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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. anti-trump protestst erupt coast to coast. peaceful ones turning violent. police fighting back with tear gas. >> tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets. marching on trump towers in new york and chicago. more than a hundred arre donald trump heads to washington, vowing to bring the country together after a bitter election. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> he'll meet president obama in the oval office this morning. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> as the first lady hosts melania trump. now all eyes turn to who president trump will pick for his white house and cabinet.
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days? donald trump set to take our nation's highest office. and good morning, america. the election results are settling in. the transition of power has begun and overnight thousands of marchers in several cities took the streets to protest donald trump's victory. >> some of the protests were violent but many, many stayed peaceful. some demonstrators carrying this sign. we did see this a lot, love trumps hate. and here in new york, an artist started this wall, calling it subway therapy. well, people had a chance to write notes or whatever they felt. it's a very nice note that says stay united and hopeful. >> that was the message of president obama as well, and he invited donald trump to meet him in the oval office this morning. we'll get into a lot on the
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benitez outside trump tower with more on the protests overnight. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, good morning to you. in so many way these are protests fueled by social media and don't expect them to die down any time soon because right now the number one trend on twitter is that #trumpprotests. [ chanting ] >> reporter: overnight protests across the country turning violent in the early morning hours. as thousands of protesters from new york to los angeles gathered election of donald trump. police in oakland used tear gas to keep the crowd of nearly 7,000 at bay. major freeways in los angeles shut down. as crowds burned effigies of trump and marched on city hall. [ chanting ] >> reporter: demonstrators
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properties in new york. there's such anger here right in front of donald trump's home they're chanting this is what democracy looks like from the ballot box to the streets of new york, these people are letting their voices be heard. more than 10,000 gathered throughout the city, crowds blocking traffic, chanting, screaming. expressing their frustration, some climbing scaffolding and street signs to protest above the crowd. >> we're just people who are here who love this country as much as any other person. >> reporter: at least 120 protesters arrested nationwide overnight. and we should tell you the president-elect has not yet commented on these protests, but after being here overnight i got to tell you these protests were just so loud you could hear it for blocks. it's hard to imagine how anyone here got much sleep, robin. >> we did hear it loud and clear and the transition to the new admission begins this morning. president-elect donald trump meeting with president obama and his wife meeting with the first lady. our chief white house correspondent jon karl is there
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. today at the white house is not only the beginning of the transition from the obama administration to the trump administration, but it is also the first ever face to face meeting between barack obama and donald trump. the president going out and the one coming in both say they want a peaceful and orderly transition. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> reporter: but american politics has seen few enemies as bitterly opposed as these two. >> he's been perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be
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american citizen and a legitimate president. five years later trump finally retracted his comments, but he didn't apologize. donald trump will take power in january with his party firmly in control of congress too. >> this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in my lifetime. we are going to hit the ground running. >> reporter: at the center of trump's agenda,undoing much of the obama legacy, beginning with the president's signature legislative accomplishment, the affordable care act. >> we'll get rid of that. >> reporter: trump will look to make an immediate mark on the supreme court. replacing obama's long stalled nominee with one of his own. >> i'm also going to appoint great supreme court justices, so important. >> reporter: and of course, he has got a big promise to keep on border security. [ crowd chanting "build that wall" ] >> reporter: and of course a big promise to keep on border security. and as you mentioned, robin, melania trump will be here with her husband having her own one-on-one meeting with michelle
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>> jon, what are you hearing about what a trump cabinet may look like? >> reporter: well, it's early but we can expect that some of those who stood loyally by donald trump through his campaign will be in the trump cabinet. some possible names would include people like rudy giuliani, jeff sessions, the senator who was the first in congress, significant figure to support him. newt gingrich, another possibility. michael flynn, the retired army general, and maybe even the chairman of the rnc who was there with him through it all, reince priebus. >> we'll move on to hillary clinton. she had a difficult task yesterday and she carried it off with grace and conviction conceding to donald trump comforting her supporters. abc's cecilia vega was there for every step of the clinton campaign. she joins us now. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning. she was surrounded by her family, her top aides, hundreds of staffers, so many of them in tears. this was an emotional good-bye and chance for hillary clinton to speak directly to all of
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historic campaign. hillary clinton ending her fight for the white house and quite possibly her political career. >> this is painleful, and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: an emotional concession in a manhattan hotel. >> this loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. [ applause ] >> reporter: the emotion overwhelming for many in the room, including former clinton, and clinton's closest aide, huma abedin. >> to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. >> reporter: clinton delivering a message of reconciliation. >> donald trump is going to be our president.
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offered encouragement and urged perseverance. >> i know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will. i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. >> reporter: ending with hugs and thanks for so many in that room. and former president george w. bush called clinton after that speech to thank her for her years of service. she is now back home in chappaqua. her aides are not revealing what comes next, and george, as you know, clinton herself may not know the answer to that. >> she really didn't think about it as we talked about before. they really believed coming into the final week going into the final hours before the election they had this won. that's what all their internal polling showed. what are they telling you since then? >> reporter: they are still not talking, george. i was in that room yesterday with all of those top aides.
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she had champagne on flight, final campaign flight. that shows you how they thought they had this in the bag. every source i talked to over the last year and a half said this would be a tight race at the very end. no one inside the clinton campaign thought donald trump would be the president. >> no, and especially in the two big state, wisconsin and pennsylvania, they thought they had solid leads. >> and people -- i'm assuming they will say at some point, their base did not come out to vote. >> thank you very we saw a big reaction on wall street as the election results started to come in. stocks plugged, but then rebounded to a near record high on wednesday and rebecca jarvis is at the new york stock exchange. what is going on here? >> reporter: good morning, that's what everybody is asking because all of the experts expected a major sell-off after these election results instead what we got, the day after the election, was a huge gain for stocks, the dow ended up the day after election day 257 points
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after those results were coming in, now we're in striking distance of hitting an all-time record high for the dow so what's really happening here? well, investors are still digesting the reality that now we have a new president-elect donald trump. what came out of donald trump's speech on election night was infrastructure. he talked about his commitment to spending on that. that's where we have seen a number of stock gains. we've also seen stock gains in health care, in defense spending, in defense type -- in defense-type companies because of donald trump talking about investments in the military and wanting to invest there. the big things here on wall street's mind are less regulation, lower taxes, but, of course, there's still the question about trade, that could impact things going forward, as well, michael. >> thank you, rebecca. now let's bring in abc's matt crowd and cokie roberts. and matt, it seems like the
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wrong, too. >> the experts have been wrong a lot along the way. join the group in this. i think when you look at the market as rebecca knows this full well, the market likes predictability. i think every speech that came out starting with donald trump to hillary clinton to barack obama's speech is a calming influence on this election. the market likes that. but i think ultimately the market just like the voters are going to look at what donald trump does instead of what he says. >> that's what i wanted to ask about. what's unpredictable is what he is going to do. you worked with president bush, in a similar situation, he came to the white house even though he lost the popular vote and said he had a mandate. such a jumble of different kinds of policies inside donald trump's campaign. does he go through with things like the immigration building the wall or reach out with republicans and pretty much pass their agenda? >> i think he's in a more unique situation than george bush was. donald trump won more electoral votes than any republican since 1988 and lost the popular vote by a bigger -- he will lose the popular vote by a bigger margin than george w. bush lost and win
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i think what you see in the first 100 days is a series of things. they call the fruit. and he'll nom fate a supreme court justice that appeals to the conservative right and do a series of quick things that appeal to the conservative right and if my expectations are right, he's going to go negotiate with congress on things they can all agree to, infrastructure spending and maybe even on the tax code and i think he is going to do both simultaneously. the signals are who he starts nominating those key positions. that will tell us a lot. >> a lot of people are anxious to hear those names. let's bring in cokie roberts. she made it home to washington. good for to you to be here. an important part is preparing the president-elect to be commander in chief. what do you know along those lines? >> again, it remains a mystery. one of the things that's so interesting about this transition is there's no old washington hand here. you know, that's what we're used to.
