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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am CDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, hermine's fury. the tropical storm battering the south. now marching up the east coast. a fallen tree splitting this home in half. the watches and warnings this morning from north carolina to connecticut. >> we are now offering and have been informed and we are having life-threatening storm surges. >> 20 million people in the crosshairs. team coverage of this dangerous storm and the labor day washout. e-mail investigation. the fbi's secret pages revealed. what hillary clinton says she knew about classified information on her private e-mail server. agents giving her a test, did she know that "c" meant classified. missing on the mountain.
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that's never been conquered. the urgent search right now, why they never returned. >> they don't have gps with them. we have no idea of where they're at on the mountain. they are definitely low on food and fuel. >> rescue efforts intensifying this morning with time running out. and college football frenzy. this season is kicking off in just hours right here on abc. the top six teams in football giving it all on the gridiron. >> i really can't recall an opening weekend with such significant matchups. breaking down the matchups this morning. hey, good morning, and welcome to labor day. weekend. we had better news for you. a stormy finale for of the east coast. >> hermine which hit florida as a hurricane, well, it is now churning off the carolinas and virginia and there's the video, the storm bringing high winds
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>> hundreds of thousands of people have lost power and this thing is far from over. the northeast coastline is coming up next. these are some live pictures from asbury park, new jersey, where they are bracing. yes, they are. we also have a live look at kill devil hills in north carolina. and then we have virginia beach which is where we find rob who is leading our team coverage this morning. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, paula. here in virginia beach they are beyond bracing. they are in it. winds gusting over 50 miles an hour and it's been a rough last five or six hours. look at this ocean behind me. i mean, waves 10, 15 feet, just pounding this pier. we're actually out in low tide and it's coming in so all this water will be pushing forward and we will be moving back. this is not the labor day weekend these folks were hoping for. this storm has been relentless. overnight tropical storm hermine barreling up the east coast. packing with it 60-mile-an-hour winds slamming beaches along the carolinas. carrying wind gusts strong
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truck and knock down trees leaving some roads impassable. adding to hermine's fury a reported tornado whipping through income's outer banks leaving several injured. woo. >> we're getting multiple calls in reference to house collapse. quite a few subjects in the water. unknown how many injuries. >> reporter: in wrightsville, the storm washed away any labor day beach plans for tourists and in myrtle beach, south carolina, waves of water rushing through streets and flooding homes and this morning, thousands are without power in the southeast. the storm now churning toward virginia where the governor has declared a state of emergency. up and down the east coast, millions are bracing for the impacts and heading to hardware stores getting prepared just in case. >> people are inquiring about the generators, batteries, flashlights, everything. >> hermine ripped through florida causing one death and leaving more than 300,000 without power.
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some coastal towns underwater. the hurricane the first to make landfall in the state in over a decade. >> ferocious, absolutely ferocious. >> reporter: most in florida certainly were hoping that that hurricane-free streak would hold but that's over and folks here certainly hoping this thing would go out to sea eventually will but it's going to stall and that's going to be bad news for just about everybody. let's take a look at the radar and the tracking of this storm. it's lopsided. most of the action to the north of it where we are. the official center of it will be offshore as we go through time. look at that radar, and with all waves and wind too. all right, the tropical storm warnings, look at this, extend all the way up to northern new jersey on the coast there and tropical storm watches now for long island and connecticut. that means that tropical storm conditions are possible in the next 48 hours but likely in through virginia because once it gets offshore it gets into this complicated situation where it actually may very well strengthen back to hurricane strength but not be a true hurricane, but the effects will
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surge are going to impact this area, the potomac, the chesapeake, delmarva and long island and cape cod. look at this -- look at the winds north of the action. and how everything kind of is thrown back into the coastline so we're looking at dangerous coastal flooding for new jersey and in some areas, especially the southern part ot if, it could rival that of hurricane sandy. beach erosion obviously is going to be a big problem, as well. high tide is here around 11:00. what, it floods here on a good day, so you can imagine just how bad the flooding is going to be at 11:00 this morning and 11:00 tonight and probably another cycle through tomorrow and several cycles not just here but up the coast in through new jersey. it's going to be a long weekend for many and, paula, it doesn't matter this thing isn't going to make landfall across the northeast. it's going to sit and spin and expand and along the immediate
