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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 24, 2015 10:30pm-11:05pm CDT

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should be expected to be able to take care of. >> chris:: rutgers, you go to wisconsin and to michigan the next two games. you get nebraska. and they're going to be boararring a major surprise, struggling to get back to 6-6 and try to get bowl eligible here. and the heat, perhaps, will be turned up on kyle flood after a lopsed loss against the number one team here tonighw. final ticks, sececds tick away.. one final cannon shot. and it's 49-7 for urban meyer's team in his first visit to this stadium. all the buckeye playmakers got involved, including thomas, who had a big night. elliott, another 100-yard game. braxton mier a big cat. toucown run for lin marshall. ment 528 yards total offense for urban meyer's team and he's with heather.
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>> heather: chris, thank you so much. urban, all week, really all season, everybody's been talking about your offense. so, let's shine the spotlight on your defense a little bit. minor blip in the last minute, but 59 minutes of some pretty great football. >> i thought they played great. i thought -- it's's been coming. because our defense has been playing well. you look at the last few games, other than a couple big plays and we eliminated the big plays against very good throwin team. i think in the second or third-ranked offense in the big ten, so, very pleased. >> heather: how could you describe the additional sort of elements that j.t. brought to the field tonight? >> i don't want to be unfair to cardale and i think j.t. was great. j.t. is a great leleer, he's a great player and he made those around him better today. it was a good team win. >> heather: waiting for a smile. there's a smile. so, how much fun is it as a coach to be able to spread the wealth offensivery l le rylyly like you were tonight? >> well, you always want to get guys touches and i try to watch that.
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i'm glad zeke got 100 yards and mike thomas got 100 yards. i try to reward the warriors. they deserve toouch the ball. >> heather: coacac on a night where two unbeatens went down, you may not know this, utah and florida state both lost and your winning streak continues at 21. how@ would you describe the chemistry of this team? >> i love these kids. they're good people. i just like going to work every day and chance to go 9-0 is all 8-0 is. >> heather: i almost scripted that for you. coach, thank you. >> chris: meyer getting to 150 career winss against just 26 losses by far, the top active winning percentage and goes to 26-0 at ohio state in games october and november. back to heather with j.t. barrett. >> heather: j.t., describe what it is like, how much fun is it on a night when you have so much success to quarterback this team? >> it's really good. i mean, w w kepttt simplpl as an offense. i just try to do my best to get the ball to the play makers that
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we have on offense and we executed well on offense today, which was really good. >> heather: how could you describe how your perspective has changed this week moving from a red zone specialili to a starter? >> i mean, not really. i play -- starting quarterback last year. it wasn't really a big change o anything like that. now just making sure -- i was preparing well, but i mean, jusus a little bit more, watching film here and there, this and that before the game, so, i mean, nothing really changed. >> heather: kirk upstairs in the booth in the fourth quarter talked about how this felt like a turning point for this team. yes, you are undefeated, but it felt different. did it feel different to you? >> i think it was a turning point fof us. we have to keep on pressing. got to keep on going. not get comfortable. but i think as an offense, as a team, wee executed both sides of the ball, special teams, as well. i think it was good team win for us, but we know we can get better. that's the good thing about it. >> heather: congrats. enjoy it. >> appreciate it. >> chris: heheher, thaha you. indiana was a tough 0opponent for
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ohio state. maryland, they gave up 28,ut we've seen a shift in gears against penn state and now rutgers in the last couple games. >> kirk: yep, and, you know,e talklk so much about j.t. barrett and the offense. what's getting overlooked, i think, is the way this defense has been playing. and urban meyer just made a great point to heather. this rutgers offense, you c cld y whatever you wanan abobo their record. they've been scoring points on people. almost on every team they have played. tonight, they were control. they had a nice opening drive. otherhan that, ohio state put the clamps down. it's because of the way the defensive line hasas played in the man coverage they play on the outside. the reason i feel this is a turning point isn't just the 49-7 win over rutgers. it's because their guy, their leader is back on the field end executing this offense and leading this team and he is providing abilities to make a lot of plays, running and throwing. >> chris: you can call it a turning point. that go from pretty good to really, really good. still undefeated, still on
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course for the showdowns in november against michigan state and michigan. wrap up the cannon crew. only a couple of shots tonight for rutgers. plenty from ohio state. next saturday, 8:00 eastern on abc, the fighting irish visit philly and undefeated temple. looking forward to that one. hope you'll join us. for kirk and heather and our entire team here on the banks of the raritan, chris fowler saying goododight from piscataway, the ford wrapup show coming up now and robert flores. all right, chris, thank you. lcome inside our college football studios. last week in ann arbor, it was michigan state thattad the improbable win. this weekend, it is georgia tech and both coming via special teams. here we go. number nine florida state. going for the game-winning field goal. instead, it is blockeke and that's when lance e stin does h h thing. >> austin is returning it down the left sideline. >> he's got blocks. >> inside the 20 -- >> you got to be kidding me! >> and he scores!