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some who has been here, who knows the players. there are 4,000 political appointees that have to be named. 1,000 of those have to get senate confirmation. there's an enormous amount of work to be done. and at the commander in chief level, we know that donald trump had the backing of a lot of people in the military. he had generals behind all of that, but we have not a clue what his real intentions are there and i suspect he doesn't either. >> and jon karl, we talked about the cabinet. one possible washington hand would be the former speaker of the house newt gingrich but take us inside that meeting with president obama and donald trump today. probably won't get into a lot of substance but we do know that donald trump wants to undo and right away a lot of president obama's accomplishments. >> and he can undo a lot because this is a president who used the
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some of the big ones on the environment, climate change, those things can be done really with a signature of a president trump. also, i would expect because republicans have been talking about it so much for so long, and if they pass, and i expect they will, all or parts of obamacare, this president, president trump will certainly sign that into law so there's a lotta can be undone immediately by a president trump. will be on the meeting between those two men, but, cokie roberts, we also know melania trump will be meeting with the first lady. how do you expect that to go? >> i think that's a much easier meeting. this is basically two gracious people. michelle obama could not be more understanding of what it's like to move into that white house with a child. laura bush was very helpful to her, and i know she will be very helpful to melania trump.
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there's nothing comfortable about it. but it's much easier for two moms to joke about a kid and talk about, you know, schools, that kind of thing than it is for the two men. >> matt dowd, we saw these protests overnight. donald trump in his first speech his very gracious salespeople talked about binding the wounds of the nation. what more do you see him doing to address the majority who voted against him and those protesters? >> well, i think he's -- it's more than just him and i think it would be great if he keeps the calming words that he's got going and i think he needs to rein in many so of his we're in this together. i think this is going to sort of -- it's going to stay what it is, but watch for the january 20th inauguration. i wouldn't be surprised if this protest culminates in something we've never seen in a presidential inauguration. >> we will be watching. okay, matt dowd, thanks very much. amy is here's with other top stories. >> that's right, good morning. details still coming in but we are told two police officers have been shot responding to a domestic call in a small town of canonsburg south of pittsburgh.
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the hospital. no word yet on their conditions or the circumstances surrounding the shooting but a search is now under way for the suspect. we will bring you more details as we get them. in the meantime, general motors is planning to lay off more than 2,000 workers at its car factories in ohio and michigan. the company blames the shifting demand in auto industry with consumer demanding for trucks instead of cars. two fighter jets collided on a training mission in san diego. one was able to land safely. the other bailed out and rescued from the pacific ocean about an hour later. more charges are expected against a suspected serial killer in south carolina. following another gruesome discovery. the bodies of a husband and wife missing for nearly a year have now been identified. they were found on real estate agent, todd kohlhepp's farm. he has now been linked to five
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and near buffalo, new york, a massive fire, look at that destroyed this former steel plant. the flames causing the roof to collapse. investigators believe a hot lightbulb dropping onto some cardboard started that massive fire. and another fire leading to a daring rescue. this worker in logan, utah, trapped inside a cherry picker after a transformer exploded, sent flames climbing up that pole. a second truck was brought in, and the worker thankfully was pulled to safety. and finally, all those people who said they were moving to canada if donald trump was elected, well, guess what, they have a cheaper way to get there. spirit airlines is out with its go north sale promising 75% off flights. there is a slight catch, spirit will fly you to upstate new york then it's up to you to make what the airline calls a short drive to the border right there at niagara falls. so this follows the canadian immigration website crashing after the election so they're capitalizing on that. what an american thing to do. >> amy talked a lot about fires and fires down south.
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this is atlanta, georgia. the skyline that you can barely see through the smoke and haze. this is what the folks of the southeast are dealing with. thanks to those fires. look at the fires in north carolina. now there are dozens on the map and these are places that haven't had rain in more than a month in some place, more than a month and a half in other spots. this is fascinating. no large wildfires in california. most of the large wildfires from ohio down through mississippi especially in north georgia, parts of south carolina, western north carolina. this is a shift in where that drought issue is coming to fruition. on top of all of this, the numbers as far as high temperatures go, we're breaking records across much of the nation. jet stream parked up north. you'll see a lot more of this because there's not a lot of rain in the forecast. your local weather in just 30 seconds, but first though, the sunny cities brought to you by sfrint. .
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stronger wind out of the southwest, which will help to drive temperatures well into the 60s across the area. this will be about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon for this time of the year. our next cold front will pass through the region dry going into our veteran's day, but it'll be co sure with highs limited to the 50-55 range. this weekend couldn't be better for mid-november with highs in the 50s on saturday with low 60s likely on sunday. have a great day!today: sunny and a one more telling image. lake purdy, alabama. that was a lake.
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days straight. their longest stretch ever without measurable rain. >> that looks like the southwest. thanks, ginger. coming up legal trouble still facing donald trump as president-elect. we'll have what the dozens of lawsuits against him could mean. the late night comics are back taking on this incredible moment of history with humor and surprising moments of healing. we'll talk about that and much more. come on back to "gma." go she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, " it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. "she's a little bit shy." your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. try osteo bi-flex ease. our 80% smaller tablet.
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so many of the national polls indicated a different outcome in the presidential race. directors of the loras college poll say there are a few reasons. early voters tended to support hillary clinton. but people who were undecided and voted on election day, tended to support donald trump. difficulty of polling certain blocs of the population in states like wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. the directors say after considering the margin of error, almost all of the polls were very accurate. interviews for the next university of northern iowa president are taking place today and tomorrow. the university's search and screen committee are meeting with 6 semi-finalists. u-n-i provost jim wohlpart is currently serving as interim president at the university. a look at your first alert forecast in 2
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southwest, which will help to drive temperatures well into the 60s across the area. this will be about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon for this time of the year. our next cold front will pass through the region dry going into our veteran's day, but it'll be cooler for sure with highs limited to the 50-55 range. this weekend couldn't be better for mid-november saturday with low 60s likely on sunday. have a great day! today: sunny and a little breezy. wind: sw 10-20. high: 66 tonight: mostly clear. wind: nw 5-10. low: 39 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: n 10-20. high: 54 tom. night: clear and
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for the millions who are disappointed for hillary, remember, america has a special place for people who lose. ironically it's the cast of "celebrity apprentice." >> okay, conan o'brien, that was a pretty good one. autolate night comics had to comment on w bringing messages of humor and healing as well after that upset. >> you knew they were not going to hold back. no, no, no. overnight, thousands of anti-trump protesters took to the streets, demonstrations erupting in cities coast to coast, some of them turned violent but many stayed peaceful as both sides of the aisle call for unity. and the president-elect heading to washington to meet president obama in the oval office. they're working toward a peaceful transition of power and while they meet, melania trump will sit down with first lady michelle obama. also this morning, a big royal headline.