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>> yeah, hermine is spreading a large net. hermine is spreading a large net, i was saying, rob, we know you're taking all the safety precautions and check in with you in a little bit. thank you very much, rob. and the force of hermine is being felt all the way up the east coast as rob said. it is now threatening to pound coastal new york and new jersey with heavy surf, beach erosion and dangerous rip currents. abc's eva pilgrim is in toms river, new jersey, for us this morning where warnings are in effect right now. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we're here at ortley beach and you can see is already picking up this morning. if you take a look out here at the surf, the waves also kicking up. much higher this morning. this is the northern far northern fringe of hermine that we're feeling. we're seeing the first clouds and gusts from the storm which is as you heard rob talk about still south of here and this wind is expected to increase over the next 24 to 36 hours. people here keeping a close watch as this storm is expected to be near the jersey shore and
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flooding, beach erosion and on top of the damaging winds and today ahead of the worst of the storm, the major issue here is going to be rip currents and safety officials really warning people if you hit the beach today, to be extra careful. dan. >> eva, thank you. we will be covering this storm throughout the show this morning and all day long on but we're going to turn now to the race for the white house. the fbi releasing secret documents from their investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails including their interview with clinton herself, and abc's mary bruce is on the story from washington. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, good morning, dan. these interview notes offer a unique glimpse inside the grilling hillary clinton received here exposing new details about how she and her team handled classified information and helping to explain why the fbi director has said their actions were extremely careless. this morning, 58 previously secret pages revealing what hillary clinton says she knew about classified
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e-mail server and how much she did not know. clinton telling investigators she relied heavily on her staff to mark and handle classified information, and when tested during a 3 1/2-hour interview said she did not know that the letter "c" on e-mails like this meant classified. clinton also said she did not ask for permission from the state department to use private e-mail. >> it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. i didn't have to ask anyone. >> reporter: the unsealed complete picture yet of an issue that is dogging her campaign from the start. >> it wasn't the best choice. i made a mistake in that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> reporter: did you wipe the server? >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> reporter: as part of the investigation they requested the team hand over 13 devices but her lawyers couldn't find any of them. a clinton aide recalled destroying two of them by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.
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charge clinton with any crime but -- >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> reporter: now the clinton campaign says it is pleased with the release of these documents but donald trump not surprisingly is pouncing saying in a statement that clinton's answers to the fbi defy belief. and that after reing these documents, he doesn't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. dan and paula. mary, thank you. for more let's bring in matthew dowd. hey, matthew, good morning. >> good morning. >> how badly does this hurt her and her campaign? >> i think it hurts her pretty badly. not -- it's not lethal. it doesn't sort of take away the election, but what it does is it totally feeds the narrative in the story line can you trust her and is she the status quo and this whole story feeds that. it's amazing to watch. here's somebody that every time you think she's about to score using a college football
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some way or she throws an interception. this is an election where we have two candidates that are fundamentally distrusted and disliked by a majority of the country and we'll ultimately have the pick, so i would say watch the third parties as we go in the course of this. >> you could argue trump was also fumbling the ball on many occasions but speaking of trump he'll be speaking at an african-american church, the first time he's spoken to, you know, a mostly african-american crowd but these questions and answers are heavily scripted. is this going to be enough to sway the minority vote for him? >> he's going to detroit and he's going to try this, i think, his first time as you say he's done this. i don't think it is going to have an effect. these one-off trips never have an impact on either side. i think what you have to do, he would have to spend the next 60 days having outreach so to convince voters who are leaning or definitely against him that they should consider him, one day, one speech, one series of questions isn't going to solve a fundamental problem he has with minority voters. >> matt dowd, thank you very much. always great to have you here.
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now to the latest on that stanford athlete whose sexual assault sentence sparked national outrage. we're talking about brock turner. he is back home in ohio after serving three months of his six-month sentence, this as we're learning more about the young woman he attacked and how she is doing and matt gutman reports. >> reporter: brock turner walked out of this northern california jailhouse having served just 90 days of his six-month sentence for three counts of sexual assault. he wouldn't take questions as he navigated the gauntlet of reporters. >> did you apologize -- >> reporter: nor would he at this san francisco area hotel. >> are you going to apologize, brock? >> reporter: he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in march near these dumpsters outside a stanford university party. these images show turner just minutes after his arrest. his flannel shirt torn, abrasions on his face, hands and torso after he had been tackled by good samaritan carl arndt. was he struggling?
