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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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the area. police say the two officers had no chance to defend themselves before greene pulled the trigger. and investigators are trying to figure out why greene targeted these officers. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman has been following this story all day and joins us live in des moines? dave, what are police telling you? they are saving it's a very sad day for law enforcement in the capitol cit sprang up...both at the police departments and also the street corners where the two shootings occurred. but as the mayor of urbandale said here today...we will grieve and then we will move on to continue protecting the public. the shots rang out without
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urbandale high school. then about two miles and 20 minutes later south of the merle hay mall with a different officer. at a briefing following the capture, police said greene became a person of interest very quickly. "it was somebody who was known to law e leads we started developing at the scene pointed us in his direction more leads came in an detectives determined he was somebody we wanted to talk to. " police say the suspect fired multiple times at each officer apparently giving he gravel road just off i-80 about 35 miles west of the shooting. urbandale authorities, who searched the home where greene lived today, said they'd had run ins with the suspect before including just a few weeks ago at the high school football field. greene was in the stands displaying a confederate flag when he was escorted out. "my son called me to have me pick him up early from the football apparently involved a confederate flag and he wouldn't
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police say they aren't sure if that incident triggered the attack on police and they're continuing to investigate. a steady stream of people paused to pay their respects at the spots where it all happened. the mayor of des moines was at today's news conference noting this has been a very tough year for law enforcement in the capitol city. in addition to the two shooting deaths, two other des moines officer a driving going the wrong way on the interstate. live in des moines, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. we checked court records and found the suspect - scott greene - is no stranger to police. in 2014, he pleaded guilty to interference with official acts for resisting urbandale police trying to pat him down for a weapon. the officer described him as hostile and combative. that same year, he pleaded
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threatening to kill another man during a confrontation in a parking lot. records show he also completed court- ordered substance abuse treatment and a psychological evaluation. tonight, people are sharing memories of the two fallen police officers. sergeant tony beminio had been a des moines police officer for eleven years. he was 39, and was married with children. bemino graduated from iowa city west high school in 19 time there. he was on the state championship football and wrestling teams. one former teammate says beminio could be goofy at times, but always knew how to compete in games. he says beminio was a role model for students before he went to simpson college where he graduated. " he was the great example of what somebody could become he had such a kind heart and kind spirit that you know he goes out working in the high school as a cop. you
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office. he was doing what he wanted to do. " urbandale police officer justin martin was 24. he was single and had been on the urbandale police force for a year. martin was from rockwell city that's where he became an eagle scout. he also graduated from simpson college. governor branstad weighed in on the police shootings during a campaign stop in hiawatha today. with the families of the police officers. so tragic that they were targeted and shot in their own police cars. and uh, we want to do everything we can. and i'm fortunate that the person they suspect did this has already been captured." the governor made those comments during a campaign stop at the hiawatha g-o-p office. governor branstad also said he wants to assure people authorities are doing everything that they can to bring the
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condolences today. in a statement, he said, in part, "sergeant anthony beminio and officer justin martin represented our best, most decent instincts as human beings - to serve our neighbors, to put ourselves in harm's way for someone else." iowa is now part of a national uptick in violence against law enforcement. from 2000 to 2015, the "officer down memorial page" lists 13 iowa law officers who died in the line of duty. with today's killings, five nationally, 112 officers have died in the line of duty this year, which is already six percent more than all of last year. 48 of those have been by gunfire, which is by far the leading cause. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, are these mild
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a frontal system slides southeast of the state tonight. this allows drier air a path to move into the state along with a ridge of high pressure. quiet weather is the result with a return to more sunshine in the sky. highs stay in the lower to middle 60s through the first weekend in november, continuing our above normal trend. no changes in our election day forecast meaning no weather excuses not to get out and vote. have a good night. tonight: gradual clearing. patchy fog possible late. wind: n 5-15. low: 44 tomorrow: sunny. wind: nw 5-15. high: 64 back to you. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine was in eastern iowa this afternoon with less than a week to go before the election. he spoke at loras college in
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live at loras college tonight. katie, you talked with kaine? yes and he had a lot of say about the two officers who were shot and killed in des moines this morning. he and president bill clinton were supposed to rally in des moines today, but cancelled that event. instead he focused on campaign issues here at loras. about three hundred people packed into the loras college field house. that tiny building has candidates, including president obama. today senator tim kaine said he and hillary are the underdogs in this election. he told supporters to get out and vote early and not to take anything for granted. kaine said the words donald trump used to describe hillary, things like "nasty woman" and "the devil", are completely inappropriate. " let's have community of respect and not disrespect. you are not going to be together if you're going to allow insults, name calling. that divides the community and hillary and i
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in the crowd were several catholic sisters and dozens of catholic college students. kaine made mention of his own catholic faith. he even quoted the bible a couple times. here across the street from the field house, on front porches of these homes, people placed home made signs that said "real catholics are pro-life" another said "hillary for prison." live in dubuque, katie a cedar rapids man is making it his mission to help the homeless in the city. he's doing more than just handing out much- needed items to those in need.