7:31 am
spotlight, amy. >> that's right. we all remember kensington palace acknowledging his relationship with the american actress, meghan markel. they were very upset about how the media treated her. we'll see him for the first time today. we'll have much more on that coming up. >> where are we going to see him? >> we're going to find out. >> a tease. move on now to more from president-elect trump. he is unprecedented in so many ways, including a number of active lawsuits and business conflicts that trail him to the white house. brian ross here with the details. the most high-profile trial has a key hearing today. >> that's right, george, good morning, while the president-elect begins to make his plans to run the country his lawyers in court today in san diego dealing with one of the dozens of active lawsuits against him involving allegations of fraud, sexual harassment and failure to pay
7:32 am
involves one of the three lawsuits over trump university. >> success, it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: students who paid a $35,000 fee claim that now president-elect committed fraud when he falsely told them he had personally selected the faculty. the actual trial is set to begin at the end of the month presided over by the san diego federal judge trump accused during the campaign of bias because he is of mexican heritage. >> he's a hater. his name is he is not doing the right thing. >> reporter: in addition to the trump university case -- >> can you raise your right hand? >> yes. >> reporter: -- there are at least 30 other significant cases in which the president-elect is being sued or suing for issues that happened before he was elected. >> the rule is that there's no immunity from suit for anything that happened before.
7:33 am
candidate threatened to bring his own set of lawsuits against the women who claimed he had sexually assaulted them. their lawyer says, bring it on. right now, they have no present intention to sue him first. >> but if he sues them, we will defend them vigorously. >> reporter: trump's business interests may also create conflicts for the soon-to-be president. in the midst of the campaign, he took time f brand with the trip to his golf course in scotland and later opening a new hotel in washington. trump has had extensive ties with several russian oligarchs close to vladimir putin. he and his children have sought investments with controversial overseas figures. and ethics experts say his plan to let his children run his business empire as though it were a blind trust is not blind at all. and then there are the questions
7:34 am
irs. mr. trump has said his tax returns are being audited by the irs. as president trump will elect and select the new head of the agency even as his employees are poring over how he avoided paying any federal income tax at all over the last two decades. >> a lot of different issues raised there. let's bring in dan abrams for more on this. let's start out with the lawsuit in court today. likely a lot of pressure on mr. trump to settle this. >> that's right because, remember, he doesn't have to actually be in court for a civ but when he's deposed or he has to testify he has to show up. and there is precedent for this. remember, this happened with the paula jones lawsuit and bill clinton case. the u.s. supreme court actually weighed in on this. and said a sitting president is not immune from a civil lawsuit. >> likely settlement. >> correct but the court specifically said, the courts have to work around the scheduling aspects of a president, so there is a
7:35 am
because the scheduling would be so hard, let's postpone this. let's delay this, but i think there is going to be a lot of pressure to continue this. but donald trump would only need to be there when he is testifying. >> that's the distraction issue. if he takes the risk of going to trial and be convicted that could be an impeachable offense. >> no, they're only for something you do while you're president so you can't impeach someone for stuff that they did before they became president. so if he is president and something different story from something that happened before he became president. >> and these issues of conflict of interest. >> these are also civil. most of them. we have to be careful in distinguishing between civil and criminal although there are some criminal investigations as well. >> on the issue of his business, the president isn't bound by any conflict of interest laws. >> just more considered an ethical code that has been adhered to, but, boy, a lot of questions to be asked when you talk about his family taking over his businesses as to what
7:36 am
going to have that with that business and what relationship that has with the government. >> thanks very much. over to michael. >> all right, george. coming up on our big board, donald trump's election surprise. so many of the polls will guide him wrong except for one. what their secret was. and actor and trump supporter, stephen baldwin is here. his brother, famously plays trump on "snl." he's going to tell us how their family is dealing with their different political views and how yours can too. we'll be back with that in just two minutes.
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our team of insiders standing by to weigh in live. we have speechb bald -- stephen baldwin here at the table, and we'll talk to you in a minute. but we begin with the pollsters, the fallout from the election and the election stunner, just about every poll got it wrong except for the usc/"l.a. times" poll. which pretty consistently had trump in the lead. you took a lot of criticism for months. what did you see that others
7:39 am
>> we did take a lot of criticism, and on the whole, we're pretty happy with how our poll performed. one big difference between the way we do our poll and how others did is the fact that we work with panel of members over time. so that's pretty much the same people over the course of an election. while other pollsters may talk to different people each time. and in an election season when many people may have felt shy about talking about their vote choice, this allowed u think that it allowed us to see the entire spectrum of the vote. >> now, even though your results, you were one of the few that did get it right, were you surprised so many other people got it wrong? >> well, this was a very difficult election to poll in. and a big difference, another big difference between the way that we do our polling and how others do is that rather than asking a traditional up and down question of how did -- how would
7:40 am
give us the percent likelihood that they will vote for a candidate. and this is sort of gives us sort of a fever chart or a look into the intensity of the vote. so perhaps someone may be a 100% clinton supporter one week and then the comey fbi e-mails break and they're 75% clinton supporter the next week. and -- sorry. >> no, no, no. i'm just -- itborough blows me away. ma the polls in this is something. you made your bones on this one. thank you very much. >> thank you, jill. we move on now to the best way to deal with the end of the election. some voters are overjoyed while others are a little disappointed and now some doctors are talking about post-election stress disorder and clinical psychologist dr. elizabeth lombardo is here with us and, okay, dr. lombardo, is this a real thing? >> post-election stress disorder is a real phenomenon that a lot of people are experiencing right now, and it comes out in different ways.
7:41 am
yourself filing more irritable or angry, or worried or helplehelpl helpless. it can come out in your body with headaches, and g.i. distress, and inability to sleep and maybe you have trouble concentrating and it can affect your relio irritable we tend to take it out on our loved ones and perpetuates the stress cycle? how should people deal with it? >> the first thing to do limit your social media. there's something called a filter bubble which means that the people who have the similar lines for you are at the top of your feed. so if you're a disappointed clinton supporter going to facebook may be filled with a lot of helplessness and sadness which unfortunately supports the problem as opposed to the solution. secondly, focus on what you want as opposed to what you don't want. and third of all, volunteer. help out someone else so it will help you feel empowered and help you have less stress.