7:12 am
definitely trying to get loose. >> reporter: turner faced a maximum 14-year sentence. the prosecution asked for six years. but turner would be sentenced to only six months in jail and serve half of that. >> it wasn't taken seriously as a problem, and i think that's what happens when violence is committed against women. >> reporter: and according to professor michele dauber, triggering a new fear in his victim. you've known the victim for a long time. yes. >> how is she faring? >> well, i mean she underwent a very, very traumatic and serious sexual assault. every time she leaves the house and she sees a tall blond man with short hair from behind, she's going to be fearful. that's him. >> reporter: turner is now back in ohio where he has five days to register as a sex offender and will have to register every 90 days for the rest of his life. matt gutman, abc news, san jose, california. our thanks to matt gutman. let's check the other headlines this morning and for
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>> hey good morning to you, dan, paula, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin were breaking news from atlantic city where police are reporting an officer there has been shot and wounded in the garage of caesar's casino. police say a suspect has died in the gunfire. they're calling it an active investigation. police officers search that scene right now. and shots were fired at a high school football game in tulsa, oklahoma, friday night. one teen was wounded and is in the hospital. a suspected shooter, also a teenager and three teens in police custody this morning. police say that a fight between the game was suspended, the football game and the stadium evacuated. the union for police officers who work security for the san francisco 49ers home games says its members may boycott working the games for the team if they don't discipline colin kaepernick. he came under fire for refusing to stand during the national anthem and cited police brutality against african-americans, one of the reasons for his protest. we don't have comments from the police departments which are in
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and this morning, an intensive search for a suspected murderer in las vegas who escaped police custody, 25-year-old alonzo perez was left alone in an interview room on friday and apparently twisted his handcuffs until they broke free and once he got loose, perez stole a truck and fled. perez has a long criminal record. authorities warn that he is considered armed and dangerous. an amazing rescue from the ruins of that deadly earthquake in italy. nine days after that devastating firefighters pulled out a golden retriever named romeo from the debris. the dog shaking off the dust and wagging his tail. seeming fine. rescuers were helping romeo's owners retrieve belongings when they heard barking under the damaged home and got to that dog and rescued him. >> you can see the thought bubble above his head. who's got some kibbles. >> and bits.
7:15 am
and police say check this one out. two children in washington state couldn't wait to go see grandma so took the family car and tried to drive themselves to the house. they were 3 and 5 years old. >> what? >> they somehow managed to drive the car into an intersection where they hit another vehicle. no one, however, was injured. >> that's so scary. >> isn't that amazing. not sure whether the parents will face charges. amazing. finally, some high school students trying to do the surf near dana point got the surprise when they saw who or rather what was swimming with them. check this out. it's not a it's not a seal. it's a deer in the water. the surf coach said he was afraid the animal would drown so he was able to coax him or her back to shore. back to shore in safe. >> that's actually not bambi, sara. >> drunk bambi somehow made it into the water. >> what did you say? >> drunk bambi. >> we know rob is not going near that water because it's pretty treacherous, so let's go back to rob who is on the beach in virginia beach. rob, good morning.
