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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  October 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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tonight as high pressure moves in. however, there will still be some high clouds overhead. temperatures will be seasonably mild for late october. low clouds will develop quickly early monday morning, as a warm front begins to lift north. those clouds will persist for the majority of halloween, but with a strong southerly wind, temperatures will be warming into the 60s and 70s by the afternoon. winds will be gusty at times. overall for the upcoming workweek, temperatures will remain mild across eastern iowa. highs will be in the 60s most days. our only chance for a man convicted of killing his daughter is asking for a new trial... even before receiving his sentence. robert stern, who is 63, filed a motion for a new trial last week. the dubuque man is arguing his first trial was unfair. stern's lawyers say prosecution shouldn't have been allowed to present their client's initial statements to police and some crime scene photos. stern's
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authorities say stern murdered his daughter, kimberly, at their home in dubuque, back in june 20-15. police found her body with more than a dozen gunshot wounds. prosecutors argued stern killed kimberly because he was tired of caring for the autistic woman. authorities say an 88- year-old man, living at the independence mental health institute, groped a worker there. william cubbage faces a charge for assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. between her legs while she was showering, earlier this year. cubbage will have a hearing next month that'll determine if he's fit for trial. cubbage has been convicted of several sex crimes between 1987 through 2000. eight people face charges after protesting the bakken oil pipeline, running through iowa. we don't want it shut it down the calhoun county sheriff's office says authorities arrested eight people on a farm near rockwell city this weekend. each
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walking onto the path of the pipeline. the dakota access line will carry oil from north dakota to illinois. critics say it could have a negative impact on the environment. people are also holding protests on trial land in north dakota. with only days remaining, the race for the white house just got tighter. the latest a-b-c poll separates hillary clinton and donald trump by just a point. following the fbi's renewed interest into clinton emails. a-b-c's mary bruce reports. with just nine days left in the race for the white house... a full court press. natsot - hillary clinton / presidential nominee"love trumps hate. ?"hillary clinton in florida, rushing from brunch? to church? to a rally and concert. sot - hillary clinton / presidential nominee"there' s a lot of noise and distraction, but it really comes
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help us get there." the democratic nominee is eager to change the narrative about the renewed f-b-i investigation into her private email server? her rival donald trump - turning it into an attack line. sot - donald trump / presidential nominee"hillar y has nobody but herself to blame. while the candidates take their message on the road? their surrogates are on t-v. clinton's campaign going after f-b-i director james comey - demanding he release more information about the new emails? calling comey's letter to congress - vague and short on facts. just extremely puzzling. trump's campaign chief saying this helps her boss. sot - kellyanne conway / trump campaign manager "i think issues like this, where people are reminded that she has put the national security at risk just for her peevish personal reasons, is very troubling for her." as the controversy rages - both candidates are trying to rally as much support as possible? with early voting underway in many states? nearly 20 million americans have already cast their ballots. mary bruce, abc
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a-b-c news is now reporting the f-b-i has the warrant to review the emails found on the laptop used by clinton's former aide, huma abedin, and anthony weiner. in just days, iowans will also get to have their say on three state supreme court justices. chief justice mark hecht and brent appel need a simple majority of votes to stay on the bench. but they aren't campaigning because they say politicking should stay out of the courts. americans are expected to spend a record 8 point four billion on halloween costumes and decorations this year. no shock, balloons etc. & the costume emporium says this is its busy season. workers say people usually come to the store in downtown cedar rapids with an idea in mind. but
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possible. the shop says the stream of customers in the final weeks before halloween has been steady, this year. "22:39, "most people seem to tend to not know what they want to do until the last minute so the last 3 days have been really busy for us." " tonight at 10, find out which costumes are fan-favorites. and if politician- themed getups are among them. while we're on the topic of halloween--- are ghosts real? pretty divisive question. this evening, we talk with cedar rapids investigations about some of the strangest sights and sounds members have seen. tv nine's brea love will have that story on the kcrg-tv nine news at 10. one church in cedar rapids did more than hand out candy today. lo lovely lane united methodist church went to cedarwood hills apartments on the northeast side to help people living there. members of the church handed out socks, mittens, hats and books for children and their families. the congregation donated all the items. the church says they appreciate
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"people are very generous today. i've had lots of thanks. when i've gone through the apartments and knocked, people said, 'really? you're just bringing free stuff for us? thank you very much.' " all told, the church helped about 50 people. a therapy dog that helps a local boy is making a comeback. sparkey is recovering after a near-death experience with a rare disease. his best friend couldn't be happier. . another loss this weekend means the window is closing for the u-n-i pa playoffs. stay with tv9. we have some good news to share. a service dog is happy to be home with his family in rs atr a
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a service dog is happy to be home with his family in cedar rapids after a nearly-deadly battle with a rare disease, . we first told you about sparky earlier this month. he helps joey, a 15 year old boy with autism, during school each day. but, that all nearly ended when sparky came down with tetanus and pneumonia. on the story. phil, sparky and joey are reunited? sparky came home on the 19th and they have been inseparable ever since the family is thankful for the doctors and the donors who are helping sparky on his road to recovery on a chilly autumn day, joey damisch took his service dog sparky for a walk. it's part of the 1 year old golden retriever's physical therapy to get his legs back strong "i was very worried, i was very scared, i didn't know what to do. neither my mom or dad didn't know what to do because he
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that left sparky in the hospital for 30 days fighting for his life. a toe on his left front leg had to be amputated because doctors believe that's where the tetanus was. the odds were against him when he was put on a ventilator. but joey never gave up hope for his best friend. "i think it helped by joey talking to him, letting him know that he was there for him. and he fought." the family setup a gofundme account to help pay for their furry friend's medical cost. it's raised more than four thousand dollars so far. love of a dog and a boy, a team of doctors, and a community that brought this dog home" joey can't wait to walk the halls of kennedy high school with sparky once again. "i could never be more excited than sparky being home and seeing that he is still with us.
