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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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weather lab. chris, how are the roads right now? ...bruce and beth, back to you. remember, whenever winter
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stay with kcrg t-v nine for the most accurate coverage. you can download the kcrg first alert weather app to put the latest weather information right at your fingertips. download it from google play or the apple store. flights are getting back on schedule after a hectic night at the des moines international airport. the snow storm forced airlines to cancel five early morning flights to cities like chicago and denver. 500 people had to rebook. the cancellations came just as the airport saw an influx of passengers when presidential campaign workers, media, and visitors were trying to leave after last night's caucuses. " we've been planning for quite
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tenants..with the rental car agencies; with the tsa; the airlines themselves to ask them to upgage..give us additional seats in des moines to get this glut of people out of here." " today, the final precincts reported their numbers from iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses. and today, the democratic party confirmed hillary clinton won by a razor- thin margin. clinton came in with 49 point 8 percent of delegates. and sanders came in with 49 point 6 percent. several precincts decided its delegates by a coin flip after a tie, which is allowed by party rules. the iowa democratic party said it would not do any recount of the close results. a spokesman for the sanders campaign said it does not plan to challenge the results of the caucuses. on the republican side, ted cruz won the iowa caucuses, with 27 point 6 percent of the vote. donald trump came in second with 24 point 3 percent of the vote, and marco rubio garnered 23
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republican voters showed up at their caucuses last night in record numbers. the republican party says turnout was likely more than 180- thousand. that broke the previous record of just over 121 thousand from 2012. about 171 thousand democrats caucused last night, which was well that party's record. the iowa caucus project says in 2008, the last time there was a competitive race for the democratic nomination, nearly 240 thousand iowa democrats turned out. in fact, caucus goers simply overwhelmed organizers in both parties at many caucus locations. in some areas, parking was an issue. in other cases, there was just confusion because there were so many people. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman joins us now. dave, primaries aren't an option for iowa, since it's written into iowa code the state must have caucuses. so how are party officials planning to deal with these levels of turnout if they see them again at future
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beth, leaders from both parties say they planned and planned but still got surprised by the turnout. linn county republicans anticipated a 30 percent increase over the highest caucus turnout in the past and picked locations based on those estimates. but some caucus sites reported a 100 percent increase over previous caucuses turnouts making space a problem. linn county republicans went "big" in picking space to accommodate a number of cedar rapids participants. the double tree hotel hosted people from 29 precincts in three separate areas. but while there was room to spread out snags still developed. "a lot of confusion came from first time caucus goers expecting it to be a primary environment... go in vote and leave. " " but with all the new registrations and people changing parties from independent to democrat
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us way over what we had expected " both parties say it might help if the campaigns projected their caucus turnout expectations earlier so local party leaders could adjust plans. but that's information most wouldn't share. democrats also need more room when participants divide up into preference groups. danette fite says at her caucus site sanders supporters were put in a separate area and kept away from other groups. they couldn't see what was happening and fear a miscounting of sander's level of support. but she too thinks the overall problem is finding the right space for caucus crowds. "we need to be prepared with better locations our location was too small." fite says she filed a complaint with linn county democrats about the support counting at her precinct... and the party is checking into it. linn county democrats say they got a couple of complaints about caucus sites--lack of parking and so
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people. both say all they can do is learn some lessons and try to make improvements in four years. live in the newsroom, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. a number of eastern iowa school districts are holding special elections today on funding for facilities and other projects. many polling locations didn't open until noon because of the weather. but polls will close at eight o'clock tonight. in bremer county, the denver school district is asking voters to approve a seven point three million dollar bond issue. it would help pay for a new gym, auditorium, and an indoor track. the bond issue narrowly failed last june. people in the springville school district are voting on a four point seven million dollar bond issue for nine elementary school classrooms, office space, a multi-purpose room, and a technology classroom. the college community district hopes voters will approve a 49 point five million dollar bond issue. it would add classrooms to the high school and
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systems. last year, a similar bond issue failed by only 58 votes. the waterloo school district is hoping voters approve a 47 million dollar bond issue. the district would use that money for career and technical education programs in a new 35 million dollar career center. waterloo east and west high schools would also receive 6 million each for renovations. all of these bond issues require a 60 per cent super majority to pass. the lone tree school district in johnson county is asking voters there to renew a physical plant and equipment levy, or ppel, for building repairs. the district says it would use the money for computers and buses as well. the levy taxes home owners 67 cents per one-thousand dollars of assessed valuation on their property. a world cup cycling competition is coming to iowa city this fall. city leaders say the races will likely put a much- welcomed international spotlight on the town.
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there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast. punxsutawney phil made his prediction this morning after the groundhog emerged from a mock tree stump in western pennsylvania. his handlers told a crowd there will be early spring- like weather this year.
