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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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to need a space like carver hawkeye arena. the coralville marriott is really the only space available right now. but it's not perfect - especially if the meet continues to grow. organizers say having another option may help attract more teams to the area. "sometimes people hear conference center and think the ceilings are low or it's bad lighting, but maybe if they hear arena they'll think about good seating andnd things like that." that's why the gym is hopeful the iowa arena - a planned 45 million dollar project - will be a possible venue in the future. the arena would seat seven thousand and allow events like this one to accommodate bigger crowds. we'll show you what the arena cocod look like, coming up at ten o'clock. in coralville, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. meteorologist chris havely joins us now. chris, unseasonably warm the last
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long will that last? clouds will increase through the night, as a weak system moves in from the north. an isolated sprinkle or flurry is possible towards morning, but mainly for areas along highway 20 and north. clouds will stick around for sunday, as winds will take on a more northerly direction, and our temperatures come down from our recent mild stretch. look for temperatures to only climb i io the upper 30s and low 40s. for next week, we will stay mostly quiet, with no major pattern changes. several weak disturbances will bring more clouds on some days, and perhaps a sprinkle or flurry. however, no major systems look impact eastern iowa through next weekend. highs will generally range from the mid-30s to low 40s, which is fairly seasonable for late february. tonight: increasing clouds low: 29-35 winds: n 5-10 alo: 29 dbq: 30 iow: 32tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: nnw 5-10 alo: 41 dbq: 41 iow: 45 back to you. the remaining 6 republican presidential candidates are watching a waiting this evening, to hear relts in today's g-o-primary in southh carolina. the polls closed just
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has the latest. hoping some high profile endndsements will make a big impact, but support in the state of south nikki haley/ marco to bring a conscience to republicans in washington and reign in our out of control federal government." that's south carolina marco rubio. senator tim scott is also on team rubio. a team the campaign is calling the new american century. former presidential lindsay graham is backing jeb bush. frontrunner donald trump has the support of lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. sot rep. jeff duncan/ south carolina @ :35"here in south carolina, we have the opportunity to support ted cruz. a principled conservative who shares our south carolina values." congressman jeff duncan is backing ted cruz for president 'the state' nwspaper's editorial board endorsed john kasich. and maryland congressman andy harris is on the t til here with ben carson jacqueline policastro/co lumbia, sc @ :55 the endorsement that really counts will come from voters. and
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notorious for picking who will become the party's nominee. reporting in coluluia, i'm jacqueline policastro. numbers are also in tonight for the nevada democratic caucuses. hillary clinton won the state with 52 point 1 percent of the vote. vermont senator bernie sanders was a little more than 4 percent behind her, with 47 point 8 percent. that was with 80 percent of precincts reporting. 35 delegates were up for grabs in nevada. mrs. clinton spoke at a victory rally in las vegas within the last houou the former secretary of state narrowly won iowa on february first and then lost by double digits to sanders in new hampshire last week. tonight clinton said she's'sxcited to take tonigig's momentum into south carolina's primary next week and super tuesday on march first. "i am on my way ttexas, bill is on his way to colorado. the
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we want is within our grasp. thank you all. god bless you. " clinton is alsorojected to win in south carolina. polls show she has a 20- popot lead going into next saturday. family, friends, and long-time colleagues said their goodbyes to supreme court justice antonin scalia. a funeral mass ended two days of mourning for scalia, appointed to the supreme court in 1986. he died in his sleep at a ranch in texas last saturday. president obama and first lady michelle obama did not attend today's funeral, but were among the thousands paying their court yesterday. scalia's son paul, a catholic priest, led this morning's service. he went in his catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. god blessed him with the desire to be the country's good servant because he was
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scalia served nearly 30 years on the supreme court. president ronaldldeagan appointed him to the bench in 1986. following scalia's death, politicians have been talking about his legacy, and the appointment of the next supreme court justice. politicacaleaders in iowa have joined in that conversation. both cedar rapids state senator rob hogg and senator chuck grassley have stated their opinions on what the next step should be. hogg is challenging grassley for his seat in washington this november. coming up tonight at 10, we'll fact check recent statements they've made. the state of iowa plans to sign off on a 17-millionon dollar incentives package to keep 26- hundred jobs in the state, through a merger between dupont and dow chemical. the des moines regisisr reports that move comes after iowa lost a bid to secure the new headquarters for the merger of dupont and dow chemical. the
