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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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family members of a man shot by police want to see dash-cam footage of what happened. so they took their message to cedar rapids city leaders today. and a coffee shop in cedar rapids sees an outpouring of support for police after a woman went on a rant against officers serving the community. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . a message of unity. that's what some people in iowa city are sending just a week after the election. high school students organized what they called an anti-hate and discrimination march tonight. they wanted it to be not disruptive like some of the other recent protests around the country. the march comes several days after an sudanese- american family found this note outside their home in iowa city. it reads quote "you
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police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. kcrg-tv9's jordee kalk is live in iowa city. jordee, that incident inspired tonight's demonstration? yes. lujayn hamad is one of the organizers. she lives in the home where the incident happened. lujayne tells me at first she was scared. but instead she decided to use her emoti bring people together. that's why she and several of her friends put on today's protests. nat: "show them what democracy looks like!" "this is what democracy looks like." several iowa city west high school students kickstarted tuesday's rally. for many students, there's a personal connection. lujayne 29:12, "i felt i was too young as a 15 year old to lose hope in the world but this has made me feel a lot better." students say discrimination is
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but also in school hallways. so students say it's powerful to have this many community members show up in support. 28:50, "i feel so empowered i have the whole student body behind me on this." the group marched for about 15 minutes through downtown iowa city. nat chanting and while some signs were political, students say there's a broader message that they wanted to share. 27:34 it's not about the candidate for us. it's about that the iowa city community is very accepting and will love that the group hopes will be spread throughout iowa city. 30:20, "just try to bridge those gaps of people together regardless of political party." the protest culminated at the university of iowa pentacrest. nat there, students, parents and concerned community members joined hand in hand, and chanted for a future that's free of hate and discrimination. nat now i did have a chance to
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mother. she tells me she is extremely proud of her daughter and all the young people involved in this rally. live in iowa city, jordee kalk, kcrg-tv9. let's go to weather and meteorologist joe winters. joe, another great fall day ahead? once again tonight some patchy looks like it will mimic tuesday and burn off during in the morning as a southeast wind takes over. highs climb into the 60s wednesday with 70s possible thursday. as the area of low pressure gets closer, showers develop friday with colder 30s and 40s ahead for highs during the weekend. have a great night. tonight: mostly clear with patchy fog. wind: nw 5-10. low: 38 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: se 5-15. high: 62 back to you.
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paralyzed in a cedar rapids police shooting took their fight to the city council tonight. they attended the overflow meeting to demand the release of police dash cam video of the incident on november first, police officer lucas jones stopped jerime mitchell near coe college for a traffic violation. but police say the two men got into some kind of an altercation that led to jones firing his gun, seriously wounding mitchell. kcrg t-v nine's phil reed reports mirchell's family wants the city to make the dash cam video public. family and friends of jerime mitchell filled the cedar rapids city council chamber in
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because the room became over capacity. they held signs that read black lives matter, and justice for danky. danky is mitchell's nickname. the family attorney was inside the meeting to make sure nobody inside spoke on mitchell's behalf. he's says mitchell is recovering, and that his health is their number one priority. " at this point, we're still waiting to complete the investigation pending release of the video by the city. but also at this point we're just focusing on jerime's health. that's really his family's main priority at this time." i spoke to the iowa dci earlier today, and they say there is no timetable for when the investigation will be complete. in cedar rapids, phil the linn county attorney says police can't release the video until the investigation is over. but the iowa public information board disagrees, saying state law would allow the release. also at tonight's meeting, the city council unanimously rejected a townhome project called the commons. a company
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blairs ferry road, about half a mile west of edgewood road. the city council turned down the rezoning request after complaints from neighbors. donations are pouring in to buy coffee for police officers in cedar rapids. it's after a woman verbally attacked police and posted her remarks on facebook. nats - we got popo wearing a black thing on her badge cause she's sorry a couple of cops got whacked. cussing out three officers who were wearing black bands in honor of two officers in the des moines area who a gunman shot and killed earlier this month. the woman's outburst happened at brewhemia in the newbo district. the owners had police kick her out for trespassing. now, customers of brewhemia are donating to a cause called operation "blue"-hemia. the coffee shop's owners say it started with a couple of customers offering to buy
