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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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waterloo west high school student and bring him home. it's been more than a week since 18-year-old moe sed was last seen. sed was last seen october 22nd around 11:30 in the morning... in the 13 hundred block of west fourth street in waterloo. the high-school junior has special needs who relies on medication and needs help getting around in his own community. kcrg t-v nine's chris earl joins us now. chris, some of sed's classmates took part of their day off to look for him? along with some of the teachers and staffers at waterloo west high school. now at 8 days since moe sed was last seen on the west side of the city, waterloo police say they have conducted several formal and informal searches. yet trying to find this 18- year-old also brings other challenges -- colder evenings, a potential language barrier and people worried that moe does not have his medications. katherine and liz wagner are sisters first... but also teachers at waterloo west high school. on
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this friday without class in session, this english teacher and social studies specialist tried to organize others to look for moe sed -- the 18- year-old junior now missing since october 22nd -- he was last seen here, along the 1300 block of west 4th street. " some handouts for the students to make sure they were safe and we had them keep a record sheer of where they had gone." " a very quiet student, very sweet and very polite but he doesn't talk a lot and i'm very concerned that if he did need help, he wouldn't go and ask someone because of his disposition. " in recent years, the influence of people of burmese heritage has become more and more pronounced waterloo. moe sed is a burmese-american who, cedar valley refugee center, has been in waterloo for a few years. " 59:02 we know that his language barrier makes it difficult. he has some english and whether he will actually speak with strangers and use that,
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we're not sure. " late friday afternoon, waterloo police chief dan trelka said getting the word out on sed's disapperance was critical -- he encouraged informal groups, such as west high students, to look in wooded areas on waterloo's west side. we met with three juniors at west high who spent the early evening trying to search. ". i just want to help out the family. they don't have any answers as to why and figure out why he's gone and help find him and bring him home safe. " police told us they have "explored every angle and have come up empty" -- trying to search through the parts of the city moe sed was known to go. yet the concern is very real now at more than one week since his last sighting... one where, today, ...we saw that concern resonate even with those from west high who may not know him very well... but wanted to help bring him home. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, just as we're gong into the halloween
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moisture continues to increase tonight resulting in showers to begin the weekend. clouds and rainfall stick with us into the early part of the afternoon. the most popular time for trick or treating is between 5-9pm and during that time the weather looks dry. heading into the start of november we have a warmup in store. highs move back into the 60s with some 70s possible for the middle of next week. have a safe weekend and don't for get to fall back with your clocks this weekend! tonight: showers likely low: 42-48 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: showers likely high: 48-54 winds: s 5-15 back to you. davenport police have arrested a man who police wounded during an incident outside a bar in waterloo.
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including assault on a peace officer and interference with official acts while armed. the iowa department of public safety says webb struck a police officer with his car outside the new world lounge two on april fifth. police responded after about 40 people started fighting in the parking lot. webb started to drive away, but police say his car hit the one officer. that's when another officer fired four shots through the windshield of webb's car. a third officer ran after webb and fired three more shots into his car. webb drove himself to the hospital for treatment for multiple gunshot wounds. then august, the attorney general's office determined the officers' actions were justified. in waterloo. cedar falls courier. neighbors called 911 just before noon, reporting gunfire in the area of locust and west third streets. no one was hurt, but two bullets hit the passenger side of the car. another bullet also
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flattened a tire. oil was also leaking from the engine when police arrived at the scene. a jesup man is in the hospital after falling from a homemade tree stand this morning. the iowa dnr says 67-year- old timothy lindquist fell about 20 feet while bow hunting. two other men he was hunting with found him around 11:00. an ambulance took him to a local hospital with chest injuries. a helicopter flew him to u- i-h-c. the dnr did not release his condition. a new university of iowa poll shows democratic front runner hillary clinton still holds a strong lead among likely 2016 iowa caucus goers. more than 52 percent said they support the former secretary of state. 40 per cent back vermont senator bernie sanders. the student and faculty led poll has a margin of error of seven point three percent. for republicans, ben carson holds a slight lead donald trump among likely republican caucus goers.. 25 percent support
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carson, while 22 percent favor trump. no other candidates showed more than 11 percent support. this poll has a margin of error of seven point four percent. republican candidates won't get questions from nbc news in their debate coming up in february. r-n-c chairman reince priebus says the party suspended its partnership with the network after this week's cnbc debate. priebus says the moderators did not focus on economic issues as promised. he called the questions quote 'inaccurate and downright offensive'. the next gop debate is set for november 10th on the fox business network. today some young trick- or-treaters got an early start to their halloween celebrations. the iowa city parks and recreation department hosted its annual "tot monster mash this morning." one to six year olds dressed up and got to hang out with a famous car. kcrg t-v nine's greta meyle talked to some of the kids about the holiday.
