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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 30, 2015 2:05am-4:00am CST

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in the heart of the tetons. that's right, it's time for peace park number four, where the world's greatest snowboarders are here to put it all on the line for a chance to be crowned ultimate global champipi of peace and snonooarding. hi, folks. welcome to peace park. i'm doug dugan. and i'm davey danless, and we're out here inhe rocky mountains ahd -- just received confirmation, we're out here in the grand tetons of wyoming. doug, what do you know about that? that's right, davey. that's right. we're gonna fire up the engines anrelease some hounds in this here snowboard park, and the name of the e me is "fear nothing and risk everything." [ screams ] i think we got a guy who's ready to do that. dan davis is about to go for gold. yeah, we got, uh, davis in the gate. you know, davey, dannnns board is looking really fast out there. he's ready, doug. hold on to your butts, folks. danny davis is about to tear a new one into this course. he's gonna take ittvto the next level, ybe even two levels, doug. oh. yep. that's the telltale fist bump. here comes some e tion, davey.
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then who did i meet? i met me a man but not no ordinary man he hahajet-black hair and a gray suede suit he asked me@how i was doing and i said, "fifi, baby. how are you?" and he said, "i like your style come with me and take a ride" i said, "where we going, honey?" he said, "we're going on down to atlanta" on down atlanta on down atlanta on down atlanta on down atlanta on down atlanta on down atlanta on down atlanta on down atlanta
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oh and all of a sudden, we were moving yeah, we were movivi real fast i got a little nervous i said, "i don't understand" he said, "you've had a good life, son now i'm gonna watch you burn" i said, "there's so many women leftn the world..." davis: peace park is the opportunitit that i get to be creative with different features and transitions in snowboarding. burton and mountain dew give me the freedom to build the dream snowboard park for me and my friends to go ride, experiment, and just have a good time shredding a really cool and unique setup. [ all cheer ]
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this is the dream that is peace park. on down atlanta on down atltlta man: ...two, three -- peace park! [ all cheer ] the peace park is basically, like, this vision that danny is probably thinking about 24/7. like, what e ee can we do with snowboarding rather than just do the basic back-and-forth half-pipe or the four jumps in a row? davis: at the time we first started conceptualizing peace park, the shoots we were doing in the spring were getting realal repetitive -- just a jump or just a half-pipe. we wanted to ride everything. we wanted to make a much more interesting park -- make everything rideable and make something really unique to the mountain and the terrain. i really wanted to bring back more of a skate park feel to peace park this year with different sizes and transitions and jumps that all flow together and allow people to be really as creative as they want. my favorite feature -- i don't know, man. it's a really tough question. i mean, everything's really fun. i love riding the mini pipe. it's a perfect wayay
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to kind of, like, bring g eryone down to the same level. my favorite feature is, by far, the half-pipe. it's cut perfectly. being on tt big tranny's so sick. the diamond feature we got up here is super rad. it's got some kick, it's got some tranny, gives you great speed to enter this bowl, coming in hot. the bowl is super dope. you can kind of shred it like a quarter pipe or you can hit it like a roll like snake run style. it's so big, and you can just ride into there with so much speed and choose your own line, and it's totally different. you don't see that very often. davis: we just experiment each year with something new, because it's'sun to ride new stuff. mitrani: the more creative the features, the more creative the riding, and that's danny's whole mission right now in life is to just keep growing snowboarding in not this techninil way, but this fun, creative way, as well, because to danny, being a pro snowboarder is just a dream come true. danny grew up in michigan, and man, would you look at this kid? he loved all sports. but when he got his first snowboard at age 8,, that's when things really took off. it didn't take long for him to master
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and even before danny made it down to the bottom of the hill, he wasaslready chucking b bkflips. it was around this time that danny's uncle gave him his first snowboard video. the video gave danny his first look at professional snowboarding. and according to this journal entry from a young dan, he had his mind made up back t tn that pro snowboarding was gonna be his future. good grades, talent, and some help from the ross powers foundation earned danny a spot at stratton mountain school. here, he met some great friends and was able to focus all of his energy on snowboarding and competing -- lots of competing -- all-over-the-globe competing. danny took first place at the dew tour, second at the european open, and a win at the grand prix had danny in line to represent the united states at the olympics in 2010. then he got hurt pretty bad -- so bad, a lot of people didn't think that dny was gonna be able to make a comebackck it took danny two years to come back from that injury, and when he did, he took the entire snowboarding industry by storm. he wasn't just doing more flips and more spins.
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for that, he won the x games back-to-back, and his new approach to the pipe made him a favorite amongst his fellow snowboarders and the industry as a whole. mitrani: not only did danny want to change the way he was riding half-pipe, but the half-pipe itself. mitrani: so in 2012, danny revolutionized the way half-pipes were built and ridden. he added rails and channels to a standard half-pipe, and that's when ththfirst peace pipe was born. the next year, there was only room for growth. he added some jumps and other features. and now, every spring, he and some of the best riders have put their creativity to the test on some of the most unique snowboard parks ever made by riders for riders. while danny's riding has been reshaping the way contests are judged, peace park has revolutionized the way that parks are built so that riders can continue to push the sport in a more fun and creative direction. you're tuned into peace park. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back after commercial. a little more next time, jack. i, amanda green, at the point of my life when i'm not a kid anymore.
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i would say, if i had to describe peace park to a tot stranger,
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i'd say it's kind of like a gaering of theorld's best snowboarders in a loosely formatted contest. it's all about, like, shooting video and shooting phototo and i think that's kind of what everyone's focused on -- just kind of having a good time and riding. that was tight. moore: it's just a reblly diverse group of people. we have guys who are, you know, strictly into jumping, guys like myself that are really just, like, back country and street riders, and then a whole bunch of, like, pipe and contest riders. so it's kind of like a cool mix of all these different styles of snowboarding, but we all have a lot of respect for each other. whoo! [ camera shutter clicks ] davis: we're a really good crew. whoo! i think we're all good friends. and it's really fun to hang with evebody. everybody's telling stories, hanging out, and i think that's cool. it was like... and then took off.
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because it's one of the greatest mountains, and the people here are so good to us. they give us this lodge that we get to just take over, make our own, and jam out. we got enough h ew here that we f fl up the entire thing. and no one bothers us and we don't bother anybody -- or, at least, i don't think we are. [ rock music plays ] [ screams ] [ indistinct chatter ] [ applause, laughter ] kiss away the pain man: you know, everybody hanging together and riding together and doing laps together, eating together, it's just kind of -- i think it's just like a huge part of what snowboarding is to all of us. all the in-between snowboarding is, like, such a huge part of what we do, you know? it's just that camraderie. lago: just get, like, motivated, you know what i mean? it's like, "oh, well, like, he just went that big. like, hitch just launched, like, a 15-foot method on the quarter pe. time to step it up" type of thing, you know? and then all of a sudden, you're understanding it, too.
