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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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this is the first time it's happened here in over 20 years he says the county attorney calls for a grand jury when it's a sensitive issue, or a conflict of interest, and riley says this situation is both. he says it's sensitive because it's a white officer shooting a black man, and a conflict because the county attorney works with the police department. riley says the chief judge will draw 12 names, and 7 of them will be on the grand jury. the jurors are common people, just like the ones that would get pike duty. vander sanden will present the evidence to them, and then they will decide if there is a criminal case. riley says a grand jury can give the county attorney protection. "it allows them to be able to say, i did not make the decision, the grand jury did. but keep in mind. the grand jury makes the decision based on the information they're presented with, which is based on the county attorney's office." riley says it could take a month for the grand jury to
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unanimous. he also does not think there's many benefits to using a grand jury. bruce and beth at 6, riley explains who he would like to see handling these types of cases. thank you, phil. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, it's a little rainy today, but nothing to really hold up early thanksgiving travelers? a man has pleaded guilty in a
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jeffrey bulechek is charged with homicide by vehicle - reckless driving and kalona. bulechek admitted to being intoxicated on december 1st of 2013 when he ran a stop sign and collided with another vehicle. that crash killed brittany hochstetler, a passenger in that vehicle. she was 15 and from indiana. online records don't show a sentencing day for bulechek. have you seen news? call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999.
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shoot some horizontal video. and send it to newsroom at kcrg dot com. police say the man driving the school bus that crashed and killed five students yesterday in chattanooga, tennessee, was speeding when it happened. johnthony walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide, along with charges of reckless driving and reckless endangerment. police say he was driving well above the 30 mile per hour speed limit yesterday afternoon. his bus went off a narrow, winding road, and flipped over, wrapping itself around a tree. kindergarten through fifth grade were on the bus. again, the crash killed five children, injured 20 others, and left everyone feeling scared. "he wasn't paying attention. he was going real fast. and he had hit a garbage bag, and he hit a mailbox, and then we flipped over and hit a tree real hard." six of the injured students are still in intensive care. three of the children who died were fourth graders. one
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just days after criticizing the new york times on twitter, president-elect donald trump met with the newspaper today to discuss a variety of topics. the new york times live- tweeted the interview as it was happening today. trump told the times there's "some connectivity" between humans and climate change. that's a change from his previous remarks that climate change was a hoax. he also told the newspaper he wants to move on bill and hillary clinton. one of trump's other top advisors is hoping that other republicans follow his cue. sot "i think the president-elect who is also the head of your party tells you before he is even inaugurated that he doesn't want to pursue charges, i think that sends a very strong message, tone and content to the members. " the new york times also asked trump about about a friday night event during which attendees cheered trump's election and gave nazi salutes. he says he disavows and condemns those people for doing
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michael jordan... tom hanks... bill and melinda gates. those were just some of the people president obama honored with the medal of freedom today at the white house. the medal is the nation's highest civilian honor. today's ceremony recognized 21 actors, musicians, athletes, and others. president obama said the people receiving the medal helped push america forward and inspired millions around the world. others receiving the award include actors robert deniro and legendary baseball broadcaster vin scully. a couple of eastern iowa bands are getting the opportunity to represent iowa on a national level this thanksgiving. "band playing " for the first time the williamsburg high school band will be marching in the mcdonald's thanksgiving day parade in chicago. the school found out about a year ago that they would be part of this. and since then, they have been fund raising to pay for the trip.
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many of us have been outside of iowa before but this will be really neat " "it's a really exciting opportunity to do your senior year, just to go out to chicago, something this band has never done before. just go and do something and be part of something that the whole city and the whole community which has been supporting us which is really great and it's going to be really great to go and make them proud on thanksgiving. " the mount vernon high school band will also be marching in the parade. the parade starts at eight in the morning on thanksgiving day. it runs until 11. taken up an interesting hobby. and it's one that is making kids who are looking for a forever home very happy.