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moved the campaign to go fund me and has raised more than 12- hundred dollars. "17:26:56 this is more about thank the police that removed the woman and saying hey we appreciate the police and what they do " cedar rapids police say officers can't accept gifts worth more than three dollars. brewhemia says if police can't use the funds to buy coffee, it'll donate the money to the police department itself. if you'd like to donat blue-hemia" in this story on kcrg dot com. the early bird coffee shop in cedar rapids is open after the flood. but it has a new location - the old smulekoff's building. the owner says the coffee shop's lease with the towne center building ended in october. "a lot of our business customers are clients that work along this corridor, so a lot of meetings happen here so it just seems like a logical
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stay the same. but it is now open from seven until 11 saturday mornings. a state-owned resort is in the red. honey creek resort took a financial hit last year after making money the prior two years. and some people in iowa are hopeful the federal government could help halt the progress of a pipeline. first here's a look at the most viewed stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. after posting a profit for two
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lost money last year. the resort is at rathbun lake in south central iowa. today, the state auditor released a financial report for the fiscal year ending last june. it shows the resort lost around 350-thousand dollars. central group management had managed the property for much of the past year. but in june, delaware north took over the operations that include lodging, dining, golfing, boating, and other activities. the resort has struggled financially since it opened in 2008. the company building the bakken oil pipeline wants to finish construction without getting approval from the government. dakota access says it filed a court order that would pave the way for the project in a part of north dakota. it's after the u-s army corps of engineers delayed making a decision on pending permits.
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front of a federal building in downtown des moines. they say they're upset that a big oil company continues to rip up land in the state. they're concerned about how a potential spill would affect water and land. " there are ways to change things yet the people telling us that are not willing to take the time or whatever it takes to change it for us for the better " the iowa utilities board reports pipeline in iowa is already in ground. one of donald trump's top national security advisors is out of the transition team. a former republican congressman resigned less
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fog is possible. it looks like it will mimic tuesday and burn off during in the morning as a southeast wind takes over. highs climb into t with 70s possible thursday. as the area of low pressure gets closer, showers develop friday with colder 30s and 40s ahead for highs during the
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with patchy fog. wind: nw 5-10. low: 38 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: se 5-15. high: 62 tom. night: partly cloudy. wind: se 5-15. low: 46 thursday: partly cloudy, mild, and breezy. high: showers. very windy with falling temperatures. high: 60 low: 57 saturday: mostly cloudy, much cooler, and very windy. winds may gust over
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sunny and seasonably cool. high: 40 low: 21 monday: partly cloudy. high: 45 low: 23 showers. high: 49 low: 32 wednesday: mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. high: 49 low: 36
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took a moment today to recognize world pancreatic cancer day, which is this thursday. the recognition included the reading of a proclamation to raise awareness about the cancer, which has a five-year survival rate in the single digits. we'll be right back. stay with
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and vice president- elect mike pence recived their first presidential daily briefing today. it was when the two met in new york to go over candidates for senior staff and cabinet positions. as a-b-c's maggie rulli
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organized process. vice-president elect mike pence - smiling as he leaves trump tower? nats - reporter: "what'd you accomplish today?" pence: "great day." but just hours earlier, one of trump's top national security advisors? abruptly resigned from the transition team. former congressman mike rogers, reportedly pushed out. and he's not alone. a low-level trump staffer is also gone - after requesting national security clearance for the president elect's oldest children. sources say it was not a formal request from under new scrutiny over the blurred lines between the family businesses - and the white house that trump's children are helping assemble. meanwhile, trump also dealing with criticism over his pick for chief strategist - stephen bannon? former chairman of breitbart news - sot - sen. elizabeth warren / massachusetts"people didn't vote for trump so he could bring a white supremacist into the white house." and of course, there are ongoing protests? nats - "we reject the president- elect!"