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is just -- you really see how good a lot of these guys are. at contests, you don't really -- you get two runs or whatever it is, and it's a pretty routine, planned run. and here, you get to see, like, you know, ladley doing big back sevens on this and, like, roope riding pipe. and, you know, you just get to see how talented everyone truly is. look at that. boom! lago: just to come out here and just riff with your buddies, push each other -- that's the stuff, man. that's what we want to be doing, you know? just to, like,e,feed off of each o oer and grow and build together. and that's when the best snowboarding happens. mitrani: the sport of snowboarding needs peace park and other events like this because this is where you actually see the riders doing some of those really fun things that snowboarding's all about -- like, those surf-like maneuvers, the skate-like maneuvers. it's not a a about how high y y can go, how much you can flip and spin. it's all about just slashing the coping.
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let the sun burn my eyes let it burn my back let it sear lago: carving and the butters are awesome, you know? i think it's, like, for once in snowboarding history, carving is cool. [ chuckles ] let it burn my back at the beach in my dreams but you still never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop king of the beach andrew: it's good to see people carving in 2015, especially with events like peace park, you know? it's'sind of like about really cultivating and embracing that creative side of snowboarding, you know? let the s burn my eyes let it burn my back
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i'll feel wide, wide open at the beach in my jeans and it's wide, wiwi open at the beach in my dreams but you still you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna a op me you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop king of theeach oh! whoa! whoo-hoo! lago: the butter tricks -- there's so many, like, new ones, 'cause, you know, that's just happening right now. so no one really has names for them, i guess. like, a lot of people don't really name them. they just it 'cause it's fun, you know? man: i think springtime is the most fun to ride transitions, 'cause it just really feels like a wave. you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop me
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king of the beach man: the half-pipe is such an intimidating thing, so it's rad to see the guys who are so good at it break it down and haha fun in it, as well. they're not just there to do the most death-defying trick. there's also ripping around and doing butters and slashing the lip, and that seems to be the theme of the whole, you know, peace park. it's rip and have fununith your homies. aah! that was sick! [ applause ] mother nature, bless us once again not onlyith sun, but with popo we've never had a pow day at peace park, and when you don't have a schedule, when you play it kind of by ear, and like that surfing mentality, when the weather's goo we'll ride, and we'll ride peace park.
2:21 am
man: everyone loves to ride powder, right? it's that feeling that you get when you make that turn and it's just like "whoosh!" and then you make thatther one, and it's just like "whoosh!" we got lucky enough to get a powder day in the spring at peace park. just adds to the whole experience, you know? it's gonna make us froth when we ride some half-pipe later. i think we might even go rip the snowfield pipe today. just surfing it, dude!
2:22 am
davis: when we saw this system coming in, we talked to all the folks at targhee, and they're like, "you guys have that lift. it's yours." and to have a private lift with 20 of your good friends is such a treat. bretz: being gn contests all year, i don't really get the chance to ride pow at all. and having a pow day here at peace park is so much fun. ladley: one of the best parks ever built, and to ride it in a pow day... and then it's supposed to be sunny again, so back to the park in a couple days. yeah. you can't really ask for anything better. wells: just like with any winter event, weather is gonna play a big part of it. today, we got a good foot of snow. the guys were able to come up and session, ride powder, have a great time. and now tonight weave to go remove all that snow, so it's just a matter of pushing it out of the way, reestablishing all the transitions, and it should work out really good
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moore: i think danny's one of the only guys who can really bring a group like this together to have such a rad event.
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like, he loves to snowboard more than anyone that i've ever seen. you know, he'll ride all day. and he kind of, like, keeps the group motivated, kind of keeps the energy going. [ "runnin' down a dream" plays ] it was a beautiful day the sun beat down i had the radio on i was drivin' trees went by me and dell were singin' "little runaway" i was flyin' yeah, runnin' down a dream that never would come to me workin' on a mystery goin' whererer it leads runnin' down a dream
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i felt so good like anything was possible hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes the last three days the rain was unstoppable it was always cold no sunshine i i runnin' down a dream that never would come to me workin' on a mystery goin' wherever it leads r rnin' down a dream ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh i rolled on...
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ooh, ooh ooh, ooh [ cheers ] ooh, ooh christian haller is one of those shredders that can ride everything and adds his own tweak or slash or his own style on snooboarding, and it's a pleasure to watch him ride all day. ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ben ferg is the master of peace park. he rips this thing harder than anybody. he surfs it, he flips, he spins, he's got big airs, and he just alwaysysamazes everyone hehe. ooh, ooh
2:30 am
ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh [ cheers and applause ] lago: peace papa is kind of almost like a breeding ground for, like, creativity and, like, collaboration. grab all these different, really good snowboarders and you make this insane course and you put them all together and then people start doing crazy-different stuff. it's super sick, and it's a great way to progress the sport. i learned a couple new tricks yesterday because i got totoit stuff
2:31 am
that i never really get to see in a half-pipe, you know? i think that's, like, a good example of, like, how our features here at peace park kind of, like, help also the progression, too. man: this is more the future of snowboarding -- like, more creative stuff. if you have, like, regular slopes on a run with just, like, four jumps in a row, it kind of gets boring, 'cause everybody's gonna do the same type of tricks. but if you can mix it up with, like, redirect or sideslip, every rider sees something different, and that's the cool thing aboua park like this, like peace park. it has so many opportunities. i see this now in front of me, and i have, like, eight things that i could do right now, you know? and i feel like that's really, really sick. so everybody has his own choice. davis: i think snowboarding will always be changing. i think what peace park has really been helping do is influence everything in the way of making things more creative, making them more fun to ride. you look at all these contests going on, and a lot of them have been influenced by peace park,
2:32 am
u.s. open, they added transition to their slope-style course. that's something we haven't seen in a long time. anansure, it's still went jump, jump, jumpmp but it's just a step in the right direction, and really something that made that contest stick out this yea davis: all these cononsts, all these evenen, they're all in an effort to make new features and new stuff to ride on, show that there's more to snowboarding than the same half-pipe, same slope crse. i think it's starting to happen slowly, but it's happening, and that's really cool to see. [ all cheering ] there's a ton of room for snowboarding to progress in cool and creati ways, and that's what peace park's alalabout.
