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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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he's a slippery runner. a guy to me who can do it all. the complete package and when you talk about next level, he fits the definition perfectly for the guy to play in the league. >> beth: syracuse is able to get it right back. another record was set today as well in the acc. james connor. coming back from his battle with cancer at pittsburgh, has set the new acc career touchdown record with 53 of them. and then of course cook, one of the nice things too when a guy breaks a record, you also pay homage to the guy who had it before him. and no better guy really ever in a florida state uniform than warrick dunn, the guy he passed today. a record that has been around for 20 years. >> anthony: and jimbo fish erp, we asked him, tell us something about cook. he said this kid was one of the
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they brought in and he came in as if he is in a position to earn it. he kept his mouth closed. he a team guy. he has put everything in his career with the team in front of him and then everything else that he has earned and accomplished on the field. and they are embraced that. and he has been one of the best florida state seminole players that jimbo fisher has coached in his career year v here. rushing game was here at the dome two years a i go. we revisit the career of warrick dunn at florida state. >> anthony: i me warrickdown's proud of him. that record stood for 20 years and there is is a reason why he stood it. he would be with his head held high.
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like dalvin cook. >> beth: they have so far made it a november to remember as jimbo talked about. they pick up the win today at syracuse. cook in the record books and now, the other things that jimbo talked about. leave a legacy and the young guys set the tone for the future and what better way to do it than to finish off the regular season with florida at the dome? monster game, and you know, i tell you, it's going to be a calling card move for the team moving forward. a lot of young talent that we talked about and i'm sure he wants to remember one 067 his few games and why not in state against a team that is one of your rooiivals in the florida gators. >> beth: and syracuse, they will travel to pitt and certainly
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week, 5-7 would look a lot better than 4-8 as you're working hard throughout the off season and in spring ball next year. >> anthony: it's funny. the funnest offensive play ever is the kneel down. the victory play. you don't see that much any more in college. they continue to hand the ball off to these is jimbo fisher and huge victory for them on the road. taking care of business and syracuse, dino babers, a young team, they have shown flashes today, beth, and great to see. in time, dino babers shows confidence they are going to be a difference maker. >> beth: coaches have the headsets off and that could do
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win over syracuse. and a season-high 654 yards of total offense for the seminoles. led by dalvin cook. 28 carries, 226 yards. he ties his career high with four touchdown runs. he breaks the school career rushing record. he ties the school career touchdown record. cook in the books. n'
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some extra items to their shopping list today. the 5th annual stuff the subaru
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kcrg-tv9's phil reed learned the program helps with, not just food, but friendship too. it goes right in here. thank you "every night when we say prayers we thank for our food, and for those who are not as fortunate as us, and hope they have a meal to eat as well " that's why steve kossayian and his son tim decided to help fill the subarru at the 16th avenue southwest fareway in cedar rapids with canned goods. "everybody has to have a good meal for thanksgiving. and the seniors in our area i hope that they eat well. this week and with our donation and everybody else's donation " from crackers, to corn flakes, organizers hope this labor of love continues to grow. last year donations was raised "so this year we want to meet, and especially exceed that great goal. so that way we can give as much food " but it's not just the purchased food will then be delivered to seniors in need of support. the volunteers will also try to warm up their spirits "it's more than just a meal. it's the companionship. sometimes we're the only ones, the volunteers are the only ones bringing them their food, and they're the only ones they get to see throuhout the day for the only meal that they have " in cedar rapids, phil reed kcrg tv-9 news some school districts in eastern
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tightened school lunch policies and won't serve kids food if their account is in the red. one cedar rapids woman has started a mission to make sure no kid goes hungry. cassie gatewood set up a gofundme page called "tray it forward." she hasn't received any donations yet, but says she wants schools to use the funds whenever a child is short lunch money. "18:26:12;01 my end goal would be to be able to get enough exposure and if everyone donated in a perfect world a dollar or five dollars, i could come up with this money to call every
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parents who have struggled with paying for lunches. president-elect donald trump will spend much of the weekend meeting with potential candidates in line for his administration . among the, one of his toughest critics during the campaign. stay with us here on
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where there are interest of the united states of real significance " after a heated war of words-- mitt romney may be ready to join donald trump's administration
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the former massachusetts governor in new jersey today as they work to fill critical cabinet positions. a-b-c news reports, that wasn't trump's only focus this weekend. natsot - donald trump / president-electreporte r - "?looking forward to meetings today?" trump - "yes, we are." donald trump and mike pence arriving at trump's new jersey golf club? for a full day of meetings? but just hours earlier? the president- elect lashing out on twitter - about this? nats - "?cheering/booing?" video showing cheering - and booing - as pence arrived at friday night's performance of the hit broadway musical "hamilton." natsot - "vice president- elect pence, i see you walking out, but i hope you will hear us just a few more moments." at the end of the show? the cast delivered a message. sot - brandon dixon / "aaron burr" - hamilton cast member "we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. but donald trump was not a fan?