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pennsylvania avenue - and shut down the lincoln memorial. sot - "we want to let donald trump know that he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism and all that bigotry." since the election - a dramatic uptick in hateful harassment and intimidation?. more than 400 incidents? four times more than an average week. and it appears trump himself is not immune to the complaints? the president-elect tweeting - quote - "if the election were based on total popular vote i would have campaigned in new york, florida and california and easily." as of now, hillary clinton is winning the popular vote by nearly 800 thousand ballots. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. next in sports, the iowa state and uni women battled at hilton colosseum tonight. and scott westerberg checks out one of the unique personalities on the iowa football team. stay with your 24 hour news
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game, it's the punter. but that wasn't the case in iowa's epic win over michigan. "ron has personality. i guarantee you he's got a lot of personality." "seems like kickers are different personalities than anyone else." a different personality, maybe that's the best way to describe ron coluzzi. just listen to his assessment of what happened on
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"in all seriousness, the first play, the one where i got hit, i thought i was on fire, so i stopped, dropped and rolled."coluz zi's front flip and then his subsequent reaction to this running into the kicker penalty became source material for social media jokes. and of course, coluzzi appreciated the humor. "a lot of instagram and twitter memes and it's been pretty funny. some people are really cleaver. i think they have too much free time at home to think of the stuff they have, but it's been a lot of fun." and humor that helped keep coluzzi loose on the biggest state of his football career. "i don't know if you saw me on the kickoff saturday night, but i was waiving to peppers, kind of juking him out and i was playing the air guitar. i was going to the beat of the drums that the band was playing. we're in our own little world." and that world rarely includes the kind of media exposure coluzzi has received the last few days. it's sort of uncharted waters for a punter. "i mean it's pretty cool. it's
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of iowa. great fans here, i've got a coaching staff that loves me, i've got teammates that are behind me 100% no matter what happens. i more excited to be doing it for them, not really this." but what better personality to handle the spotlight than ron coluzzi. coach ferentz announced today that greg mabin is out for the rest of the regular season with a fracture in his lower leg. offensive tackle cole croston is still out this week. miles taylor and ike boettger are day what a wild scene it was after the game winning field goal to upset second ranked michigan as fans stormed the field and players learned a lesson not to take their helmets off.. cj as you can see took his off and threw it and they didn't find it until later that night along with a lot of other helmets. "greg, our equipment guy, told me one of the cops walking down the streets saw a kid wearing it
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after the game in the lockerroom. guys were like, 'yeah, we don't know what happened to our helmet'. that's the last thing i was thinking about was my helmet. i figured we'd get them back which in the end we did." trt :24 oc : " the end we did." --the john wooden award preseason top 50 was announced today and peter jok and monte morris are on the list. jok, who was named preseason all-big ten, is averaging 20 points through iowa's first two games. the senior shooting guard averaged 16 a game last season and hit 80 three pointers...iowa state's monte morris, a pre all-american, is averaging 19 and a half points and 7 assists per game so far for the cyclones. the wooden award is given annually to the top college basketball player in the country. the winner will be announced on april 7th. --women's wa state hosting uni...just before half-- ellie herzberg throws up a shot-- no good-- but gets the rebound-- bucket and the foul-- she'd make it a three point play. it was 34-30 at half-- cyclones leading.third quarter -- jada buckley the fade
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the gap from there down just two when hannah schonhardt banks in the jumper-- tied at 43. the cyclones would come alive after that-- heather bo-vee the three-- as the cyclones go on to win it 76-68 --former tv9 athlete of the week ryan murphy announced on twitter he will run at the university of arkansas. the senior from linn-mar won the mvc cross country super meet and finished 5th at state. the razorbacks are coached by chris bucknam, who was at uni before taking thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... once again tonight some patchy fog is possible. it looks like it will mimic tuesday and burn off during in the morning as a southeast wind takes over. highs climb into the 60s wednesday with 70s possible thursday. as the area
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news


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