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back at school with joey in three weeks. forrest? thanks, phil. let's check back in weather. chris, a quiet and calm night? stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. skies will gradually clear some
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there will still be some high clouds october. low clouds will develop quickly early monday morning, as a warm front begins to lift north. those clouds will persist for the majority of halloween, but with a strong southerly wind, temperatures will be warming
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gusty at times. overall for the upcoming workweek, temperatures will remain mild across eastern iowa. highs will be in the 60s most days. our only chance for precipitation this week is on wednesday, as an area of low pressure passes nearby. showers will be likely for wednesa ensue through next weekend. tonight: partly cloudy. wind: se 5-10 low: 46 alo: 46 dbq: 44 iow: 46 43 to 49 tomorrow: mostly cloudy. breezy and mild. wind: sse 15-25 high: 66 alo: 66 dbq: 62 iow: 67 63 to 69 tom. night: partly cloudy.
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to 58 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 72 alo: 55 wednesday: showers and storms likely. high: 67 low: 58 thursday: mostly sunny. high: 65 low: 47 friday: mostly sunny. high: 67 low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 67 low: 44 sunday: 45 monday: mostly sunny high: 65 low: 42 thanks chris. josh is here, iowa state with a
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josh is here, iowa state with a
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tried the onside kick and one of them was to start the 2nd half... more on that, next. stay with your 24
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also eliminate the on-side kick, a strategy the cyclones employed twice on sa trailing kansas state by five points with 51 seconds to go the clones onside kick by cole neten was no surprise. and stil, it almost worked. inches. it is what is. it is inches. i am not mad at cole netten. man, great play great effort. but their first onside kick of the day was a different story. i think it was huge. i think it
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opening play of the second half.. onside kick cyclones! it was number 41,chris francis who kicked it and recovered it. we had said all week we were going to do it no matter what the score was to start the second half. this was my first tiime running it. we have it in the game plan lots of times. he called me into the coaches office and said are you ready to do it? i said, i'm good. i am ready to go. chris francis is a sophomore his background, his story is so inspirational to and see him have a successful year that he has had and just seeing it happen really swung the momentum towards us. indeed, the francis kick and recovery paid off because 8 plays later jacob park hit deshaunte johnes for the cyclone td. so give francis a big assist. i love. i love chris francis. he is really good at
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he does. so did the fans at jack trice stadium. this is john campbell reporting. so did the cyclones fans on saturday. from jack trice stadium, john campbell kcrg tv9 sports. jc tv9 ... right now, it doesn't look good as far as northern iowa making the fcs playoffs. if the panthers were to win their final three games, they'd be 6-5. ... on saturday, the panthers lost to 5-time defending national champion north dakota state, 24-20. all of their losses have been by six points or less. on saturday, u help, including on the last drive. the team is trying to stay positive. "like i told the football team, to come back in the 4th the way they came back in the 4th is exactly what uni football is. we had our opportunities. north dakota state, give them credit, they made a play too. so, they're confidence really helps them
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of your head, but we approach every week like a new week. we knew this is the kind of game it was going to be. it always is. i think over the last 10 to 20 years, no more than 10 points usually separates this game." trt: 37 oc: "separates this game" ... for north dakota state, waterloo west grad lance dunn had 118 yards rushing on 23 carries, which is an average of 5 yards. he took over for king frazier who got injured during the g back to iowa. "it was really fun. we just emphasized all week just go out there and play, and have fun. i know i definitely had fun in this game and all my teammates had fun. we're really proud of our performance, and we'll get ready for next week... i saw king on the ground. i knew i was going to get the opportunity to get a lot of carries. so i just had to take advantage of it and just be explosive, and just have fun." trt: 22 oc: "and just have fun" ... the iowa hawkeyes of course had a bye week, but
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night spotlight with scott dochterman from the land of 10. iowa travels to penn state next saturday. ... nfl football, chiefs facing the indianapolis colts ... this was a scary day for chiefs quarterback alex smith... 1st quarter, he rolls out... can't find anybody, slides and hits his head hard on the turf... he'd be taken to the locker room to get checked for a concussion ... he returned... 3rd quarter, smith on the keeper, slides, and his head hits the turf hard again... he would not return ... so nick foles takes tyreek hill for a 34- yard touchdowns... k.c. wins 30-14 thanks josh. meteorologist
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student is now a winner of a national art contest. hear about the challenge reece drapeau has had to overcome to get the honor. that's our
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ man laughs ] [ roars ] [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro! [ cheers and applause ] hey. what's happening? welcome.


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