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roll through the area tonight. watch out for areas of dense fog tonight as the winds diminish with the passage of the area of low pressure this evening. overnight light rain changes back to light snow with increasing winds into wednesday morning. as we watch the mercury drop overnight slick travel conditions are likely for the morning
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the latest updates on our winter storm. tonight: fog early, snow late low: 26-32 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy, windy high: 26-32 winds: nw 20-35tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 6-12 winds: nw 5-15thursday: partly cloudy high: 29 - low: 9 friday: chance of snow high: 32 - low: 16
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high: 36 - low: 21 sunday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 25 monday: chance of snow high: 30 - low: 24 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 19 - low: 16 thanks joe. now here's katie weidemann with a look at what you'll see tonight on kcrg t-v nine news at six. " mercy medical center in dubuque is announcing a new treatment for heroin addiction. hear how law enforcement says that may make their job easier. " the animal rights group peta is asking the government to investigate after a goat escaped from the university of iowa. it's also asking the university's president to retire the animal from research once they find
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the environmental group peta is asking the u-s department of agriculture to start an investigation after a research goat escaped from the university of iowa. peta thinks the university might have violated the animal welfare act, which requires researchers to keep animals safe. the group also wrote a letter to university of iowa president bruce harreld retire the goat and let it go to an animal sanctuary. the university says it's still looking for the goat that got
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it's asking people in north liberty to watch for the goat, which looks like this one. the university says several people have spotted the goat in the north liberty area. the iowa hawkeye's men's basketball team is earning national recognition. hawkeye forward jarrod uthoff is on the regional cover of sports illustrated this week. and the magazine calls uthoff a candidate for national player of the year. it also described the hawkeye basketball team as america's biggest surprise. the issue should be on store shelves tomorrow. the hawkeyes are currently fifth in the a-p poll and seventh in the u-s-a today coaches poll. a survey of supply managers in iowa and other midwest states indicates improved faith in the economy for the first time in months. a new report from creighton university shows the mid-american business conditions index in january jumped to 48 point 3 from 39 point 5 in december. it's the first increase in six
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survey organizers say any score above 50 indicates growth, while a score below that indicates decline. while january's score is still below 50, it does signal an improvement over december. iowa city says it's looking forward to hosting world cup competition for a popular european sport. it's expecting the cyclo- cross races will be broadcast live all across europe. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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world's bif you want to see some of the world's best cyclists, iowa city is the place to be this september. a cyclo-cross festival will feature more than 50 bicycle races for amateurs and professional riders, including the world cup cycling competition. it'll happen at the jingle cross track at the
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cyclo-cross involves riding a bike through a number of obstacles. kcrg t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us live mark, the city expects this to bring in a lot of tourism dollars? beth and bruce, local tourism officials say this is a big deal, and it will bring a lot of international exposure and an influx of people to iowa city. for more than a decade iowa city has been home to the popular cyclo-cross event jingle cross. it's a bike race that features lots of off-roading on a course built around the county fairgrounds and attracts thousands of participants from across the country. but later this year the stakes will be raised... when a world-cup cyclo-cross event takes over the course. "i believe cycling news magazine said that iowa city was the highest google searched phrase after it was announced in the
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josh schamberger, president of the iowa city coralville convention and visitors bureau, says cycling is one of europe's most popular sports... and cyclo-cross is huge. and that's good news for iowa city -- an area that's trying harder than ever to be viewed as an internationally welcoming community. " the bigger opportunity really is the race will be shown live all throughout europe, so we'll be on live on at least, a minimum of eight million television homes. " "it's grown into a huge sport, you could go almost every weekend to a different cyclocross event in the fall, just staying within iowa, so there's a lot of different venues to go to. " geoff perrill, owner of geoff's bike and ski in iowa city says cyclocross is growing in popularity in iowa -- so much so that they carry cyclo-cross specific gear at his shop. and he says it's the type of sport he expects more and more iowans to keep to latch onto. "it's a real social event, something almost everybody can do, you just get yourself a bike and it doesn't even have to be a cyclocross bike, just something that can go off road, and a fantastic social aspect to it,
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aspects." the exact economic impact is still not known, but thousands of people expected to fly in from around the world for this. again, schamberger says the tv viewership around the world this comes with deal. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. we'll be right back. stay with tv-9
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number of heroin addicts here in iowa. tonight we see how it works. and the new sports illustrated cover pictures another iowa hawkeye... this time big ten scoring leader jarrod uthoff.
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toour winter storm continues to roll through the area tonight. watch out for areas of dense fog tonight as the winds diminish with the passage of the area of low pressure this evening. overnight light rain changes back to light snow with increasing winds into wednesday morning. as we watch the mercury drop overnight slick travel conditions are likely for the morning commute. stay with kcrg-tv9 for the latest updates on our winter storm. tonight: fog early, snow late low: 26-32 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy, windy high: 26-32 winds: nw 20-35
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kcrg-tv9 news at 5. now we go to new york for abc's world news with tonight, the new three-way fight. the candidates already on the ground in new hampshire, and so are we. ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio in a heated battle now after iowa. and trump's new message tonight. and hillary clinton declared the winner, but just barely. we're live in new hampshire. also breaking, the major storm tonight. blizzard warnings, reports of tornadoes. a large and dangerous tornado
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340 miles of interstate shut down.
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