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incentives package will keep jobs that are part of dupont pioneer in johnston. dupont and dow are expected to wrap up their 130-billion dollar merger later this year. profits keep falling for john deere. first quarter numbers for fiscal year 20-16 show deere and company's net income for the quarter ending january st, was 254 point 4 million dollars. that's down from 386 point 8 million dollars during the same time period in fiscal 20-15. deere expects equipment sales to stay on a downward trend this fiscal year. in a release yesterday, the company said sales are projected to fall about0 percent. that's up from an earlier estimate of a 7 percent drop. a massive baseball and softball complex planned for linn county is getting closer to becoming reality. prospect meadows will be a 17-field complex
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would run along highway 13 and county home road. prospect meadows is about 3 quarters of the way to the 14 million dollars needed to start construction. and now, it may get a boost from iowa lawmakers. this week, a senate subcommittee advanced a bill that would give the project 2 and a half million dollars in sales tax rebates, over 1010ears. if enough fufus come in, prospect meadows could break ground this fall with the fields ready to host players in 20- 18. dogs and their humans put their paws to work today, to benefit other four-legged friends and the people they serve. coming up, we take you to a fundraiser helping dogs serve and protect in their communities.
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you may at one time have heard someone say, "give your idea some legs." well, a group in coggon gave theirs four. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders explains how it'll help area law enforcement. what you're looking at is a pet expo, with a heavy focus on at the coggon center, a plentiful amount of owners popped in, saturday pets too, from the petite to the pretty darn great. "thor is 130 pounds. he is a great dane. his mother and father were actually merles. he turned out black. when i got him, he was considered a runt." at got these paws totohe parquet floor, packed with ten vendors, was a great idea to raise money for the linn county sheriff's office.
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milwaukee, happened up a pet expo there. came back and said, 'i think we c c do thth'." specifically, 45% of the expo's admission price will go to nonprofit puppy jake foundation. it trains service dogs for veterans. another 45% the sheriff's k-9 unit. "whether it's to pay a medical bill or something along those lines. or possibly to replace aging dogs." aging dogs are aissue. this guy, gompie is nine and near retirement. trouble is training a new dog with an officer is between 10 and fifteen thousand dollars. "donations from the community are key in keeping the program alive." organizers hoped to get at least 200 in the door. they were optimistic that would happen seeing as a pet expo was a doggone good way to spend the day. this was ththfirst time organizers held that event. they're hoping to bring it back next year. a growing number of americans apparently want to go into space.
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18 thousand 300 applications for its astronaut candidate training program this year. that's nearly three times the number of applications it reccved for the 20-12 class. onllabout 10 people will be selected to go through the program. the old record was set in 19-78, when nasa received a little more than 8 thousand applications. once finalists are chosen, they will go through 2 years of basic training, learning things like space walking and speaking russian. a new photo from the european space agency shows us something we can't actually see. the hubble telescope took this picture of a supermassive black hole about 300 million light years away from earth. the black hole is more than a million times larger than our sun. however, you can't actually see the black hole itself, because light cannot escape its gravitational pull. chris, we've been enjoying warmer temperatures recently. but it sounds like another
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stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. clouds will increase through
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north. an isolated sprinkle or flurry is possible towards morning, but t inly for areas along highway 20 and north. clouds will stick around for sunday, as winds will take on a more northerly direction, and our temperatures come down from
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recent mild stretch. look for temperatures to only climb into the upper 30s and low 40s. for next week, we will stay mostly quiet, with no major pattern changes. several weak disturbances will bring more clouds on some days, and perhaps a sprinkle or flurry. however, no major systems look to impact eastern iowa through next weekend. highs will generally range from the mid-30s to low 40s, which febrbrry. 29-35 winds: n 5-10 alo: 29 dbq: 30
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mostly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: nnw 5-10 alo: 41 dbq: 41 iow: 45tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 25-31 winds: n 5-10 alo: : dbq: 28 iow: 29monday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 28 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 40 - low: 26 wednesday: mostly cloudy mostly cloudy high: 40 - low: 25 friday: partly cloudy high: 37 - low: 25 saturday: partly cloudy high: 43 - low: 29 thanks chris. thanks chris. josh is here. it's hard to
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season is winding down in college basketball. in just 12 days, we'll have the missouri valley conference tournament and uni is hoping to get a high seed. highlights of f e panthers and illinois state are next.
