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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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hate march" the main organizers are high school students but people of all ages are starting to gather! today, donald trump met with
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go over possible picks for senior staff and cabinet positions. two names continue to float around for secretary of state. sources have told the associated press that former new york mayor rudy giuliani is a favorite. but other news outlets say trump is also considering former u-n ambassador john bolton. giuliani weighed in on that possibility in an interview with the wall street journal. " "john would be a very good choice," "maybe me, i don't know" " also today, trump and pence received their first daily presidential briefing, which is the same one president obama received. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, it looks like mild weather will stay with us for a bit? once again tonight some patchy fog is possible. it looks like it will mimic tuesday and burn off during in the morning as a
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wednesday with 70s possible thursday. as the area of low pressure gets closer, showers develop friday with colder 30s and 40s ahead for highs during the weekend. have a great night. tonight: mostly clear with patchy fog. wind: nw 5-10. low: 38 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: se 5-15. high: 62 back to you. happening right now, protesters are at cedar calling for the release of dash camera video of an officer- involved shooting that paralyzed jerime mitchell. county attorney jerry vander sanden and the iowa public board have different interpretatio ns of the law when it comes to releasing the footage. vander sanden says legally they cannot release it until the investigation is over. but the board says the law clearly allows police
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the iowa division of criminal investigation says mitchell got into an altercation with cedar rapids police officer lucas jones on november 1st. that happened on coe road northeast - near coe college. officers jones fired his gun, wounding mitchell. jones is on paid administrative leave, which is common procedure when an officer shoots someone on the job. kcrg t-v nine's phil reed joins us from outside the city council meeting. phil, how long do the protesters say they plan to stay until the meeting is over. the family has asked that nobody make a statement during public comment for mitchell. the fire marshal is not letting anybody else inside since they are at capacity. friends who say they have known mitchell their whole lives say the confrontation he had with the officer shocked them
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his shooting and taking somebody else's life last year and this same officer did the same thing to danky so we all wonder why did he have to do this and everything. he was unarmed. this doesn't add up" " i spoke to the iowa dci earlier today, and they say there is no timetable for when the investigation will be complete. live in cedar rapids, phil reed, kcrg tv-9 news. iowa city police have come up with a novel way to tonight the department is asking the city council to let it "overhire" temporarily to increase the diversity of the police force.
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working the streets. one officer recently left and another will retire by year's end. but police want to hire four officers right now because three of the next four candidates on the certified list are african-american. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman joins us in the studio with more about this. dave, a lot of police departments are trying to recruit minorities. is that why iowa city wants to hire more officers than it actually needs? bruce and beth, police in iowa city say if they don't who help improve their diversity now they'll probably lose them to other departments. and because the city typically needs to hire five or six new officers a year, it wouldn't cost the city a lot of hirer sooner rather than later. assuming the city council would say yes, iowa city reserved four training spots at the state law enforcement academy for january. the extra black officers hired early would bring police close to the racial
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" looking down the line, 10 years from now, 20 years from now if i can change the demographics of my officer pool then i can change the demographics of my supervisory staff to bring it more in line with the community 10 years from now, 15 years from now " right now, white officers make up slightly more than 92 percent of the iowa city department... and black officers just over three percent. hiring ahead now would change that to 88 percent white officers and almost eight percent black the most recent census figures, from 2010, put the black population in the city at just under six percent. if the city council agrees, they'd have to find an additional 77-hundred dollars a month for each extra officer until numbers drop from current officers leaving or retiring. thanks, dave. the cedar rapids police are also hiring full time officer positions. the department says it wants candidates who are
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making a difference. cedar rapids officers annually make more than 52 thousand a year plus benefits. applications are due by january 12th. you can find more information about qualifications, salary, and other issues along with this story on kcrg dot com. west des moines is paying nearly two million dollars to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit. in a lawsuit, sergeant tanya zaglauer schmell claimed police chief shaun ladue discriminated against her similar lawsuits earlier this year. chief ladue resigned over the weekend. the west des moines city manager didn't say whether chief ladue's resignation was connected to the settlement. but said he asked the chief to resign because of his leadership. " we are reaching a point in the department if you're the majority of the department is not following the leader, then then whatever that person does is
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settlement will not mean an additional cost to taxpayers. the federal government has identified the remains of a missing world war two marine from oelwein. now he'll receive a proper burial with full honors. marine private first class wilbur mattern was 23 when he died fighting on a pacific ocean island during world war two. the government recently found his remains inside a burial site proper burial next monday, november 21st, at arlington national cemetery near washington, d-c. highway overhaul. what some call a dangerous stretch of road near dyersville has a new look. the d-o-t made some changes after a number of fatal crashes over the years. stay with tv9. the dyersville community
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people who've died at one of the state's most dangerous intersections. transportation says in recent years, there's been a huge increase in traffic entering highway 20 from 7th street. that's also led to more people being hurt or killed in crashes at that intersection. kcrg t-v nine's katie wiedemann shows us how the city and the d-o-t worked together to fix that dangerous intersection. when thick fog floats across highway 20, people in dyersville can't help but worry.... "we always worry about that intersection on
