is also the schools principle and athletic director. that is a tough triple so far he is handling it just fine. it will be fun to talk to principle kasper and the pirates tonight. and finally it monday time for another edition of john's ig ole fish. landon coffman leads us off
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blue gill speaking of bluegills, romynn mertka was pretty impressed with her first one. batting third is clay schriner and his lker largemouth.. one of our top fans make her first appearance. this is elizabbth petetrson with her catch of the day. kaleb young used the old iron man pole to land this crappie. thanks for releasing it. congrats to mary jo votrobeck on heratch and release largemouth bryse zurcher of edgewood nailed this blue cat from the turkey river near elkader. mackenzie neal is a happy camper with her fish from the wapsi. dave kramer of dyersville is in hog heaven with this dubuque county lunker largemouthand it still takes two hands to handle a whopper and that is whopper walleye that albert moss caught in the cedar. with all my fishing friends this is john campbell reporting. thanksscott. we'll e right
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now here's a look at today's toweb stories on kcrggot com. stay with your 24-hour news s surce, kcrg t-v nine.e. a developer wants to demolish several dubuque homes, but he still needs approval. tonight at 10 we take a closer look at the plan and what it will take to replace
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the homes with a laundry mat. and now to first alert storm team meeorologis t joe winters for your fial forecast. monday ppovided plenttof wind across the state. those winds back down overnight and tomorrow. as a cold front approaches the wind remains from the southwest, keeping some very mild conditins in place. the weather system itself does no have much moisture to work so any rainfa will remai attered and on thehelight side. later in e week highs fall inn the middle to upper 60s which is still above normal for the late part of october. have a great night! tonight: partly cloudy low: 49-55 winds: sw 10-15tomorrow: isolated showers late high: 71-77 winds: sw 10-20 thanks joe. thanks for joning us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten. have a great evning.
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amy: i mt say, penny, is is great fun. penny: glad you're enjoying yourself. amy: until i met you and bernadette, my trips to the bathroom
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