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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 5, 2016 12:02am-12:31am CDT

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and finally tonight, some presidential answers from a woman who has all three of her eyes on nick watt is asking "what's up"? >> i want to know if donald trump will win the election. here in heavily hispanic east l.a., some are seeking super natural help. >> what's this? the woman has the power. so that's hillary?
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immigrants has some worried and they are going to seek help. sylvia says her clients are also obsessing about the election. >> translator: she's saying they want to do rituals and certain things like that. the major problem is they don't know where to go. >> reporter: and around another outselling clintons. he's in prison garb and cuffs. >> she has bad news for you. that someone is going to betray you in love. >> reporter: moving on. right now clinton has a narrow lead.
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his sleeve. according to her cards, there could be time for one more twist. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in east los angeles. >> maybe we should all be a little skeptical of tarot cards. thanks for watching abc news. as always, we're online at and or facebook page. good night, america. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> live is worth living man. i get why i'm here and love being a dad. >> number one, a father's heart break.
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the earthshattering news is affecting entire family. then can't get enough "this is us," cast tells us five things you need to know about dramatic season. >> i don't know how were when jack meets his end. >> and katie couric takes over our kevin james premiere. >> plus inside the "ins stars go when needing detox? the ranch only in hollywood. >> like to say its cheaper version of plastic surgery. then legendary news woman connie chung unlyriced. inside the network showdown with barbara kault walters and diane sawyer. you now "the insider" tracking
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michael buble's 3-year-old son noah diagnosed with cancer. number one tracking story today. >> we've spent a lot of time with michael over the years and every time he couldn't help but gush how much he loves his son. go inside the emotional toil of the heartbreak. >> how has your life changed since you had a son? >> worth living. i get why i'm here. that in your life. i can't explain it in words but love being a dad. ? nobody but me ?? >> faced with a parent's worst night under. michael buble and argentinean wife luisana made the announcement that noah, who loves to sing and dance like his
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family of four relocating from other homes to america to fight for his life. in a joint statement the couple says treatment is under way and luisana and i have put careers on hold to devote all our time and attention to helping noah get well. we have a long journey in front of us and hope we'll win this battle. >> within two hours posting statement on the facebook received 45,000 messages of spoufrmt our "insider"'s coping with family tragedy dra ramani durvasula explains how could be a comfort in these times. >> messages from fans can be a comfort.
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him through the crisis. >> last summer noah helped his parents announce the news of baby number two. his little brother elias. now nine months old. >> parents with one child who is sick and another going through regular routine, can feel like a challenge but those routines can sort of help things feel regular. not only for the child who may be sick but other child and family as >> to say michael and lu are devoted parents would be understatement. >> of course they do. >> something for us. >>. ? spider-man does whatever a spider can ?? >> recovering from surgery and because of the family never worried about career. >> did you think what if this doesn't go well?
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beautiful boys and great wife. love my family so much. >> this is devastating for any parent, celebrity or not. our thoughts and prayers with the entire buble family. >> story number two. "this is us" shows no signs of slowing down. cast telling us five things you need to know about it tv fen nom nom. >> loving the show as much as >> so grateful you love the show. >> snapchating their love and spilling secrets before the next bombshell episode. >> i don't know how it's going to happen, how or when jack meets his end. >> don't expect jack's mysterious death to be revealed anytime soon. >> will have it be at moment it's absolutely needed. >> milo ventimiglia telling us having a blast playing the dad of three.
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something they said and stepping in like on set father. tell me about this thing that happened at school yard. dad training wheels. >> prosthetic makeup, takes four hours to become my character at age 66. >> mandy's makeup is more than just time consuming. >> putting it on, cool going to work. but day is over, takes 1 1/2 hours to get it off? just want may see more of mandy's melodies on the hit show but don't expect justin hartley to belt out tunes. >> i can't sing. everybody on the cast is great singer. i can barely talk. >> six episodes in, emotions at all time high. number four. expect a lot more tears. >> people crying but hopefully
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it. >> even milo's emotions overflowing. secret number five. everything he's thankful for. >> wow. thankful for a lot. thank you very much. >> i mean no wonder america has fallen in love with the show and cast. >> so great. and mandy moore is one of many stars to hit ranch. hollywood obsession. inside katie couric's red carpet takeover. >> katie couric with "the insider." i got a new gig. andy can i talk to you about the "the insider"? hey, hey? >> working on both sides of the camera? >> how did you like working with jeff wadlow, i heard he was a
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>> my nephew by the way. >> in order to work with kevin james you have to deal with jeff. >> new netflix film. >> i thought the script was a little weak. kidding. really good. >> going to kill the president. >> i promise you, you got the wrong guy. >> kevin james plays a novelist in trouble when fictional story clashes with reality memoirs of an international assassin," but turning james into action hero wasn't so easy. >> had never held a gun. had to work with the weapons. that was legit. >> never bring a knife to a gun -- >> you brought a knife to a gun fight. >> kevin james is everywhere these days. cbs show ""kevin can wait""
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classic back to online haters. joining us at station. what brought this on? >> hating on new man. miranda taking "kerosene" to the trolls. >> lighting up fans who are not over her breakup with blake shelton. ooh, child some people drinking hater ade unleashing not so nice posts after with new boyfriend. 32-year-old country power hs went zen. this intergram pic. causual in yoga pants and on a horse. excited about the night and posted a picture. so many negativive. what a bunch of blank. >> beyonce and dixie chicks
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hobby. folks up in arms over a five seconds promo pic mentioning beyonce taken down before the performance. explained it as beyonce's team hadn't approved it so pulled down. posting this backstage photo. if we turn this up really loud together we can drown ought the hate. you go girls. >> i always felt like i was playing whack amole, pop up head and one go. >> competition ugly connie chung on relationship with barbara and diane. >> inside the ranch hollywood retreat to heal body and mind. >> robin roberts on brave battle with cancer. how is health today? >> left foot right foot breeng.
