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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  October 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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tonight we'll stay clear once again, but a cold front will scoot closer and attempt to push over. this has changed wind directions to the north. we'll drop to lows of 40 tonight, but warm into the low 60s tomorrow. staying dry yet until tuesday and especially into wednesday. could even hear a few rumbles of thunder wednesday. from here on out, for the rest of the week temperatures stay close to where they should be for this time of year. you can expect highs in the low 60s and upper 50s. tonight: mostly clear. wind: 5 36 to 42 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: e 5-10. high: 60 alo: 60 dbq: 59 iow: 61 57 to 63
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hillary clinton with a double-digit lead over donald trump. it shows the democrat has reached 50 percent support nationally among likely voters. a-b-c's mary bruce reports. nats - hillary clinton took her message to church sunday? 5532 @ 12:43:12 sot - hillary clinton / presidential nominee"i won't tell you who to vote yourselves. vote for every issue you care about." the democratic nominee looking confident wi th just 16 days left? and a new abc news tracking poll taken after the final debate shows why - clinton now ahead by double digits - up 12 points over rival donald trump. 5532 @ 12.39.55 sot - hillary clinton / presidential nominee"we got to actually start interacting with people we don't agree with. i do that all the time. because we can't fix our problems if we
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clinton sunday targeting the battleground state of north carolina? where she will make her first joint campaign appearance with first lady michelle obama later this week. meanwhile, trump is focusing on florida? but still fighting those accusations of sexual misconduct. sot - donald trump / presidential nominee"all of these liars will be sued after the election is over." even as trump pledges to take all his accusers to court? a new woman has come forward? adult film star jessica drake says trump kissed her and two other women without their consent ten years ago. abc news is unable to confirm drake claim, like all the others, is untrue? and it's trump's right to sue the women. sot - kellyanne conway / trump campaign manager "he's just trying to defend himself against false accusers, as he said. he said those incidents never happened, yet they're covered in the media every single day. he can't get fair coverage." but that new poll shows 69-percent of voters don't like the way he's handling the accusations of sexual assault? and 59 percent don't believe his claim that the vote is rigged. mary bruce, abc news,
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congressman rod blum and challenger monica vernon have agreed to debate next week. republican blum is trying to keep his seat in iowa's first district -- which covers waterloo, cedar rapids and dubuque. democrat vernon is trying to take it from him. kcrg-tv9 and the gazette will host the debate at coe college on wednesday, october 26th. you can watch it on kcrg 9-point-2, starting at 7 o'clock. senators chuck grassley and joni ernst will speak to the linn eagles at the cedar rapids country club, tomorrow. they'll attend the breakfast at 8 o'clock and talk with reporters afterward. senator grassley will then attend a waterloo rotary club meeting. 13 people died-- more than 30 others were injured in california this morning. a tour bus crashed into a tractor-trailer. the bus was coming back from a casino when it collided with that semi around 5
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springs. the california state patrol says the bus went into the back of the big rig. the front of the bus became sandwiched between the truck and its trailer. emergency crews had to use chainsaws to break open the bus and reach victims. the california state patrol says the cause of the crash isn't clear. but the bus was going significantly faster than truck. a car hit an elderly woman who was crossing the road in downtown cedar rapids this afternoon. it hp first avenue and second street. an ambulance took the woman to a local hospital. she's expected to be ok. the driver received a citation. a homeless man in cedar rapids is set to go to trial for his second murder charge. travis standlee will face first-degree murder tomorrow in scott county. a judge moved the trial there because of too much local publicity. authorities believe standlee killed sharon