2:33 am
orter: el reno, oklahoma, crippled bi more than an inch of ice. roads turning into obstacle cocoses, ice covering trees like a blanket, falling limbs crushing cars. tyler french says it'll take him a week to clean up the damage at his house. what did that sound like when this massive tree came apart? >> well, it kinda sounded like a shotgun going off like a big crack. >> it's coming down! >> reporter: power lines collapsing. thth street light exploding. at its peak, more than 100,000 without power. weather now blamed for at least
2:34 am
14 deaths in texas and kansas since thursday. arkansas, the driver of this vehicle hydroplaning into a creek. >> a female stuck in a vehicle with water pouring in. >> three good samaritans able to reach her just in time. >> she was able to reach her arm out and i got her by hand. >> reporter: outside oklahoma city, we met the kearnys trying to get home to colorado. how do you feel about that drive? >> it has to happen. i'm not looking forward to it. but it has to happen. >> reporter: here in oklahoma, thousands are still without power. the governor declaring a state of emergency to help get this area back up and running. phillip mena, abc news, edmund, oklahoma. >> but it's not over yet. that winter storm is now heheing to a really big area from nebraska to wisconsin in the hours ahead. >> commuters could face a dangerous mix. our coverage continues with cam tran at accuweather. good morning, cam. >> good morning. weave this winter storm developing in the central
2:35 am
that will bring an icy mix into iowa and nebraska. the rest of the plain states will be seeing maiaiy snow. the heaviest of the snowfallll will be falling late tonight into tuesday as the system continues to move on off to the north and east. minneapolis could see upwards of eight inches of snow by tuesday and omaha you'll see upwards of 4 inches. aditi and kendis, , ck to you. >> thanks. pope francis is wrapping up his visit to africa with a stop in one of the ntinent's most dangerous places, central african republic. the pope urging the country's christian and muslim factions to lay down weapons and arm themselves with peace and rgiveness. security is expected to be tight when the pope visits the mosque later today. > esident obama arrived in paris after midnight this morning for a major global conference on climate change. despite the hour, he paid a somber visit tl the concert hall where 90 people lost their lives in the terroroattacks two weeks ago. french president francois
2:36 am
hollande and the mayor of paris joined him there, each laying a single white f fwer and obobrving a moment of silence. rallies around the world marked the start of the climate conference. in paris, people held hands in a two-mile long human chain. although public demonstratioio have been banned since the terror attacks, some protesters turned to violence clashing with poli and sparking a show of force in return. at leaea 175 people were arrested and another 25 or so placed under house arrest. >> back in this country, the nsa is no longer collecting information from phone calls made by americans. the highly controversial program ended as of midnight. the government had required the big phone companies to hand d er information on virtually all calls made by their customers to monitor terrorism. form cia contractor edward snowden leaked classified details of the program. >> so you've probably taken a selfie or two. >> sure. >> but this one is tough to be. take a look. it shows two broths from
2:37 am
and always elusive bald eagle. while hiking they found the bird tangled in a hunter's trap and untangled it. twtwsmiling brothers andndne unsmiling eagle. they say the bird stayed surprisingly calm through it all. as if to return their kindness, he flapped his wings and flew away looking oh, so regal there. >> it's nice. >> sounding not so regal. [ shrieking ] >> no gunshot sounds so that's good. he survived. coming up in "the skskny," the photogenic guy at adele's side and a little nastiness at the soul train awards last night. >> also ahead, we'll takyou inside an amazon nerve center on this v vy busy cyber-monday for a remarkable look at how orders are handled. >> but first a scare for a texas couple overcome by something so dangerous, it could have taken their lives. who came to the rescue but first, this is the most important part of the show actually. this is when we take a look at
2:38 am
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a burglary gone wrong. in fresno, califofoia. police say a 19-year-old man tried to rob a house by entering through the chimney but he got stuck. sometime later the homeowner started a fire in the fireplace anan then he heardrd screaming. when he realized a person was in the chimney, he put out the fire and called police. >> they tied a rope to the very top of the chimney to stabilize it, and then they used drills and chisels and to take apart
2:42 am
the chimney to get the person out. >> but it was too late. the 19-year-old burglar died of burns as well as smoke inhalation. >> now a reminder about the daers of carbon monoxide poisoning. as t tperatures drop, thatatisk actually increases. >> yeah, 170 people die in the u.s. each year of carbon monoxide poisoning. just this weekend a major scare at an apartment complex in texas. abc's mara schiavocampo with more. >> reporter: a dozen neighbors in texas recovering from carbon monoxide e@posure. evacuated from this apartment building saturday y ter one person was found unconscious. >> 12 patients that all got transported to the hospital. >> reporter: officials say the leak came from a boiler room attached to the building expopore to the colorless, odorless gas can be an extremely dangerous winter hazard, as one oregon couple also learned this past week. kendra platt and steven roberts were enjoying a quiet ninit at home, when platt says she started feeling sick. the next morning, she says she
2:43 am
was still woozy. >> and i kind of braced myself when i fell and i landed like this. and then roberts passed out. >> i knew something serious had happened, but i wasn't sure what. >> if i would have passed out, then we would both be dead right now. >> reporter: but platt was able to call 911. >> two patients, unknown situation. >> reporter: the couple treated in a hyperbaric chamber to restore oxygen levels. their leak believed to be from a broken hot water heater. symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include headaches, dizziness and vomiting. >> the treatment for people who suspect or know they have carbon monoxide poisoning include immediately removing themselves from that environment, getting into fresh, open air. >> reporter: experts add, make sure your home has a working carbon monoxide detector. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> it's really scary stuff.
2:44 am
every year from nonautomotive consumer products from carbon monoxide. >> it's why a lot of states right now are requiring that apartments and m my homes, any residents have those co detectors in there. all right. why adele's biggest week ever is getting upstaged by a mystery man en by her side. >> uh-huh. and a new beef between artists at last night's soul train awards. "the skinny" is coming up next. >> announcer: "world news now"
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abc stations.tt0w!ty%hp! %4@-z5x tt0w!ty%hp! el@-p24 tt0w!ty%hp! ed@-v0p tt0w!ty%hp% )8h-6n, tt0w!ty%hp% kzh-+!+!tt0w!ty%hp% n-h-^h\ tt0w!ty%hp% 0ph-@/d tt0w!ty%hp% s"h-p]$ tt0w!ty%hp% ueh-s?t tt0w!ty%y%% 7hh-o= skinny, so skinny okay. so leading "the skinny" this morning, we can call her the current queen of the music world. >> we're, of course, talking about adele, and now it's official. the british singer sold 3.38 million copies of her new album. 25 right here in the u.s. it's a phenomenal feat in an age where artists rarely sell more than a million albums in a week. >> i wonder how many more were illegally downloaded. gaining steam from the hit single "hello," her first album in f fr years sold more in one week than any other album since nielsen started keeping track in 1991. >> phenomenal. >> amazing feat. congratulations on that. so with all this talk about the
2:46 am
men in adele's life who have inspired her songs, one guy's getting all the attention. >> his name is peter vanderveen. he's the security professional who is setting hearts on fire. he used to be lady gaga's bodyguard but is now getting plenty of work with adele while she's at the top of the arts. hello, indeed. what do you think? hot or not? >> yeah, he's pretty hot. >> you're picky. did you hear that tremendous pause? that pregnant pause? >> i had to look because@i was reading. >> god. what's a guy got to do to get your attention around here? all right. he's a good-looking guy. so all right. time to balance out the love fest with a little hater ade. last night's soul train awards in las vegas hosteteby erica badu. what is she wearing? >> i know. leading the winners of the evening was the weekend and the song "uptown funk" with two awards each. all the winners overshadowed by her call out of a famous female rapper.
