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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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of its own, a student, drove a car into a crowd this morning on campus. then he jumped out of the car and started attacking people with a butcher knife. a university police officer quickly ended the thr knife. "there were multiple injuries .. related to laceration or cuts.. most likely from the stab wounds from the butcher knife." the attacker injured nine people altogether. most have non life threatening injuries, but one person is in critical condition. president obama and vice
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fidel castro. that's the announcement today from the white house. the former dictator of cuba died over the weekend. today marked the start of a tribute in havana, where tens of thousands of cubans are paying their respects. president elect donald trump tweeted today that he might end the obama administration's normalizing of relations with cuba. he said he wants cuba to make a better deal for the cuban people. in michigan, the board of state canvassers than 10 thousand people cast a ballot for him. it's the state's closest race in more than 75 years. the win gives the republican 306 electoral votes to democrat hillary clinton's 232. green party candidate jill stein is expected to ask for a recount, and has until wednesday to do so. a judge will decide if former cedar rapids substitute teacher mary beth
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haglin, who is 24, originally denied the allegation to school administrator s. but in numerous interviews with the media, she admitted that she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old washington high school student while she worked there. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman is live at the linn county courthouse. dave, haglin and her attorney made some unusual decisions about the type of trial she would have. rather than a jury trial last week, meaning the judge alone will decide the case. that by itself isn't so unusual. but instead of calling witnesses, both sides agreed the judge can decide only by looking at the secret "minutes of testimony" filed in the case. that's information the public
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typically show the court to justify bringing charges. in haglin's case, the minutes of testimony filed by prosecutors includes an interview with the victim by child protective services and a police interview of haglin. the judge told haglin what she would give up going to trial this way... including the right to call witnesses and cross-examine prosecution witnesses. " what's going to happen is i'm just going to look at that information and make a determination about whether that evidence that i'm considering is substantial enough for because the judge will make the decision on information filed earlier by prosecutors, nothing haglin did or said on national tv interviews will be used against her. so the sexual exploitation charge against her will remain an aggravated misdemeanor rather than the felony prosecutors filed later. the judge said he would likely decide the case in a month or so and announce his decision in open court. with an aggravated misdemeanor, haglin faces up to two years in prison rather than the five
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in a kcrg t-v nine update.... cedar rapids police released the names of those killed in a weekend crash on i-380. police say the driver was kaitlyn hall-stougard, who is 22. her passenger was 21 both are from cedar rapids. police say they died early saturday morning after their vehicle hit a police squad card stopped for traffic control from a previous accident. police say hall-stougard lost control of her vehicle and crossed three lanes of traffic before crashing. these are pictures of the squad car, provided by cedar rapids police. they say the airbags and seat belts saved the lives of
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whenever you see news, give us a call on newsline 9. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also email us pictures and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. the first of three finalists for university of northern iowa president is coming to cedar falls with some controversy in his background. neil theobad will visit the u-n-i campus tomorrow to meet with faculty, staff, students, and community members. just this past um at temple university planned to dismiss theobold as the school's president after a no confidence vote. he resigned a few days later. people can attend a public forum for him tomorrow from 2:30 to 3:45 at u-n-i's maucker union. he's the first of three finalists coming to the campus. the state regents plan to choose one of the three next week. people across iowa now have better access to a drug that helps reverse the effects from an opioid
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announced more iowans can now get naloxone or narcan. it comes after the director of iowa's department of public health made a standing order for the prescription medication. it will allow people, including those at risk for an overdose, as well as family or friends, to get it. before this, a prescription was required. "gov - we're going to continuing to look at other things that can be done but this is something that we think makes sense and saves lives and we want to m doing all we can." the effort is in response to what lieutenant governor kim reynolds calls an opioid epidemic. narcan is given by nasal spray or injected to reverse slow breathing brought on by illicit drug use. alliant energy made a big announcement today, but it's not for electrical or wind power. it's an agreement for a new industrial park on the edge of cedar rapids.
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city...still ahead.
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for november. law enforcement reported the small tornado touched down near radcliff in hardin county. the tornado knocked down power lines and trees and tipped a car on its side. falls the next several days, bringing more weather reminiscent of december. the storm which brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the
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start the weekend. have a great night! tonight: gradual clearing. wind: sw 5-15. low: 35 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-15. high: 49 tom. night: mostly cloudy. wind: w 5-10. low: 31 wednesday: slight chance of showers, mainly north. breezy. high: 40 low: 31 thursday: mostly mostly cloudy. high: 39 low: 29 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 39 low: 28 sunday: chance of rain/snow. high: 41 low: 26 monday: chance of rain/snow. high: 40 low: 28 tuesday: mostly cloudy. high: 39 low: 28
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after a mild monday the mercury falls the next several days, bringing more brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the start of meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a great night!
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tomorrow, t-v nine and the heritage area agency on the annual telethon, now in its fifth year, raises money for meal programs for older adults in eastern iowa. we hope you'll join us starting tomorrow morning at 4-30 and throughout the day on t-v nine. it's that time of year to light up trees and decorations for christmas. that includes the national christmas tree at the capitol in washington d-c. we'll tell you about the tree and where it's coming from, next on t-v nine. liz on cam: "we know that eating
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important nutrients. equation." vo: cinnamon is a delicious spice most of us have in our kitchen cupboard. new research suggests that eating cinnamon might improve learning ability. researchers from rush university medical center found that feeding cinnamon to laboratory mice made them better learners. while more research needs to be done on how cinnamon helps us learn, we do know that the spice is loaded with antioxidants and has anti- inflammatory properties.