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happy birthday to you. >> that is who is having the best birthday ever. anne hathaway serenading twitter users on the way to vote. move over kardashian-west, jennifer lopez is getting over a million likes for this selfie. like yourself first, feeling empowered. healthy body and mind. >> gwyneth paltrow posting this calling it mother and son. #martin no relation. >> notes this was at rally for the homeless in washington,
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beaches kwtsd. wow. >> robin robert tweeting a photo of sweet lucas thanking everyone for adopting rescue animals. >> speak of robin, out in new york honoring those who made health a number one priority. something as breast cancer survivor has made her life mission. >> health is very good. strong like bull. class in and 2012 with mds. here we're about to enter 2017 and so grateful. can't believe ten years past breast cancer and closer to past the latest one. i'm a soul that lies within. people have seen me bald, lots skinnier, lost a lot of weight but now healthy again.
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people have been able to find some hope in it. >> the survivor-year-old "good morning america" anchor sharing her cancer fight s mantra. >> left foot, right foot breathe. >> for the third year in a roll hosted web m.d. gala which also honored seth rogen and wife lauren. had to levels down with presidential election four days away. >> meditate now, breathe and holding breath like everybody else for tuesday. >> great lady. >> big fan. coming up. >> greatest gift i gave to myself. >> mandy moore approves of the ranch. inside the rejuvenation program only in hollywood.
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where is she now. >> hanging and sponging off maury.
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much more "insider" is still ahead.
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tonight's just resets everything in your life and in your mind and with your body and eating.
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ever gave myself. >> that is "this is us" star mandy moore describing retreat the rarchl. >> young hollywood in love with this place. >> they are. located in heart of malibu, california, wellness destination for the stars to recharge batries. take you inside this only in hollywood hot >> i feel so peaceful already. this is gorgeous. >> the ranch is a place to mentally unplug and be off the grid. here unlike virtually any place the guests have no options. on our schedule. >> and it's a tielgt one. tibetan chimes wake at 5:00 a.m., followed by hour of
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milk. >> provides 100% vegan menu. 1400 calories a day for celebs like america ferrera and rebel wilson reportedly lost. after bod kwi fat composition measured in a high tech machine off to a four hour hike. sprawling acres. stars like lea michele, julianne hough burn. >> highest peak in the santa monica mountains. >> thinking who wants to work out on a spa retreat, haven't met davey fisher. >> already hiking. >> musclesburn more calories. do the strength in this room. it's working. >> time for the favorite ranch retreat.
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this cost? about $7200 but says it's well worth it. >> losing a lot of fat, gaining muscle. faces get leaner, necks tighter. we like to say it's a cheaper version of having plastic surgery. >> and if all of that isn't enough, also a daily scheduled nap. yes please. >> thanks keltie. moving on connie chung. one of the few female anchors worked at all three networks. >> got at lot off her chest. >> including dog eat dog relationship with diane sawyer and barbara walters but first had to know. where you been. >> missed you. >> face has been dropping.
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dog, ruff ruff. this part is hanging down. just hanging and sponging off of maury. >> the serious journalist clearly has a sense of humor. married to talk show host maury povich for 30 years, made a name for herself as one of the first women to anchor network news cast. >> eye on america reports. >> taking time away from the business to raise son matthew, moved on t abc, felt at epicenter of competitive tv news. >> at abc what was challenging is that i was there with barbara walters and diane sawyer. it was rough. playing whack-a-mole, pop my head up and one of them would go bam. >> you were competing for the same stories, more air time? >> uh-huh.
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>> are you kidding? so -- >> nice to face. >> yeah. >> did return to tv once again with husband in 2006 for "weekends with maury and connie," only lasted six months but got this gem of a moment. ? thanks for the memories. we came to do a >> tlaubook video. >> my god that's what did it. nobody will hire me because of that. >> if you were offered a job in tv today, would you take it? >> depending on what it was, sure. but i'm 70. its not happening. hard to get it at our age. >> that connie is really something. asked to do "dancing with the stars."


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