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streak was snapped on wednesday with a loss to loyola. the panthers are hoping to get back in the win column with three regular season games left, stting
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... the redbirds beat the panthers earlier this season ... cedar rapids washington grad wes washpun fires up the crowd with the alley-oop dunk to put uni on the board first ... waverly-shell rock gradad klint carlsonon knocked his first two three-pointers... this one puts uni up 8-6 and that lead keeps on growing ... iowa city west grad wyatt lohaus with a clear lane to the basket... he lays it in... uni was up 21-11 at one point ... illinois state came back and tied it at 22 all... but the panthers regain the lead... paul jesperson buries a deep three to put them up by five ... then it's iowa city west grad jeremy morgan with the rainbow shot... that rattles in... uni led 40-26 at halftime ... 2nd half action... bennett koch with the pump fake, and then puts it in... panthers up by 19 ... illinois state went on a 12-0 run.. but uni doesn't panic... washpun with the drive and that rolls in... he had a team-high 18 points... 53-46 uni ..then it's jeremy morgan with some incredible highlights... he gets
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somehow that shot falls down... then morgan puts on the exclamation point with the alley-oop dunk.....e had 13 as uni wins 75-66 ... in about 10 minutes, the iowa state men's basketball team will tip- off against tcu at hilton coliseum. the cyclones are coming off a toh overtime e ss to baylor on tuesday. isu defeated tcu earlier this season in fort worth, 73-60. ... the iowa state women's basketball team had a very tough game at 4th ranked baylor... the cyclones lost, 78-41... seanna johnson had a team-high 12 points... the cyclones have lost nine of their last 11 games. ... december 19th, that was the last time the cornell women's basketball team lost a game. since then, the rams have won 13 straight. that last loss was to st. nortbert... ... and the rams welcomed st. norbert to town ... it's the final home game for two seniors, including kellie kuzmanic who had the hot hand early... this three-pointer puts the rams up 5-0 ... the 2nd senior is maagie hogen... she grabs the
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board... gets the putback, and the foul... g ge is tied 7-7 ... closing seconds of the first quarter, hogen kicks it out to kuzmanic who buries another three... she had 11 points... rams trailed 17-14 after one quarter ... in the 2nd, maddie rinehart goes up and under for the hoop and harm... but the rams fall, 61-56 ... linn-mar grad marcus paige and the e rth carolina tar heels hosting miami today ... marcus doesn't block very many shots, but go full extension on this block... later in the first half, marcus goes high off the window to get on the score sheet ... then he drills the catch and shoot three- pointer... marcus had 7 points as the tar heels destroy miami, 96-71 ... there won't be an empty seat at wells fargo arena tonight with the championship round of the high school state wrestling tournament. we have 30 local wrestlers in the championship round this year. ... and you can watch the tournament live on kcrg 9.2 right now... here's the
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watch out for tonight is lisbon's carter happel going for a 4th state title, he'd be the 25th wrestler in iowa history to accomplish that. also, in class 1a, alburnett and lisbonon are fighting for the team title. currently, alburnett has a 7.5 point lead over lisbon. we'll have plenty of highlights tonight at 10. thanks josh. we'll be right
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very early results are coming in from the south carolina republican primary.
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has 35 percent. marco rubio is in 2nd with about 23 percent. and ted cruz is in third with 18. we'll have full results tonight at 10. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your final forecast. clouds will increase through
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