7:16 am
the wind is picking up overnight and damaging winds down to our south. all sorts of problems with hermine here and you see the ocean behind me. this is just -- this is just intense stuff. seafoam. there's really nobody on the beach nor should they be and the ongoing message you heard eva asay on this labor day weekend. don't come into the water, rip tides will be an issue. hawaii, boy, they've had a stretch as well. had to deal with madeline. now here comes lester. a the island. it should miss them pretty easily to the north but hurricane watches are posted for maui and oahu for potentially hurricane conditions but mostly i think big waves, big swells and see some coastal flooding with that. across the northwest a cool shot of air coming in. a little drier, as well. gusty winds with this front feeling like fall across the pacific northwest and actually pretty nice weather across the midsection of the country. if you're in between the rockies and basically what is left of
7:17 am
good-looking saturday. so enjoy. that's a quick check. a definite saturday morning is in order. we'll experience temperatures in the low 50s to start off, but will warm into the 60s and close to 70 by late morning. we've got clear skies out there for the most part which allowed for us to get so cool, but these clear skies will allow for us to warm through the day as well. if you catcho downtown cedar rapids farmers market then grab the jacket and enjoy the weather >> just like that. >> another update on hermine a little bit later in the program. 60-mile-an-hour winds. sara, i know you love the beach. i have cleared this beach out. you and me, baby. this saturday afternoon. come on down and bring the
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>> so generous, rob. >> i mean, if rob is inviting i'd be willing to go but now to the official opening weekend for college football. we're kicking things off with a look at the teams to watch and what is sure to be a hard fought road to the national championship. ryan smith is at lambeau field with all the action we can look forward to this ncaa season. good morning, ryan. >> good morning, sara. i'm ready to put on the pads. look at these guys. they're fired up. for nearly nine months college football fans have been salivating for this. season opening weekend and the hottest ticket iri i mean we're talking about 80,000 strong fans packing this stadium for lsu/wisconsin, one of a slate of top ranked matchups on what some are calling college football's greatest kickoff weekend ever. college football, kicking off the season with a bang. defending champions ohio state headlining the slate featuring all six of the top teams in college football. >> i really can't recall an opening weekend with such
7:19 am
>> reporter: amping up the hype marvel teaming up with the ncaa to capture the epic clashes in comic book form. the usc trojans looking to turn the turf red with number one ranked alabama's crimson tide. it's a challenge quarterback max brown doesn't take likely. >> i don't think they have a weakness when you're watching film. >> i can promise you this, the speed and athletic ability of usc will challenge alabama. >> reporter: but short of actual superheroes, the most powerful image on saturday will be the battlegrounds themselves. the hallowed lambeau field, hosting the wisconsin badgers against heisman hopeful leonard fournette and the lsu tigers, but for any tigers hoping to reenact the traditional lambeau leap, a sharp warning from coach les miles. >> i promise you, if anybody jumps into the lambeau leap, they'll end up with their thumb out to see if they can get a ride home.
7:20 am
year's third place finish and lock up this year's college football's playoff national championship. >> we're in a for a special season. >> reporter: and every week matters. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be a big week, and these guys are already fired up. now, look, lsu, lsu, those guys over there, these guys hold the edge of the matchup. lsu is undefeated against wisconsin. anything can happen in college football. that's the beauty of it. everybody starts undefeated and has a chance and espn by the way, this is just the tip of the iceberg. they will broadcast 100 consecutive hours of college gridiron action. so for the rest of the week it's all college football all the time. dan and paula, better get those six days lined up now. >> this is the only time of the year when college students have energy at this time of the morning. >> because i don't think they actually went to bed. did any of those students go to bed? >> these guys -- they didn't.
7:21 am
>> that's dedication. you know what i mean. >> that is dead indication. >> now, what time do you get to class every day? >> noon. >> yeah, noon, see. paula, you got it right. >> that right there is the life, my friend. ryan, stay alive. okay. they look like they might beat you, but we'll see you coming up in a little bit. >> get fired up again, guys. yeah, they're ready. >> okay, so watch all the action right here on abc including tonight. we'll have number one 'bam jerry built in arlington and can be seen streaming live on the espn app and watch espn. the american climbers missing after taking on a 23,000-foot mountain in pakistan. their families believe they're still alive. "good morning america" is brought to you by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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saturday morning is in order. we'll experience temperatures in the low 50s to start off, but will warm into the 60s and close to 70 by late morning. we've got clear skies out there for the most part which allowed for us to get so cool, but these clear skies will allow for us to warm through the day as well. if you catch yourself going to the downtown cedar rapids farmers market then grab the jacket and enjoy the weather while having fun. expect high temperatures to warm
7:28 am
due to a southeasterl y wind the dew points will also rise. don't worry, it won't be oppressive by any means, just enough for you to notice the mugginess in the air. the evening won't be too bad either. we'll be slightly warmer than what we were this morning, but still in the mostly sunny. wind: se 5-10. high: 78 alo: 78 dbq: 76 iow: 78 75 to 81 tonight: mostly clear, a few passing clouds. wind: se
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there is hope! welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, tropical storm hermine churning up the east coast racing across north carolina, battering the mid-atlantic after slamming florida and georgia. thousands of people don't have power right now and this thing is far from over. >> also right now, remembering nykea. funeral services will be held for nba star dwyane wade's she was gunned down in chicago just last week while walking with her newborn. now, two brothers are in custody, and they are being charged with the murder. and president obama has landed in china beginning his final trip to asia as president of the united states. and he's getting right to business. obama and the chinese president ratifying a climate change agreement curbing emissions. the president will be meeting with other world leaders in china for the g-20 summit.