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found mead's body near the coe college campus in september of 2015. prosecutors claim standlee killed mead the day after he was released from jail, under suspicion of another murder. authorities said, at the time, they didn't have enough evidence to hold standlee. they later charged him for murdering both mead... ... and raymond ursino, who was also homeless. earlier this year, a jury found standlee guilty of second- degree murder in the death of ursino. a judge sentenced standlee to 50 years in one town in northwest iowa says it's seeing a boost in business. they're connecting it to the construction of the bakken oil pipeline. cherokee's city manager says there's a clear boost when pipeline construction workers come into town. parking spots are sparse in the downtown area. area hotels are full, and grocery stores are full of lines at the checkout. dakota access is building the pipeline that will carry crude
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project is about 75 percent complete. but some people have criticized it for its potential effects on water and tribal lands. rockwell collins has bought a company that's known for making seats for airplanes. the price tag-- 6-point-4 billion dollars. today, rockwell announced its acquisition of b-e aerospace. it's based in florida. b-e also makes parts for airplane bathrooms, oxygen systems and lighting. regulators and shar still have to approve this deal. a cedar rapids man says his new invention is the best way to preserve wine. "1:25, "about 2 years ago i was sleeping on the couch, you know how that goes with a newborn and i just began thinking about wine, we had just poured about a half bottle of wine down the drain and i just thought there has to be a better way to preserve wine." tom lutz created repour to save
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froms disposable wine stopper. to use it, you simply have to remove the foil tab and place the stopper in the neck of the wine bottle, like you would a cork. repour absorbs oxygen from inside that wine bottle. lutz says that's what keeps wine fresh. and it'll work for at least 6 months. " 3: 09, one repour smart stopper is good for one bottle of wine whether you take it glass by glass, so lets so you get a glass of wine of this tuesday and don't have another glass for a couple weeks you can get a class and then cork i repour officially launches this week. lutz plans to attend the innovation expo in cedar rapids this wednesday. that's where repour will officially be unveiled, as well as his kickstarter campaign. eventually repour will sell for about 1-dollar-50 per stopper. today, some cedar rapids parents - thanked the nicu staff who cared for their sick kids. this was at the annual reunion
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members at the unity point health - st. luke's hospital in cedar rapids. there were a number of game and activities. and, of course, plenty of ice cream. st. luke's says this is one of the events it looks forward to each year. " 05:18:50 it's pretty amazing to see some of the tiny, tiny ones we've had in our unit and to see them running around. even though they're here today, being in nicu is a stressful time. you never plan for it. so to know they're here and healthy, it's great to see that " the nicu at st. luke's cares for nearly 350 babies each year. people in johnson county celebrated two letters, today. u-n. this party was in part dedicated to the united nations. find out why in just a bit. . and injuries show what's lacking when it comes to the hawkeyes passing game. stay
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anniversary tomorrow, and the johnson county chapter of the united nations association threw an early party. kcrg-tv9's phil reed joins us in the studio. phil, the event had an important message behind it. the theme of the event was celebrating the world's children. they wanted to shed light on the growing
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working hard to help children singing those are members of the iowa city girl's choir singing we are the world. kids from all cultures played instruments, and preformed native dances. there were also guest speakers talking about issues of poverty and disease in the world. the event got people of all races who may not have crossed paths in the same room. "it's very important for different groups to come and work together. rather than becoming segregated into different neighborhoods where they don't speak to or don't interact with other people. " the money raised will help pay for the iowa united nation's day to day operations. a luncheon will also be held tuesday to celebrate the anniversary. forrest united nations members
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10, details on how they hope to do that. thanks, phil. turning back to weather. britley, a calm and quiet night tonight? stay with your 24 hour news
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tonight we'll stay clear once again, but a cold front will scoot closer and attempt to push over.