2:47 am
a title iggy azalea doesn't deserve, according to the host. >> iggy azalea, yeah, hey. no, no, no, you can come because what you're doing is definitely not rap. >> she looks like she's wearing where's waldo's glasses. doesn't she? the joke was part of a bit where badu was seeing who can come aboard the soul train. >> despite the laughs some people on social media argued that azalea who has gone silent on social media this month is hip-hop's easiest target. >> she's kind of disappeared off the scene completely. the seventh offering in the rocky film series called "creed" came in ird at the box offic this past holiday weekend and is a critical success earning itself an impressive 92% on rotten tomatoes. >> this film's star michael b. jordan has left the door open to a sequel.
2:48 am
telling the "associatededress," "i think with success and time and circumstances it would be exciting to come back and work with sly again." sly,ylvester stallone who went on to make five more "rocky" movies after the first which won the academy award pore best picture in 1977. >> i thought youere referring to sly and the family stone. michael b. jordan, you've seen his ads. is he hot enough for you? >> yh, yeah, he'll pass. >> takes a lot. all right. finally, we have some congratulations to senout. big family news for many celebrities. >> starting with mary-kate olsen, the former "full house" star getting married over the weekend to french banker ivier sarkozy. he's t t half-brother of fororr french presisint nicolas sasaozy. according to page 6, bowls of cigarettes were offered to guests at the new york wedding. light up during the reception. >> all right. also, bigews for actress anne hathaway. she and her husband, adam shulman, are expecting thr first child.
2:49 am
hathaway said earlier this year she plans to have kids through natural birth and adoptn. >> congratulations to them. rap legend, actor and reality tv star i id tea and wife koko welcomed their baby girl into the world. >> the couple shared pictures on social media revealing the baby's name. unlike h h parents, it is not a verage. it is chanel nicole. get it? so mom named coco had a baby chanel. >> oh, i like that. >> coco chanel.
2:50 am
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just another manic monday wish it were sunday that's my fun day >> well, today is actually not just another manic monday. it's the monday of all mondays, cyber-monday. and although there aren't any packed malls and in-store fights, there are some places with a lot of action right now. >> yes, including amazon's fulfillment center.
2:53 am
across the country, they are busy and buzzing right now. so let's head out to one where findabc news tech contributor trina trinh. tina, what's going on? >> reporter: hey, guys. how are you? it's early, but it's not too early to start shopping. i'm at one of's fulfillment centers here in robbinsville, new jersey. and it is busy right now. take a look down here. i have tons of stoto and conveyor belts, employees working. i have conveyor belts below me. i have conveyor belts above me. it is one busy cyber-monday. and we're gearing up for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. this is -- we know we had black friday already. but if you can believe it, cyber-monday last year actually beat out black friday in terms
2:54 am
of sales. last y yr, we had about 2 billion in online sales for cyber-monday. this year we're already on track to be at $3 billion. so we're goingo take a look at how it all works out. one of the most popular retailers, i'm here with scott. >> morning. >> repepter: he's going to show us behind the scenes how it all works once you press click, purchase. let's go. >> all right. thanks for being here. it is a super busy day for us. our busiest day of the year. last year on this day, customers ordered 43 million items. that's 500 items per second. so it makes it a super busy day for our customer they're e aveling over to the facility like this which is one million square feet--
2:55 am
>> scott, what do weweave going on here? >> folks, our associates who are shshves. once these are on our shelves, on the website. so the associates are bringing in a myriad of products. >> fascinated watching how many people they actually have working at this hour. it's not just a machine and tina and d ott, a lot of people.
2:56 am
>> we'll check in with ttonight moisture begins to move in from the south andove overtop a
2:57 am
near the surface. this will result in a light wintry mix across eastern iowa for the late evening and overnight hours. significan ice accumulation s are not expected, however, surfaces may become slick in certain areas. on monday the ntry mix will transion to mostly rain by good morning. i'm aditi roy. in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." a dangerous holiday weekend. storm battered the center of the country. icy rain and flash flooding blamed in the deaths of at least 14 people in texex and kansas. the threat far from over. accuweather's forecast coming up. the man accused of terrorizing a colorado planned parenthood is due in court
2:58 am
robert dear reportedly made hostile comments about the clinic after the shooting rampage and standoff that left three people dead, including a police officer. on trial. jury selection begins today for the first of six baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death. officer william porter faces trial months after gray died in police custody, setting off the cityty worst riots since the 1960s. and nba star kobe bryant is retiring after this season. he told l.a. laker fans last night, bryant has spent two decades with the team but has been plagued by injuriesesver the past three seasons. those are some of our top stories on this monday, november 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you on this monday. it is not any ordinary manic monday. it is cyber-monday. we're going to get to the other stories. first we want to talk about cyber-monday.
2:59 am
because as millions go online at this hour to look for holiday bargains. >> point and click, right? let't'check in with tina trinh at amazon's fulfillment center in new jersey with a preview of this very busy day. it looks like it's bustling out t there, tina. >> reportete hey, guys. it is indeed very, very busy. it's the middle of the morning, but you would not believe how many people are already at work filling out orders this morning. and it's cyber-monday. so some of the best deals around are to be had today. and we are going to take you behind the scenes to see how it all works out. there are a lot of robots here. not just humans but a lot of robots putting your orders together. it's pretty cool stuff. i'll take you in a minute later today. >> all right. looking forward to it. cyber-monday has taken over black friday when it comes to sales numbers and especially after last black friday. sales were down about a billion dollars from last year.