7:31 am
presidency. >> home stretch. and coming up here, excitement building for the big college football kickoff looking at a live picture at lambeau field which will play host to lsu and wisconsin today and there are many more big matchups coming up. we are re going to talk to espn's "college gameday host" kirk herbstreit who is joining us with his take on today's action. but first here,e americans who are experienced mountain climbers. >> they went missing about a week ago trying to scale a treacherous mountain in pakistan. bad weather hampered search efforts until dawn, and abc's lauren lyster has more. >> reporter: you know, the clock is ticking to find those climbers from utah lost on a mountain known as one of the world's most dangerous. now, brutal weather is keeping rescue choppers from flying at all losing precious time but this morning we've learned those helicopters were finally able to get up in the air and loved ones
7:32 am
two missing climbers. lost while attempting to summit the face of a treacherous peak that has never been climbed. >> they don't have gps with them. we have no idea of where they're at on the mountain. >> reporter: expert alpinists kyle dempster and scott adamson disappearing after a snowstorm nearly two weeks ago. they were taking on the ultra steep north face of ogre ii in north pakistan. the trip, expected to take five days total, but the men haven't climb. their headlamp spotted halfway up the peak but 24 hours after that, a storm rolling in. that storm not letting up. helicopters grounded for nearly a week and friends know time is running out. >> you can imagine the pit in your stomach every time you get an update that says helicopters can't fly. snow, clouds. >> reporter: the pair attempted this same climb last year. the trip nearly killing both of
7:33 am
family and friends now hoping the men will come out alive this time too. >> they were more than confident that they could go back and finish what they had started. we have to believe of the best case scenario that they got caught in the storm, they realized how bad it was and they've dug a snow cave and they're just waiting out the weather. >> reporter: and support eers started a go fund me page to help pay for the rescue mission. in just 72 hours, get this, close to 5,000 people have given over $185,000 to try to get these climbers home. rescuers we're told are trying to stay positive but so far no signs of the men. began and paula. >> we're thinking about their families this morning. lauren, thank you. now we're going to talk about the weather closer to home and specifically in virginia beach where rob is taking a look at and tracking tropical storm hermine which is churning up the east coast. hey, rob. >> hey, dan, forgive me for looking over my shoulder. but i'm a little closer than i
7:34 am
tides roll in. i want to show you this amazing image. these waves are rolling in and pounding this beach. they're just being higher and higher as the storm rolls in and this storm surge and these waves are just going to get worse as the day progresses. this obviously our big weather story. has been for two weeks, a relentless storm making landfall as a hurricane in florida and then just pounding the southeast. now here we are in the carolinas and virginia beach and the tidewater area where it's giving us a hard time. here's the radar. there's rainfall now and the winds are stretching north into cape may through new jersey and that's where it will continue to be. flash flooding. yeah, we've had 9 inches of rain in parts of north carolina and with more rain coming through, another 4 or 5 inches in spots as the storm moves offshore and sits there for the weekend. so wind's going to be an issue, flooding an issue, across much of the east coast including new jersey right through monday. if you go 20 miles inland not going to be too bad, just
7:35 am
not good forwarmer a definite cool start to your saturday morning is in order. we'll experience temperatures in the low 50s to start off, but will warm into the 60s and close to 70 by late morning. we've got clear skies out there for the most part which allowed for us to get so cool, but these clear skies this weather report is brought to you by edward jones and just as that is said, boy, dan and paula, back up to you. it's not going to be quite this bad in new york. we do get a taste of hermine now as it heads northeast. back to you. >> we don't like what we see. but, rob, great job this morning. get back inside and stay dry. coming up on "gma," the big opening weekend from college football. live at lambeau field with espn's kirk herbstreit. he's got his take, his predictions on today's matchups.