7:42 am
>> finally sit in front of a nice fire with a good book. we like your fire there. >> thank you. we're going to talk to stephen baldwin now, and, stephen, hillary clinton -- >> you're clapping. >> that was so wonderful. >> she said -- >> talk about your post-election stress disorder. okay? i keep having this nightmare every saturday night. i don't know why that my big brother is picking on mr. trump. >> well, he actually responded in his show. take a look at this. >> she can brag about her resume but i'm the one who's got all i mean, i have got the cream of the crop. i've got sarah palin. i've got chachi. and get this, i've even got the best baldwin brother, stephen baldwin. >> but, you know, you were out there and one of the few actors out there to support donald trump. you and scott -- >> me and scott baio, baby. that's it. go ahead. >> no, were the voters rejecting all, not just us in the press,
7:43 am
hollywood? >> i had a fun conversation with alec a couple of weeks back where literally we were at his house at home with the kids floating in the swimming pool having a good time. he said, so your boy's basically kind of handing us this election, don't you think? and i went, i got a funny feeling you need to be more prepared for a trump president than i do a hillary president. you know, and the thing that is so overwhelming for me this morning is i stayed at mr. trump's hotel last night with all those protesters outside. and it really freaked me out, you know, because i can be all happy or excited about the outcome, but then it was like a wave of reality to say, like, there's folks out there that still don't agree with all this and this is what makes the country so amazing is right now we, the people, all of us have an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the greatness of our freedom and our vote and our
7:44 am
best to try to pay it forward and do the right thing and just say, if you agree or not, the cool thing to do is really give mr. trump the opportunity. it's difficult. i saw a lot of young people out there that you could see it was a lot of messaging from the media that was driving their anger and this and that. and i'm just going to be praying that everybody comes together and really gives mr. trump an opportunity to do the right thing and create the change him. >> but you said you were at the hotel last night. you were at the victory party. >> sure. >> the other night. what was it behind the scenes there? how was it? >> i think people were just as shocked as a lot of people who didn't vote for mr. trump, but this is what's cool. >> before the mood seemed a little docile. >> it was -- >> amy robach was there. it was, like, very quiet, and then all of a sudden, the mood
7:45 am
happ happier. >> once florida came in and cutting to headquarters for mrs. clinton and headquarters from -- and this is just -- it's an anomaly. we've never seen this before. this type of a victory. rand paul said something two days ago that was amazing. he said euric, you know, you got your east coast with the wall street, your west coast with the hollywood folks, and now you got a whole a lot of people in between all that that just feeling. and for me it's like i said last night as much as i wanted to go out and say to a bunch of young people, hey, stop, everybody, can't we all just get along, i realized that i have to respect those people. i have to respect them. >> both president obama and hillary clinton yesterday echoed what you were saying, they were saying give president-elect trump a chance. what do you think he should do to address those protests and that pain? >> listen. i think starting with this network and every other network, it's important that we focus on the positive towards the people,
7:46 am
lawsuits, and i know it's news. i know it's news, but people have to kind of -- again. before the election, i said, let's focus on who is the right person. that decision has been made. now we have to do our best to just continue to positively to do unto others as you would have them do unto great verse in second chronicles, people if my people would humble themselves and pray i would hear their pray and i would heal their land. that's a powerful thought. >> hopefully you and your brother are talking now. you're back on good terms. >> i might need you, michael. >> you're yourn own with that one. how late night comics are helping with post-election stress and we'll have their best jokes coming up. >> first thing i did was call my high school bully. chool bully. s! it's perfect. now that we've added adjustable base, my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit, lift the head up a little bit,
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7:49 am
remember that guy who used to host "the [ laughter ] i dreamed we elected him president. >> the big story is that america woke up this morning and was like -- >> did i do that? >> this morning you finally woke up from a coma, well, you might want to go back. >> what we did was the democratic equivalent of installing an aboveground pool. even if we're lucky and it foundati foundations, our neighbors will never look at us the same way again. >> we put our 8-month-old son to bed and i was holding him and said when you wake up tomorrow morning we might have our first female president and then when we came home around midnight, i went into his room, shook his crib until he woke up and screamed, we have to get out of here! >> i watched news coverage all night last night and it was especially interesting to watch the change in tone as the night progressed.
7:50 am
the evening went on, and the results came in, almost every anchor looked like a child slowly realizing that no one was showing up to his birthday party. >> now today americans have the right to feel happy, angry, pessimistic, optimistic but everybody should feel grateful that we get to vote, and if we don't get our way, we have the chance to try again. it is a beautiful thing. >> yeah. it's thursday. that means tory johnson. "deals & steals." kicking off >> i'm shopping for all of you today with tory. >> what do we get? >> i'll hide it. i will figure it out. amy adams is going to be along in our last hour as well. we'll have her at the breakfast table. we'll have her at the breakfast
7:51 am
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7:54 am
johannesburg, south africa. flash flooding killing at least two people. you can see the highway flooded with cars, so many had to abandon the vehicles getting stuck in the drains. in this image. you can see that. isn't that a wild video? all the people there obviously that flash flooding a big issue. we're so dry but the cold coming
7:55 am
"good morning america" is beauty." the new film by new line cinemas in movies december 16th. "collat beauty "q." the new film by new line cinemas
7:56 am
calling donald trump's win something of a miracle. governor branstad says enthusiasm for trump's campaign was off the charts. he's has spent months calling for republicans to unite behind trump's campaign. his son, eric, was trump's campaign chief in iowa. there's been speculation that trump could ask governor terry branstad to be the new ambassador to china. but governor branstad says he overseas, and he's committed to serving the people of iowa. today, henry county is looking into what's next for mount union -- a town with only about 100 people. people in mount union voted tuesday on whether to dissolve the town, but it ended in a tie. 31 people voted to unincorporate, while 31 voted not to. this issue started last spring when mount union passed a resolution to unincorporate. one of the reasons was a dispute over who pays the bill for the town's sewer
7:57 am
about what to do next after the tie vote. it says there's still a possibility there are uncounted absentee ballots in the mail. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on more sunshine today. we'll see a stronger wind out of the southwest, which will help to drive temperatures well into the 60s across the area. this will be about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon for this time of the year. our next cold front will pass through the region dry going into our veteran's day, but it'll be cooler for sure with highs limited to the 50-55 range. this mid-november with highs in the 50s on saturday with low 60s likely on sunday. have a great day!today: sunny and a little breezy. wind: sw 10-20. high: 66 tonight: mostly clear. wind: nw 5-10. low: 39 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: n 10-20. high: 54 tom. night: clear and colder. wind: light low: 28 cedar rapids will soon get a new mayor...for a day. that was the top prize for the c-r gavel challenge. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett is announcing
7:58 am
support area businesses that were forced to close during the flood of 2016. those that visited and posted their pictures to social