3:00 am
there in new jersey. now of course, to our other top story this half hour. that dangerous storm that is finally clearing out as a new one gets going this morning. oklahoma is a state of emergency after ice sparked transformers and brought down power lines. 100,000 people still ithe dark. here's abc's chuck sivertsen on the wicked end to a long holiday ekend. >> reporter: for millions of weary thanksgiving travelers, the homestretch has become a slippery slope. >> i got to go to work tomorrow. >> reporter: but the freezing weather has put even slow speed travel on ice. >> we weren't even able to go the speed limit. we had to drive under it >> it's getting worse today. >> so many trees down in el reno. >> reporter: trees falling under the weight of ice. all night, we could hear the limbs cracking and ice falling and we didn't know whax to expect. reporter: what did that sound like when this massive tree came apart? >> well, it kind of sounded like
3:01 am
a shotgun going off, like a big crack. >> reporter: the winter ststm forcing oklahoma's governor to declare a state of emergency. >> it's coming down. >> reporter: 100,000 homes left in the dark. utility crews braving the elements to restore electricity. >> it's been quite devastating. we've had one ice storm several years ago but it didn't do the damage this has. >> reporter: in arkansas the driver of this vehicle hydroplaned into a creek. >> female stuck in vehicle with water pouring in. >> reporter: three good samaritans managed to reach her just in time. >> she's able to reach her arm out and i got her by hand. >> reporter: in texas, swiftwater teams rescued this truck driver trapped by heavy rains. >> the storm is headed east acrosshe plains spreading more snow, in some spots 5 to 10 inches. in others, more than a foot. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. and as the winter weather is moving on, commuters in omaha, minneapolis, and green bay need to keep a watchful eye because heavy snow is on the way. >ur coverage continues at accuweather with meteorologist
3:02 am
cam tran. good morning to you, cam. >> good morning, aditi and kendis. a winter storm developing across the central plains today bringing an icy mix into iowa and parts of nebraska. the rest of the plain states will be seeing mainly snow today, and the bulk of the snowfall will be falling late tonight into tuesday as that system shifts further to the north and east. minneapolis could see upwards of eight inches of snow. omaha upwards of four inches. as we head down to the south, it was a very wet weekend across parts of texas. north texas will dry out as most of the moisture will shift further off to the east. the heheiest of rainfall wililbe parked mainly over the tennessee valley today. thanks to this frontal boundary and spotty showers along the texas gulf, as well. >> our thanks to cam. we move on to a terrifying accident for dozens of college students heading back to school after thanksgiving. the charter bus they were riding in overturned on a virginia road
3:03 am
last night injuring 35 people, one of tm seriously. the students were being dropped off at three different schools including virginia tech, the university of virginia and radford university. but the bus driver lost control on a ramp and the bus ended up on its side. >> i just dropped them off at vcu. they're headed back to radford tonight to go back to school and i was on my way home. my daughter called and said the bus flipped over. >> thaej those panicked parents there. the bus driver was among the injured. he's been charged with reckless driving. and to another college campus now. rhe university of chicago's main campus is closed because of a security threat. administrators say that the fbi warned them after an online threat. that threat specifically mentioned the campus quad at 10:00 a.m. the police presence on campus has been stepped up and students living in dorms were told d stay inside. >> investigators this morning still searching for a clear motive behind the deadly shooting ramp and at a planned
3:04 am
parenthood clilic in colorado springs. robert dear is accused of killing three people and injuring nine others on friday. he allegedly made hostile comments abo planned parenthood after he surrendered, and neighbors say he kept to himself. >> it's very easy to just do your own thing and not be noticed because everybody minds their oqn business pretty much out here. >> police officer garrett swasey was killed responding to the attack. also killed jennifer markovsky and ke'arre stewart. both of whom were accompanying friends to the clinic. >> let's go overseas. president obama is in paris for a major global conference on climate change. although he arrived after midnight he went right from the irport to the bataclan concert hall, site of the worst blood shed in the terror attacks two weeks ago. along with french president hollande and the mayor of paris, he placed a single flower at the imprprptu memorial there a a observed a m ment of silence. rallies around the world marked the start of the climate conference.
3:05 am
in paris, people held hands in a two-mile long human chain. although public demonstrations have been banned since the terror attacks. but some protesters turned to violence clashing with police and sparking a show of force in return. at least 175 people were arrested, mnother 25 or so placed under house arrest. >> keeping our fococ overseas right now. pope francis is wrapping up a three-country visit to africa with a stop in central african republic. he`urged christians and muslims to stop fighting and to seek peace instead. abc's david d ight is traveling with the pope. >> reporter: declaring himself a pilgrim of peace and apostle of hope, pope francis became the first pope in recent memory to visit a war zone. pope francis is here as pastor of the world's largest church but he's also trying to broker a peace here between christians and muslims. the two sides have been locked in a bloody conflict for the past few years, a civil war that
3:06 am
pits neighbor against neighbor, killing thousands and forcing a million peopop to flee their homes. >> getting those messages out through the churches and the mocks throughout the central african republic will really i think have a powerful impact. >> reporter: under heavy guard, pope francisisentured into a camp for the displaced. this is something you don't tend it see at papal events. u.n. peacekeepers with helmets, flak jackets and ak-4-4atching the backs of the crowd gathering for the pope. there's good reason to fear here. a grenade here is cheaper than a bottle of coca-cola. but the pope road through streets in the opeh popemobile unconcerned. on monday, pope francis visits a mosque.. and also what's said to be the most dangerous part of town. calling on christians and muslims alike here to put down their weapons and seek peace. vid wright, abc newsws >> a security breach at buckingham palace after two protesters climbed onto the roof. queen elizabeth was notelieved
3:07 am
palace at the time. the two men were demanding greater fairness for fathers in divorce and child custody cases. >> good news from the royals though. some new photos of the queen's youngest g gndchild. princess charlotte. here she is, will and kate's daughter. now 6 months old. they grow up so quickly. and in these photos, she's seen laughing with her stuffed animals. >> and now we see she has big blue eyes and fair skin. look at that. and hair a bit darker than her brother george. the photos actually taken by her mother, duchess kate herself. she did a fantastic job on those pictures. >> she's a great photographer, as well. she's not only beautiful but could bebe good photographer. hire her for a wedding banquet. >> and a great subject there, too. getting that perfect moment where her baby -- >> you would know how tough it is. >> i have a toddler at home. just getting her on camera is a challenge. >> i can imagine. coming up, as promised, our
3:08 am
operations at amazon. >> and also ahead, age old secrets revealed from king tut's tomb. did historians in egypt uncover something hidden for centuries? >> but first presidential candidate ben carson's susurise trip t tthe middle east. did he make political gains, that after 30 degrees in great falls, montana. have you been there? >> never. >> how about its sister city sharya, russia? >> no. >> we do like twins. narrator: "world news now" weather brought to you b b biotenene do like twins. "world news now" weather brought to you by bioteen. a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't.
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karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ...two more ways to breathe happy check this out. a threatening scene in downtown providence, rhode island. the headquarters of an aerospace company going up in smoke. firefighters rushed to the textron building, one e the tallest in rhode island. investigators say the fire was contained to the heating and air conditioning unit on the roof and was put out without an damage to the rest of the building. another release of hillary clinton's controversial e-mails
3:12 am
is expected this afternoon. 7800 pes of e-mails from the 2012 and early 2013 time frame are being made public. the benghazi attacks took place you'll recall in september, 2012. all 55,000 pages of the e-mails transcripts are expected to be releleed by the end of january. and now to ben carson. the republican candidate heading overseas to jordan, meeting face to face with syrian refugees. >> this, of course, comes as the presidential hopeful is criticized for his lack of foreign policy experience. abc's tom llamas has the details. >> we're just getting a good impression of what's going on here. >> reporter: ben carson's campaign releasing these images from his surprise trip to jordan. >> this clinic seems to be very ce. >> reporter: carson visiting refugee camps where syrians have fled civil war says the u.s. must do more but bringing 254000 refugees to the united states does nothing to solve this crisis. jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. jordan needs and deserves our help. the overseas trip coming as
3:13 am
carson has takak new heat for his foreign policy comments like wrongly asserting that china was involved in the syrian civil war. >> you know, the chinese are there as well ashe russians. >> reporter: and comparing the screening of refefees to protecting children from rabid dogs. >> if there's a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood, you probably are not going to assumumsomething good about that dog. >> reporter: and national security issues critical to 2016 candidates our latest poll of republicans shows terrorism now topping the economy as the most important issue for voters. for carson, only 6% of republicans in the crucial state of iowa believe he's best to handle foreign policy. ted cruz takes the lead at 24%. he's come out against sending u.s. ground troops to syria. . >> you asked about boots on the ground. the kurds are our boots on the ground. >> reporter: donald trump meanwhile wants more air power in the fight against isis. >> i would bomb the
3:14 am
[ expletive ] out of them. >> reporter: trump says he's open to the idea of sending ground troops while others more definitive in their support which ranges from limited intervention to large scale deployment. tom llamas, abc news, new york. all right. our thanks to tom. this trip is very controversial because nobody would expect him to go out in the middle of the campaign and h hhad an interview with abc's "this weekend" saying the refees there that he met rely don't want to comto america. >> and a reuters poll puts him in second place now. >> okay. we'll see what sort of fleshes out in the next couple weeks. i'm sure not a lot of people were paying attention over the last holiday weekend. coming up, an ancient secret that would make indiana jones alous. the discovery of a possible secret chamber in king tut's tomb and what that means for ancient history. you're watching "world ns now."history. you're watching g orld news now.w.