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of 40 tonight, but warm into the low 60s tomorrow. staying dry yet until tuesday and especially into wednesday. could even hear a few rumbles of thunder wednesday. from here on out, for the rest of the week temperatures stay close to where they should be for this time of year. you can expect highs tonight: mostly clear. wind: n 5-10. low: 39 alo: 38 dbq: 39 iow: 41 36 to 42 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: e 5-10. high: 60 alo: 60 dbq: 59 iow: 61 57 to 63 tom. night: increasing clouds. wind: se 5-10. low: 40 alo: 42 dbq: 40 iow: 42 37 to 43 tuesday: showers become likely, especially in the
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showers and a few thunderstorm s likely. high: 62 low: 49 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 59 low: 45 friday: partly cloudy. high: 63 low: 46 saturday: chance of showers. high: 61 low: 46 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 59 low: 44 monday: partly cloudy. high: 60 low: 38 thanks chris. josh is here, the iowa defense
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get anything going. when you take away iowa's running game, that we'll have more on iowa's passing game coming up next. stay with your 24 hour news
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iowa's passing game before the season, and now there's even more questions after saturday's 17-9 loss to wisconsin. ... running back akrum wadley was iowa's top receiver with 7 catches for 72 yards. riley mccarron came away with six catches for 47 yards. but, the next four receivers had a combined total of four kittle did dress, but was a non-factor. the team feels its not the personnel, but they know things have to improve. "you can always do stuff to help. we got a bye week coming up, so it's going to be much needed to get some guys healthy. just work on getting better with those receivers, better chemistry and all that kind of stuff. all you can do is go to work." "we had a couple of close calls that would've helped us, just bang bang plays where we were just a little bit off. somehow, someway,
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the people involved are capable of doing those things. it's such a fine line. so, i think it's just us growing a little big more, getting our timing down. and we'll continue to look at ways to free some guys up or find some easier throws." trt: 38 oc: "find some easier throws" ... nfl football, vikings trying to stay undefeated facing philadelphia ... there were a lot of turnovers early in this game... carson wentz gets picked off by andrew sendejo, he gets tackled at the two... vikes hoping goal, sam bradford gets picked off in the end zone... first interception thrown by him ... eagles would fumble the ball, then they'd get it back by forcing a fumble on the vikings... five turnovers alone in the first quarter ... 2nd quarter, after a vikings field goal, josh huff on the return for philly... he's got a lane, and blair walsh doesn't even try to tackle him... huff takes it to the house, 98 yards... eagles hand the vikes their
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new orleans... andy reid coaching in his 300th game as a head coach ... 1st quarter, drew brees over the middle, ball is tipped and falls into the hands of daniel sorensen... he makes drew brees miss, then an offensive lineman miss... 48 yard pick-six... chiefs up 14-7 ... 2nd quarter, alex smith heaves it up for tyreek hill who makes a spectacular catch... pretty much one-handed... new orleans made a comeback in the 2nd half, but the chiefs ha ... cubs fans are still waving the w flags because the cubbies are going to the world series for the first time since 1908. ... last night in game 6, the cubs offense teed off on clayton kershaw with 7 seven hits and five runs... they scored 23 runs in the final three games of the series... now, there's still one more thing to do, which is win the world series against cleveland, but
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again, you need time to process to really process in the entire situation. you stand out on that platform afterwards looking at the ballpark, the fans and the w flags everywhere. truthfully, i do think about everybody. i think about the fans, and their parents, grandparents and great grandparents, and everything that's been going on here for awhile." "we've known how long it's been. the city's let us know, they've been hungry for a moment like this. we're just so excited to be apart of a team that gives them the opportunity to see a chicago cubs team in the world ser we're ready." "it's the goal we set out in spring training; we embrace the target, we embrace the target. we beat a lot of good teams along the way. starting with the giants; the giants tested us. the dodgers, an amazing organization what david roberts has done. now, we're the last ones standing in the national league and we have four more wins, and we know the indians will be ready to come." trt: 56 oc: "will be ready to come" ... and coming up tonight at 10, i sit down with cedar rapids prairie grad scott schebler. he finished up his
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reds. it was a bit of an up and down year for him, but he finished strong in the final month of the season. thanks josh. meteorologist
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. ? [ screams ] [ clicking ] woman: bye. oh. [ crash ] woman: oh! [ applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro. [ cheers and applause ] pow! hey, hey, hey! thank you. thank you!


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