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an area of low pressure travels
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midday on wednesday. the wind shifts behind the system bringing drier and cooler weather for thanksgiving day. clouds hold tough with highs near 40 for an after lunch walk. black friday shoppers welcome some possible early, mainly north. holiday weekend travelers see slightly milder conditions with some rain for sunday. have a great night! tonight: showers likely. wind: se 10-20. low: 39
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the morning. wind: nw 5-15. high: 45 tom. night: cloudy. wind: nw 5-15. low: 32 thursday: cloudy and cool. high: 40 low: 32 friday: cloudy with flurries possible early, mainly north. high: 41 low: 30 saturday: mostly cloudy. high: 46 low: 28 showers. high: 47 low: 35 monday: mostly cloudy. high: 45 low: 34 tuesday: chance of rain/snow. high: 44 low: 34 wednesday: chance of snow. high: 38 low: 30
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east our rain showers come to an end around midday on wednesday. the wind shifts behind the system bringing drier and cooler weather for thanksgiving day. clouds hold tough with highs near 40 for an after lunch walk. black friday shoppers welcome some possible early, mainly north. holiday weekend travelers see slightly milder conditions with more than 40 million people are
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thanksgiving. and the t-s-a has advice for people who will be flying to help shorten their time going through security. and after a hard day at work, one judge relaxes by making toys for children that are looking to be adopted. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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about themselves when they look in the mirror. personal stylist krystle marks wants to change that.dzkrystl e: dzis it something that you would say to your daughter, your best friend or your mother? if not, i have some tools to help us. so a positive thought and a negative thought can't co-exist. so when we recognize that we have a negative thought about our image, we can replace it with a positive thought.dzpa m: dzand you even have a list of them.dzkrystl e: dzi have a list of celebrating your body - favorite one, life doesn't start ten pounds from now, it's already started.dzkry stle: dzlove that, so important. my favorite is, my body can do awesome things.dzpam: dzpositive thoughts create positive feelings about yourself and it extrapolatesi nto life.dzkrystle: dzit can absolutely change the way you see yourself. and this can change the way you see yourself in clothing and how many other aspects in your life?dzpam: dzso start your day thinking positive thoughts, not i look terrible in this.dzkrystle : dzabsolutely. dzpam on cam: dzfor more ways to make mom's life
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adoption day is always a special moment for families across iowa, as courts grant custody of children to new families. but it's not just the families who are excited for the day. last saturday in polk county, judges finalized the adoptions of 70 children. and as part of the celebration, some of the children received some special gifts. they're special because judge robert blink made all of them by hand. he works hard creating the toys in his basement. "it takes a toll o kind of refreshes your soul. " " i want to hear those loud wooden wheels going on that counsel's table or banging into something." the children also received handmade quilts from iowans who just want them to know their families are loved. today kcrg t-v nine and our show you care sponsors made sure people will be able to eat a thanksgiving meal this holiday. staff and sponsors delivered meals this morning throughout the cedar
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sure people in need will get a meal, loaded with all the fixings. hy-vee helped us load up the meals to get all of the food for our deliveries. it even included pumpkin pies. we're still accepting nominations for t-v nine's annual "nine who care" recognition. once again, t-v nine and our show you care sponsors will honor nine outstanding volunteers who've made a real difference in their communities. to nominate someone, just go to kcrg dot com slash care. it won't be long before the salt trucks are safe. but that salt is the reason one automaker is recalling thousands of vehicles. the holiday season is upon us and that means busy travel. i'm samantha-jo roth in washington. i've got the tips and tricks to get you through
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americans will be traveling somewhere this thanksgiving weekend than did last year. and while the vast majority will be driving, a lot of travelers do fly somewhere for the holiday. here's a look at departures at the eastern iowa airport in cedar rapids. most, if not all, are on time right now. triple-a says people flying this year for thanksgiving are picking a western location. las vegas, san francisco and san diego top the list of flight bookings this weekend. kcrg-tv9's samantha jo roth joins us from our how can you minimize the headache of holiday travel? beth, thanksgiving is this thursday, but the busiest travel days are expected to be wednesday, friday and the sunday and monday after the holiday. other than arriving two hours ahead of time, experts say t-s-a precheck is the best way you can avoid the holiday