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western dubuque schools want to know what to do with an elementary school building in one community. that school is in the small town of bernard. this year, the school has only three classes, the lowest enrollment of any school in the district. and western dubuque's superintendent says enrollment continues to decline in that area. so the district wants to know what the public proposes for that school building. the school board will hold a public hearing at its meeting on monday. a new project in cedar rapids is trying to help the homeless in more ways than one. it's called "care-a-van," and
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started it as a way to help those in need. mike jennings offers things like deodorant, toothpaste, diapers, blankets and more. people who are homeless could also sign up for healthcare while picking up items. jennings says it hopes to help more people as time goes on. "try to, to to build trust with people. as you can see, a lot of people came over to us today, but there are a lot of people who didn't. they need to see that we are approachable and that we are going to be consistent and that we reeally are here to help." " the project is asking for donations through gofundme to buy a truck, so it can deliver more we have started accepting nominations for our annual "nine who care" program. once again, t-v nine and our show you care sponsors will honor nine outstanding volunteers who've made a difference in their communities. to nominate someone, just go to kcrg dot com slash care. former hawkeye kicker nate kaeding is now part of several teams -- but not the ones you might expect. hear how he's become a business partner in a clothing store and two
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stay with your 24 hour news
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a path to move into the
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e result with a return to more sunshine in the sky. highs stay in the lower to middle 60s through the first weekend in november, continuing our above normal trend. no changes in our election day forecast meaning no weather have a good night. tonight: gradual clearing. patchy fog possible late. wind: n 5-15. low: 44 tomorrow: sunny. wind: nw 5-15. high: 64 tom. night: clear. patchy fog possible late. wind: light. low: 42 friday: sunny. high: 65 low: 42
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66 low: 44 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 65 low: 45 monday: mostly cloudy. high: 64 low: 45 tuesday: mostly cloudy. high: 59 low: 46 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 58 low: 41 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 56 low: 40
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features former hawkeye and n-f-l kicker nate kaeding and his transition to life after football. and the iowa wrestling team returns some star power this season. stay with tv9.
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and joy of iowa city nate kaeding has made a smooth transition to the business world. nate kaeding is a hometown iowa city legend.. it all started at west high school where he won 3 state titles his senior year and even kicked a 50 yard field goal.. he continued to profect his craft at iowa becoming the schools all-time leading scorer and he hit some big field goals like the game winner in the alamo bowl. that is something
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kicking a game winning field goal like that. nate left iowa as the best kicker in the nation winning the lou groza award. and he continued to have success with the san diego chargers retiring after 9 years as the second most accurate kicker in nfl history. playing football was amazing as a hawkeye and then the nfl but i have been just as eager to be apart of this next chapter. the cheers stopped but nate still had that competive drive to succeed in the business world so he went back to earned his mba. i have always sort of prided myself on knowing what i don't know coming out of the nfl i knew that i had a lot of catching up to do that was the big motivation for me was to go back to school and take a step back beef up on all the academic knowledge that it takes to be successful in business. nate actual started his first business in iowa city while he was still in the nfl. we did shorts with partners when i was still in the nfl that is
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project still rocken and rolling going on 9 years. if you like a juicy burgers bigger than your face shorts burger and shine has plenty to choose from. my favorite is the dundee with the fried egg on top. make sure you have plenty of napkins...they also make their own whisky. their is certainly the competitive aspect of it when you have an idea and you work it all the way thru shorts only fueled nates competive juices and he joined other business partners and another resturant in downtown iowa city. something i have always tried to pride myself in is being a part of a team i am not doing any of this stuff alone i am a small in engine i have a lot of blind spots in business and find people who know things that i don't know and good at that has kind of been a big priority for me lucky to have great business partners. in part two tomorrow i will take you to tailgate clothing and the pullman diner. that plus nates vision
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new retail development coordinator. lets grapple the hawkeyes held their media day this afternoon. josh has more from iowa city. for the 2nd straight year, the iowa wrestling team did not have an individual national champion, and finished 5th as a team. the hawkeyes say it's time for all of that to change. "we had 3 in the finals last year and all came in second place. that's not where we want to be. that was no one's goal. like i said, it doesn't feel good. it doesn't feel good to come up short. and, going to have to put in the work." "i don't think you can pinpoint it to one single thing. i think there's a lot of little things at this level. if it was one thing, then that'd be easy, that's what we would work on." the hawkeyes return all three national finalists from last season: thomas gilman, cory clark and brandon sorensen. four weight classes are open at
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wrestlers have to take ownership this year. "it's not about wearing the singlet as a member of the iowa wrestling team or as a guy who broke the lineup. it's about ownership of the weight class where you're competing for the top spot." in iowa city, josh christensen tv9 sports to hoops and what an honor for iowa state point guard monte morris who was named first team preseason all-american by the ap. and finally the cubs could use another grand slam tonight in game seven against the indians.. but it won't be easy against cleveland ace corey kloober. you know kluber has one of the best curve balls in the game and hopefully we can you know make that weve been doing this all year been breaking records then they're not putting in a new history and history books and we're gonna come to the clubhouse and a lot of confidence and a lot of energy game seven a kids dream. sot :19 oc: "kids dream"
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a frontal system slides southeast of the state tonight. this allows drier air a path to move into the state along with a ridge of high pressure. quiet weather is the result with a return to more sunshine in the sky. highs stay in the lower to middle 60s through the first weekend in november, continuing our above normal trend. no changes in our election day forecast meaning no weather excuses not to get out and vote. have a good night. tonight: gradual clearing. patchy fog possible late. wind: n 5-15. low: 44 tomorrow: sunny. wind: nw 5-15. high: 64 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten.
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