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, anti-trump protests erupt across the country chanting slogans against the president-elect. thousands of people in the streets marching on trump towers in chicago and new york. peaceful demonstrations turned violent. police used tear gas to fight back. more than 100 people arrested. from fifth avenue pennsylvania avenue, america's new first family moving into the white house in just 71 days. how will melania follow tradition as first lady? as 10-year-old barron is now in the public eye. ? prince harry, back in the spotlight this morning just days after that unprecedented statement defending his girlfriend meghan markle as new reports emerge she's asked for time off from "suits." all these kids are joining us to say --
8:01 am
? oh, great to have all those adorable little kids with us this morning. they're getting ready for the holiday season and so are we. >> they are getting ready. tory johnson will help everybody else get ready. big "deals & steals." you see her right there. perfect gifts for something i never heard of bull. nutribullet. >> you never heard of that. >> >> everybody has heard of it. >> we have an expert who will show us -- teach us great diy tips for decorating over the holiday, deck straighting ornaments and a friendly competition. >> friendly? >> we'll have decorating ornaments. >> more friendly than you guys this morning? >> i'm saying friendly because i
8:02 am
that's coming up. lots of glitter. see if you can keep up with that. >> you don't scare me. >> you can't handle my glitter. >> continuing, you will never -- see that guy eddie redmayne. you'll never guess what role he auditioned for and he said it didn't go so well coming up in "pop news." a funny insider story. >> amy has the morning rundown. >> i didn't know what the nutribullet was either. robin and michael. news flash. good to washington. the president-elect is meeting with president obama at the white house this morning. a tradition on the thursday after a presidential election and this all comes as the trump transition team led by new jersey governor chris christie kicks into high gear launching its website trump will also meet with house speaker paul ryan promising to work hand and hand with trump and repeal obamacare. protests erupted from coast
8:03 am
streets, some in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at police officers and abc's gio benitez is outside trump tower this morning. gio, how is it going? >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the protests here overnight were loud and in some cases violent. we're talking about 120 protesters arrested overnight across this country. i want to show you video from new york city. i was out here last night right outside of trump tower. it's, of course, the home of president-elect donald trump. the protests filled up three blocks on fifth avenue. some 10,000 protesters here in manhattan alone. now, let's go to los angeles. there were so many protesters there, freeways had to be shut down. crowds even burned effigies of donald trump. now, over there further north in oakland, some 7,000 protesters, police using tear gas on some of them, they say, to keep it all under control. but here at trump tower i can tell you we don't expect these protests to die down because
8:04 am
#trumpprotests is trending across this country. number one trend on twitter, amy. >> stunning image, all right, thank you so much. gio. overseas south korea's president says donald trump called her and pledged his commitment to defending south korea under the existing security deal and today japan's prime minister confirmed he will meet with trump next week. in other news, police say two officers were ambushed and shot while responding to a domestic call in a pittsburgh suburb overnight. one of those officers has police say they were shot as soon as they approached the home. a search is now under way for that suspect. and in chicago, a stock trader has pleaded guilty to helping trigger the so-called flash crash that wiped out billions of dollars back in 2010. this man was accused of using bogus orders and manipulation schemes to buy and sell stocks in, get this, milliseconds then he made millions. it all happened in his mother's
8:05 am
brad pitt cleared of wrongdoing of a child abuse investigation. it stemmed from an alleged incident involving pitt and his son on a plane. george, this is for you. prince harry is attending an event with his grandfather today. his first public appearance since releasing an official statement in defbs of his girlfriend, actress meghan markle. harry blasted the press and the public for what he called a wave of abuse and harassment and he said he is worried about her safety. he complained about coverage with racial undertones and outright racism on social reportedly asked for time off now from her hit tv show. and finally a real-life veggie tale. a man who lost his wedding ring three years ago found it, are you wondering what that was, he found it in his garden with a carrot growing through it. >> wow. >> the band had no diamond but i guess he can now call it a one-carrot ring. >> oh. >> well done. well done. >> bravo. >> that was good.
8:06 am
>> right up there. >> that groan was love, baby. i'm so jealous. >> hard to follow. >> i know, i'm going to try. hi, everybody. "pop news" time and props this morning to lindsay lohan for turing a negative into a positive. she gave an interview last week in which she appears to have adopted a new accent. >> so people are scared of refugees and everything in the world there is a minimum. there's a line and where we can is bad good. >> what was that? >> that's an interview that went viral. thousands trying to guess what kind of accent she now speaks with. rather than get defensive give it to her. she declared she speaks lohan and launched a line of clothing celebrating it. turning humanitarian and teaming up with for a
8:07 am
lilohan. there is a tank top, t-shirt or sweatshirt. christmas is coming. all the proceeds go to two children's charities which is fantastic. the "mean girls" actress announcing it making light of her cadence which explains is only natural. she's learning some languages and learning french, russian, turkish, italian and arabic and that is a mixture of them. >> to create lilohan. almost like she's from our producer does it -- he speaks fluent lilohan. >> he does everything well. >> he does. also in "pop news," can you imagine a world where "star wars" villain kylo ren played by eddie redmayne? that casting, what if was a possibility according to the fantastic beast actor although he says his chances were not exactly great. he knew it right away. redmayne opens up to a podcast called happy, sad confused
8:08 am
because the script was so top secret the casting director gave him lines from "pride and prejudice" and said do it like a baddie. do that like a bad guy. eddie said in spite of ten different versions of darth vader's heavy breathing infused lines it went to adam driver and the are he is history. he said there was a silver lining. it was the same casting director would gave him several other roles including, oh, that little oscar winning turn in "the theory of er >> he is a very versatile actor but that like darth vader breathing, not so good. he drew the line but did want the role. i love hearing those stories about the one that got away. a great reminder even the best of the best have those moments. >> it worked out for him in the long run. >> try, try, again. a little lesson like a little one-carrot gold ring. >> another girlie moment. four dayses, four different hairdos. >> drop the mike, baby.
8:09 am
finally, thanksgiving, two weeks from today. can you believe it? two weeks from today and, george, i have bought all the ingredients for the stuffing recipe you gave me. >> all right. >> i'll do a prep run and bring it in and let you try it. >> exciting. >> george, you can cook like that? >> yeah. >> george is on stuffing patrol and says his recipe is the both. >> except without a nutribullet. >> save a lot of time if you did. >> one mom has cleaned already for the big day check out this picture her son posted on twitter. i know you can't read it. momma's taped off the entrance to their living room making it off limits until turkey day. unless, and i say unless family members abide by the list of rules and regulations, first, you must be showered and completely dirt-free. second, clothes must be laundered and finally if permission is granted absolutely no food or drinks permitted whatsoever. the note is signed mom, comma,
8:10 am
comma, queen of the castle, comma, person ruining your life. whatever works for you. >> wow. >> wow. that is -- >> she is ready. >> that might work. >> no joke. >> that is no joke. she is not going cleaning that living room again. that's "pop news," everybody. >> all right, lara. ooh. coming up making the move into the white house. what kind of style will melania bring to the home and what will life be like for barron. >> tory including the nutribullet.
8:11 am
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? sixteen houseguests, one bathroom. when families gather, ours can help.