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he scores! lance austin picked up the blocked kick and returned it all the way to the house and the north end zone! >> georgrg tech radio on the call. seminoles suffering their first loss in 28 straight acc games. utah, previously undefeated. they go down, as well. cody kessler to juju smith. usc rolls, 42-24. their first win against a top three team since 2006. staying in the pac-12, right now on espn, it is stanford with justne loss, but rolling. taking on washington. kevin hogan to austin hooper. right now, it's 14-0, cardinal, second quarter. also on the watch espn app. in the big 12, baylor beat iowa state despite scoring a season-low 45 points. their quarterback, seth russell, suffered a broken bone in his neck. he'll be re-evaluated later. they win, 45-27.
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lsu takes on western kentucky. third quarter. brandon harris, tyrone johnson. 61 yards for the score. tigers win it 48-20. leonard fournette, 150 yards and a touchdown. tigers are 7-0. couple of s.e.c. schools. tennessee and alabama. peyton manning watching his vols on his bye week lose a late lead to alabama. derek henry, 14-yard go ahedad touchdown. alabama wins it 19-14. number six clemson beat up miami. the hurricanes, bless their hearts, they're just bad. deshawn watson. a little bit of a trick play here. jordan leggett. waltzes in. clemson hands miami their worst loss in school history, 58-0. michigan state's connor cook, threw for 395 yards, three yards away from the school record. michigan state pucklls away from indiana, 52-26.
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houston cougars remain defeated. theyeyon 59-10. hey, gameday, next month, memphis and houston from h-town. you should be there! see you next week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer.
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from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10
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right now, cedar rapids police are looking for the person who shot a man who was inside of a car on first avenue - on the city's east side. police say t tey're lookinggfor a blue or purple 4-door sedan. officers were called to 3108 1st avenue ne, as well as a gas station just three blocks away t 35th street ne and first avenue. the call came in just before 2 p-m today. investigators say the sedan was following another vehicle east on 1st avenue, when someone in the sedan fired a shot into the other vehicle. a bullet hitt man who was a passenger in that other vehicle in the shoulder. a vehicle involved in the shooting went to the gas station, 3 blocks from the shooting. responders took the man to a cedar rapids hospital and he is expected to survive. police arrested a west des moines man after they say he lit a woman on fire during an argument. 58 year old john moore faces a charge of willful injury causing bodily harm. police say they were called to the home friday mmning, but that a 54 year old
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woman was burned on her upper torso around 10 thursday night. she's now at the burn unit at uihc but is expected to survive. data from west es moines police shows officers have been called to the home dozens of times, mostly for medical calls, but also for domestic assault and other calls. meterologist chris havely is in with the first alert forecast.. may see another ld morning ahead.. skies will clear out tonight, and winds will lighten, creating ideal conditions for some much chillier conditions for the overnight. lows will be dropping into the mid 30s across eastern iowa by sunrise on sunday. the second half of our weekend will be fairly pleasant for most. highs will be climbing to around 60 for the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. movng into the workweek, a fairly potent system looks to bring us rain for late tuesday and tuesday night. on the other side of that system, xpect much cooler air for thursday and friday. tonight: clear & cooler low: 32-38 winds: 5-10 alo: 34 dbq: 35
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iow: 36tomorrow: mostly nny high: 58-64 winds: s 5-10 alo: 61 dbq: 58 iow: 62 back to you. the next republican presidential debate is on tuesday, octoor 28th, in colorado... a final flurry from 4 in the republican field, all in waterloo. ted cruz, mike huckabee, and bobby jindal participated in the iowa grassroots coalition. it's a summit focused on showing candidates what iowans want from the next president. ben carson - now in first place among iowa republicans from recent polls - also met with supportersin waterloo while promoting hii new book. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy shares what the candidates had to say about key issues. 18:38:45 "we'd like you to ask questions based on character, core values, and issues. papasing the test.. and score them is what this summit is all about. 19:03:28 "i'm curious about your opinion, sir." a small crowd of iowans had