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star brandon dixon, who delivered the speech, sot - brandon victor dixon / actor "i am so glad that he stayed - because he stayed - and he listened and i truly appreciate him doing that." sot - rodrigo riamiraz / audience member "i was definitely surprised." sot - kate / audience member"i was disappointed in the booing." sot - matt / audience member"i am very proud to have been a part of booing mike pence." back in new jersey - a high stakes summit - between the 2016 winner? and the 2012 republican nominee? natsot - "... ... dt - w reportedly in the running for secretary of state? even though he and trump have publicly attacked each other. sot - mitt romney / 2012 republican presidential nominee "appreciate the chance to speak with the president- elect and i look forward to the coming administration and the things they're going to be doing. thank you." reporter: "did you repudiate the comments you made prior?" just the beginning of a weekend of work. daria albinger, abc news, new york. stay with your 24 hour news
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the real november is here, and you can certainly feel it if you step outside. high pressure slides overhead. this will allow temperatures to drop into the upper teens and lower 20s across eastern iowa. we haven't been this chilly since last early april! we will stay
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sunday, but thanks to such a crisp start to the day, our highs will be very similar to what we experienced on saturday, in the 30s and 40s. next week we will have one chance for rain, and it arrives on tuesday evening, lasting through night and early wednesday will be a very soggy period. the good news is that thanksgiving and the day after will be dry and fairly seasonable as far as temperatures go. tonight: mostly clear and cold. wind: nw 5-10. low: 20 alo: 19 dbq: 20
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tomorrow: mostly sunny and seasonably cool. wind: se 5-10 high: 40 alo: 39 dbq: 38 iow: 41 37 to 43 tom. night: mostly clear. wind: ese 5-10 low: 23 alo: 22 dbq: 22 iow: 24 20 to 26 monday: partly cloudy. high: 46 alo: 23 tuesday: showers likely and breezy. high: 45 low: 34 wednesday: chance of showers early. high: 44 low: 40 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 46 low: 34 friday: partly cloudy. high: 47 low: 31 saturday: chance of showers high: 48 low: 30 sunday: mostly cloudy. high: 45 low: 35 thanks chris. scott, the weather seemed to play a pretty big role in the iowa game today. it sure did. the hawkeyes and
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battling the wind all day along. highlights from those games, plus iowa state and texas tech coming up next in sports. stay with your 24 hour
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iowa....cold and very on the hawks battle with the wind and the illini. iowa has beaten illinois the last two meetings... it was senior day for the illini, and one of those seniors was marion grad andrew davis. rough start for the iowa offense... second quarter, c.j. beathard over the middle to riley mccarron, but it bounces off his hands and gets picked off by dillan cazley. the hawkeyes would get the ball back and were driving... on 4th and 2, the pitch to akrum wadley... he gets the first down and
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illinois recovers inside the five. "i had the ball covered with two hands, they just ripped the ball out. there's something about this stadium because i had one two years ago. there's something about memorial stadium." but his teammates pick him up... jaleel johnson nearly gets a safety for the second straight week... hawkeyes force illinois to punt. and on the punt, mccarron has ton of open space up the middle and he is gone... the dubuque wahlert grad takes on the board up 7-0 and that would be the score at halftime. "desmond had a great block, he picked up that guy that wasn't the last one being blocked. i saw a seam and i just hit it. just sort of reaction. yea, they opened up a huge seam. i had the easy job." 3rd quarter, iowa's rushing game picks up... leshun daniels breaks free looking to score... the refs say touchdown, but the play was reviewed and he was
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for the score... iowa takes a 14-0 lead. "you think, 'oh man. shoot, i didn't get in.' then you look at it and think they'll give you another opportunity. which they did, so i was happy." the defense held illinois in check... desmond king comes up with the interception... one of the few times illinois threw in his direction. 4th quarter, daniels takes it up the middle and he is loose... watch him keep his balance and stay inbounds... then he dives for the end zone... he's in for the 50- yard score... hawkeyes pulling away up 21-0. "i just thought that deception by akrum, because he's a good playmaker, really opens it up for me. i mean there was literally no one there. all i had to do was just run for a score." on the ensuing kickoff, freshman manny rugamba continues to have a great season... he strips the ball and recovers the fumble... iowa takes
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the 2-yard score... iowa shutsout illinois 28-0 improving to 7-4 on the season... this team is gaining some confidence. "certainly i thought they played with a lot of determination, a lot of discipline, a lot of decisiveness. we walked into a challenging environment. a big contrast from last week with the weather and it not being a night game." "it's all about going out here and playing team football, playing as a unit and sticking together. and not listening like that. and just coming out as a team and getting a win, that's what it's all about." this is the first time iowa's had a shutout since 2010. the defense had another solid performance giving up just 198 total yards. the hawkeyes host nebraska on friday and that game will have a lot of meaning for both teams. from champaign, illinois, josh christensen tv9 sports. thanks josh. we'll be right
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hey, i read that someone invented a way to convert your footsteps into electromagnetic energy so you can charge your cell phone while walking. we had that idea years ago. how come we never did anything with it? probably because we left the diagram of it in the restaurant, and none of us wanted to walk back. i know the real reason you never made progress with that idea. you thought of it september 22, 2007. and so much blood rushed to your genitals, your brain became a ghost town. that's not what happened. i remember it distinctly because i had just composed my annual poem commemorating the anniversary of dr. seuss's death. no one wants to hear it. why, die. why did he die? old, told. i was told he was old. penny is not the reason i didn't pursue that idea.


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