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sometimes they're not in preschool, sometimes they're not in school, so they don't get an event to participate in so we give them something to come-- a little party to have for halloween." matt eidahl, program supervisor iowa parks and recreation "how much candy do you think you're gonna get this weekend? a lot of candy" maya 6:41:50.05-42:00.07 "i got lots of candy. lots of candy" 09:02.22 matt "we provide inflatables," "go down the slide" "trikes,arts and crafts projects" "good job" "this year we got the oscar mayer weiner mobile." "it's a weiner mobile, isn't that cool? yea" "we've been helping kids and parents take pictures with the weiner mobile" molly mac n cheese 06:20::14.24 "say 'cheesy
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no." "we have a lot of variety in what we do and the whole point is to make people smile and to make the day fun" molly mac n cheese "can you give the mic a kiss? and can you say love ya? 'love ya' " halloween is tomorrow, and you can find the "trick or treat" times for towns all across eastern iowa on kcrg dot com. just scroll down on the home page and click onto "trick or treat times." movie-goers in grundy center saw some of their friends and family on the silver screen. filmmakers used locals to help make movie magic and raise money to keep the theater open. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9
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bring the community together in a space that has served as the centerpiece of downtown for decades. tonight that effort played out on the big screen. even some of the locals played a big role in making movie magic. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy reports. "we were known as the dollar theater." a theater that sometimes struggled to survive. a previous owner planned to shut these doors for good. that was 1985 and brent wilson remembers it vivdly.
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brent wilson - grundy center resident "i escourted him into our bank president's office and said told him what mr. peterson was going to do and he said, 'well, we can't let that happen." the bank president helped fronted the money to buy the theater that day. renovations adding new concessions and a second screens meant full seats. "for many years, we had a sign out front that said sold out. but in the last few years, that's dwindled." but tonight.. nat - ticket sales people here say that sold this screening seat to see the first movie made in grundy center, for grundy center, and by grundy center actors. all the money will go to theater renovations. "i play a middle age wife and daughter." terri shepard plays a lead role, and after hours of filming and script memorization.. even for extras.. "we signed up and i talked and talked and talked and talked."
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shepard is still a little star struck. terri shepard - actress "this is not like community theater where it's live for two nights and you're done. the big screen is just.. i don't know what to expect but i'm nervous." shepard and her big screen husband have a comically complicated relationship. for cameron corbett reactions are why he acts. cameron corbett - actor "i'm excited for my parents to see it, i want to see my mom's reactions and stuff. i don't have high aspriations, this isn't harrsion ford, i think to put something together liek this and have the whole community see this should be a lot of fun." the story is inspired by people who live here, according to filmmaker scott thompson. he creates movies in small towns across the country. he says these small, red carpet moments are the most memorable. scott thompson - filmmaker "the fun part is when they get to see themselves. we're not making schindler's list or titanic, this isn't an oscar winner.
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solid family movie with local folks who want to have that fun of having their own premier night in their own theater." but the person who saves the day on screen can't be here for the big debut. nat of movie harper wells fimled the move, then enlisted in the army. for her family, this is the first time they've seen her in months. misty wells - harper's mother "it'll be emotional, ihardly get to talk to her and i've only seen her once since she left, so it'll be emotional." emotion captured in a promise to keep this picture palace here for decades to come. in grundy center sarah mccarthy kcrg tv9 news. joe, rain could impact some tail gating or early trick or treating tomorrow. strong winds caused a giant, inflatable pumpkin to terrorize an arizona town. the 14-foot pumpkin tore away from its ropes and rolled through the city of peoria.
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no one was hurt, but the pumpkin
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resulting in showers to begin the weekend. clouds and rainfall stick with us into the early part of the afternoon. the most popular time for trick or treating is between 5-9pm and during that time the weather looks dry.
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the start of november we have a warmup in store. highs move back into the 60s with some 70s possible for the middle of next week. have a safe weekend and don't for get to fall back with your clocks this weekend! tonight: showers likely low: 42-48 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: showers likely high: 48-54 winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: gradual clearing low: 39-45 winds: sw 5-10sunday: mostly sunny high: 64 - low: 42 monday: mostly sunny high: 69 - low: 46 tuesday: mostly sunny high: 70 - low: 48 wednesday: partly cloudy
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showers high: 61 - low: 50 friday: chance of showers high: 57 - low: 43 thanks joe.