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tt cruz, mike huhukabee, and bobby jindal. for cruz, who recently surged to third place in iowa polls, it was a test on foreign policy and immigration. 18:46:38 video - applause "with regard to syrian refugees, i think obama's proposal to accept thousands or hunnreds of thousands of syrian muslim refugees is absolute lunacy." cruz says 20-16 will be a "religious liberty" election. he says he's confident the conservatii, evangelicall voters who didn't vote in 08 or 2012 will caucus for his campaign. but now he's focusing on finding support in otr places. 19:22:02 "what we're seeing is conservatives uniting behind our campaign. it's the singll most encouraging development. ann in particular we're also seeing is the reagan coalition coming back together, so evangelicals are critical to that, but so are liberterians, so are tea party activists, so are conservatives, so are young people." dozens of peopl al meet leleds ioaolls. carson also touched on religion. 19:54:50 "look in your pocket, every coin in there, every bill
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in there says in god we trust. wheneer somethinggs going on we always s sy, "let us pray to god, god bless america," but then when someone brings up god it's like.. you know. it's like schizophrenia, we've got to get over that." former iowa front-runner donald trump recently slammed carson, calling him low energy. but carson says he's focused on issues and not looking for an apology. 19:55:11 "i think he can do whatever he wants." in waterloo, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. just tonight, the 3 remaining democrats in the field met in des moines for the annual jefferson-jackson dinner -- also symbolic with the iowa caucuses 100 days away... as former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley met in des moines, a narrow field brings a more narrow focus as debate season picks up. wiwih two candidates leaving the race this week and vice president joe biden announcing he will not run in 2016, clinton has also regained her
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first-place position in recent iowpolling -- with a lead between 5 and 9 points in the past 30 days over sannrs. " clinton: when republicans debate, they compete to insult each other or demean women and they double down on trickle down." bernie sanders has polled strongly among iowa democrats, even topping clinton twice around labor day. " sanders: well, iowa, i think we are going to prove the pundits wrong agaa. i believe we're going to make history one more time." as a candidate who has spent pnty of time in iowa but without much bounce in the polling, martin 'malley - aggin - cited his experience in actually running governments as a former governor and baltimore mayor. " o'malley: i know where i stand. we passed the living wage, raised the minimum wage, froze college tuition for four yearsn a row. these were
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amid a windy, drizzly saturday morning, dozens of people -- including plenty of younscouts - speet hours gatheringngup the offerings to help feed people throughout the winter. this is the end result of all of the efforts from the 2015 scouting for food drive from the hawkeye area council of the boy scouts. hroughout the mooning, the workk of takkng in the donated canned goods and sorting them. local food banks, such as the hacap food reservoir, which serves 7 counties in eastern iowa, then handle the food for istribution -- all for what turns out to hours of young people leerning about helping other people as winter approaches. " i just want to help people at the shelters who may not have enough food. " we're still waiting for this year's totalalbut scouts have colllted about 55,000 pounds of food each year. the czechoslovak genealogical society held its 15th conference in cedar rapids this wek. the event wrapped today at the cedar rapids marriott. attendees got a chance
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heritage. the conference is usually held in cities with heavy czech and slovak populations, and has been in cedar raids once before. "our third conference wws also held here in cedar rapids back in 1993, at the same time they had the groundbreaking for the national czech and slovak museum and library." makousky says more than 300 people from 35 states and orseas attended this year's conerence. when running 5 kilometers, usually it is wise to dress in layees...but not too many for the workout. today, a road run and a fun run... with style for looking good. the costume run 5k in downtown cedar rapids started at thtre cedar rapids -- closing out in the new bo city market. some kids running 1 mile... the rest in the full 5-k. our favorite... the stay puft marshmallow man from ghostbusters... awards at the finish line, largely for costume creativity...