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most wonderful time of the year. but it's also the busiest. jonathan grella, u.s. travel association "unfortunately, when people think of thanksgiving nowadays, they think about the discomfort of eating too much and discomfort of waiting in line at the airport for too long." jonathan grella. with the u-s travel association recommends anyone flying this season to apply for the transportation security administration or t-s-a's precheck program. passengers ahead of time in exchange for a fast pass through the lines at airport security. jonathan grella, u.s. travel association "you're able to get through a line more efficiently, keep your shoes on and get through the airport." samantha-jo roth, @samanthajoroth "the enrollment process typically takes about five minutes and includes getting finger printed and answering a series of brief questions." mike england, transportatio n security administration "tsa precheck is $85 dollars over 5 years, an average of only $17 a year. so, it's definitely a good value for the traveler." mike england with the transportation security administration says there
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across the country. and more participation in the program is helpful for national security. mike england, transportatio n security administration "it's good for the tsa, because it allows us to focus on the travelers that we know least about." the enrollment process only takes about one to two weeks. which won't help thanksgiving travelers. so he recommends downloading the my-tsa app . which provides passengers tools to save time. mike england, ansportatio n securityministrat there are no prohibited items,nn help oe cide if they should pac itemr if it's something ey shous travelers flit and airport informatio this app also displays security wait times at your note that this function is controlled directly by passengers, so it may not be the most accurate. samantha-jo, if more people enroll in the t-s-a pre- check program, will the lines for the t-s-a pre- check passengers be more backed up? not necessarily. a lot of people have this idea that tsa precheck is the best kept secret and that expanding it will hurt those already in the program.
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the more people enroll, the more lanes will open up to accommodate those in the program. about four million people are already active in the program and the tsa is hoping to expand that. beth? samantha jo roth reporting live from washington d-c. thanks. about 90 percent of americans will be traveling by car this thanksgiving season. with that many people on the roads, we can almost certainly expect some driving headaches. but it doesn't have to be that way. t-v nine's justin gehrts visie advanced driving simulator to learn about something called phantom traffic jams. he'll explain what that is tonight on t-v nine news at 10. salt that commonly goes on the road when snow falls is leading to some vehicles catching on fire. kia says water containing road salt can get into a braking control computer in kia s-u-vs. and that can cause wiring connectors to rust and a circuit board to short, possibly sparking a fire. so kia
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s-u- vs in the u-s. the recall covers 2008 and 2009 sportage models. owners should bring their s-u-v to the dealership to get it fixed. this recall begins next monday, november 28th. now here's a look at some of what you'll see at 5:30 on a-b-c. world news tonight with david muir is next with the latest on the weather threat bracing the northeast as one of the busiest travel weekends approaches. winter advisories are already in affect from texas to the midwest. tracking the storm at this hour. coming
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the catholic worker house in cedar rapids can now extend shelter opportunities to people in need. tonight hear how that helps one family. and hawkeye basketball coach fran mccaffery gives you a look at what family life is like at home.
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final look at tonight's forecast. an area of low pressure travels east our rain showers come to an end around midday on wednesday. the wind shifts behind the system bringing drier and cooler weather for thanksgiving day. clouds hold tough with highs near 40 for an after lunch walk. black friday shoppers welcome some flurries or light snow are possible early, mainly north. holiday weekend travelers see slightly milder conditions with some rain for sunday. have a great night! tonight: showers likely. wind: se 10-20. low: 39 tomorrow: showers likely, especially in the morning. wind: nw 5-15. high: 45
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now we go to new york for abc's world news with david muir. tonight, breaking news. after the deadly storm, the new and major system set to hit tonight. chicago, detroit, several cities in the bulls eye. then, moving east, affecting millions traveling this thanksgiving. also breaking, what we have just learned about the driver in that deadly school bus crash. the children who survived revealing to us what happened on that bus moments before the cr the police officer ambushed. now, the arrest, and the new moment today. what the suspect says when asked, did he kill the officer? you'll hear it. president-elect donald trump's about-face. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> after chants of "lock her up," what he's now saying about hillary clinton tonight. and mr. trump on those nazi salutes. the group celebrating his win. breaking news. pictures coming in of a chemical


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