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it's been a long summer of raepgs for college football fans. today as paula claps, the waiting comes to an end. >> that was a soft clap. i didn't want to distract you. >> soft clap. >> yes. historic lambeau field is the setting of the first college football game there in over 30 years, you know, we've been talking all morning about some juicy matchups and ryan is back with mere on those. hi, ryan. >> hey, paula, looks like i joined the set of "college gameday." how does this look? guy, what do you think? >> you're a big deal. >> they like it. >> paula, instead of clapping like this, you should be clapping lik >> no, i'm not doing a gator, no way. no way. >> that would be disloyal. >> she doesn't like that. doesn't like that. >> trying to make sure she's ready to go. >> i'm here with kirk herbstreit and, by the way, when he walked out, this crowd went nut. >> they were ready to go. they were ready to go. it's college football. we've -- last couple of days we've had a taste of it and now we get a real big, just jump right in. so many big games today. >> you are going out of the box.
7:41 am
next week you're at bristol motor speedway. not common for you. to see a college football game at bristol motor speedway, 150,000 people inside that motor speedway to watch a college football game, virginia tech/tennessee. >> big game ever. >> yeah, biggest crowd in the history of college football. we're always trying to change things up and continue to grow as a show. >> okay, so for the fans out there they've been waiting for this day matchups. first of all, they're leading the charge here. >> they're just ready for football. >> matchups. biggest matchups this week, okay, let's start with the biggest, alabama/usc. who is going to win? >> well, i'm actually calling that so game, they don't let me pick it but flying to dallas right after the show to go down to call that game. i can't wait to see it because alabama is alabama but usc is better than people realize. they can run, incredibly
7:42 am
ar keep it close. >> any big upsets? >> north carolina can beat georgia, i think. i think that's one. and i think texas can beat notre dame on sunday. >> oh. >> those are two big ones. >> that is huge. >> yeah, two big ones. >> more more thing, lsu/wisconsin in back of us. i heard the crowd that cheers the loudest is the team that wins. >> well, that would be a challenge because you've got -- lsu fans are some of the craze -- notoriously some of the craziest in college football. >> i'll let you pick them then. >> these dudes are out of their minds. >> all right let's hear wisconsin. let's hear wisconsin. how loud can you be? all right. now, lsu? let's hear lsu. all right. who is louder? >> i think wisconsin is louder. >> wisconsin? >> yeah, wisconsin is louder. keep in mind, we're in green bay. madison is a couple of hours up the street. ? they're right around the corner. it's like stopping by for groceries. so great to see you. great weekend. i got to say this feels really great. >> it's fun. >> can i join you guys and be your mascot? just hang out. >> no problem.
7:43 am
another job to add to my other five jobs. >> we are not willing to lose you so, no, i hate to be the bearer of bad news. >> ryan, one favor to ask of you, ryan. please bring back some cheese kurds. >> i will bring you back seven pounds of cheese kurds. >> i will love you even more than i already do. >> yep, that and some spanx for men. thank you, ryan, we appreciate it. coming up on "gma," is it time to sago why the fda says you don't need them and why they could even be dangerous. you don't need them and why they could even be dangerous. i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it thanks to chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix.
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tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. this is for real. i'm a non-smoker.
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7:46 am
well, you see those anti-bacterial soaps everywhere. chances are you have them at home but now the fda is banning
7:47 am
sapna parikh joins us with more. so, sapna, thanks for joining us. when i go to the store i'm looking for one that says anti-bacterial. you're saying that is not going to exist anymore. why athe fda doing this? >> well, they're banning 19 anti-bacterial ingredients in these over-the-counter body washes and soaps and they're doing it for two reasons saying, number one, there is not enough proof they're safe to use every day for a long time and not enough proof to prove they're any better than just soap. they said okay to these companies 40 years ago. you have to give us the science by september 2016 and they didn't and that's why we're seeing this now. >> who is not happy about this is the american cleaning institute. they issued a statement saying "washing the hands with an antiseptic soap can help reduce the risk of infection beyond just providing by washing with anti-bacterial soap and water." if they remove this agent, aren't we going to get sick >> even the american academy of pediatrics recommends plain old soap and water.