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the plans for a homecoming celebration at oklahoma state became a tragedy... police say a runk driver slammed into a crowd of people with her vehicle, killing four... and from the most powerful hurricane ever recorded... to a swift and welcome decline.. stay with tv9. first, here's a look at the headlines you'll read in tomorrow gazette. stay with kcrg tvv " " people make mistakes. like paying too much for wireless. so switch to u.s. cellular and we guarantee we'll beat the price on your current verizon or at&t plan. that's right, guaranteed to beat. plus, right now we'll give you a $150 promo card when you switch. don't let your next mistake be missing out. switch to u.s. cellular today for a price that's guaranteed
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a 25 year old woman was arrested for d-u-i after she crashed her vehicle into a crowd at the oklahoma state homecomomng parade. adacia chambers was arrested this morning in stillwater. a fourth person has now died - a 2-year old who died at the hospital.
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police say her vehicle hit an unoccupied police motorcycle before slamming into the crowd of people. 44 others were hurt in the crash. 8 of them were flown to the hospqtal with critic injuries. " mayor gina noble / stillwater, ok - "we are heartbroken at this tragedy - hearts and prayers with the families." sot " v. burns hargis / president, oklahoma state university - "the cowboy family pulls together - we've done itbefore and we will do it again." o-s-u decided to o forward with their homecoming football game against kansas. a memorial was held for the crash victims that included a moment of silence. $& so far. invesgators in mexico have no official reports of aths or injurres from hurricane patricia. the most powerful storm ever recorded made landfall last night on the country's pacific coast, but did not leave behind much damage. the storm quickly went from a category 5 to a tropical depression, but now it's hitting in texas. with record shattering rainfall in parts of that stae, with some
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much as 4 inches of rain per hour. "james mcqurren/headin g to oklahomom - "i would say on a scale from one to ten of my frustration is a ten." "sherrie morgan / stranded in flood - "we were sitting over by colling st bakery for four hours but some people have been sitting up there in traffic for ve hours since 2:30." the mayorrof houston asked everyone to stay off roads. the high water is forcing voluntary evacuations and high water rescues. meterologist chris havely rejoins us as that breakout stretch of 77 or 75 degreee may be .. for 2015 even...
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and winds will lighten, creating ideal conddtions for sooe much chillier conditions for the overnight. lows will be dropping into the mid 30s across eastern iowa by sunrise on sunday. the second
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of our weekend will be fairly pleasant for most. highs will b b climbing to around 60 for the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. moving into the workweek, a fairly potent system looks to bring us rain for late tuesday and tuesday night. on the other side of that system, expect much cooler air for thursday and friday. tonight: clear & cooler low: -38 winds: n 5-10 alo: 34 dbqq35 iow: 36tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 58-64
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night: mostly clear low: 35-41 winds: se 5-10 alo: 37 dbq: 36 iow: 38monday: partly cloudy high: 62 - low: 38 tuesday: chance of storms late high: 59 - low: 45 wednesday: slight chance of showers high: 54 - low: 48 thursday: partly cloudy high: 50 - low: 40 fridayy partly cloudy high: 51 - low: 35 saturday: partly cloudy
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thanks chrr. josh joins us now, we saw uni struggle early last year, but turns things around in conference play. they're hoping history repeats itself.
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win out if it wants to ake the playoffs... e panthers traveled to 6th ranked south
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... this game was live on kcrg 9.2 ... it was a very quiet first quarter... uni's defense was stellar most of the afternoon as d'shawn dexter sacks the quarterback on the late blitz ... 2nd quarter, uni puts together a great drive... aaron bailey on the keeper, and he's off to the races... but south dakota state saves a touchdown, but it's a -yard gain for bailey ... later in the drive, 3rd and 9... bailey throws it over the middle to deiondre hall who leaps up to make the catch.. yes, that deiondre hall who's'sa cornerback... first down panthers ... it leads to this 24-yard michael schmadeke field-goal... panthers led 3-0 at halftime ... 3rd quarter, taryn christion swings it out to connor landberg who stretches for the touchdown... jackrabbits go up 7-3 ... but uni responds... bailey on the keeper, he shows off the wheels as he splits the defenders... 35-yard touchdown for bbiley... panthers bacc on top 10-7 ... late 4th quarter, same
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