3:15 am
continues after this from our well, the ancient civilization of egypt is one of the most fascinating the world has ever known. even though it's all history, there's still so much we don't know about. >> surprisingly. and the mysteries of king tutankhamun one of the best known figures of that time seem to be enter twined with other famous ancient eship yuns. sara haines has the store. >> reporter: egyptian firms say they're 90% sure a secret chamber has been discovered inside king tut's tomb. nicolas reeves has been on the hunt for the lost burial chamber of que nefertiti but instead of raiding egyptian tombs like brendon frazier in the mummy, he believes he's finally found the grave of tut's stepmothernd one of the most beautiful women of ancient egypt by using hi-tech gear to see over walls. >> she looks as ifne of these doorways may lead tohe burial of nertiti herself.
3:16 am
>> reporter: tut's tomb has been scinating scientiststsnd fans since it was first discovered in 1922. sparking legends of a curse and countless mummy movies. the boy king becoming a global sensation when his treasures went on a world tour. steve martin paying tribute in song on "saturday night live." king tut, how did you get so funky >> reporter: this summer, the spike series "tut" royally smashing ratings records thanks in part to a smoking hot portrayal of the ancient king.g. >> i stand before you the ruler of all egypt. >> reporter: and all the intrigue and drama inside the royal palace. reeves fears the valley of the kings' most famous valley might keep the secret forever. >> if this new chamber actually exists the likelihood must be that it remains completely undisturbed.d. >> sara haines, abc news, new york.
3:17 am
surrounding ha area. >> it's fascinating. it's amazing how well preserved those mummies were. back in that day. for all of those centuries. . >> i wonder whose skin cream do they use. but just recently, scientists were saying the pyramids at giza had thermal scanning and they found some weird anomalies that they have no idea what was behind it. so lots of mysteries still behind it. we'll go behind cyber-monday next..
3:18 am
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for just $9.95 a month. call now for your free information kit. for those of you who didn't participate in that contact sport known as black friday shopping, well, today's your day. >> yeah, that's right. of course, it's cyber-monday where retailers roll out all the best online deals. let's head out to the leading online retailer and our tech contributor trina trinh live at one of their fulfillment centers. hopefully, a lot of orders are being fulfilled at this hour.
3:21 am
>> yeah, kendis -- i'm h he still with scott. and we're at an official amazon picking station. scott, how does it work? >> it's really complex but very simple. once a customer orders a a producuc it comes off our shelves. one of our robots weighs 320 pounds and carries 750 pounds, brings it up here to the station. one of our associates can pick it off the shelf and put it in one of these bins. it will then take a journey through miles and miles of conveyance to get through the door. let's take a look. let's go behind the scenes. we're going to go right through here and just get a look at how this order works. i mean, he's picking very specifically what the computer tells him, right, scott? >> that's right. we hava printer cable. and the computer is telling him
3:22 am
off the shelf. the camera up top -- and the computers tell him when that is rerey to be taken on the conveyor belt and shipped out the door. >> reporter: it's amazing what the sheer complexity of all of this and the volume that you guys must prpress, right? >> yeah, it's our busiest day of the year. last year on this day, customers ordered an amazing 500 items per second. we have over 20 million items in thth building and today y ll be our busiest day ever for this building. >> reporter: all right, guys. so we're in the thick of it right now. you still have plenty of time to log on and score those deals. >> we're doing our own shopping. i wanted to ask you, how much time elapses between an order coming iand getting out the door? >> reporter: how much time, scott,t,etween an order getting in and going out the door here? >> before suc sing the 12 days of christmas.
3:23 am
matter of minutes. that's what the robotics has really helped us speed up that process. >> awesome. let't'just take a look reaea quick at these robotics. >> there are plenty of robotics all over the facility. 500 orders per second. that's absolutelamazing. our thanks to tina trinh in new jersey and scott. >> thanks so much. coming up more news from abc on
3:24 am
this cyber-m this morning on "world new now," demanding answers after the planned parenthood shooting. >> the suspect in the colorado springs fatal siege appears in court today as the world waits hear about a possible motive. the latest from investigators overnight. teteion in paris. protests in the french capital as the president meets with world leaders today to address climate change and terrorism. teflon trump. at's what critics call the republican presidentntl hopeful
3:25 am
after making even more controversial remarks. the search for the truth. and retail game-changer. forget about the stores. today's the day to find bargain holiday gifts online insnsad of standing in line at the cash registers. the profit picture on this monday, november 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm aditi roy. in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. good monday morning to you, evererody. good morning to you. nice of you to be here. >> so happy to be here. >> i mean, you were saying you've been watching the show. >> since 1994 when i was in college. i remember i would be staying up studying and watchininthis and when i was a local news anchor, we would be watching it in the mornings as we were getting makeup to go on air. >> so is it kind of trippy being here on lhe set at this hour? >> very weird being on this side of the camera. but i'm so excited to be here. >> aditi our national correspondent. so great to have you here at the
3:26 am
mothership with us. >> it's eat to be next to you, too. >> thank. it's the cologne. >> you smell great. >> thank you. we are going to get started on a serious note of course, with the search for answers out there in colorado following the deadly shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clininiin colorado springs. >> accused gunman robert dear is expected to face a judge today. it's happening as gop presidential candidates fend off allegations that inflammatory rhetoric against planned parenthood may be partly to blame. the latest from the clayton sandell. >> reporter: investigators say it could take a week to process the crime scene. the siege was pure chaos. >> we're getting active gunfire. >> reporter: a gunman friday taking aim at police and everyone else at a colorado springs pland parenthood building. >> he fired a round. and it blew out the back window of my car. >> reporter: the alleged gunm,
3:27 am
57-year-old robert dear of hartsville, colorado. neighbors say he mostly kept to himself moving into this remote trailer home about a year ago, searched saturday by police. >> it's very easy to just do your own thing and not be noticed because everybody minds their own business pretty much out here. >> reporter: as for a possible motive, law enforcement sources say aftete dear surrendered friday, he allegedly made rambling hostile comments about planned parenthood. the u.s. attorney general calls the shooting a crime against women receiving health karat planned parenthood. officials say dear appears to be a classic lone wolf. >> he's not talking to a lot of people. he's n n saying oh, i'm going to do this or i'm going to do that. very hard to you know, identify that type of person as a threat. >> reporter: but even understanding the shooter's alleged motive will not bring back three victims. ke'arre stewart reportedly an entrepreneur, jennifer markovsky, a mother of two and
3:28 am