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days, days." this dangerous intersection has been at the center of several family's heartache and loss. the community begged city and state leaders to find a fix. "sam shea from the dot says, from a structural stand point there's really nothing wrong with the intersection. " "it meets all of our guidance for sight distance. for speed, for clear zones. it meets everything it should, but for some reason the increase in traffic and the perception as they come up over the hill. i think that throws off your judgement of how mc over the past few years, the dot has installed warning lights and added a turning lane to the 7th street intersection. "through all of those improvements, i don't think we ever saw what we were hoping to see." but the dot says that's all now changed. they closed the 7th street intersection, removed the turning lanes, built on ramps and an overpass. drivers can no longer access highway 20 from this deadly
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necessity that we did it." during a ribbon cutting ceremony on tuesday, the mayor called for a moment of silence as they dedicated this new, safer interchange to the people who've lost their lives here. "i think they'll have a much safer and easier way to get on and off the highway." in dyersville, katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. it was bedlam when hawkeye fans stormed the field after the game-winning kick against michigan. but it also meant several players who thr again until hours later. hear where those helmets ended up. stay with your 24 hour news
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once again tonight some patchy fog is possible. it and burn off during in the morning as a southeast wind takes over. highs climb into the 60s wednesday with 70s possible thursday. as the area of low pressure gets closer, showers develop friday with
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a great night. tonight: mostly clear with patchy fog. wind: nw 5-10. low: 38 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: se 5-15. high: 62 tom. night: partly cloudy. wind: se 5-15. low: 46 thursday: partly cloudy, mild, and breezy. high: 70 low: 46 friday: chance of showers. very windy with falling temperatures. high: 60 low: 57 saturday:o cooler, and very windy. winds may gust over 35 mph at times. high: 40 low: 32 sunday: mostly sunny and seasonably cool. high: 40 low: 21 monday: partly cloudy. high: 45 low: 23 tuesday: slight chance of showers. high: 49 low: 32 wednesday: mostly cloudy with a chance of showers.
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--if there's one position that
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game, it's the punter. but that wasn't the case in iowa's epic win over michigan. scott westerberg has the story. "ron has personality. i guarantee you he's got a lot of personality." "seems like kickers are different personalities than anyone else." a different personality, maybe that's the best way to describe ron coluzzi. just listen to his assessment of what happened on this fourth
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"in all seriousness, the first play, the one where i got hit, i thought i was on fire, so i stopped, dropped and rolled."coluz zi's front flip and then his subsequent reaction to this running into the kicker penalty became source material for social media jokes. and of course, coluzzi appreciated the humor. "a lot of instagram and twitter memes and it's been pretty funny. some people are really cleaver. i think they have too much free time at home to think of the stuff they have, but it's been a lot of fun." and it's that sense of humor that helped keep coluzzi don't know if you saw me on the kickoff saturday night, but i was waiving to peppers, kind of juking him out and i was playing the air guitar. i was going to the beat of the drums that the band was playing. we're in our own little world." and that world rarely includes the kind of media exposure coluzzi has received the last few days. it's sort of uncharted waters for a punter. "i mean it's pretty cool. it's
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of iowa. great fans here, i've got a coaching staff that loves me, i've got teammates that are behind me 100% no matter what happens. i more excited to be doing it for them, not really this." but what better personality to handle the spotlight than ron coluzzi. in iowa city, scott westerberg, tv9 sports. coach ferentz announced today that greg mabin is out for the rest of the regular season and miles taylor and ike buttger are day to day and george kittlei what a wild scene it was after the game winning field goal to upset second ranked michigan as fans stormed the field and players learned a lesson not to take their helmets off.. cj as you can see took his off and thru it and they didn't find it until later that night along with a lot of other helmets. "greg, our equipment guy, told me one of the cops walking down the streets saw a kid wearing it downtown or something like that.
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the lockerroom. guys were like, 'yeah, we don't know what happened to our helmet'. that's the last thing i was thinking about was my helmet. i figured we'd get them back which in the end we did." trt :24 oc : " the end we did." i can just hear the kid now when the cop asked him where he got the helmet.. ahh scheels.. and finally we have three new finalist for the kcrg tv-9 athlete of the week sponsored by cedar rapaids toyota. athlete number one is rylee menster of springville who led the orioles in kills and a trip to the state semi-finals. her team to the 1a title game and was captain of the tournament and had a whopping 698 kills. and athlete number three is megan hudson of union who led her team to the 3a title game and had 606 kills. to vote to go i will feature the winner thursday night at 10. thanks scott. now here's a look at today's
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dot com. stay with your 24-hour
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forecast. once again tonight some patchy fog is possible. it looks like it will mimic tuesday and burn off during in the morning as a southeast wind takes over. highs climb into the 60s wednesday with 70s possible thursday. as the area of low pressure gets closer, showers develop friday with colder 30s and 40s ahead for highs during the
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patchy fog. wind: nw 5-10. low:
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hey, so i saw a movie trailer the other day. how could batman possibly fight superman? i mean, isn't that dumb? maybe he uses kryptonite. well, batman's got a lot of money. maybe he builds a suit that can do everything superman can do. no, no, no, no, no. i've seen that movie. it's called iron man. (quietly): what is happening? i don't know. and now ben affleck is batman? oh, he was great in shakespeare in love. ooh, we should watch that next girls' night. we could do a double feature with the leonardo dicaprio romeo + juliet. oh, i love me some leo. and it's gone. oh, hello, everyone. i am happy to report i'm feeling much better. good for you. (muttering) my fever is gone, my sinuses are pressure-free,


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