7:48 am
anti-bacterial ants may disrupt certain hormones in the body. also that we're overkilling bacteria that we may be creating drug resistant bacteria and we know plain old soap works. we also know that duration matters. 20 seconds is how much you're supposed to wash for 20 seconds and that does work. >> what about hand sanitizers. are they going away. they ary. >> >> not right now. the hand sanitizers and wipes are staying but the fda is looking that also but may see a ban on those. thanks for coming in. and "pop news" is next. in.
7:49 am
the things that i consume on a daily basis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. it'll be one less thing you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it's as simple as that. ? get your home in gear with big labor day deals at lowe's. like 20% off select kitchen cabinets and countertops. plus get up to 24 months special financing on qualifying purchases with your lowe's consumer credit card.
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"good morning america" is 00 brought to you by serta. always comfortable. >> time for "pop news." >> ron, what's cooking? >> well, amc theaters is commemorated -- sara, pick it up
7:53 am
>> amc theaters is commemorating gene wilder's biggest films bringing back 1971's "willy wonka & the chocolate factory," one of my favorite personal favorites along with 1974's "blazing saddles," one of ron's favorites. >> it is actually. >> great movie. >> both of them. fans of wilder willy wonka can snag a golden ticket for 5 bucks at 1 of 200 locations while "blazing saddles" gallops across 60 big screens. it's all to pay tribute to wilder, who passed monday at 83 years old. that's a big loss. >> it really is. >> amazing. amazing. i think i got to watch willy wonka just to remember a bit. but, daddy, i want one now. >> what's the next item in "pop news"? >> sara, just because you're a princess -- >> i know. just because you're a princess doesn't mean you're blind to the bottom line. kate middleton making headlines on an outing to england's south coast with her thrifty outfit. those blue and white patterned pants, paula, you asked about them earlier, on sale at the gap for only $30. >> no way.
7:54 am
but she did complete her look with a $500 smythe blazer but i feel like that's an investment piece. jackets are always a little more expensive. >> they really are because it's something that is foundational to your wardrobe that you might wear for the next ten years. >> beautiful -- >> unlike the $30 pants. >> which might be on trend and not next year. >> yep. >> it's amazing, isn't it, dan? where this is going. >> best "pop news" ever. >> i'm missing rob marciano right now. >> rob would not be of help to you. >> this is a classic. >> he would throw us a bone in this but you guys -- >> he will not. >> but you guys -- >> he would not. and this might be of interest to you, dan. do you ever wonder -- the third time is a charm. >> all about dan, right? >> it is, it is. here on this show do you ever wonder what santa's helpers have been up to in the summer? >> yeah. >> well, the photographer mary beth kate peeks into the mystery with her collection of photos.
7:55 am
do during their off-season. here we have joe who escapes to florida when taking time off. >> >> that's an elf. >> no, that's one of santa's helpers. roy collects american political memorabilia on his vacation. greg is a carpenter and finally lance takes a break from rocking around the christmas tree to rock the keyboard. >> oh, yes. >> come on, you guys, only 112 guys until these guys get back to work. >> awesome. those look like actual santas and not santa's helpers. >> well, the reason santa can't be at every store through the christmas or the holiday season so he sends helpers in his place in got you. >> got you. roger. >> that's why. >> thanks for the clarification. how many days? how many days left? >> 112. >> 112. by the way, we want to remind you about a big game on abc, it's the big 'bama/usc game. who are you picking? >> usc all the way. forget the points. sc will win. >> gamecocks. >> trojans. >> trojans. wrong team. it's all right. >> sara --
7:56 am
>> i would say stick to "pop news." >> you're thinking of south carolina. the other usc. i'll give you that. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. from your 24 h, update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of
7:57 am
22 servicemen and women take their own lives, everyday. tonight the parents of brandon ketchum will a vigil in iowa city to try and cut down that number. brandon took his own life earlier this year after returning from combat and struggling with ptsd. a shooting injured two in johnson county, yesterday afternoon. officers responded to 508 5th street in coralville around 3:45 after witnesses heard multiple gun shots. while police investigated the scene, two people showed up at a local hospital with gun shot wounds. and traffic is flowing again
7:58 am
first responders were at mile-marker 66 near the interchange with highway 20 for several hours. those stories and much more are coming up in just a few minutes on the kcrg tv nine
7:59 am
8:00 am
sunday morning news. good morning and thanks for joining us. we begin with first alert storm team meteorologis t britley ritz. saturday morning is in


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