family man garrett swayse6 >> he would have gone into that clinic you know, to serve those people because their lives matter. >> reporter: at his church, a prayer for his alleged killer. >> god, we for give him. we can't not. you have forgiven him. garrett's forgiven him. >wazey was a championonunior ice skatat who once trained wiwi his friend nancy kerrigan. >> strong and powerful and did it with a nice ease. you can't explain it. it's horrific and sad. >> reporter: nine ototrs were wounded in the building just behind me and all expected to be okay. the suspect will be in court today. clayton sandell, abc news. the uearch for answers continues there. > the university of chicago southside campus is closed today because of an online threat of gun violence. the fbi told campus officials the threat specifically mentioned the campus quad at 10:00 a.m. chicago theological seminary and the university of chicago charter school also canceled
3:29 am
proximity. > re than 30 people were injured last night when a charter bus packed with college students crashed in virginia. police say the bus driver lost control on a ramp and flipped over. the udents were returning from thanksgiving break to virginia tech. the university of virginin as well as radford university. one person was seriously hurt. the others suffered minor injuries. the driver was charged with reckless driving. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is asking for a new trial this week. a hearing is scheduled tomorrow in federal court to hear his request for a new trial in a different location. the defense has said a local jury could not be objective. tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death earlier this year for his role in the 2013 attack. right now, president obama is in n ris for a major conference on limit change. he arrived shortly after midnight but paid a visit to the bataclan concert hall, the site of the terror attacks two weeks ago.
3:30 am
protests have been banned ever since. some demonstrators clashed with police. more than 100 people were detained. jonathan karl israveling with the president in paris this morning. >> reporter: the world leadad are here in paris to discuss climate change, but there's no question that the threat of terrorism and isis specifically is overshadowing much of what's happening here. and it will be topic number one on monday night when presidenenobama sits down for r one-on-one dinner with president hollande talking about ways to get a more energetic, more aggressive approach to dealing with the isis threat. jonathan karl, abc news, paris. the nsa is no longer collecting information from phone calls made by americans. the highly controversial program ended as of midnight and put in place -- it was put in place after the 9/11 attacks. the government required the big phone companies to hand over information on virtually all calls s de by their customers. formrm nsa contractor edward snowden leaked classified details about the program
3:31 am
sparking outrage. we're getting another release of hillary clinton's e-mails expected this afternoon. 7878 pages of e-mails from the 2012 and early 2013 time frame are being made public. the benghazi attacks took place, you mamarecall, in septembererf 2012. all 55,000 pages of e-mail transcripts are expected to be released by the end of january. and clinton is calling for tougher gun control after the colorado springs shooting. clinton also accused of republicans -- also accused republicans of treating women's health lili political footballs saying we should be supporting planned parenthood not attacking it. she picked up a big endorsement from boston mayor marty walsh. >> nobody comes close to her achievements. just as important, she's got heart. she's got grit, and she's got t who it takes to be the next president of the united states. >> clinton also unveiled a $275 billion plan to modernize the country's infrastructure.
3:32 am
>> let's turn now to donald trump who is still coming under fire for appearing to mock a reporter with a disability and for claiming to have seen thousands of muslims cheering on 9/11. but he still is holding on to his lead in the polls. it's your voice, your vote. devin dwyer covering the republicans. >> reporter: he's the republican front-runner dubbed "teflon don.n. donald trump defiant despite swirling controversy over his regard for facts. >> why would i take it back? i'm not going to take it back. >> reportete refusing to take back unsubstantiated claims he saw on tv thousands of muslims in knowledge celebrate celebrating on nevin. a newspaper reporter challenged trump last week and faced backlash. >> you have to see this guy, i don't know what i sasa. i don't remember. >> reporter: the outburst was widely condemned as mockery for kovalesky's rare genetic disorder. >> a reporter who says i know m. i don't know him. i dot mock people who haha
3:33 am
>> reporter: he declined comment to abc news. but his former colleague susie parker says she witnessed the two together in 1989. >> they knew each other. it was so clear. you don't forget him. and serge, he is charming, funny, won two pulitzer prizes. >> reporter: meanwhile, ben carson is wrapping up his trip to refugee camps in jordan. >> we are getting a good impression on what is going on here. >> reporter: his campaign sharing video of carson meeting with syrian refugee families who he says don't want to come to the u.s. >> they want to go back home. for us to bring 10,000 or 25,000 people over here, that doesn't solve the problem. >> reporter: carson says he took his first overseas trip as a candidate so he can better know what he's talking about. this as ters now say foreign policy is one of the top issues in this campaign. devin dwyer, abc news, the white house. let's move on to weather now. the governor of oklahoma has
3:34 am
dedeared a state of emererncy after a dadaerous ice storm. the ice built up on power lines, sparking transformers and triggering fires. nearly 100,000 homes had no electricity as of last night. it could take several days for the utility companies to restore service. boy. plenty of trees came down along with those power lines. sunday was spent cleaning up or staying warm. and now, heavy snow threatens the upper midwest. here's meteorologist cam tran and accuweather. good morning. i guess there's no relief in sight. >> good morning, aditi and kendis. it winter storm system will make it a very slippery commute across the plain states. icy mix in iowa and nebraska. the rest of the area will see mainly snow. the bulk falling late tonight into tuesday as the system shifts off to the north and east. minneapolis could see upwards of eight inches of snow into
3:35 am
of four inches. it was pretty damp across north texas over the weekend. they'll start to dry out today as the frontal system shifts off to the east. the bulk of the rainfall will be moving across the tennessee valley today. we'll see some of the heaviest rainfall and looking at spotty showers along the gulf coast, as well. aditi and kendis, back to you. >> thanks to cam there. reaction has been pouring in overnight to word that kobe bryant is retiring from basketball after this season. bryant will leave the game as its number three career scorer with at least 17 all-star appearances. and at least two olympic gold medals. but the 37-year-old has struggled with injuries for the past three seasons. lakers fans arriving at last night's game got a lettefrom bryant ia black envelope embossed with gold. this is part of what bryant wrote under the heading, "dear basketball." "the season is all i have left to give. my heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind but my body knows 's time to say good-bye. and thatat okay. let it go." >> very nicely done. >> i'm sure kobe bryant sounded just like that. that was the mix of a southern
3:36 am
gentleman and my grandpa. i don't know what that was. sorry. >> who knew he could wax poetic like that. >> yes, i'm sure vanessa knows when he's asked for forgiveness. coming up next in spor, last nig's epic finish to the patriots/broncos game. >> it was a wintry one in denver. look at that, with new england leading 21-7 in the fourth quarter, but the broncos fought their way back with interim qb brock oswyler finding andrew caldwell to take the lead. ady marches the patstsown the field d nding it into o.t. w wh that field goal. but in weather like this it's all about the ground game. and there you see it. running back c.j. anderson delivering a home team victory with that home run. 48-yard touchdown run there. final score denver 30, new england.