8:14 am
whistling a birthday song train whistling trumpet blows bell ringing ice chipping grunting buzzing chirping motor hums croaking dripping casting revving zipping whale call fog horn elk call owl hoot wolf howl bell ringing whistling a live shot of the white house and a little more than two months president-elect donald trump will and his family will move into the private residence there. lara takes a closer look at what they can expect. >> indeed, robin. when the trumps move into the white house, they will face major lifestyle change, big parenting choices and decisions
8:15 am
decor. take a look. in just 71 short days the trump family will have a brand-new address and the tack of making the white house home traditionally involves the efforts of the first lady. >> it will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. >> reporter: but melania trump is far from traditional. an immigrant from slovenia. >> she is the first immigrant to be first lady since louisa who is the wife of john quincy adams in the 19th model. >> reporter: but melania trump's most important job as first lady will continue to be as full time mother to the third newest resident of pennsylvania avenue, 10-year-old son barron trump. >> see told people previously she's a very hands-on mom and they do not employ a nanny. >> reporter: largely sheila e..ed from the limelight thus far barron is the youngest son of a president to live in the white house since 1963 when jfk was in charge. the trumps telling george that
8:16 am
in stride. >> how has the experience been for him. >> he's doing very well. i keep him in balance and just have him a childhood. i just want to have him out of the spotlight for how. >> reporter: barron will be visited by his nieces and nephews. his oldest brothering telling him how close he is. >> you have to respect your uncle even though there is a one-year difference. >> reporter: mastering it in the public eye is george bush's daughters wrote a letter to the obama's daughters, although it's an honor and full of so many extraordinary opportunities it isn't always easy being a member of the club you're about to join. >> probably very true. joining us now a woman who knows, anita mcbride. welcome. >> thank you. >> you have been there and done it. what are the trumps in for from your perspective. >> done it multiple times. starting today with the first visual of them all being together that conveys the unity
8:17 am
it'll be the first time she's ever seen the white house. to know that you're going to move in and live there, i'm sure, is quite an whoever jemming thought. >> what are some of the tasks at hand going to be a challenge for her. >> she'll be asked a lot of questions, particularly not today, though, mrs. obama i'm sure will show her all the rooms in the white house where she'll be living for the next four years but she should expect through her staff a lot of questions from the residence taff there, over 100 people that want to take care of them for the next four years. >> answers. we've got 75 days of a transition sh. >> can she have time to sleep on it? >> absolutely but the thing is what the staff is there to do right after the inaugural parade, you walk into the white house, the first time as the new first family, your things are unpacked. things that you might like to eat are there. the way you're going to entertain your family. who is going to sleep over, all that is decided well ahead of time. >> real quick, i have to ask about barron.
8:18 am
i have a little boy near his age. what will it be like for him. >> it is a big change. i'm sure he's worried. will i be able to have my friends over. >> will gentlemen. >> well, of course, he'll be able to have his friends over. that's one thing laura bush conveyed to michelle obama who was worried about the same thing and what she said is you can have a wonderful family life here and you will. there's lots of things there for him to share with his friends including a movie theater. now you can see first run movies before anybody else. >> one of t it's going to be okay. anita, great to have you here. i hope you'll come back. >> i will. >> great to have your per per tiff. my girl tory johnson with us, "deals & steals" and the nutribullet comes to life, people.
8:19 am
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back here on "good morning america," look at this ray of sunshine in a cold times square. amy adams, not one, but two big movies. so how are you feeling. >> good, a little cold. second-guessed my decision not to wear a coat but i'm good. i'm really good is there we'll keep you warm. we have so much coming up. we can't wait to hear about
8:23 am
southwest, which will help to drive temperatures well into the 60s across the area. this will be about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon for this time of the year. our next cold front will pass through the region dry going into our veteran's day, but it'll be cooler for sure with highs limited to the 50-55 range. this weekend couldn't be better for mid-november with highs in the 50s on saturday with low 60s likely on sunday. have a great day!today: sunny and a yes, everybody, it is that time, it is time to jump start your holiday shopping. tory johnson here with major steals & deals. >> or "deals & steals." >> "deals & steals." whatever way you want to do it. all-star at $10. >> you got it. we partnered with all of these companies to bring you these great deals starting with one piece, so we've got this onesies
8:24 am
started as the ultimate the. what could i wear on a lazy sunday and now evolved into something celebrities and others wear out and about year round. >> we didn't need all that. >> onesie, hoodie, joggers, both jade and will give it a thumb's up. normally not inexpensive. they start at $69. everything is slashed by at least 50% so starting at $34.50. >> good. >> all right. next up -- >> merry christmas, both > we have the top of the line nutribullet. this is their most powerful device to date. so we'll give -- we'll school george on this. piping hot soup in seven minutes and the most nutrient rich smoothies, dip, sauce, wide variety of things you can make and no time settings or buttons, push it and it knows what's in here and it creates the perfect amount of time, the right amount of time.
8:25 am
>> smart technology. phenomenal deal. normally for the top of the line, $180, slashed in half, 90 bucks for a nutribullet. >> tell you what, we all know that george's gift for me from christmas is costing 90 bucks. >> emotions are running high, wear whatever is on your mind on your wrist from rustic cuff and get to personalize, nine different. nine different styles of metallic leather. a varie o gold, you could do a name, date, phrase, hashtag, whatever is on your mind put it on your wrist. normally $92, today they are slashed by 63%, 34 bucks. >> 34 bucks. >> beautiful gift. next up, michael todd beauty. what i love about these, right here for you, yeah, sonic clear so this will clean your face better than soap and water alone
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:30 am
? suddenly ? [ applause ] >> we welcome you back to "gma." look at this wonderful audience that we have with us and we've got this thursday morning, we've got a lot coming up here, michael. >> yes, we do. i want to talk to you about weddings. weddings and then someone has given a toast and you're just sitting there going, hurry up, get this over with. everybody, right? well, i got a toast that may change your opinion on this. this one, it blew me away when i saw this. let's just say, it would make the founding fathers very proud. take a look at this. >> how does a met fan, golfer, long island boy, an accountant, dropped right in the melting pot, yes, new york city, ain't
8:31 am
shows, go meet this jew from california, you know where this story goes. yes, jenna rotner, the oldest daughter of my father, she moved to the big apple with some pressure from her mother who said time to be a wife, this year you saw your life. israeli mothers, a sharper edge than any knife. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> that was -- >> that was awesome. the guy who did it matt rotner is actually here in o audience. there you go, matt. >> that was great. >> well done. >> so what inspired you to say, okay, your sister jenna got married to ross and you said, i'm going to come up with this "hamilton" inspired rap. >> so i'm very close with my sister jenna and her now crazy to say her husband russ so i figured i had to do something unconventional to be memorable and i had to create a moment that we would share that was truly unforgettable. it's because weddings are big and they call for celebration and i'm a rogger so i'll live up
8:32 am
so it hit me last year when we took ross to see a show and made the decision that i would not speak in prose and it inspired these rhymes and make you think of dr. seuss but lin-manuel miranda is where i got my muse, he wrote alexander hamilton's our founding father's anthem so i decided to write my own song i wrote my own tribute to the tandem and i guess the spot went well. i'm now on "gma" and i'm not going to throw away my shot because this is going to be their day so -- >> all right. >> thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> i did not see that coming. >> me neither. >> he stood up and i was like, security. i have a question, though. everybody is wondering how long did it take to come up with that? >> so, it took -- so it was really inspired when i saw "hamilton" last year. i saw it last october and jenna and ross got -- he proposed a few weeks prior and in my family we have this whole
8:33 am
at big events and i lost my ability to sing a long, long time ago so i thought, right when i saw "hamilton" it ended, the song i did and i literally turned to my nom and said, you know what, this is not my mother, but i said, i said, i know exactly what i'm doing at their wedding, because i knew i could put on a huge show and i knew i could do something that was truly unforgettable for that big day and i didn't have to sing a note so it was great. >> yeah. >> i'm sure it was a big hit. i'm sure everybody enjoyed it. >> yeah, it went over pretty well. two of my bosses are actually in the crowd so i wanted to make sure i didn't screw up. the look on their faces -- >> you did great. >> i'm sure -- >> you knocked it out of the box. >> he did. >> congratulations to you and your sister. >> right there a man who could nail a job interview. no question about that. but all of us have had some tough ones, right? >> ooh. >> job interviews. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> well, wow, that was a lot of yeahs right there. >> nervous. >> yes. >> it's like, ooh.