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consider adding a little to your morning toast, coffee or breakfast rolls. for more ways to make mom's life easier, visit i'm liz hayes." after about 4 thousand miles and three weeks of travel, the national christmas tree arrived in washington d-c today. the 80 foot tall engleman spruce came from idaho. kcrg t-v nine's samantha jo roth reports from our the trip the tree made. on the back of an 80-foot trailer. idaho's own mountain gem arrives in our nation's capitol. marking the beginning of the holiday season. gary amoth, twin falls "it was a very patriotic experience for me." gary amoth
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across the country, stopping in 31 cities and towns. gary amoth, twin falls @ :19-:22 "the tour of idaho was very important to me. i was familiar with all those communities. the stops were fantastic, especially twin falls." this tree cut from the payette national forest. near little ski hill. is a place that has a lot of meaning for brian harris. brian harris, payette national forest @:31-:35 "i've been with this tree longer mccaul. i skied there as a little kid with all of our friends. it's kind of a special tree to a lot of us." keith lannon with the payette national forest says selecting a tree that embodied the christmas spirit was no easy process. keith lannon, payette national forest "we were looking for 65-80 feet tall, and it had to be that iconic christmas tree shape, good sized branches." the tree is 26 feet wide. and weighs about 16,500 pounds. but transporting it hasn't all been smooth sailing.. on the first leg of the trip. an idaho state trooper was injured in a crash while leading the motorcade. brian harris, payette national fort 1:03- 06 "i mean it was our very first y of the tour. we had jus gary amoth, twin falls @ 1:07-1:10
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around and felt really bad, but very fortunate that it wasn't more serious than it was." the journey.. even with its challenges. bringing unity to communities across the country. brian harris, payette national forest @ 1:18- 1:23 "you know in times like these, it's great to see everybody come together for a common cause. in this case, it happened to be a christmas tree." samantha-jo roth, @samanthajoroth @ 1:26-1:36 "lifting this 84 year old tree onto the west lawn of the capitol building is a process that workers here tell me will take all day. the lighting ceremony will take place next week, and by that time the engleman spruce will be decorated with 6-thousand ornaments from idaho. in washington, sjr reporting." time is almost up for you to nominate someone for t-v nine's annual "nine who care" program. the deadline is wednesday this week. t-v nine a to honor nine outstanding volunteers who've made a real difference in their communities. we know there are plenty of deserving volunteers out there. so please nominate someone by going to kcrg dot com slash care. a new industrial park is coming to cedar rapids, and it could be a big business boost for the city. up next, we look at the deal in place between alliant energy and landowners. and there's a new, popular grocery store chain
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with big ties to california. we'll tell you about it next on t-v nine. today, alliant energy revealed
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rapids that some people are already calling a game changer. that's because it could bring many big companies and new jobs to the area. it's called the big cedar industrial cente located near edgewood road southwest and the 76th avenue southwest intersection. it's near a freight rail, and close to the eastern iowa airport. kcrg tv-9's phil reed was at the news conference today. phil, alliant had to make a deal for this to happen? alliant doesn't own the land. farmers and homeowners occupy them. and they will continue to do that until a business wants to buy their land then they will have to sell it.
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undisclosed amount of money to agree to the deal. alliant says the industrial park is the biggest in the state. and that it will make iowa an attractive destination for large scale businesses looking to set up shop in iowa the companies will be using alliant's services. and they cal it good business move for them, and their customers. "one of the ways we can control our utility rates is by adding more customers. because as the cost of serving our customers goes up, the more customers we have in our system, the easier it is to maintain utility rates over time." "now to have a cert manufacturing companies are making those decisions, we're ready to go, and we're ready to have them invest and locate in the state of iowa. so it really sets us above other states who are competiting" alliant says they had this deal in place for several months. but septembers flood delayed the announcement. businesses can come purchase the land now. it will cost thirty thousand dollars per square acre. the iowa economic development authority says they
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about the land. so it does seem to be an area that will be attractive for a lot of businesses. thanks phil. if you're a fan of trader joe's, you'll be happy to hear this. the popular grocery store chain plans to open a store in coralville. this is a rendering of what the 13 hundred square foot store will look like. plans call for it to open some time in the second half of next year. trader joe's is known for low prices, unique products, and, of course... two buck chuck, the popular wines that actually the trader joe's store will go into the iowa river landing district near i-80 and first avenue north. coralville's mayor says it will be an amazing addition to that area. now here's a look at what's
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ohio state university says a student attacked people on campus this morning, hurting nine people. authorities say the student drove a car into a crowd of people in columbus, ohio. he then got out of his vehicle and started to stab
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we want to correct this story. cedar rapids police have identified the people who died in a weekend crash on i-380. they were martrell watson, who was 21, and his passenger, kaitlyn hall- stougard. she was 22. both were from cedar rapids. police say watson lost control of the vehicle, and it crashed into a police s-u-v that was sitting on the interstate as officers helped with a previous crash. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's for after a mild monday the mercury falls the next several days, bringing more weather reminiscent of december. the storm which brought rain on sunday and monday is still close enough to bring some clouds throughout the state along with a lingering shower chance on wednesday. highs fall into the 30s for the start of meteorlogic winter on thursday with dry conditions to start the weekend. have a great night!
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tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-15. high: 49 thank you for joining us for . tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there tonight with new reporting. president-elect dona drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes, then found by the side of the road, the new headline at this


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