3:37 am
torn acl, ending his season. >> broncos quarterback peyton manning was sidelined in the win and may be out for the season with an injury. but younger brother eli's only injury, a bruised ego. not just because of the new york gits tough loss to the washington redskins but because of some closed captioning calling the youngest manning penguin boy. >> nice job there on the closed captioning. i think they were completely off. all right. well, coming up in the mix, the soccer player who used his rear end to score a goal. he's not the butt of a joke today. also ahead, t t holiday shopping game-changer. cyber-monday putting black friday to shame. the billions being spent today as retail banks online shoppers. and it's as heartwarming as
3:38 am
it was 50 years ago when the "charlie brown christmas" first aired. the peanuts gang mark a holiday milestone. >> bast christmas music ever. and join the fun on facebook as and twitter at abcwnn. you're watching abc "world news now." abcwnn. you're watching abc "world news now."but did you know there's a product that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced fofoula works by immediately releasing powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. in fact, dels lasts three times longer than the leading cough liquid. for all day or all night relief, try delsym -the #1 doctor recommended 12 hour cough liquid. this has been medifacts for delsym . [ man ] look how beaeaiful it is. honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicareresupplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not,
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3:41 am
well,, black friday sales were down this year, and there's an apparent shift in how all those holiday gifts are being purchased. >> rather than going to stores, shoppers are pointing and clicking their way through their shopping list.
3:42 am
cyber-monday. >> reporter: holiday shopping is now a little less standing in line and a lot more shopping online. this black friday inintore sales fell more than a billion dollars. meanwhile online, we spent $2.7 billion. that's a big bump p 14% over just last year. >> it's quicker. it's easier. we're used to the on demand lifestyle. most of us areoing online shopping on a regular basis. >> reporter: cyber monday, we're projected to shell out even more. retailers are sending promotionae-mails early and often. they're matching black friday in-store dealsn line and extending those offers over so-called cyberweek. $199 for an ipad mini at walmart, at target. 300 bucks off this samsung tv.
3:43 am
attractive as it used to be -- unless you want to get punched in the face, be yelled at or fight the traffic for hours there's no need nowadays to do that because you can find the best same deals online. >> increasingly we are shopping with our fingers, not our feet. nick watt, abc news, santa monica, california. >> a lot of people will be doing that today. well, coming up in our next half-hour, deep inside cyber monday, we'e' behind the sceness at one of amazon's fulfillment centers. we'll be there as thousands of orders make their way home from your online shopping cart to your front door. first, a christmas classic. charlie brown and the peanuts gang marking 50 years on the air. it's time for a celebration. you're watching "world n ns now." "world news now" continues after this from our
3:44 am
plaintiff it is hard to believe thatt
3:45 am
it was a half century ago that a "charlie brown christmas" first aired. >> t tcelebrate abc is hosting a 50th anniversary special tonight. brandi hitt has a preview. >> reporter: good grief, it's been 50 years. >> quiet, everybody. >> charles schulz's loveable peanuts characters were ought to life in "a charlie brown christmas" for the first time in 1965. >> i just don't understand it. >> reporter: the story of a troubled boy, his dog snoopy and fririds coming to o e rescue. >> no, no, no. listen, all of you. you've got to take direction. >> reporter: and 50 years later, schulz' son craig says the holiday special's themes and emotions still ring true. >> we all feel those things. we're all there when he loses. we lose a lot more in life than we ever win. >> and listen to these voices. >> i always end up playing a shepherd. >> reporter: schulz says these
3:46 am
auditioned for the roles. these are neighborhood kids pulled from classroo. >> oh, no. we're doomed. >> are you thrilled, snoopy? >> reporter: snoopy's excited. ready to celebrate monday's golden anniversary along with an hour long special on abc leading up to what's now become a holiday classic.c. >> merry christmas, charlie brown! >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc
3:47 am
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3:50 am
imagination there. this year, they publicized selling nothing, believe it or not, for $5. >> nobody's going to go for thth. >> you would think, right? but no, they made $70,000. more than that. >> who would do that? >> evidently a lot of people because they made all that money. fortunately it's going for their employees. >> they advertise on their web page they're selling you nothing for $5. >> you don't even get a box of nothing. just nothing. >> at least last year, you got a box of crap out of it. this year, it's absolutely nothing. and people spent five bucks on it. >> hey, you can sell anything i guess today. or nothing. >> i guess it doesn't go to o charity. asasou know, there are many legendary butts out there. there's, of course, nicki minaj's butt, which has its own zip code. and in the sports world, you had the butt fumble for jetjets fans with mark sanchez. ccer has its own legendary butt. ben williamson's butt. take a look at this play carefuy.
3:51 am
ball to the other side and then hits it off ben's butt.. and it scores a goal. >> oh. >> in slow mo. look at that. >> and what are the chances? i guess. bend it like ben. that's amazing. player there. all right. pretty cool. of a dog being rescued from take a look. so this is actually a photo of a dog and his owner. how sweet being rescues. they were discovered in chest deep waters with the dog on his shoulders with the help of a ladder truck, the firefighter was lowered to where the two were and hoisted them back to safety. and check out how the dogog expresses gratitude in a very dog-like fashion. >> saw him licking the firefighter's face. the rescuer's face. >> really sweet. you can tell hs very thankful. and speaking of thankful, i want to get turkeys who are probably
3:52 am
to this back and forth. [ horn honking ] [ [ gobbling ] >> whenever they'd hear the car horn -- >> they really are -- >> they'd gobble back. >> -- - ving a conversation. >> they're like oh, no, i thought we escaped thursday. no, not -- don't tell me you
3:53 am
>> gobble, gobble.tonight isture begins to move in from the south andndove overtop a
3:54 am
near the surface. this will result in a light wintry miacross eastern iowa r the late evening and overnight hours. significant ice accumulation s are not expected, however, surfaces may become slick in certain areas. on monday the ntry mix will transition to mostly rain by making news in america this morning -- shooting spree. the deadly rampage at a planned parenthood. what we're learning about the victims. possible motives. and the alleged gunman. breaking overnight. a bus overturning on a highway, packed with college students returning from holiday break. investigators on the scene all night long. the new details coming in now. and special delivery. amazon showing off its new technology. just in time for cybermonday,
3:55 am
hoping to bring you packages by
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