8:34 am
saying job interviews are useless. >> they are? >> he's right. you like that idea right there. and here's why, he says, they've done a lot of studies that show when you compare tests, aptitude tests or intelligence tests, the tests are a much better predictor but people who do the interviews don't believe it. everybody think when we're doing the interviewing for the job we do a better job. turns out what is happening you just confirm what you already sort of believed going in your first impression as opposed the skills. >> and to the calls that they bring to the table. >> you can relax. no more interviews, guys. >> you heard it from george. >> do you remember your worst interview? >> oh, gosh, i don't want to relive it, please. i just remember i had this hideous blue shirt and white little crisp shirt. >> i remember panicking for one, a job i really, really wanted but it was in a different city and i had one of those days where the planes were late, sitting on the tarmac and completely missed the interview. didn't matter there either. >> and you didn't get the job?
8:35 am
>> you did. >> of course, he got the job. it's george stephanopoulos. >> got the job. >> he didn't know what a nutribullet was, okay, so i didn't know if he got the job or not. >> can't assume everything, agree. >> that's it. >> finally we have somebody who is here. >> yeah, we have this -- let's move over. >> yay. >> she's a five-time oscar nominee, a two-time golden globe winner and she's already getting a lot of buzz. she's got two movies coming out amy adams, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> amy. >> oh. >> how are you? [ applause ] >> fine. mwah. >> great. >> great to see you. >> how are you doing? >> hello. >> mwah. >> ah. >> hi. >> very excited about this movie that you have coming out here. one starts friday. >> far away from the table. >> stuck. >> there you go.
8:36 am
yes. >> nothing but the best for us. >> you're safe at home. two movies coming out. one tomorrow, "arrival" and you say with the one with "arrival," you had just finished a movie and are like i'm not doing anything and got the script. >> i got the script and it was so different and so unique and it was something i really had to be a part of. the director, denis villeneuve, he's a french-canadian, he's just fantastic. >> how is your little girl? >> she is fantastic, thanks for asking. 6 years old. >> she's beaif >> i loved -- my producer was telling me she had quite a crush on your "man of steel" co-star henry cavill. >> oh, yeah, she doesn't anymore. she makes it very clear. she's moved on. remember that funny time when i thought henry was cute. yeah, she kind of pinched him in the tush. she was like a year and henry is like -- >> what did she think about jeremy renner? >> she was much cooler about jeremy. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. she's older now.
8:37 am
so they ended up playing together so it was really -- so she kind of thinks of him as the dad. >> her play date. >> you want to see a little bit of "arrival"? [ applause ] let's set it up now. you're a linguistics professor and you can communicate with aliens. >> i've been recrewed by the united states government to decipher an alien language. >> okay, of course. let's go. "arrival." >> now, that's a proper introduction. >> oh. [ applause ] >> there's just something about our fascination and wonderment about aliens. isn't there? >> there is because it's so
8:38 am
possibilities and so many story lines. it's this endless well of stories about, you know, that which we do not know so -- >> so, how do you learn alien? >> ooh. you know, i pretend that i speak alien. i don't know, maybe being a parent helps you. it helps you learn how to communicate. >> right. >> yeah. >> and the other movie we're very excited about, "nocturnal animals," i went saw the extended trailer. oh, my god. [ applause ] it is a thriller. it's jake gyllenhaal. tell people about that. >> i play an art gallerist in los angeles, who is not in a great place and receives a manuscript from her ex-husband and gets lost in this very harrowing story that everyone i worked with was just fantastic in that film. >> everyone i've spoken to who has seen it, people are going on monday to a screening, it's just --
8:39 am
anxiety but it's really fun, you know. >> it's also directed by fashion designer tom ford. >> yes. >> i'm curious, when i'm going in and tom ford is the director, what do you wear? >> oh, my goodness. that's what i thought too. and when i found out he was in town and they're like, he can meet you this afternoon and i had been running errands and i was in yoga clothes, but not going to yoga. you know what i mean, so i was like, oh, i had to call someone. i have nothing dry cleaned that's appropriate to wear. >> nothing tom ford. >> no, i didn't wear i think i wore theory. you know, a smart little jumpsuit. >> tom would have been like, hmm. you're trying too hard. >> he probably would have liked it. he would have liked it. he would have liked my attention to detail. >> just don't show up and you still get the job. >> yeah, really, right. miss the interview, that's true. >> amy, you are always a delight. >> thank you so much. >> always cheering for you and to have these two and a lot of buzz about it, amy adams, everybody.
8:40 am
"arrival" comes out tomorrow. and coming up, these kids, well, they're getting a head start and writing letters to santa, adorable. we'll tell you why, though.
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back now with "conviction" star merrin dungey who plays tough, no nonsense
8:43 am
on the new abc legal drama. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you so much for having me. >> this next episode gets pretty heavy. you guys attack black lives matter. how on set do you keep yourself from getting too intense? >> we have a lot of fun. we play bananagrams. i found hayley atwell dressed as a banana in my trailer because why not. >> there's the image. >> there's the image. >> if anything is going to help you lighten the mood, that will. >> that was literally like >> oh, my goodness. >> then the show itself, obviously you're enjoying playing your character. is it a ton different than who you are? >> yeah, she's a lot stronger and tougher, yeah. not silly with maxine. and the great news about this episode, we get to find out more about who she is. >> bananagrams lighten the mood so does a dog and obviously we're doing the "gma" big month-long adoption series. you have a dog on set.
8:44 am
and she's gone through a couple different ones but found her one true love in howard and he is the set pet. we love him so much. that's howard right there. he's just incredible and he was rescued from north carolina, i believe, when there was the floods. so he's just found his home with hayley. i think she might send out engagement cards with him. her soul mate. truly. >> her soul mate. it's perfect. we are so grateful that you came this morning and happy adopt a dog. you have to do it as well. go to our website for more. you have to know this, "conviction" airs mondays at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc, and you'll get to see a lot more of merrin and learn a whole lot plan on more sunshine. we'll see a stronger wind out of the southwest, which will help to drive temperatures well into the 60s across the area. this will be about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon for this time of the year. our next cold front will pass through the region dry going into our veteran's day, but it'll be cooler [ cheers and applause ] all that brought to you by avis.