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a dangerous round of severe storms. a possible tornado leveled several
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storms rolled through heavily populated areas of texas. one town... ..near san antonio sustained possible tornado damage this morning. a potential tornado tore the roof off of several buildings in the town of d'hanis . the storm also damaged a fire station and a bank. some areas also saw wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. "across the road we had damage. the firehouse in the back, the roof was taken off. " thankfully, forecasters are predicting dry and calm skies in the san antonio area throughout the weekend. in a t-v nine followup tonight... investigators near st. louis say
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led them to the man who they believe recently set two churches on fire. 35 year old david lopez- jackson faces two counts of arson. police have connected him to two church fires, but they're still investigating fires at five other churches this past month. the churches were within a few miles of each other and from different denominations. the last two that burned had predominantly black congregation s. that sparked concerns that the fires were racially motivated. police haven't said what jackson's motive was or if he might be connected to the other fires. highlights of high school volleyball regionals. and the cedar rapids rampage make their arena soccer league debut. stay with your 24 hour
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continued tonight. in class 2a, west branch hosted highland riverside... these two teams met in the season opener, west branch won that match 2-0. tonight's highlights between the bears and the huskies are brought to you by the colors, black and black. but the bears were red hot. samantha willoughby with the kill as west branch dominated the first set. now it is highland in the near court. the set and brylee carolan with a knuckle ball the bears cannot handle. later it is team allyson: allyson simpson with the set for teammate allison russell and another point for the bears.
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and now watch the dig by linzee espensen and haley poula says it is closing time. west branch advances with the three nothing win over highland. class 1a region 7 semi- finals. springville took on burlinton notre dame in tiffin.. and madi wagaman got the orioles off to a good start with the ace.. and checkout the nice backset to megan wageman for the kill.. and springville has some girls who can really jump like samantha johnson who skies for the kill and that had the student section on thier feet.. and when you are tall it helps alyssa jeager just knocks it straight down and she did that several times tonight.. jaege and springville dominated at the net winning the first game 25- 16. and the orioles advance to the regional finals with a 3-0 win. ma ... the cedar rapids rampage made their major arena soccer league debut tonight at the u.s. cellular center. the rampage hosted the st. louis ambush in a preseason game. ... the rampage have a couple of cedar rapids natives... xavier grad charlie bales and wash grad jacob johnson ... 1st quarter action,
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rampage down 1-0... but alex megson scores the first ever rampage goal for the equalizer... it's 1-1 ... six minutes later, it's cedar rapids washington grad jacob johnson burying the rebound off the boards... rampage take a 2-1 lead... jacob is also a coe graduate ... just 25 seconds later... rampage with the free kick... corey adamson's kick pin balls off a couple of st louis players and finds its way into the goal... but st. louis wins 11-6 ... roughriders trying to snap their 3-game losing streak hosting bloomington ... 2nd period, roughriders trail 3-1... but bloomington makes it 4-1 as blake gober buries the rebound just before the net comes off... the refs reviewed the play and the goal stands ... the roughriders did score to make it 4-2, they try to make it 4-3 as charlie michalowski tries the redirect, but he's denied by hayden lavigne... bloomington wins 4-3 it's a busy weekend of college football. the 10th ranked hawkeyes are 17 point favorites
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over maryland saturday at kinnick. the hawkeyes will be looking for revenge against maryland who beat iowa last year in college park. this will likely pick six was a big play in the game and likely is back again this year. and the terps who lost by one point to penn state look like they are playing with new energy under interim head coach mike lock- sley... here's what our college football analyst chuck long had to say. "all teams are dangerous coming in because now iowa's a top 10 team. so everybody's going to give them their best shot. but, in my opinion, if they just take care of the football against maryland and run the ball like they've been running, they'll take care of business and win the game. maryland has the 13th rush defense in the big ten out of 14. not a very good run defense. run the ball, take care of the ball, iowa should win." vtr : 23 oc: "iowa should win" thanks scott. one last look at the forecast,
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moisture continues to increase tonight resulting in showers to begin the weekend. clouds and rainfall stick with us into the early part of the afternoon. the most popular time for trick or treating is between 5-9pm and during that time the weather looks dry. heading into the start of november we have a warmup in store. highs move back into the 60s with some 70s possible for the middle of next week. have a safe weekend and don't for get to fall back with your clocks this weekend! tonight: showers likely low: 42-48 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: showers likely high: 48-54 winds: s 5-15 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope you have a fun and safe halloween.
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from brooklyn, it's
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