8:45 am
to be more stern like maxine. >> you got that, ginger. you got i it's officially that time of year. abc's rachel smith is here with the return of the believe campaign. rachel. >> that's right, robin. yeah. so the believe campaign is back and we're partnering with macy's and make-a-wish to help kids with life-threatening illnesses have a day they'll never forget and this year there's something new in the mix and a national movement called the santa project and we ho, ho, hope you'll get involved. let's take a look. >> dear santa. >> dear santa. >> reporter: 'tis the season to believe. and macy's and make-a-wish are asking all you believers to grab your markers and tablets and write to the big man up north, the one and only santa claus. each letter that you write to santa, it's going to help somebody, another kid out there who is sick. >> just come to macy's, mail your letter to santa in one of our d letter boxes or go online to macy' >> reporter: for every letter
8:46 am
$1 up to a million to make-a-wish and this year they're hitting a big milestone. $100 million. okay, wait, do the math again for us. >> that's three wishes per day for the past 13 years. really incredible and so proud of that relationship. >> reporter: a relationship that in part has granted more than 270,000 wishes across the u.s. magic in its purest form. >> we see that it strengthens families at a time when they need all the help they can get. >> reporter: and starting this get in the ho, ho, hope spirit with the #santaproject by posting messages of hope, generosity and why you believe. >> santa is the best. >> santa is the best. >> reporter: so let's start writing to st. nick. >> i wish for the barbie dream house. >> can you please give me a cat? >> and an ipad and a puppy, love sienna.
8:47 am
more incredible wishes come true. >> all: we believe! >> yeah, we sure do believe. and this morning we got more kids here writing notes to santa, right? you guys wrapped them up. and now it's time to drop them in the mailbox and send them up north to the north pole. are you ready to do it? let's see the letters. yeah, good job. you can drop them in here or here. go ahead. are you ready? yeah, there you go. good job. all right. come on, keep it coming. all right. there you go. and if you guys want to get involved with the campaign, just go to our website at on yahoo! cute? i know. they love little arts and crafts too but coming up -- >> and in here. >> yeah, because we've got diy guide to holiday crafts next. >> oh, oh, oh. >> whoo.
8:48 am
8:49 am
? all right. we are back now with your diy
8:50 am
the holidays are fast approaching and nicole farb, the spokesperson for our sponsor michael's is here with great decorating tips. michael's is about creativity and the holidays is a great time to get creative. >> the best. the best. i love getting creative with my two little boys, they're twins, they're 2 years old. we're at michael's every weekend because they make it easy. >> every weekend. >> every weekend. >> i didn't make it like that. >> i'm michael every day so i'm with you. so, we have some ornaments here. we're going to do. >> a make-off. >> we have a little make-off. what are we making, first of all? >> we are making ornaments. it's a bedazzle-off so whoever can make the most bedazzled blinged out ornament and you only have 30 seconds. >> i've been known to put my bedazzling skills -- to be honest with you, that's what i'm known for. amy and ginger here. they were giving me the stink eye earlier because they think they had a shot. so what do we do? we have the ornaments,
8:51 am
glass. better. >> smart. >> don't worry about that this year. >> forget about dropping an ornament. so what do we have inside? >> so let me give you a couple tips. glue, i say glue is your friend, we preglued these for you so focus on the glitter and stickers. lots of glitter. glitter is your friend. use it a ton. then you have stickers and just bling them away. this is all about you or whoever >> hold on, robach. no, no, no. we have 30 seconds. >> i did it off camera. >> 30 seconds. >> okay. >> all right. >> we'll let you get us started. >> we have a clock so ready, set, make. go. glitter it up. glitter it up. oh, my, getting crazy with two colors. >> you got two colors. >> amy, awesome. >> oh, my gosh. >> she has five colors going here. she is really blinging it up.
8:52 am
>> step up your game. step up your game. >> here we go. >> all: eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> ornaments up. [ buzzer ] here we go. >> can't get the top on. >> ooh. >> i think y'all are going to help me decide, right, who has the glitziest ornament. >> mine just sits like this. >> i like it. >> it's beautiful. >> patriotic. >> that's not enough time. >> you made this in 30 seconds. imagine a couple minutes. right? >> you know, i got to say, i'm going to -- i can tell you whose i like the most. >> yours? >> you think i'm going to say myself. i'm not. i'm actually going to say ginger's. >> i like that. >> yours is very patriotic. >> it is very patriotic. >> i like that. >> amy, i got to say you and i -- >> he thought i was actually going to do it. oh, no.
8:53 am
there's a lot of ways for people out there, they have clinics at michael's to come in and learn to do some crafts. >> they have classes, free and some paid and this saturday they're having a super cool event. ornament making day. you can bring your family. >> awesome. >> yeah, and so -- >> thank you. >> benefits the star light foundation. even better, right? >> even better. nicole, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> hey, thank you to michael's as well for all these great ideas. we'll decorate some more ornaments, everybody. but we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
tomorrow morning -- >> the moment we've all been waiting for. garth brooks. >> live on "good morning america." >> we're excited to see this man sing. >> for a "gma" concert event. tomorrow, the only place to be is tell them, garth. >> good morning, america. >> presented by carmax. >> all right, everybody, we have some good news for our audience here. everybody goes home with a craft bag from michael's with an ornament and a decorating kit. ca new mayor...for a day. that was the top prize for the
8:57 am
is announcing the winners of the challenge today. the challenge pushed people to support area businesses that were forced to close during the flood of 2016. those that visited and posted their pictures to social media using the hashtag #crgavelchall enge were part of a contest for the mayor title and other prizes. drivers in marion will now see fewer traffic cones on 7th avenue. the roundabout on 7th avenue and 7th street will open today, following a ribbon cutting ceremony. the ceremony will take place at 4 p-m of 6th avenue and 7th street. city leaders say the roundabout is part of a long-term traffic plan for the core of marion. money for the project came from general obligation bonds and a $1 million grant from the iowa d-o-t. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on more sunshine today. we'll see a stronger wind out of the southwest, which will help to drive temperatures well into the 60s across the area. this will be about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon for this time of the year.
8:58 am
going into our veteran's day, but it'll be cooler for sure with highs limited to the 50-55 range. this weekend couldn't be better for mid-november with highs in the 50s on saturday with low 60s likely on sunday. have a great day!today: sunny and a little breezy. wind: sw 10-20. high: 66 tonight: mostly clear. wind: nw 5-10. low: 39 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: n 10-20. high: 54 tom. night: clear and
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, star of the new film "arrival," amy adams. and, from the chicago cubs, world series champion kyle schwarber. plus, batter up, alex rodriguez joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and alex rodriguez! [cheering and applauding]


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